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Bulgaria Now Podcast is the weekly show for investing, business with travel and living topics. Lance Nelson and his co-hosts interview the movers and shakers in Bulgaria. Essential listening for anyone who has a stake in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Now Podcast is the weekly show for investing, business with travel and living topics. Lance Nelson and his co-hosts interview the movers and shakers in Bulgaria. Essential listening for anyone who has a stake in Bulgaria.
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Bulgaria Now Podcast is the weekly show for investing, business with travel and living topics. Lance Nelson and his co-hosts interview the movers and shakers in Bulgaria. Essential listening for anyone who has a stake in Bulgaria.








#100 Bitcoin Gold Interview With Developer Martin Kuvandzhiev

A Bitcoin special. 23 year old Martin Kuvandzhiev is a developer for the new Bitcoin Gold hard fork coin. We talk about the current drama including a huge DDOS attack that brought the https://btcgpu.org/ site down. Bitcoin Gold is currently trading futures at $145 (0.025 of 1 Bitcoin). This is a pre mine coin (,0.5% of total supply)but there's now replay protection, implemented since our recording. There's a bounty reward programme too. We also explore how a censorship resistant,...


#99 Trophy Hunting with Joanna Bagniewski

The last in a series of three interview from the Sofia Science Festival. Join Clive (sofiaglobe.com)joins me with Joanna Bagniewski to about Trophy Hunting. Can this really be something that conserves wildlife? It's complicated. ;) If you enjoyed this show as much as we did making it then subscribe in Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast player. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bulgaria-now-podcast/id889642431?mt=2 Want to support the show? Then I appreciate your donations of your...


#95 New Bulgarian Wine: At DiVino With Mitko Nikolov

Wine lovers will love this episode. The contents of my wine glass emptied with pleasure whilst talking about the new wines on show at DiVino. Mitko Nikolov, from Decanter Wine magazine judge and apollowine.com owner reveals some stunning new reds, whites, port style. Single varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Mavrud, Dimyat and Rubin raise the bar of the Bulgarian wine scene. Pour your self a large one and settle down to hear about the wines that impress us. Did you enjoy this show? If so,...


#81 A Lot Of Shouting Involved

Long time expat Imanuel Marcus joins me to talk about the business of music shows and festivals in Bulgaria. Tales of the demanding "talent", some shouting and peculiar views of Bulgarians. A rant on driving and news on a special new Alliance that will set the standard of independent journalism in Bulgaria. Stay tuned for more. Did you enjoy this show? If so, then subscribe in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bansko/id491461324?ls=1&mt=8 Support independent content that you'll find...


#79 An Entrepreneurial Playground In The Mountain: CoWorking Bansko

CoWorking in the mountains is now a reality. Matthias Zeitler, Irina Pandeva, and their client Cynthia, talk to me about their new initiative for coworking space that is putting Bansko on the map for digital nomads. Did you enjoy this show? If so, then follow and subscribe in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bansko/id491461324?ls=1&mt=8 Show your appreciation by tossing a few of your satoshi (Bitcoin) or Ethers (Etherium)to help Bulgaria Now grow and get better. Bitcoin:...


#78 Restaurant Week

Foodie time folks. The team from Sofia Restaurant Week join me to talk about food and restaurants. Is the once limited restaurant scene getting better? ... errr Yes. But how much further have things got to go? Why is their still so much crappy service in BG? What's holding back so many restaurants to improve their game? Training? Money? Skills shortage? I, Lance Nelson, attempt to answer these questions with Christine, Paromita, Nasko and Nikki and give you the low down on the 11th to 17th...


#77 No Smoke Without Fire

There is no smoke without fire. What's going on in the wild lawless west that's called Bulgaria? Clive Levieve-Sawyer joins me to join the dots. As always things are not as they always seem at first sight. From Plovdiv's warehouse to shootings on the Black Sea coast. Amazing that Mitko "The Eyes" survives. And Clive takes a first look at the OneCoin story. Much more on this story to unfold over the coming months, me thinks. Did you enjoy this show? Your Bitcoin or Etherium donation is...


#74 Interview with Imanuel Marcus and Justin Chapman of Foreigners And Friends

Foreignersandfreinds.com is the new website from Imanuel Marcus and Justin Chapman, so I was keen to get to know more about them and their new venture. I ask them about how they ended up in Bulgaria. I learned about censorship on a Facebook Group. Guess what? That annoyed them! Motivated to write promote and create a site that is aligned to their values. For more go to www.foreignersandfirends.com and https://www.facebook.com/foreignersinsofiaandfriends/ Did you enjoy this show? The show...


#72 Virtual Reality And Oculus Rift With Momchil Alexiev

Ever wondered what the fuss is all about with virtuality reality? So dd I until this show. Momchil Alexiev, entrepreneur, and Virtual Reality film maker gives an insight to the future. I experience the Oculus Rift on the show -- and see that the future may have just arrived. How can virtual reality help our lives? How can film makers make the most of this technology? This am more in this week's podcast. Support the show with Bitcoin and Etherium. Bitcoin: 14p5UwavaPuTXRHPLcEuw192Zpe2sXRFxh...


#70 Summer Travel Tips. The Special Guests Episode

Where are the hidden gems to travel to in Bulgaria this summer? Are you sure where will suit you and your family this summer? Should you visit Serbia? John Murray, Nasko Tonchev, Nikolai Mitev join Rebecca and I to share the places we know and enjoy. Enjoy the Bulgaria Now Podcast summer travel guest special episode. Support the show with Bitcoin and Etherium. Bitcoin: 14p5UwavaPuTXRHPLcEuw192Zpe2sXRFxh Etherium: 0x37495dEBfB8cF961EF439664C0B3e1c10b3A05f3 Show notes at www.bulgarianow.bg...


#69 Travel Tips The Summer Special Episode

Where should you to travel to in Bulgaria this summer? Can you find the best of the Black Sea coast? Which hidden gems await you this summer? My co-hosts, Rebecca Richardson, Eric Halsey, Philip Walsh and I answer these questions and more in the second Bulgaria Now Podcast summer travel special. Listen to last week's show here: https://soundcloud.com/lancelot-nelson/70-summer-travel-tips-the-special-guests-episode Support the show with Bitcoin and Etherium. Bitcoin:...


#68 Hilda Kazasyan Talks About Her Life Of Music And Food At Egur Egur

Hilda Kazasyan is my guest. She is a renowned Jazz singer and owner of Armenian Egur Egur restaurants in Sofia, Bansko and Sozopol as well as Studio 5 Jazz club in Sofia. Hilda talks to me about her passions for food, her views of communist times and her mission in life. Outspoken, passionate Hilda provides real insight into what communism destroyed Bulgaria and how new world is still being built. Support the show - donate using Bitcoin or Ethers Bitcoin: 14p5UwavaPuTXRHPLcEuw192Zpe2sXRFxh...


#67 What We Know Now We Wish We Had Known Before

Should you adapt or fight the Bulgarian culture? Is public transport up to snuff? My co-hosts, Rebecca Richardson and Eric Halsey discuss things they wish they had known, but they now know. This episode 67 has top tips for anyone visiting Bulgaria for both business and vacation. Support the show! Bitcoin: 14p5UwavaPuTXRHPLcEuw192Zpe2sXRFxh Etherium: 0x37495dEBfB8cF961EF439664C0B3e1c10b3A05f3 Show notes at www.bulgarianow.bg Sponsors http://aidos.bg - accountancy services and legal services...


#66 Timely Release Wagons

Will your business have to employ a minimum of ten Bulgarians? Can the train station be found? Can BDZ translate signs? Will Bulgarians living abroad have room to vote? Familiar tales of f*wittery, news, festivals and more in the week's episode 66. Support the show! Bitcoin: 14p5UwavaPuTXRHPLcEuw192Zpe2sXRFxh Etherium: 0x37495dEBfB8cF961EF439664C0B3e1c10b3A05f3 Clive Levieve-Sawyer of www.sofiaglobe.com joins me to comment on the latest stories to affect Bulgaria. Show notes at...


#65 Be Careful When You Unzip

You've found your Bulgarian partner and you're here thinking of your new business venture. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot actually. Since 1998 Koos Jan Schouten has lived in Bulgaria, and I get to chat to the expert. Not only is Koos a fun guest, but he's the wisest guy I know. Our discussion reveals the tops things you should do when conducting business in Bulgaria. He opens up and talks about his life, likes and family. And why you should be careful before you unzip ;). Koos...


#64 Making The World A Better Place With Bitcoin

Can Bitcoin give power to the people as they form decentralised organisations? Why will banks look different in the future? Can Bitcoin and the Blockchain render notary services a thing of the past? Are we heading for a fairer future? Vladislav Dramaliev, bithope.org, talks about giving to charity both anonymously and without fees (http://bit.ly/1Ra7Rah). Nikolay Mitev, see podcast #63 https://soundcloud.com/lancelot-nelson/63-i-am-bitcoin, explains how SSL certificates are being...


#63 I Am Bitcoin

What do you know about Bitcoin? Will the future of internet money be Bitcoin? Why should I care about Bitcoin? What are the real world use cases for Bitcoin? How can I easily buy some Bitcoin using an ATM? Can I really spend Bitcoin in Bulgaria? Is the real Satoshi Nakamoto really Dr Craig Wright? Helping me provide answers to these questions, and much more, is my special guest Nikolay Mitev. Nikolay is a bitcoin enthusiast and a bitcoin entrepreneur. He believes that the future of...


#62 Veso Ovcharov The Red Bull Paragliding Pilot Who Is Flying The Earth

Veso Ovcharov the hugely talented Bulgarian paragliding pilot holds the longest distance flown by a Bulgarian. He talks to me, Lance Nelson, in this episode. Veso recounts the extraordinary story of a Police incident and a 7 year bureaucratic process that follows. His story of being down to his last 5 leva note and his invitation to become a Red Bull Team Pilot. We talk about the joys of paragliding in Bulgaria and the moments that have helped shaped his current views on life. Freedom and...


#61 A Bansko Special: Eli & Donny Talk Music, Party and Bansko

Eli and Donny are the duo of Taboo, Sing Sing's resident live band. As long time fans of theirs, I sit down in the lobby off the Kempinski and discuss their life, their music and what Bansko means to them. Recorded a few hours before I celebrated my birthday at Sing Sing to enjoy, as always, a wonderful party in Sing Sing. The podcast is back after a break due to the ski season.


#60 The Year In Review

I take a look back at 2015 and look forward to the New Year in Bulgaria. From wine to walking, from the serious to the fun there's never a dull moment in Bulgaria. Sponsors http://aidos.bg http://www.banskoblog.com - Bansko Blog, info https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bansko/id491461324?ls=1&mt=8 - Bansko App http://www.appfactory.bg - Mobile Apps for your venue Links https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/bulgaria-now/id889642431?mt=2 -- Bulgaria Now Podcast in iTunes...