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On Business Done Differently Jesse Cole speaks with successful entrepreneurs who are standing out in business and in life by thinking differently. We believe that to stand out you have to take risks and challenge the status quo. On the show, we uncover the secret tips, tactics and characteristics of our guests with unusual questions and unique segments. This is not your typical business show asking typical interview questions.

On Business Done Differently Jesse Cole speaks with successful entrepreneurs who are standing out in business and in life by thinking differently. We believe that to stand out you have to take risks and challenge the status quo. On the show, we uncover the secret tips, tactics and characteristics of our guests with unusual questions and unique segments. This is not your typical business show asking typical interview questions.
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On Business Done Differently Jesse Cole speaks with successful entrepreneurs who are standing out in business and in life by thinking differently. We believe that to stand out you have to take risks and challenge the status quo. On the show, we uncover the secret tips, tactics and characteristics of our guests with unusual questions and unique segments. This is not your typical business show asking typical interview questions.




174: How Leaders Can Build Culture Within Their Team with Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon, a successful author who has published numerous bestselling books including The Energy Bus, has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and some of the top sports teams in the world. In this insightful conversation, John talks about the importance of cultivating a culture in your team and gives advice on how leaders can build one. He brushes on the power of authenticity, accountability, and vulnerability in creating meaningful relationships. He also tackles why having...


173: Be Your Customer’s Hero: The Secret Sauce To Great Customer Service with Adam Toporek

Nothing matters more than making people feel like they matter especially customers who are buying or getting your products or services. Adam Toporek, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and the author of Be Your Customer's Hero, takes us into the world of customer service. Every customer is different from the other, and being a frontline employee may be a challenging job because you must know how to interact with each of them. Adam shares how you can win at customer service by being a hero to...


172: Empathy: Leading With The Heart with Claude Silver

How do you turn your people into champions? Core values differ from one company to another, and that is expected. Leading by example is one that is proven effective, but leading with empathy is absolutely something that will move mountains. In the end, people need people that will listen and then do something. Claude Silver, the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia, gives us a glimpse of their workplace culture as she emphasizes diversity, empathy, and positivity. Known as the right-hand woman...


171: The Show Business Philosophy: Creating Emotional Connection with Scott McKain

All businesses have different strategies that work for them. That said, it all boils down to getting customers engaged and increasing profits. What could be the strategy that stands out? It is undoubtedly an emotional connection, and Scott McKain would totally tie in. The bestselling author of ALL Business is Show Business, Scott gives us a sneak peek of what entrepreneurs and business owners can take away from his book to create an impactful strategy that would win the hearts of customers....


170: The People Business: Wisdom From Great Leaders with Pat Williams

In the business for the people, Pat Williams, best-selling author and co-founder of Orlando Magic, shares some great wisdom about what it is to create customer experience. Pat shows how sports is not just all about the players in the field. Rather, it is also about the experience people get when watching. He gives us a view on what it takes to do that and then takes us into his best-selling books and hands out valuable lessons he learned from amazing people, from Bill Veeck to Walt Disney....


169: Choose To Win with Tom Ziglar

We always have an option in life. We can choose to win or to lose. When we choose the right things, life tends to work out and a lot better way. Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc., talks about his book, Choose to Win: Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time, a game-changing book about transformation and winning at life. He also shares why he wrote the book and explores the concepts of changing our mindset, what's holding people back, finding an accountability partner, problem finders...


168: Triggering Word Of Mouth with Jay Baer

Traditional marketing by word of mouth will always be considered as the number one way through which we move people to make decisions. Jay Baer, a top expert on word of mouth marketing and a New York Times bestselling author, shares how word of mouth is incredibly important to every business. He states that 60% to 80% of business comes from referral or talk, and 50% of all purchases are influenced by word of mouth. Jay shares how you can leverage word of mouth to grow your brand and have...


167: Culture Counts: Scribe’s Principles And Core Values with Tucker Max

Some leaders lead and some serve. Some of them had their vision turned into a success story and took full credit for it since it was their idea all along anyway, but some never bother because they knew deep inside they weren’t the right person to lead. One such person is Tucker Max, Scribe Media’s Co-Founder and Director of Product, who fired himself from his vision and gave the CEO title to the person he knew is worthy. As he shares the full story behind this, Tucker dives into their ten...


166: What Winning Looks Like with Anekia Boatwright-McGhee

Standing from a culture of greatness, Anekia Boatwright-McGhee - president of Rebecca Padgett School of Performing Arts and a national trainer/speaker for John Maxwell and Jack Canfield - shares what winning looks like in her company and tells us of the profound effects it does towards her team. She takes us to the things she learned about herself that put her to where she is now in business, recalling lessons from her mom to never lose sight of things that matter most in the midst of...


165: The Power Of Culture And Employee Experience with Robert Glazer

The success of a business goes back to the kind of culture it has and the employee experience it provides. After all, if the people are motivated to do their work, then it brings out the best of the entire organization. Robert Glazer, top expert on culture and employee experience as well as founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, lets us in on how he does culture that makes his company achieve a number of wins and recognition. Robert talks about the unique things they do in the company,...


164: Creating A Positive Workplace Culture with Eric Chester

Our biggest fans are our own people. If we put them first in everything we do, that takes care of the customers. Hall of Fame speaker and best-selling author Eric Chester is the go-to person for workplace culture and employee engagement. He’s worked with who's who in the business world. Eric dives into employee engagement, the seven cultural pillars, what employees want these days, how to find and keep great people, and some of the things some companies are doing to make their culture...


163: Building Meaningful Connections: The Journey Of The Greatest Connector with Jayson Gaignard

Never did anyone go wrong with building relationships and meaningful connections. Jayson Gaignard, known as The Greatest Connector, hosts the most exclusive events called the Mastermind Talks (MMT) where he connects and brings brilliant minds together. Jayson shares his amazing journey to success – from a soaring business to being buried in debt. Find out how Jayson was able to rise up again to claim a newfound victory by building connections. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and...


162: Leadership By Service: The Secret Of Great Leaders with Ken Blanchard

The business world has been so much of a concrete jungle where leaders, customers and employees are boxed by walls that were built to separate them from one another. However, what's the need for these walls when we can instead create bridges to build good relationships and be one family? Sought-after author, speaker, and business consultant Ken Blanchard teaches leadership by service where leaders serve the employees and create raving fans out of them and the customers. Ken has published...


161: Standing Out In Business with Brian Scudamore

Not one who remains in the status quo, Brian Scudamore, founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, narrates his personal experience towards reaching his big vision and success in life. Beginning with guerilla marketing, he talks about doing crazy things and standing out in business, embracing the ridiculous and having fun. Brian shares the things he says to franchise owners to succeed in generating buzz while laying down some of the ads that greatly made a difference. Brian also talks about the four Hs -...


160: Giving Intangible Experiences In Hospitality with Chip Conley

As the world becomes more global, many people have become more acquainted with the importance of having great experiences as they visit different places. At the heart of their wandering hearts are the places that they are to call their home away from home, the hotels and other places they are received to spend both night and day. Getting down to understanding how to create and give great intangible experiences in hospitality industries is the founder of Joie de Vivre and Head of Global...


159: Mapping Out Experiences with Donna Cutting

Successful businesses know how to provide great customer experiences. Founder and CEO of Red-Carpet Learning Systems, Inc., Donna Cutting is no stranger to this. Working about making people feel significant, she talks about rolling down the red carpet in business and mapping out experiences to people. She gives us a peek into her book, 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers, as she shares some examples of businesses who have done it right—from Mama D’s and The Asheville...


158: Candle Lab’s Unique Customer Experience with Steve Weaver

Premium gourmet candles that you custom mix come with the little details that make you never want to go back to candles off the shelf – superior pens to decorate the label, premium-grade tissue that wrap the candles, even the apron of the store attendants and the way they do their greeting. Every one of those things reflects on the overall brand and the product quality. Steve Weaver, owner of Candle Lab, makes sure they’re not just selling $21 candles but also creating a unique customer...


157: Michel Falcon on Creating A People First Culture Within A Business

Successful businesses last because people admire them just as they prioritize the experiences served. Owner of successful restaurants, Baro and Petty Cash, Michel Falcon shares his secret sauce, the people first culture. Aligning the company’s purpose with their employees', Michel talks about the seven-step interview process that determines the people who will become a part of their team. He puts forward the importance of getting to know the people you are working with as opposed to merely...


156: Cultivating The Customer Service Experience with John DiJulius

We are all into the customer service experience. Many companies and people talk about customer service, but they don't make it their brand. John DiJulius has made his whole business life all about customer experience. John is a keynote speaker, international customer experience consultant, and the bestselling author of three books, including The Customer Service Revolution. He works with world-class companies like The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nestle, Marriott Hotel,...


155: Writing Your Business’ Future Down with Cameron Herold

Part of business is looking out into the future, that is why we have all of these vision statements around. However, what most entrepreneurs miss is the aspect of actually laying down into details what that future is. As a result, no one in the company knows exactly what they are working towards in each step. Known around the world as the CEO Whisperer and marketing and PR expert, Cameron Herold talks about leaning out into the future and getting the employees to own the outcome and the...