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Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 20) | Michael Beer

The Built Revolution was thrilled to welcome acclaimed author and Harvard Professor Emeritus Michael Beer to our podcast. Mike shares critical ideas about building a resilient, agile organization, both from his past books such as High Commitment, High Performance, and his upcoming book, Fit to Compete. Mike's thoughts on how to build a trusting, transparency culture that promotes the identification of effective strategies and tactics for improvement and growth are spot-on. Listeners are...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 19) | Howard Ashcraft

Unfortunately, Howard Ashcraft can't make you a martini via the podcast, but he can answer a lot of your common questions about Integrated Project Delivery contracting and how to truly change the way you collaborate with your partners. In this episode of the Built Revolution, Kelcey sits down with Howard (Partner with Hanson Bridgett) to talk about transforming the construction industry through better contracting and true collaboration. A few resources to learn more: AIA CC Working...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 18) | Ryan Maibach

Kelcey Henderson speaks with Ryan Maibach, President of Barton Malow, about innovation and driving efficiency through people and relationships. Ryan discusses Barton Malow's innovation framework, as well as re-imagining and re-imaging the construction industry. In the future, our industry will be able to offer both consistency of experience and certainty of outcome. To get there, will require calling into question the entire contract structure and all of the boxes and lines we've drawn in...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 17) | Kyle Majchrowski

Kyle Majchrowski's LinkedIn profile says he has a passion for recognizing reality with others, and bringing folks together to collectively improve our reality. Eight years ago, he and a few colleagues created a forum to discuss common challenges in construction across various industries in a really innovative way. On this episode of the Built Revolution, Kyle (Senior Project Executive with Banner Health) shares his passion for people. We also talk about driving change in the industry and...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 16) | Tom Chermack

Tom Chermack, noted author, scholar and consultant, talks about scenario planning and its application to the construction industry. In today's world of velocity and disruption, scenario planning is a critical tool to help organizations "think the unthinkable" and prepare themselves to react to changes in the business environment faster than their competitors. Tom's insights on scenario planning, as a global thought leader on the topic, are spot on.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 15) | Chris Worley

World renowned management guru Chris Worley is tough to catch - but The Built Revolution managed to connect with him at last months' Academy of Management conference in Chicago. Chris, co-author of The Agility Factor, is a leading scholar and consultant on the topic of how leaders create nimble organizations capable of reacting to market shifts faster than the competition. Given Chris’ busy schedule - teaching in France and consulting - we carved out as quiet a corner as possible given the...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 14) | Lori Traweek

The Built Revolution welcomed Lori Traweek, Chief Operating Officer of the American Gas Association, who shared thoughts on innovation in the gas utility industry, as well as insightful remarks on leadership and the energy industry in general.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 13) | Jacobs Engineering

On this episode of the Built Revolution podcast, Mona Haggag spoke with Charlie Atkinson and Brian Koches on Jacobs' role as the construction manager for the award-winning $350M design-build GSA LA Courthouse project. This successful execution of the design-build delivery model reduced the project schedule from 7 years to only 43 months, while staying on budget. The courthouse was a design-build collaboration between Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) and Clark Construction...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 12) | Eric Lamb

The Built Revolution was thrilled to have Eric Lamb, Executive and Board Member of DPR Construction as a guest. Eric shared how the organization's work with Jim Collins during its founding in 1990 created the foundational values, such as "ever forward", that continue to guide employee efforts to drive innovation. Eric also discusses how a greater investment in R&D by our industry, especially owner organizations, would propel innovation and advances in productivity.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 11) | Ed Schein

Ed Schein, recognized as one of the world's leading experts on culture and leadership, is professor emeritus of MIT and author of several known books. Ed and his son, Peter, joined The Built Revolution to share insights on how leadership shape culture and the importance of teams of people in accomplishing work. Their new book, Humble Leadership, is available for pre-order, and describes how leaders can develop the highly trusting, shared leadership cultures that are critical to survival in...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 10) | Mike Mayra & Bruce Rysztak

In 2015, General Motors made the decision to sole-source a $1B construction program with Barton Malow, effectively breaking the mold for how GM engages with their construction partners. A team of leaders from both organizations made the decision to strategically invest in the development of a high-performing integrated team across four geographically disparate project sites. During this podcast, Mike Mayra, Global Construction Group Manager for General Motors, and Bruce Rysztak, Vice...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 9) | Brent Darnell

Brent Darnell has been working to help the building and construction industry understand how to leverage emotional intelligence to improve performance for 20 years. During this podcast, Brent shares his insights on how our industry can benefit from understanding emotional intelligence and implementing new skills that advance our capacity to solve problems, work collaboratively in teams and learn. Our industry's reticence to embrace change has hindered our ability to apply research-backed...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 8) | Avery Bang

Gretchen Gagel sits down with the Executive Director of Bridges to Prosperity, Avery Bang. Avery talks about her recently released Ted Talk and what it was like to be on the "big stage" for Ted versus doing her earlier TedX. Other topics of discussion include Avery's year at Oxford studying for her masters, and how that is influencing her thinking these days, her experience of starring in the movie "Dream Big: Engineering Our World " and where we go for information - our top podcasts and...


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 7) | Rex Miller

Gretchen Gagel of Continuum Advisory Group speaks with Rex Miller, Author of The Healthy Workplace Nudge and influential speaker and consultant in the Construction Industry. Rex talks about the ability to see forward, develop the insight to adapt and follow a proven approach for successful change, as well as the exploration of new ideas emerging to change the traditional approach to construction.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 6) | Linda Holbeche

Continuum Advisory Group President, Gretchen Gagel, speaks with Linda Holbeche, author and Adjunct Professor at Imperial College London and a Visiting Professor at City University's Cass Business School, at the University of Derby, and at London Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law where she is Co-Director of the Centre for Progressive Leadership. The discussion covers agility and how to build an innovative, sustainable and resilient business.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 5) | Barb Jackson

Continuum Advisory Group President, Gretchen Gagel, speaks with Barb Jackson, Director - Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, University of Denver. They discuss revolutionary thinking and innovation within the construction industry.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 4) | Jan Tuchman

Continuum Advisory Group President, Gretchen Gagel, speaks with Jan Tuchman, Editor in Chief of ENR Magazine. They discuss the importance of technology and innovation within the industry, driving diversity, lean practices and more.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 3) | Noé H. Sáenz

Episode 3 of the Built Revolution features Noé H. Sáenz, Burns & McDonnell’s business development leader of its petrochemicals sector and founder of the Capital Projects Professional Exchange (CPX), the first association for capital project professionals (individuals) across all disciplines.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 2) | Stephen Mulva

Episode 2 of the Built Revolution continues our conversation with initial podcast guest Stephen Mulva, Director of the Construction Industry Institute. Please enjoy our conversation as Stephen shares some of his thoughts on how the Construction Industry can transform itself...or be transformed from the outside.


Built Revolution Podcast (Ep. 1) | Stephen Mulva

Continuum Advisory Group is proud to announce the first installment of "The Built Revolution Podcast". Our initial guest on the podcast is Stephen Mulva, Director of the Construction Industry Institute. Please enjoy our conversation as Stephen shares some of his thoughts on how the Construction Industry can transform itself...or be transformed from the outside.