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Ep. 08 - Business, Botox & Fillers

A podcast crafted to help those wanting to explore the world of botox and fillers. Listen to Nate and Dr Daniel talk about the consultation process, procedure and some techniques that can reduce the costs. Dr Daniel clinical director of Green Square Health offers to waive for our listeners the initial consultation fee for a cosmetic consult - can discuss pigment, acne, scars as well as aesthetics. Dr Daniel Chanisheff, focusing on the health of his community.


Ep. 08 - Business Botox

With more and more people changing their looks nowadays, appearance isn't the only thing you have to look out for when trying to look younger. Listen as Nate and Dr. Daniel Chaniseff talk botox and fillers in the business world.


Ep. 07 - Digital Growth System

How can you make the most out of your digital resources? Can you guarantee a return on investment on your online services? Listen as Nate and Tom Pritchard, founder of Skypoynt, talk all things digital, from partnering with Google Ads and generating traffic to your website Reach out to Tom at Skypoynt at and download their free digital growth system tools.


Ep. 05 - Building a Brand

Is a brand about understanding your customers or your products? The idea of growing a brand is easy, although the tricky part comes in building trust with your clients. Join us as Nate and special guest, director and co-founder of Neon Black, Soraya Calavassy talk about the right mindset in creating a brand.


Ep. 06 - ENKE Joins SLACK

Why Has ENKE Started SLACK as a Chat Platform Over the years the way we have communicated with clients as a firm has changed, welcome to the world of instant messaging. 3 Key Reasons we use SLACK ENKE joining SLACK is about connecting people. We want to help, we want you to reach out to us. 3 WAYS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF SLACK We hope you will love it us much as we do, the feedback so far has been awesome. Jump on board, if you need a demonstration on how to use SLACK...


Ep. 04 - Do you need a Bookkeeper?

Do I really need a bookkeeper AND an accountant? This is a common question we get asked and the answer is YES. Join us as Nate and Jack explain the difference between bookkeepers and accountants, why you need both and how they support each other.


Ep. 03 - Cybersecurity and You

Are you cyber-secure? There’s no doubt that technology is essential in modern business. But with technology, creates the potential for cyber risk and hackers. Join us as Nate talks what cyber-security looks like and how you can protect your data and your client’s data in an increasingly tech-based world. Want more ENKE? Visit our website: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on LinkedIn:...


Ep. 02 - The 2019 Federal Budget and You

Confused by the Federal Budget and what it means for you? Let us help. In this special edition on Business Class we talk all things Budget with Nate Kellock and Sam Jones as they share their opinions on the major points in this year’s budget and what it means for Australia.


Ep. 01 - What is Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll, the ATO's new requirements on how an employer is to manage and report payroll obligations. How does it work? What changes are important to you? STP works by sending tax and super information from your payroll or accounting software to the ATO as you run your payroll. You will be reporting super liability information through STP for the first time. Be mindful that Super funds will also be reporting to the ATO. They'll let the ATO know when you make the payment to your...