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When the old crumbles, and a new age dawns, it innately comes with innovation, and inspiration of a new day where life is better. Who creates these inspired ideas that they bring into form? This is what Business Leaders with Soul is about - showcasing the leaders of this new age of conscious business. From lofty big ideas down to the most mundane human interactions, we are all leaders. When we step into the truth of who we are and why we came here, together we will bring sacred commerce back into our world. After all, it is our birthright. Tune in to hear of the brilliance that is happening all around the world - because it’s not all bad. Not by a long shot. May you be activated and moved to action by the uplifting energy and wisdom of my guests!


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When the old crumbles, and a new age dawns, it innately comes with innovation, and inspiration of a new day where life is better. Who creates these inspired ideas that they bring into form? This is what Business Leaders with Soul is about - showcasing the leaders of this new age of conscious business. From lofty big ideas down to the most mundane human interactions, we are all leaders. When we step into the truth of who we are and why we came here, together we will bring sacred commerce back into our world. After all, it is our birthright. Tune in to hear of the brilliance that is happening all around the world - because it’s not all bad. Not by a long shot. May you be activated and moved to action by the uplifting energy and wisdom of my guests!




Brenna St. Onge - Harnessing Pandemic Chaos to Birth Empowering Solutions

Brenna Simmons-St. Onge is the Executive Director of The Alliance Center. She is a pragmatic visionary with over 15 years of leadership experience, including a decade in Corporate Social Responsibility. Key takeaways: The BIG difference between sustainability and regeneration What you have to have to build impactful initiatives in today’s changing world How harnessing the pandemic chaos is birthing empowering solutions Why the reductionist theory must be eradicated in favor of regenerative mindset How Regenerative Agriculture healing you and our planet Brenna St. Onge stepped up and is one of the most inspirational young visionaries of our day. For the current times we live in, her brand of direct, focused and brilliant forward progress is transforming the way we approach everything. Links Mentioned: Whether you are in Colorado or not, Brenna and her team are ready to work with you to share their knowledge and resources for a regenerative future. Visit their website: Please email Brenna to learn about opportunities to partner. Email:


Jarin Kenyon - Manifestation as The Way for Conscious Leaders to Quantum Boost their Impact

"You have so much more power in your whole body and in your whole brain that isn't just the frontal lobe." Jarin Kenyon of is a fantastic Motivational Speaker, Manifestation Teacher, and Cosmic Human Design Coach. Jarin is passionate about Quantum Physics and Nicola Tesla Mathematics, and aspires to empower and educate millions of people into believing in and achieving their greatest dreams and desires. He’s an expert on Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, the Cosmic Human Design & Gene Keys, and the Science of the Mind. With his mastery and natural charisma, Jarin’s audiences are blown away by his quantum knowledge and his captivating style of professional delivery, whipping out talks that move and inspire. Jarin offers private coaching in his flagship program, Fast Track Your Dream Life. He also co-hosts Rise-The Next Evolution on Rumble where he regularly offers great manifestation content. Jarin also is co-host of the Cosmic Human Design podcast where you can also find him teaching about this revolutionary new way of self-discovery & self-mastery. Learn the secrets to manifesting anything you desire! Key Takeaways from the show: Why your strategic planning and best intentions aren’t getting the results you want Understand exactly how to to take back control -- naturally Ways to make a quantum leap in your company and with your team Tips to guard against mis-creating and sabotaging employees Discover a profound self-mastery tool that saves time, money, and your team. See how anyone can cause the system to bring you exactly what you need Links Mentioned: If you want to learn more about how to realize your vision, and “Fast Track Your Dream Life” and get a Cosmic Human Design reading you can reach Jarin at: Website: EMAIL: INSTAGRAM: Facebook: RISEvolution TV Rumble: RISEvolution Telegram:


Mary Christa Smith - The Conscious Coalition to Build Trust, Get Buy In

“It's impossible to make change unless you're willing to illuminate the chaos.” Mary Christa Smith of Conscious Coalition Consulting is a lifelong Utah resident who is passionate about her land, her community and the planet. She is dedicated to creating Conscious Coalitions that make a big impact in the wellbeing of humanity and our planet. With decades of experience facilitating groups in diversity and inclusion training, and building alliances, Mary Christa’s approach to building Conscious Coalitions is dynamic, not prescriptive, and is informed by the situation at hand. She is a "map maker" and trusted confidant who knows exactly how to guide visionaries on their right path to building sustainable and unshakable coalitions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Mary Christa’s clients realize their vision, and become known for their commitment to these key principles. Key Takeaways from the show: How a conscious coalition facilitates a deep feeling of relief to the donorsHow today’s competitive cultures undermine impact companiesWhat true collaborative facilitation of groups looks likeThe struggles leaders face with building alliances and how to fix themThe Number 1 way to bring about change when dealing with many different viewpoints Links Mentioned: Connect with Mary Christa through her LinkedIn and direct message her to set up a complimentary call to see how you and your organization would benefit from her services.


Fred Bueltmann: Equine-Assisted Team Building Retreats

"You can't change your company without accepting the people that look different than you." Fred Bueltmann is a horse person, author, and independent consultant on company culture. He has more than two decades of experience as an executive in the beverage industry where he developed his passion for collaboration and intentional culture. Check out his TEDx talk, “The Community of Collaboration”. Currently, Fred is co-founder and Executive Director of Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership, where he and his wife, Ulla, work with their herd of horses to strengthen collaborations for the greater good by contributing equitable access to professional development. Fred’s “Horse and Human Collaboration” philosophy is born from more than twenty years of learning from horses and inviting them to co-facilitate equine-assisted organizational development. Fred and Ulla are also co-founders of Arenas for Change, where membership offers training, community support, and tools to accelerate progress in mental health, organizational development, coaching, and education. Fred is a musician, as well as an instructor at Schoolcraft College’s Brewing and Distilling program. Today he joins us to talk about collaboration, and on Building Intentional Cultures through Equine-Assisted Team Retreats. Key Takeaways from the show: How horses cultivate leaders faster Why horses make the best therapists The difference between leaders of status and leaders of teams What the most natural way of healing differences can be How true leaders can re-write their story and find massive success and fulfillment Links Mentioned Connect with Fred through his website, and schedule a complimentary call to see if you and your group would benefit from an equine-assisted team building retreat. His awesome TedTalk on collaboration is definitely worth a listen too!


Lisa Main - Leading Transformation the Regenerative Way

"Humanity must raise its consciousness for us to even stay here - on the planet." Lisa Marie Main is the co-founder and President of Continuum Consulting Services. She is passionate about unleashing the potential of humanity through a regenerative approach, where employees have more energy at the end of the day. With over 20 years of experience, Lisa has helped build Continuum to realize this vision by excelling in leadership development, culture building, and strategic planning. No matter the scale, from leading a countrywide appreciative inquiry process, to engaging leaders and teams in adventure-based programs to more intimate groundbreaking retreats. Continuum partners with people who do good in the world and equips them to do better with services based on science and delivered with compassion, with a focus on formative engagements that truly move the needle. Lisa's extensive knowledge and fascination with somatic systemic approaches in holistic practices supported by neuroscience and neurobiology have been incorporated into her work. She has had the privilege of working with leaders and teams from Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan, Chase, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, and more. She lives in Colorado with her husband Tim and their daughter Haley, where they enjoy skiing, climbing, hiking, and camping. Key Takeaways from the show: What companies focus on that is dead-wrongHow to catalyze the powerful forces of productionWhat it takes to merge sustainability and profit, successfullyThe simple 'Jedi' move anyone can make to get people to move in the direction you want them to. Links Mentioned Connect with Lisa through her website, Continuum Consulting Services, and sign up for their monthly blog digest, or feel free to reach out and schedule a call. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Share the stories from one of our passion projects, Let's Choose Love. Spread the GOOD NEWS of LOVE in the world!


Wendy White, Choosing Love and Boldly Crossing the Lines that Divide Us

"I want to encourage people to get off their couch and break through their fear. I want them to think about what their unique gifts are and how they want to contribute to the world." Wendy White is founder and CEO of Let’s Choose Love. She envisions a world where love rules. Where people can boldly cross the lines that divide us and come together to innovate a new world - a new way of being that works for all. That's why Wendy created Let’s Choose Love, a movement dedicated to inspiring people to discover their own voice, gifts and unique role in building this beautiful new world where love rules. Let’s Choose Love is fresh, fun and thoughtful. And is making a big impact. Wendy and her team believe everyone has a place and a role to fill. Through inspiring and supporting others in living their dream, the entire community is lifted. And the world changes. Wendy also co-founded Continuum Consulting Services over 20 years ago. She continues to share as much passion, creativity and wealth of experience she has with Let’s Choose Love with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofits through her experiential approach to organizational development. When Wendy isn't consulting, she keeps life in balance with her love for yoga, kayaking, biking, traveling, music, volunteering, gardening, writing, entertaining and enjoying her two adult children! Key Takeaways from the show: Takeaway 1 Takeaway 2 Takeaway 3 Takeaway 4 Links Mentioned Connect with Wendy through her website, Let's Choose Love


Liam Martin - Running Remote: Build & Lead Teams to Excellence

"Everyone should come and join me up in the remote work world because it's it's a lot more fun than being in the cubicle." With us today to share his thoughts on the age of conscious business and what that means to him is Liam Martin, a serial entrepreneur who runs Time Doctor and — one of the most popular time tracking and productivity software platforms in use by top brands today. He is also a co-organizer of the world's largest remote work conference — Running Remote. Liam Martin is an avid proponent of remote work and has been published in Forbes, Inc, Mashable, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat, and many other publications specifically targeting the expansion of remote work. Liam's products and services are defined by the concept of giving workers the flexibility to work wherever they want, whenever they want. He holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in Sociology from McGill University. He lives in Canada but travels 3-6 months out of the year due to his ability to work wherever and whenever he likes. While he travels around the world a few times a year, he usually spends time in Austin, Las Vegas, and Ubud. He encourages others to work remotely while he's on his travels. Liam has also co-authored a book - Running Remote - focused on remote work methodology. In this revolutionary guide, Liam and his co-founder, Rob Rawson, have unearthed the secrets and lessons discovered by remote work pioneering entrepreneurs and founders who've harnessed the async mindset to operate their businesses remotely in the most seamless, hassle-free, and cost-effective manner possible. Key Takeaways from the show: The #1 reason businesses are failing at the Remote Work approach Why we should be working less instead of more Does Running Remote eliminate the need for middle management What a collaboration buffet is and why it doesn’t work What all the unicorn “remote work first” companies figured out Links Mentioned Connect with Liam through his website, Running Remote, the World's Largest Remote Work Community. To get Liam and Rob's new book on Amazon, go to Running Remote, Master the Lessons from the World’s Most Successful Remote-Work Pioneers. Running Remote YouTube Channel is a great place for more information!


Pete Moores - Get Radical, Get Funding for Tech Start Ups

"There is a key element most Tech Startups skip, and it's costs them greatly." Pete Moores has spent over 22 years working at the intersection of science & technology, business, and funding. He’s driven by a core passion to create real-world benefits from new science and technology, not just publications that gather dust on shelves. Pete founded PBM Consulting Ltd in September 2020 after nearly losing his life in a 50 mph car v.s. bicycle crash in January of that year. He emerged from his recovery stronger in mind, body, and spirit, with clarity on how he could make a difference to the fortunes of technology companies by applying his commercial expertise and unique approach. At PBM Consulting Ltd, Pete works with technology-based companies large and small to develop strategies for growth and safely reach their next “strategic destination”, be it bringing a product to the market, raising funding, or pivoting to serve new, growth markets. He has previously worked as a head coach on international training and mentoring programmes, with governments and innovation agencies in over 20 countries to develop the knowledge economy and has mentored, coached, and trained global entrepreneurs to develop strategic sales and marketing initiatives that unlock their innovation potential. In this surprising show, Pete shares many things, including: Links Mentioned Connect with Pete on his website, PBM Consulting and on LinkedIN. Go to this link, sign up for Pete's newsletter, and your free guide will be sent to you!


Ana Laskey - Insights-Driven Research Gets Results

“If you don't want to get on the rocket ship, you are welcome to stay on earth.” Anastassia Laskey of Ground Control Research is a serious expert in her field - pragmatic and curious - a marketer's secret weapon. She helps companies solve any growth problem, better and faster. She is a strong, confident entrepreneur who does the hard things without flinching. Everyone enjoys her optimism and direct matter-of-fact "why would you do something else" style. She is not afraid to disagree with you even if you have more "expertise." It’s because of this honesty and desire to help that others love her no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to decision making. You can be sure that the action Ana takes or recommends is grounded and gets results. Ana’s a funny character with a lot of interesting stories that seem to come from someone who is a wise old soul. Ana is someone you can talk to. In this revealing podcast episode, you will be surprised, you will inspired. Find out: How insight-led questions solve your business problems, faster and better.How to cultivate a level of certainty in guiding your business to success.The #1 thing that matters for Start ups and new businesses.How to get the information you need to get to market faster and with more success.The top issue that paralyzes organizations when it comes to market research. Links Mentioned Connect with Ana on her website, Ground Control Research, and on LinkedIN. Download her free gift, 5 Simple Shifts to Improving Customer Lifetime Value & Driving Revenue


Jeremy Zimmerman: Branding with Purpose

"Polish may attract attention, but principle wins trust." Jeremy Zimmerman of Brand Purpose started his career in the advertising agency world, where he developed his ability to help clients differentiate themselves and achieve market advantage. As a manager of creative teams of designers, writers, planners, photographers, coders and others, he guided each organization to the successful achievement of their business goals. His clients have included Toshiba America Electronics Corporation, Siemens Building Controls, Farmers and Merchants Bank and many others representing a wide range of industries. Jeremy and his wife Tracey founded Brand Purpose in 2018 to help clients design and build purpose-based brands. More recently, Jeremy narrowed the focus of his business to helping cities brand themselves as a means to inspire pride and promote intelligent development. This show is full of wise advice and experienced insights. You don't want to miss Jeremy's story. You will see from the conversation between two brand strategists and storytellers who serve very different markets that they are really not all that different. Branding is not exclusive to businesses. Welcome to another great show with a business leader with soul! In this show, you will learn: The #1 thing youmustdo in order for your marketing efforts to work How to gain trust from your audienceearlyon and why you should careHow to create a cynic for your brand -fastWhat the BIG companies are doing that give you a BIG clue on surviving over the long-term in businessHow to build a durable brand that stands the test of timeWhere delighted customers actually come fromWhat Southwest Airlines is doing that we should all emulate to catapult your brand to the topWhat all brands should have as their first priority Links Mentioned You can connect with Jeremy on his website, Brand Purpose and through his LinkedIn page.


Jacqueline Morasco: Tiny Rituals to Create a Life of Ease & Flow

"The integration of tiny rituals is by far the most effective & enjoyable way to create lasting transformation and change." Jacqueline Morasco of Spirited Practice, is an author, healer, retreat leader, and yoga teacher, Jacqueline has spent over 25 years exploring both the scientific and sacred aspects of ritual. Combining ancient and modern concepts, she encourages her clients to not only shift their perspective but also to reshape their most deeply-ingrained habits, like over-reacting, over-thinking and overwhelm. Jacqueline is known for her ability to guide you to modify how you move through life in the simplest way - to make tiny habit changes that expand into a life of purpose and joy. Through her life-changing work and her new book, Wake Up, Jacqueline guides ambitious women leaders to be more present and productive - to connect with their true purpose so that they actualize their dreams. Anyone can create beautiful new tiny habits that help them to feel better, more fulfilled and to flow with ease through life’s journey. And that lasts a lifetime. Listen to this show and learn: The golden opportunity you have right now to feel fulfilled in your lifeWhat "sacred" really meansThe science behind tiny ritualsWhat tiny habits are and how to use them to create more abundance and success in your businessA free gift to access your personalized daily mantra Go ahead, listen in and start your new life of tiny rituals today! Links Mentioned You can connect with Jacqueline on her website, Be sure and sign up for her Mantra Quiz on her website to receive your daily mantra! Get Jacqueline's book, Wake Up, on Amazon!


Kathy Magnusson, Strength-Based Learning for Our Children

"Our children need more self-awareness, self-regulation and relationship skills, but we, as adults, need this too." - Kathy Magnusson, Kathy Magnusson believes that schools can be places of healing, and she is committed to creating trauma-sensitive resilience schools. As a trainer, coach, and speaker, and licensed public school teacher, Kathy guides educators and professionals on what is needed to create safe and effective learning environments - environments that draw upon the strengths of both adults and youth to uncover their unique brilliance. Kathy’s main focus these days is timely - it is about trauma and the effects trauma has had on our families, communities, school, and students over the last decade. Kathy believes that when we take what we learned through experiences, and apply the lessons, then we can build that into skills to strengthen resilience. Kathy doesn't stop there - Combining trauma-sensitive, neuroscience, and resilience with strength-based education and you have a powerhouse of synergy that not only heals but rejuvenates a person's creativity and contribution to society. In this episode, learn: the #1 reason kids are struggling in schoolthe real challenges behind the scenes in our schoolshow she is uniquely qualified to speak about traumathe effects of developmental trauma on the brain & nervous system Tune in and learn about the great opportunities we have today to strengthen our schools, our teachers, and our kids. Links Mentioned You can connect with Kathy on LinkedIn, and on her website, Be sure and sign up to receive her free mini-ecourse, “Building Resilience through Strength-Based Learning.”


Amanda Graham - The Power of Mindfulness to Radically Change Your Life

Amanda is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and the founder of Unbridled Way Forward, an innovative practice that guides people to discover their true path by incorporating horses into mental health therapy, personal growth, and leadership and team building. Amanda has had a diverse career path leading her around the country, including professional actor, animal protection advocate, executive leader, educator, and counselor. Despite her many roles, the through line of her life has always been a deep curiosity about human behavior and a desire to be of service. All these experiences have led her to our show today to talk about a consistent practice that has enriched her life and her choices: the power of mindfulness to radically improve people’s lives, both personally and professionally. In this episode, find out: What mindfulness is really about Four components to functioning at a high level The one attribute all leaders must possess to succeed Secret to bringing mindfulness into the corporate setting The indirect benefit to embracing mindfulness in large organizations Tune in and learn how incorporating mindfulness will bring you and your company to peace and calm and better decision-making! Links Mentioned Connect with Amanda and find out more about her Unbridled Mindfulness online and in-person programs on her website, While you are there, be sure and check out her free pdf download, 6 Easy Steps to Calm Your Busy Mind


Dannielle Bryan: Live the Life Your Soul is Craving

"Being in the world today, people who are looking for more are the ones that find me." - Dannielle Bryan, Dannielle Bryan is a skilled teacher, master practitioner of energy medicine, and captivating storyteller. She has integrated the principles of shamanism into her professional and personal life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years. Dannielle is a master at bringing the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable, tangible practices that are useful and transformational in everyday life. She brings her signature humor and warmth to her practice, her parenting, and her community. The lessons, insights, and wisdom she has cultivated are what she lovingly and happily shares with the world. The medicine wheel, her flagship program, is a deep personal journey where one moves through limiting beliefs and patterns and comes into a deeper connection with their inner wisdom, to live life in conscious alignment with their soul purpose. As a friend, a colleague, and as one of my greatest teachers, I am excited to share with you Dannielle's thoughts on the future of conscious business and what that means to her. In this episode, find out: What being in conscious alignment with your business means The one thing you need to cultivate in today’s world to succeed Recognizing when it’s resistance to taking action or a red flag of warning Cultivating deep connection in a digital world Leveraging energy to level up your business Tune in and listen through to the end when Dannielle gives us all valuable tips on staying calm and not picking up on the negative energy of the world. It's GREAT ADVICE! Links Mentioned Connect with Dannielle and find out more about her Medicine Wheel program and other online and in-person events on her website,


Andreanne Gaudet: Scale Your Business & Ditch the 80 Hour Work Week

"Don't overlook the lazy ones. They are the ones who may be getting the same results faster and easier." - Andreanne Gaudet Andreanne Gaudet of Avenue Business Consulting, where scaling your business thrives only when you are healthy. After 2 years of hustle and grind, of stress and anxiety, of food and sleep deprivation, she totally burned out and crashed. Andreanne used this pivotal moment in her life to find her purpose: To be a mental health advocate in the entrepreneurship world and helping entrepreneurs protect their mental health by building a company that thrives - even when they step away at periods of time. In this episode, Andreanne shares with us what obstacles leaders and their companies face to be successful. Tune in and learn: What stuck and exhausted business owners can do to reframe their business and stop doing the nitty gritty tasks Tune in and listen to Andreanne's insights on how to move from an 80-hour work week, to scaling your business to create space for growth, more fun, and a bigger impact. Links Mentioned Connect with Andreanne on LinkedIn.


Alycia Huston, Neuroscience to Build Thriving Company Cultures

"If you don't create the culture, it will be created whether or not you're involved." - Alycia Huston Neuroscience & Company Culture of Today naturally Links Mentioned , LinkedIn


Ben Levy, A Better Way to Pitch Your Idea

“It's not the best idea that wins. It's the most persuasive.” - Ben Levy The Ills of Advertising Today & How to Correct It and And it's not about trying to be Meryl Streep or George Clooney! What you will learn in this episode: Why the Don Draper Mad Men Advertising era has to completely die, and the real purpose of presenting.What it’s costing agencies, teams and individuals to give lackluster presentations. The difference between persuasion and manipulation.The number one ingredient needed to persuade (in a good way).What you want your fellow Zoom comrades to be thinking as they arrive on a Zoom call. Links Mentioned Ben is offering a FREE 30 minute call to listeners to discuss how he can help and your team sell your ideas great! Check out his website,, and his LinkedIn to set up your complimentary call.


Wendy Burge, The Emotionally Intelligent Business

Everything is Changing - Transactional is Out What are you truly passionate about? Wendy opens this show with a fascinating story about a woman who held something so close to her heart for years, when finally she told Wendy what she had been hiding. In fact, that's the message here - is step up to the potential you've always had and step into a way of doing business that is far richer and impactful than traditional marketing taught us. She shares the doorway into flow, to access the right decisions that are in the direction you want to go. How are we to move forward in a new age, in a way that brings sense to the chaos we see in business. Listen in as Wendy tells of her journey and her wisdom on creating real value for those you serve - and liberation from the broken 'what are you going to give me for it?" mentality. What you will learn in this episode: The problem with corporate structure and why it's going away How traditional marketing traumatizes people. Where business coaching intersects with marketing tactic Why "the transaction is the end" mentality doesn't cut it anymore and what to do instead An exercise to uncover the exact ways to improve your offers Links Mentioned Connect with Wendy through LinkedIn and at Radiant Edge Consulting. Click here to download her Free Gift, Confident Conversations Scripts & Video Tutorial


Scott Spann, Solving for the Impossible

What Else is Possible in Healing Business, Society, and the Earth? Scott solves seemingly “impossible” problems in business, society, and the Earth. His unique and strategic method is inspired by both his career as a trauma psychotherapist and by his years of experience with business leaders who are intent on doing the right thing. Scott clearly sees the way forward in the new age of conscious business, working to harness the chaotic and complex situation we find ourselves in. In this podcast episode, Scott shares his wisdom through stories of businesses who have succeeded at the 'impossible.' As he puts it, “Deep lasting impact requires a fundamentally different perspective.” What you will learn in this episode: Business as its own empowered solution to today's breakdowns Who defines 'reality' and where does possibility play a role Leveraging the innate potential of business itself Harnessing the zone of genius for dealing with chaos & complex situations to heal business Where sea gulls, sea lions, and nature converge with healing business Links Mentioned Connect with Scott through at or email him at


Dr. Nadia Brown, What Sales Are Really About

Unleashing Your Untapped Potential Dr. Nadia Brown is successful sales strategist, consultant, and sales trainer who guides sales teams to awaken their consistent closer within. Nadia brings over 15 years of experience in guiding others to increase their closing rates and keep their clients staying in the fold to engage again and again, increasing Lifetime Value. Nadia's expertise guides her clients to raise their rates, decrease their refund requests, and triple their annual revenue. Listen in as Nadia shares why she says she doesn't like sales, and what it's really all about. What you will learn in this episode: What sales is really about and why you can learn to love it The unique challenge high-achieving women face and must conquer to make it The way to really go after your BIG dreams and realize them What the real deal is about 'pivoting' in your business How seeming terrible life events turn into blessings beyond what we could have imagined Links Mentioned Reach out to The Doyenne Agency and take Dr. Nadia's quiz: Discover Your Sales Blind Spot.