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Business Alchemy: How to Learn to Trust Yourself with Lisa Wechtenhiser

What is unwavering trust? In this episode, Lisa and I discuss why people don't trust themselves and the importance of having it when you're an entrepreneur. About Lisa: Lisa Wechtenhiser of LisaMW.com is an intuitive business mentor and Divine Channel who helps women learn to deeply trust their inner knowing in life and business. She’s also a Certified Archetype Alignment Ambassador and guides you in how to market your business in a way that’s aligned with who you are naturally. No more...


Business Alchemy: What a compelling book can do for your business with Angela Eschler

Helping business owners, speakers, and fiction authors write compelling books, publish, and expand their platform and message to make their impact. In this episode, Angela and I discuss what makes for a compelling book and what authors need to know about publishing. About Angela: Angela Eschler, founder of the award-winning Eschler Editing, has more than 17 years of experience in the publishing industry, including nearly a decade working in-house at traditional publishers. She now works as...


Business Alchemy: Unfolding, persistence and patience with Louise Edington

In this episode, Louise and I talk about how women can create their meaningful and purposeful life so that they thrive in their element. About Louise: Louise Edington is a kick ass astrologer, healer and truth warrior. She uses magical and alchemical processes to help her clients create a meaningful purposeful life so that they are living and working in their element. Louise is also a wanderer and wonderer who has lived on 3 continents and in 5 countries. She has been married to her best...


Business Alchemy: How powerful story telling is for businesses and entrepreneurs with Daundra Becker

In this episode, Daundra and I talk about how it's possible for anyone to achieve their dreams and how using a blog post is essential for businesses today. About Daundra: Daundra has always been a storyteller with big dreams. After becoming a mother she thought her dreams were over, but sick and tired of her husband, Donovan's, job (he was an over the road truck driver) they decided that they would make their dreams happen and be a work from home family. After less than 8 months they more...


Business Alchemy: Using New Marketing techniques to Attract Clients

What is New Marketing and how can you use it to attract new clients? In this episode, Stella and I talk about marketing and how you can avoid using your ideal client's "pain points" to attract new clients. About Stella: Stella Orange helps coaches, healers and professionals spread the word about their good work – without agitating their audience’s fear, anxiety, or ‘not enoughness’. A professional copywriter whose writing has generated millions of dollars in sales, Stella now teaches her...


Business Alchemy: Building a Nomadic Business with Guest Jill Sessa

"You focus on your genius, let us focus on ours," is the foundation of Jill's business and she does this as she travels around the United States in her vintage RV she has lovingly named Olive. After years as a fitness and pilates instructor, Jill Sessa realized it was time for a change. Spurred on by Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC, Jill took off to explore the US on her Vespa and created her latest business venture as a result. With staff in several locations in the world, clients in 17...


Business Alchemy: How To Become a Better Friend, Boss and All Around Human Being with Steven Ledbetter

How can you improve retention and client success? In this episode, Steven and I talk about how to help people be better friends, bosses, and citizens by learning new skills and habits. About Steven: Steven M. Ledbetter, aka "Stevo" or "Coach Stevo" is an expert in the science of human behavior change. He has built successful companies, products, and services that have helped thousands of people change their lives.


Business Alchemy : What does it mean to be "leading edge" with Nancy Marmolejo

Nancy Marmolejo teaches highly driven thought leaders how to create a greater level of impact, legacy, and contribution to their businesses and lives. A devoted student of human nature, Nancy gets to the heart of what makes a person tick and helps them to leverage that to make a lasting imprint on the world. Her clients end up with more than a blueprint for their future goals; they end up with a renewed sense of their value and worth. Nancy has over 100 media credits to her name, is...


Business Alchemy with Guest Carmell Clark: Conscious Leadership and The Need to Be Right

What is conscious leadership and what is at the core of the need to be right? These two topics go hand-in-hand and Carmell takes us through the steps of how we can change the division and separation that is happening on the planet. She also gives us great insight on how to navigate the tides when we come up against conflict so we can truly lead and not inflict power over someone else. About Carmell: Master coach, Life Artist, speaker, and author, Carmell has worked with thousands over the...


Business Alchemy: Authenticity vs Essence - How will you build your business?

In this transparent interview, Adele and I discuss the coaching industry and how things aren't always how they appear on the surface. What's really required to grow your business, despite the sexy promises of large group programs? What's at the core of stress and overwhelm and how do you embody your true essence in your business? If you have ever felt conflicted by being either right brained, or left brained, or practical vs woo, you'll enjoy the insight that not only CAN you be both, but...


Business Alchemy: How to Move Through Being Stuck with Kelly Sheets

What is really going on when you feel stuck and how to you move through it to the other side? In this episode, Kelly and I talk about the importance of perspective, curiosity, and asking questions to create true change in life and in the world. About Kelly: Kelly works with leaders to help them experiment with who they are BEing, make their own rules and get the results they want. Her clients experience ease, fulfillment and high levels of success after gaining tools to get unstuck,...


Business Alchemy with Renee Li: Overcoming Fear and Achieve Soul Purpose Success

What is Soul Purpose Success? And how do you get there when fear shows up on your path? Join this week's episode about what it really takes to follow your purpose. About Renee: Renee is a Soul Purpose Success Mentor, intuitive Master Healer and a Bestselling Author. Her mission is to support the new generation of spiritual teachers in speaking their truth, living their purpose, and claiming success and abundance through their sacred business. She believes her clients, as the new generation...


Business Alchemy: Leading from your Soul with guest Priscilla Stephan

What does your soul know about the path to impact, abundance and deep fulfillment? Everything. The challenge in business happens when we stop listening to our soul and start listening to our heads or what the "experts" and society tell us. In this episode, we'll explore how leading from your soul supports you in making a greater impact and creating a successful business. We'll also talk about the 5 archetypes of soul leadership and how everyone is a leader, whether they claim that title or...


Business Alchemy with Michelle Vos: Create space that matters.

Your environment and style plays an important role in your energy, how you perceive what's possible, and your ability to create what you desire. Where is the balance between being materialistic and honoring your essence in all forms: your clothing, style, and home? In this episode, Michelle Vos and I explore how energy is the foundation for your style and how to tap into your essence instead of the latest trends.


Business Alchemy: Create Your Soul Brand and Break Free of Your Money Story

What's a Soul Brand and how do you build this as a healer who is answering the call of your soul, but may trip over the business side of your calling? How do you know the difference between the resistance that shows up when you are growing or your soul telling you to go on a different path? These are just some of the questions that Michelle and I are talking about in this episode of Business Alchemy.


Business Alchemy: Soulful Profits with Guest Tami Gulland

Soulful Profits. Yes, you can make money as a soulful entrepreneur who helps a lot of people. Tami has experienced the burnout from pushing so hard in order to prove that she could create profit and success. As an intuitive who has the gift of also communicating with angels and your divine team, Tami also brings in decades of corporate experience in marketing. Where is the balance between these two worlds? Tami will take us on the journey of pushing to true prosperity as we discuss the...


Business Alchemy Show: The Courage Factor with Guest Shameca Tankerson

Courage is the choice that makes the difference. Fear is easy The easy way out. But what do you do when fear is loud and wants all of your attention? How do you choose courage when all you've ever known is choosing fear as the easy way? And the big question we will discuss is how do you choose courage when everyone around you is used to playing it safe and is encouraging you to do the same thing?


Business Alchemy: Women and Money with Guest Christine Walsh

Money. Conscious wealth. True wealth. What do you think of when you read those words? Money has gotten the brunt of a lot of blame and we have to change this in order to create true personal wealth as well as change the global economy. In this episode, we talk about how to create genuine wealth emotionally, consciously, AND financially in their business and personal lives through inspired action.


Business Alchemy: Women Who Create Too Much. Are you a Scanner?

A few years ago, Michele and I had a conversation about “women who create too much.” It was the first time I was introduced to the Scanner energy and wow, could I relate! It opened up a whole new world for me about how we stifle our creations by trying to focus, because our ability to “focus” somehow translates to how successful we will be. If you have had a pattern of having your hand in many pots at once, or starting something but not finishing it. Or even not sure which ONE thing you...


Business Alchemy: The UNblueprint for Your Business with Carolyn Herfurth

With the recent women's marches around the world, to the vast opinions funding or defunding Planned Parenthood, where does feminism fit into this picture? Is there a place for feminism in business? In this Business Alchemy episode, we explore equality, ask the questions, and expand your mind to what's possible