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Real talk and Real conversations. Providing meaningful content to all the creators out there!

Real talk and Real conversations. Providing meaningful content to all the creators out there!
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Real talk and Real conversations. Providing meaningful content to all the creators out there!




023 - YOU CAN DO IT ALL w/ Sam Lao

Welcome back to the built4anything podcast! I know it's been a while but I got some great content on the way for you guys! My guest is Sam Lao and she is a Dallas based rapper, artist and overall bad ass mom! We talk about the music industry. What it's like to be a first time mom while trying to break through the music industry. We also discuss how having a husband who is also an artist and being supportive of each others goals. Sam is super creative and we have a lot of fun talking about...


022 - Working On Your GOALS! w/Joshua Wilson

EP22-My guest today is Joshua Wilson aka Jay Wil. Joshua is a co-host of "Don't take it personal" podcast, he is also an actor and screen writer for his own short films. In this episode we discuss: Support: https://www.patreon.com/Built4anything Website: https://www.hertzpierrelouis.com Youtube episode:https://youtu.be/H3eJU9eM1Oc Jaywil Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/jaywiletc Don't take it personal podcast: https://www.instagram.com/dtipodcast1


021 - Embrace Your Greatness w/Brandon Miller

Hey everyone! This episode I sit down with serial side hustler Brandon Miller aka BMills and we discuss: Thank you for listening/watching! Youtube:http://bit.ly/2RQr3O8 Support the show:http://bit.ly/2KYQR7X Brandon IG:https://www.instagram.com/thatguybmills Built4anything IG:https://www.instagram.com/built4anything


020 - THE GRIND DON'T STOP w/Hip Hop artist Max Million

My guest today is Max Million. He is a hip hop artist from Duncanville TX. In this podcast we discuss: Make sure to follow Max here: https://www.instagram.com/officialmaxmillion/?hl=en Watch episode here: https://www.hertzpierrelouis.com/built4anythingpodcast/ Join Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/built4anything Thank you for watching! *Please leave a review on iTunes. It really helps the show.


019 - DEVELOP YOUR CREATIVITY w/Jeremy Biggers

In this episode I talk to Jeremy Biggers aka StemAndThorn. Jeremy is an artist here in Dallas. He does photography, videography, graphics design and painting. His art is unique and he has an amazing story of how he overcame the 9-5 grind and developed his passion into a full time job. We also debate who is the better basketball player between Michael Jordan and Lebron James. You definitely don't want to miss that. Thank you for listening. Please leave a review on iTunes and subscribe for...


018 - TRUST THE PROCESS w/Kurtis (K.G.) Graham

My guest today is Cosign KG (Kurtis Graham) and he's the founder of Cosign Magazine in Dallas. We talk about how he built his business from the ground up, how to establish great relationships with top brands such as Nike and how to take responsibility of your goals and not give up! If you enjoy the show please leave a review on iTunes and consider being a part of my Patreon for more exclusive content! Thank you for watching and listening! K.G. instagram -...


017 - TAKE THE RISK w/Desiree Phillips

My guest today is Desiree Phillips. Desiree is a professional make up artist and owns her own Lash company. She is a cool entrepreneur. We discuss chasing your dreams and not giving up! We also talk about the perception that women wear too much make up to cover insecurities. Thank you for listening. If you enjoy my content please consider being part of my Patreon so you can enjoy benefits such as listening and watching to new episodes before public release. Link is below. Support the show...


016 - LIFE MOVES FAST w/Brittany Bullock

Brittany Bullock Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebrittanyb_/?hl=en Support the show:https://www.patreon.com/Built4anything My guest today on the Built4Anything Podcast is Brittany Bullock. We talk about the fears of getting older, growing up in a difficult household and balancing work life and your social life. Youtube-youtube.com/built4anything Listen to the podcast here: iTunes-...


015 - The Art of Friendship w/Truth Hurts Podcast

This podcast is long overdue. In the bible it is said that there is a real friend that sticks closer than a brother. My guests today are two guys who take their friendship into business and developing a podcast that is growing rapidly. Jonathan B. Vasquez and Harold Pajeaud invited me to join their podcast earlier this year and we have developed a mutual respect ever since. In this podcast we talk about real friendship and what it means, Podcasting and being a host as well as mixing...


014 - The SneakHer Culture w/Channing Beumer

Channing is an entrepreneur with a 9-5 job who has a love and passion for the sneaker culture. What makes this unique is the fact that when you think of sneakers you think of a male dominated culture. Channing is helping to break the mold. Her knowledge of fashion and sneakers has connected her with many women across the world. In this episode we talk about her booming website www.cnkdaily.com, where her motivation comes from and how she is learning to balance her passion with the...


013 - A Powerful Voice w/ Dominick Thompson

So excited to have my next guest Dominick Thompson on the podcast! Aka Domz! A passionate vegan activist, entrepreneur, athlete and social influencer! In this podcast we discuss: Getting locked up and sent to prison at age 21. Being a drug dealer growing up. Becoming plant-based while in prison. Blowing up on social media and turning his passion for helping animals into a business and more! Domz Merchandise:http://www.craziesandweirdos.com/ Domz...


012 - For The Culture w/Jeff Williams

In this episode me and my guest Jeff Williams talk about the sneaker culture, the tech industry and the impact that people of color have when it comes to marketing. Jeff is one of the first people I met when I relocated from NY to Dallas. We connected right away. He has a passion for helping others realize their potential and understanding the importance of owning your own business. He has various foundations and networks set up to assist many people from Dallas to Indianapolis. Thank you...


011- Destined to be GREAT! w/Ace Anderson & Gabrielle Reyes

My guests today are Ace Anderson and Gabrielle Reyes. These two are awesome! They are both entrepreneurs and actors. They both promote a healthy vegan lifestyle and they share an incredible story on how they came together. In this episode we discuss living in Dallas texas, fashion, being honest in a relationship and developing an entrepreneural lifestyle that will last. This is a long one folks! I hope you enjoy it and take something positive away from it. Please consider leaving a review on...


010 - A PASSION FOR FILMMAKING w/ John Francis McCullagh

John Francis is an actor, writer and director. He is a Dallas filmmaker who just recently released his first short narrative film called " The Accomplice". In this episode we discussed the film industry and breaking through as an independent filmmaker. We also dived into his journey to becoming vegan and his dedication to doing his own stunts as an actor. Thank you for listening! Make sure to check out John Francis short: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi3wOsbgt14&feature=youtu.be


009 - LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE w/Courtney Garza

Courtney Garza is a vegan influencer, entrepreneur and youtuber. In this podcast we sit down to discuss her journey to being an entrepreneur, how she started her new business ventures and how she gets to work with local businesses to help build brands. She has had a great impact on the Dallas vegan community as well as the people around her. We also discuss what it takes to turn your dreams to reality. Thank you for listening. Subscribe to the podcast on itunes and leave a rating.


008 - PASSPORT TO ENJOYING LIFE. w/Kenecia Lashae

In this episode I sit down with Kenecia Lashae who is an entrepreneur, traveler and public speaker. Kenecia has been to over 40 countries and 5 continents. And counting. We discuss her passion for traveling, her goals to publish her own book as well as create her own cosmetic line. We also discuss the difficulties of establishing a romantic relationship while traveling consistently. Thank you for listening! Share and Subscribe for more!


007 - REDISCOVER YOUR PATH w/Zak Shelton

Welcome back everyone! My guest on this episode is Zak Shelton. We discuss: Life after a relationship.Seperating from toxic people.how to reinvent yourself.Creating a business with positive people. And much more!Thank you for listening! Subscribe and please leave a rating on iTunes! #Built4anything



In this episode I talk to Stacy Thomas who is the author of "Always on the way". She has an amazing story. From a teacher to an entrepreneur, to traveling to several countries and writing a book about her life experiences. -How to be safe while traveling abroad -Cheaper alternatives to 5 star hotels. -writing and publishing a book. And more! Video of podcast can be found here:https://youtu.be/fUTTfvjfykU



Listen to my Podcast here:http://bit.ly/Built4 People nowadays make a lot of excuses about not pursuing their goals. Not enough time is most common reasons. My guest in this episode has managed to balance it all. Her job and her passion. Mariah Hernandez is a Dallas based singer, dancer, model and entrepreneur. We discuss: Overcoming body insecurities.Building a career as a dancer and entertainer.The struggles of trying to build relationships when youre busy. oh and the Drake "In my...



Alex Williams has a very powerful story. His journey from the streets to a business man came with a lot of lessons to learn. Alex is a fitness trainer, influencer and entrepreneur. In this episode we discuss. How to stay focused on your goal.How to build a business from one idea.Learning on your own and taking the right advice in life. Why you shouldn't give up! Thank you for listening! Many more guests and topics to discuss. Please leave a rating and review on iTunes, share with your...