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The decision to grow your business is easy. Making it happen, now that’s the challenge. Join us for lunch as we offer insights and actionable steps you can incorporate into your business.

The decision to grow your business is easy. Making it happen, now that’s the challenge. Join us for lunch as we offer insights and actionable steps you can incorporate into your business.


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The decision to grow your business is easy. Making it happen, now that’s the challenge. Join us for lunch as we offer insights and actionable steps you can incorporate into your business.






Using influencer marketing to drive business growth

When you think about influencer marketing do the big names pop into your mind? And, of course, so do the big budgets to get on their radar. But, maybe there is an opportunity for small businesses to get on the influencer marketing bandwagon. Consider Micro-Influencers. My guest today, Aaron Kozinets, CEO of Influence Hunter, and I explore the world of how businesses can strategically use influencers to help build their business.


Managing Payroll, what a pain in the (Fill in the blank)!

If you own or manage a business and have employees, you know what a pain in the "ass" payroll can be. It's not just about cutting the paychecks, it's about making sure you're dealing with the taxes, timekeeping, making sure breaks are being taken and everything is being documented. Today, I have Debbie Biscotti, Senior Product Advisor of Heartland to talk payroll, time tracking, onboarding, Work Opportunity Tax Credits, and much much more.


The 4 P's of the Marketing Mix, or is it 6? Or, 7? Or, 8?

When we think about marketing, the 4P's come to mind. Product /Service, Place, Price, and Promotion. But today, there are many more P's, or possibly even C's, depending on your thinking. Join me at the Business Growth Cafe to explore, and count the number of P's you might have in your business and how they can impact the growth of your business.


Climate change, renewable energy, sustainable energy, and greenhouse gases...oh my!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, the conversation on energy conservation and climate change is not new but certainly one you need to participate in. My guest and expert on the subject, Marc Brener, Director of Renewable & Energy Efficiency Services of Energy Experts International, Inc., is here with me today to help explore ideas and the facts you need to be thinking about. This is an important, educational and stimulating conversation.


Using Public Relations to your Strategic Advantage

The world of public relations has changed and my guest, Amy Levy, Founder and CEO of Amy Levy Public Relations has changed too. Not only in the way she runs her business but the types of services she provides her clients. Listen in as Amy shares her decades of experience from her big agency days in New York to the successful twenty years and counting with her own business. She shares some wonderful insights on the work she does for her clients and I'm sure you'll walk away with ideas of how...


Are you an active listener?

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever been the person who interrupts or feels the need to take over a conversation? Not really listening and just waiting for the opportunity to grab hold of the conversation and interject what's on your mind? Is that a conversation? What is the cost of not being a good listener? Mistakes at work, family issues, losing friends? Good, active listening is a soft skill you need to develop, as it's essential in your life's every aspect. Join me, Angelo Ponzi,...


Are you healthy, wealthy, and wise?

You’ve heard the saying…healthy, wealthy, and wise. Interestingly, so many people I speak to say they understand and it’s "wise" words to live by, but many have just not taken them to heart. And, in many cases, when they do, it’s a little too late. Well, today, I have Scott Sage, President of Sage Financial Innovations, to help us think a little differently when it comes to wealth strategies and to ensure you are healthy, wealthy, and wise enough to enjoy whatever end goal you have in...


Let's Talk Brand

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or sitting in your bedroom staring at a wall, you’ve heard the term Brand or Branding. Now depending on who you’re talking to, what a brand stands for or how you leverage it in your business to differentiate and build a relationship with your customers, well that is the question. Today on the show I have Bronson Ma, Chief Creative Officer at Bronson Ma Creative to talk about brand and brand building.


The Business of Christmas

Do you love Christmas? Santa Claus? Presents? Decorating your house? Tree? Caroling in the neighborhood…Christmas cookies…my absolute favorite. Fun and memorable times…whether you’re thinking of your childhood or those of your children. Now imagine if you could have Christmas year-round? It sounds like fun! Joining me at the Cafe this week is Mike Sterling, President of Dekra-Lite Industries, a commercial Christmas company, to talk about the business of Christmas.


Using a Ghostwriter to Write your Book

How many of you want to write a book? How many of you started writing a book or two, but never finished. I hate to say it, but I fall into the latter category. I have spoken to so many people that think about writing a book, get overwhelmed, and it never gets from your head to paper. That's where a ghostwriter comes in. Today I had a great conversation with Laura Gale, Ghostwriter on how a ghostwriter can help get your idea onto the page, the process of publishing and so many other...


Plan to succeed when it comes to preserving wealth and your legacy

Join me and my guest, Heath Goldman, CEO of ICON Wealth and Legacy Partners for insights on the following, plus many more questions. Don't wait to plan...plan for success.


So you want to become a podcaster!

So you’re thinking about starting a podcast. Three years ago, so did I, and here I am with about 130 or so under my belt on a variety of podcast platforms from iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon music…pretty much anywhere you can listen to a podcast. As of February 2021, there are over 1,750,000 podcasts and over 43 million episodes, up from 500,000 active podcasts from just two years ago in February 2018. But like sports, there are a few that make it to the top…have great success, and make...


Have you ever thought about sitting on a board?

So, when does a company decide they need or want an advisor or to establish a board of directors? Are you that person? Today, at the Café is Martin Rowinski, CEO & Founder of Boardsi, an opportunity network for executives seeking to find a board position or advisory work.


Are you or your employees burned out?

Employee burnout cases have increased to the point where the World Health Organization has officially recognized it as an occupational phenomenon. In fact, the WHO has included it in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Dr. Sharon Grossman, author of the 7E Solution to Burnout to discusses the root causes of burnout, actions you can take to help reduce your stress, and her new book.


Building a business to manage tax and compliance notices

Death and Taxes. Yes, you heard me death and taxes. My parents always told me those are the only two things that are guaranteed in life. As individuals, when getting that dreaded tax notice in the mail we panic! Now, imagine your business gets one or even 1,000 tax or compliance notices from the feds, state, local, or any one of numerous agencies around the world. Don't panic yet! My guest has a solution for you. Rick Pinkerman, CEO of NoticeNinja, a SaaS-based CRM for tax notice...


Is it time to bring a lion tamer into your business?

Carol Marzouk, the Chief Executive Lion Tamer and CEO of Leadership N’ Soul, joins me at the Business Growth Cafe to discuss how she helps leadership Rebuild Low Trust Relationships in the Workplace; Resolve Conflict; Communication; Engagement.


Marketing is your growth engine for 2021

This podcast provides an overview of the insights you need in order to develop an effective marketing strategy for your business. We'll explore the importance of using research to help define your markets, ideal customers, market opportunities, sales strategies, and competitive offensive and defensive strategies. Topics of exploration, along with case study examples, will include: To learn more visit:


What are you grateful for in these troubling times?

Most, if not all, people can't wait for 2020 to be over. We all know someone who has been hurt by this pandemic and has gotten COVID-19. Lost jobs and income, feeling isolated and disconnected, loneliness, and frankly, you just want to hug someone. But in all of this darkness, there is light. We all want and need to heal! Today, in this podcast, we explore the power of positivity. To find light in the darkness we ask that you dig deep to find something that you are grateful for and seek...


Exit Rich and the 6 P’s Method for Selling Your Business

Michelle Seiler Tucker joins me at the Business Growth Cafe to discuss her new book, Exit Rich and the ins and outs of selling your business. We also spend time discussing why businesses fail and steps you can take to ensure you ultimately have a successful exit! Book Pre-order: Exit Rich


Turning a 100-year-old Family Brownie Recipe into a Thriving Business Today

At the Cafe today is Wendy Pomerantz, the Great-Granddaughter and founder of Bertha Mae’s Brownie Company to talk about how she turned a 100-year-old recipe into a thriving and very tasty business. Wendy talks about her journey from the corporate world to the kitchen and share advice for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. This is a sweet (pun intended) I eat brownies and cookies throughout the interview. I couldn't resist! For those of you looking for a great tasting...