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A daily podcast answering business mindset questions for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs.


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A daily podcast answering business mindset questions for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs.




What are You So Afraid Of, Really?

Fear gets a lot of airtime, energy, and oxygen in the personal development space and most of it is needless and enabling. Sometimes, we just need a reframe. Consider this your reframe. Question for the show?


When They Ask for Money

The dirty side of success can sometimes be that your inner circle sees you as their personal bank. Setting boundaries on how you are willing to help and how much you are willing to help can feel messy. Communicating your limits can feel even messier. Here's how to manage it with more ease. Question for the show?


Telling Clients Hard Things

As service providers, it can feel like clients have the power. It can feel like our livelihoods and our reputations depend on their satisfaction. That's not true, though. As professionals, we are responsible for our expertise and informing clients of hard things is a part of the job. Here's how to do it with less anxiety. Question for the show? Need a consult on a tough situation? Book a time with me.


How to Show Up for Yourself

The entrepreneurial space loves this phrase: Show up for yourself. But what does it even mean? Where do you start? Question for the show? Want to work with me? Let's Talk.


When Good Enough Stops Being Good Enough

When you have been coasting and things have been moving swimmingly, how do you know if it's time to make a move toward growth? How do you know whether or not you want to grow and, if you choose growth, how do you know the right direction to take? Question for the show? Want to chat to see if I can help? Schedule yourself here.


How to Believe Your Worth

The personal development space spends a lot of time teaching self-esteem but how do you start to absorb it for yourself so you can actually feel worthy? Getting to the heart of the matter, here. Question for the show?


You Can Say Hard Things

How much time are you wasting avoiding a ten minute hard conversation? Here's how to get out of your own way and on with it so you can get to the other side of hard. Shout Out to Stacie Speaker for the thought provoking question Shout Out to Mark of Beaver Hardwood for being able to have a hard conversation with me and for designing killer custom furniture. Need help getting to the other side of a hard conversation? Book yourself in here or share your story for the podcast by sending...


When 3 out of 10 Request a Refund

What do you do when you have failed to deliver? If you are a service provider and your clients have failed to achieve their promised results, a lot comes rushing at you. Today's listener had a third of his program request a refund. Here's how he can get to the other side of this unfortunate time in his business. Want my help on your tricky situation? Book a call with me or Send your questions to:


How to Respond to Desperate Times

When sales and revenue are decreasing and when doing your best isn't enough, things can start to feel desperate. Often, desperate feelings lead to desperate actions that only make everything worse. So, how do you represent yourself with integrity when you don't feel like you are worth that much and how do you show up for your business without giving everything away for less than you deserve? Listen in for tips on staying true to you during really reactive moments. Question for the show?...


Avoiding the Meltdown After a Win

We've all been there. Something awesome happens and suddenly we're doubting ourselves, twitching, and second-guessing ourselves, before we even allowed ourselves a chance to celebrate. Here's how to make sense of it all. Question for the show? Book yourself in for your first consultation here.


How to Charge Your Worth with Confidence

Every business and sales coach tells you to do it: "Charge Your Worth" but what the heck does that even mean and how do you do it without feeling bad about it? Listen in. Question for the show? Click here to book yourself in for your first consultation.


Setting Realistic Expectations Without Playing Small

How can you tell if you're playing safe by hiding behind your non-negotiables? How do you know if you are setting yourself up to fail because of unreasonable expectations? This mindset stuff gets tricky sometimes. Allow me to unpack it so you can get on your way. Question for the show?


Ridding Yourself of Shame

When you've really gone and messed it up and have taken a wrecking ball to your life, it can be easier to ask others for forgiveness before you consider asking yourself. Shame festers. An inability to have self-compassion numbs you, affects your mental health, and limits the positive impact you can have in your own life and in the lives of others. Talking about shame isn't easy. Listening to advice about managing shame isn't on the top of most people's lists but self-compassion and self...


How to Finally Sit Still

First world problem, right? An inability to sit still? Perhaps. But it is a problem and an inability to sit with yourself without doing anything or an inability to relax is a problem. It's a prescription for burnout, really. If you keep going and going, you will eventually run out of drive and motivation. Your physical and mental health will start to suffer and your relationships will feel the strain, too. Listen in to learn a new perspective. Question for the show?...


How to Connect With Your Team

How are you connecting with those who serve you? We spend a lot of time talking about client acquisition, nurturing leads, and creating meaningful connections with those we serve. When it comes to connecting with, managing, and leading a team, many bosses think they're just supposed to know what to do and they fear asking for help, concerned that their leadership will be questioned. Your relationship with your team is the most important relationship you have in your business. Listen in to...


The First Steps for Starting Over

What do you do when you built a business that you don't want? How do you start over? How do you choose a new direction when you are war torn and tired? Listen in for tips on starting over. Question for the show? Want to work together? We should talk.


Business Mindset for Introverts

When it comes to running businesses, Introverts, it's time to stop limiting yourselves by this self-identifier. Your introversion is not something you have to overcome. It's not something that is going to hold you back. You just need to learn how to use it to better set yourselves up for success. Tune in to listen how. Want my help getting yourself and your business out of the shadows? Book an introductory call. Question for the show?


Listening to Burnout the First Time

Burnout tends to crush people when they don't see it coming. Here's how to hear the whispers and respond when it first starts to whisper at you instead of when it starts to scream. In a stage of burnout? I'd like to help. Here's a link to my schedule so we can talk. Have a question for the show?


How to Stop Fearing Success

What if it all goes right? Fearing success isn't something people talk about and it can be hard to put a name to but it's just as real as imposter syndrome or fearing failure. You are being called to rise and become something bigger and if this hasn't happened to you before, you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory. The temptation will be to fight, flight, or freeze but if you can ignore those impulses, you will find where you are meant to be. I've tackled this tricky subject before...


How to Set Next Level Goals

When you've gotten as far as you planned, or as far as you dared to dream, how do you decide what's next? How do you pick a new goal or decide a new dream to chase? Don't believe the entrepreneurial implications that you're just supposed to know. You're not and it's more than ok that you don't. Here are some first steps to consider and ways to walk yourself through the process so you don't just jump into something impulsively. Interested in working together? We should talk. Here's a link...