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Are you trying to make a difference in this world? Do you dream of owning or starting an organization that makes a lasting impact? From Evergreen Results, listen to conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs who have built organizations making a positive impact on the world. With host, Amanda Bocik, explore the path from purpose to impact and all the risks, bumps, and bruises that came along the way.


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Are you trying to make a difference in this world? Do you dream of owning or starting an organization that makes a lasting impact? From Evergreen Results, listen to conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs who have built organizations making a positive impact on the world. With host, Amanda Bocik, explore the path from purpose to impact and all the risks, bumps, and bruises that came along the way.






3 Important Lessons for Building an Impact-Driven Company

Anne Fulenwider is a former magazine editor for Marie Claire and a believer in the power of storytelling. She has interviewed powerful women including Melinda Gates, Mindy Kaling, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more on stages such as the Makers Conference and South by Southwest. After her mother died of a sudden heart attack in 2016, Fulenwider became motivated to make an impact in women’s health. Inspired by all the women she’s met who are building a better world for women by disrupting industries, she became an entrepreneur herself in 2020, joining Monica Molenaar to change the conversation around women’s post-reproductive health. In our conversation, Anne shares the challenges of starting a company focused on women’s health, along with the most valuable lessons she has learned along the way.


How Commitment Leads to Courage and Courage Leads to Change

Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician, epidemiologist and tenacious award-winning advocate for global justice and human rights with over 35 years of advocacy experience. He has a vision for radical transformation for our world. In this episode we talk about his journey from medicine to activism and his diagnosis of S.I.P.O. Dr. Zeitz is not about making small change. He is about making big, bold change and believes it can happen now. He believes that commitment leads to courage and courage leads to creating change.


5 Leadership Practices to Improve Company Culture

Kimberly Wiefling helps take toxic work cultures and turn them into thriving places where teams actually want to be. Her superpower is turning managers into leaders and groups into true teams who can achieve “impossible” together. She’s a “force of nature”, and is determined to use that force to make a significant positive impact on our world. In today’s conversation, Kimberly shares the top reasons why team fail at reaching their goals and the 5 leadership practices that will improve your company culture.


A Vision to see Entire Communities Help Raise Kids

Imagine a world where entire communities stepped up to help raise future leaders? Where neighbors wrapped around each other to provide support for one another’s kids? This is the vision of Crittenton Services of Greater Washington and Siobhan Davenport. The goal is to be out of business because the community - from neighbors, to businesses, to schools, and churches - are surrounding the youth to help raise them up into adulthood for a thriving future. It's a big, bold, and brave vision. Siobhan Davenport is the President and CEO of Crittenton Services of Greater Washington, a nonprofit and expert in social-emotional learning, and mental health programs. Their work was previously featured in The New York Times & are grantees in Goldman Sachs 1 Million Black Women initiative. Siobhan is a phenomenal industry leader with more than fifteen years of experience serving underserved youth. Today Siobhan shares valuable insights on serving the youth in our communities, particularly minority youth.


How to Keep People your Top Priority

Sarah Treadway is a powerhouse. As President and Co-CEO of Stout Street Hospitality, she has overcome challenge after challenge alongside her brother to keep their family business afloat. In this conversation we talk about the transition their father led them through before passing the reins over, as well as how they reacted to the pandemic so that they could keep their people their top priority. Sarah also shares some genius life hacks for balancing life as a leader, a mom, and a wife. She is wise, smart, creative, and compassionate. I have no doubt that you will take away several pieces of advice that you can implement into your life today.


How Understanding Data Can Increase Fundraising Results with Tim Kachuriak

Tim Kachuriak didn’t take a direct path, like most, when he began his journey to the nonprofit scene. He has worked and lived in multiple states but still remembers the organization and the moment when his heart strings were pulled and he realized that the nonprofit world would be where he landed for his long term career. Now Tim moves with a mission to create the most generous generation ever and is doing so by studying raw data on what makes people give. Whether or not you're involved in the nonprofit world, you’re involved in life so this is one episode you don’t want to miss.


Key Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Anne Huntington Sharma is a fierce female leader focused on prioritizing accountability, communication, transparency and empathy in the workplace. As the current President of the Huntington Learning Centers she walks us through how she has taken the program from a strictly “brick and mortar” concept to a blend of virtual and physical during the Covid-19 pandemic. She goes in depth on why communication and listening are key and the challenges of being a female leader in the workplace today. As you’ll discover, Anne has a way of looking at life that we could all learn from; she sees a positive where many would see the negative and a way through even the most difficult of circumstances. Giving up is not an option, come find out why.


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The Sky is the Limit

Have you ever asked the question “why” and truly wanted a non-bias answer? Challenging ourselves to go deeper and not just look for the answer we want can be hard. As a child Peter Zaccagnino was raised by a single mom and had zero connections to anything aviation. Still, he knew that it was something he had to pursue. He earned his undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering and shares some hilarious stories about how he paid for this alone. Peter was always looking for a way to succeed and didn’t let failures along the way hold him back. He knew his “why” and continued to chase that along with helping others find the answer to their’s along the way. That’s what led Peter Zaccagnino to not only be at the top of his field in racing jets along with running custom tailored tours around the world for his customers but also allowed him to thrive during the Covid-19 outbreak instead of using it as an excuse. Peter took that time to chase his dreams of writing a book (now has two released) and is currently looking into writing, film production and aviation filming. In this episode Peter lends some insight to help others choose to look for ways to succeed instead of looking to failure as an option. He also lays the groundwork for how to do this with his years of experience as a leader in an industry that isn’t for the faint of heart.


How Complacency Leads You Into Danger with Commander Rorke Denver

Husband. Father. Commander in the Navy SEALs. Actor. Mentor. Author. These are only a few of the words to describe Commander Rorke Denver. If you have followed the military at all his name will be familiar to you and even if you haven’t you would likely recognize him from his movie Act of Valor or perhaps television show American Grit. Commander Denver has traveled the world as a SEAL working to keep our country safe but today he travels with a different purpose in mind. Commander Denver uses the principles he learned from his 20+ career in the Navy SEALs to teach leaders how to perform at their highest levels.


Building A Lifestyle Brand for Nurses

After being turned down at least 100 times Alicia Tulsee has developed a business that is rapidly growing into one of the leading apparels brands for the medical community today. Alicia knew she had something worth fighting for so mustered all the moxie she had herself to develop the first direct to consumer apparel brand for nurses, Moxie Scrubs. Listen in on how she never stopped fighting for those that fight for us when we are at our worst.


When Giving Back Gives Back

Marketing doesn’t always mean engagement metrics or how many followers you have on social media. For my guest, it means telling a story. A story that will allow others to connect with you and trust that your cause is worthy and needed. Joining me for this episode is Amanda Bocik of Evergreen Results. With nearly a decade of experience in the marketing field underneath her belt, she’ll share how she has been guiding multiple organizations towards strategic growth. Companies can bring purpose to their profit, because the more they grow, the stronger their capability is to give back.


The Power of Good Grant Writing

Does grant writing seem overwhelming to you? Former NYC educator Libby Hikind has found herself at the wheel of the leading grant funding search engine after “retiring” for a short period of time. More than 200,000 nonprofits, businesses and individuals visit GrantWatch.com each month and many nonprofits use GrantWriterTeam to find a grant writer to fundraise for nonprofits. In this episode Libby gives us some nuggets of wisdom she has learned on her unconventional path from education to coding born out of necessity. As we learn from Libby’s journey, whether you are in the world of grant writing now or not, it’s worth a listen because who knows what the future holds.


5 Pillars of Family Business

For many, understanding the intricacies of family business may seem daunting...or even messy...but for Alan Wilson, CEO of Sugarbush Capital this is his sweet spot. Alan is a “connector” in every sense of the word. He is incredibly intelligent, check out his educational history, but cares deeply for people, relationships and leaving an impact which makes his talents unparalleled in today’s family business scene. He’s used his business skills since he was eight years old starting and running a lawn care business where he not only had investors but also hired out the actual mowing! From there, it wasn’t a linear path to get him where he is today and he’ll be the first to tell you it rarely ever is. But what matters is that he has effectively moved through the peaks and valleys of both the international and national world of family business to be able to serve families well. Today he shares with us his experience with family business, teaches us about the 5 Pillars of family business, and leaves us equipped with knowledge that we all need in leadership, as well as some laughs along the way. He’s a dear friend and I’m so happy to share my conversation with him with you. Enjoy.


Learning about culture and core values with Jonathan Coors of CoorsTek

Jonathan Coors, alongside his brother Michael and cousin Timothy, serve as the Chief Executive Officers of CoorsTek. They are out to “make the world measurably better” and they start within their company. They recently won Best Managed Company awarded by Deloitte and the Wall Street Journal making it clear that they are doing something right. They believe that core values are essential and people are a company's best asset. Listen in as Jonathan discusses why core values are so important to the success of a company and how to translate this into actionable ways to instill those values even across countries and cultures.


Do Your Good

Sybil Ackerman-Munson has been on all sides of the non-profit and donor world. She started as fundraising for an environmental nonprofit and now owns and operates “Do Your Good” teaching all of us that it doesn’t matter how much we have to give, we all have something. Whether you are running a non-profit or you are a giver, today’s episode is one you will want to lean into. Sybil has much wisdom to share as a content creator and gives us a sneak peek into some information that she will soon be rolling out in the form of courses, podcasts and more for both nonprofits and donors alike.


Special Summer Announcement

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How CBD Saved This Family Horse Which Then Launched A Family Business with the Carter Family, Part 2

Trove provides high quality CBD products for people, horses, dogs, and cats. Trove is owned and operated by the Carter family. Deborah, Sam, Madison, and Avery each play a crucial, yet different, role in the company. In Part 1 of this special 2-part series, we shared the genesis story of Trove. How Star, the family horse, started recovering just days before having to be euthanized after receiving CBD. Star’s incredible recovery story led to the birth of Trove. I am so happy to share that not only is Star still healthy and sound to this day, but just a few days ago she gave birth to a beautiful little colt. Eeekkk...it’s pretty amazing. But that’s not what we are talking about today. This is Part 2 of our Trove series about an extraordinary family business. In this episode the Carters share the inside information about working with each other, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they have grown to love working together. It’s not all roses and butterflies but there are no regrets.


How CBD Saved This Family Horse Which Then Launched A Family Business

Imagine trying every possible solution to save the pet you love. Our pets are our family and many of us would do almost anything to help them if it meant preventing humane euthanasia and keeping them in our lives. That’s what led Deborah Carter to using CBD to help her horse, Star, just days before having to euthanize her. Star experienced significant improvement immediately. Today, Star is healthy, sound, and expecting her first foal. Then inspired by Star’s incredible recovery story, Deborah and her son Samuel Carter set about to investigate, assess, and document results of CBD trials in people, horses, dogs, and cats. The results were overwhelmingly positive, nearly immediate, and supportive of widespread reports of the benefits of appropriate CBD delivery in promoting calm and addressing soreness, as well as supporting nervous/immune/GI/musculoskeletal systems. This became the genesis story of Trove CBD. Today, Trove provides high quality CBD products for people, horses, dogs, and cats. And it is all run by the Carter family. Deborah, Sam, Madison, and Avery each play a crucial, yet different, role in the company. This is Part 1 of a special 2-Part series about Trove, this extraordinary family-owned and operated business.


3 Leadership Lessons from a Former US Naval Officer

From the US Navy, to investment banking, to healthcare for jails and detention centers - Justin Searle has approached each leadership opportunity with a service mindset. He cares about serving others well and making a difference. In our conversation today, we talk about the opioid crisis in America and how we have criminalized mental illness, but we also talk about 3 ways to serve and lead well through a crisis. As we continue to navigate leading through COVID-19, Justin’s advice is timely and wise.