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Business Outlaws teaches millennials the mindset and tools to become millionaires. With Business Fixer Chris Collins, Marijuana Nutrient King Michael "BigMike" Straumietis and Host Jayme Foxx.

Business Outlaws teaches millennials the mindset and tools to become millionaires. With Business Fixer Chris Collins, Marijuana Nutrient King Michael "BigMike" Straumietis and Host Jayme Foxx.
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Business Outlaws teaches millennials the mindset and tools to become millionaires. With Business Fixer Chris Collins, Marijuana Nutrient King Michael "BigMike" Straumietis and Host Jayme Foxx.




EDIBLE - Who’s Ruling You?

On this week’s edible, Chris Collins and BigMike invite you to chew on this idea — the person you can’t criticize is the person who’s ruling you.


EDIBLE - Dealing with Unsolicited Advice

On this week’s business edible, the Outlaws teach you how to recognize when someone is imposing their own self-limiting belief system on you.


Winning the War Against Machines With Chip Kidd, Part 2

“Frankly, I don’t think book covers sell books,” Chip Kidd tells the Outlaws. This statement from one of the preeminent book cover designers of the past 30 years is admittedly confusing, or it may be just be his expert spin on the idiom, don’t judge a book by its cover. “Books that are No. 1 on the bestseller list … I’ll look at it and think it’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kidd says. He also believes the covers of the wildly successful Harry Potter series are generic and...


EDIBLE - Get Out of Your Own Way

Are your thoughts and behaviors in alignment with what you say you want? The truth is that we often program our subconscious minds with negativity, even when we say we want success.


EDIBLE - The Importance of Staying Hungry

Are you hungry enough for success to actually achieve your dreams? On this week’s edible, Chris Collins and BigMike share why motivation is an essential tool for achieving our goals.


Judging a Book by Its Cover with Famed Designer Chip Kidd

If there is a rock star in the seemingly buttoned-up world of book design, Chip Kidd is it. Not only has he designed some of the world’s most recognizable book covers, he has also written several books — including some Batman graphic novels — given two TED talks, and dabbled in actual rock stardom with his new wave band Artbreak. The award-winning designer behind the covers of Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park,” Howard Stern’s “Miss America,” and several books by famed Japanese author...


EDIBLE - Drop Your Emotional Baggage

Does your guilt and baggage hold you back from living to your fullest potential? On this week’s business edible, the outlaws share some tips on how to move through the past negativity you may not realize you’re still carrying around.


Sculpt Your Body, Sculpt Your Mind

Just as you can sculpt your body, you can sculpt your mind. On this week's business edible, Chris Collins and BigMike talk about how important it is to pay attention to what you feed your brain and how you exercise it.


Sitting Down With the Most Interesting Man in Hip-Hop

In the world of pop culture, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has made more out of two simple words: “Yeah, boy.” Those seven letters have helped make Flavor Flav a hip-hop legend, a No. 1-rated TV star, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and, as Flav will tell you, “the most sampled voice in the history of music.” But of course, Flavor Flav is much more than just a catch phrase. In our latest episode from Las Vegas, the Public Enemy hype man sits down with the Outlaws to discuss the...


Alan Anderson from the Penthouse

On this week's edible, Chris and BigMike talk with NBA star Alan Anderson about what he'd tell his 24-year-old self.


Winning Hands at the Table, Bare Knuckles in the Ring

In the business world, you must take advantage of every opportunity you're presented with to be successful. There's no standard formula for success -- every endeavor faces its own unique obstacles -- but the one constant is that you need to fight for what you want to achieve. On this week's episode, the Outlaws invite you to step into mind of blackjack player and professional fighter Gregory James. James learned how to beat the house odds by counting cards, and literally fought for his...


Know Yourself and Know Your Ego

In this week's edible from Las Vegas, Chris and BigMike speak with an audience member about the importance of reigning in your ego to stop getting in your own way.


Winning No Matter What With Gavin Maloof

“There are three things that really helped me and my father succeed in all those different markets — the most important being that we know good people, and we stick together.” — Gavin Maloof Conducting business in a reckless manner will prevent you from dominating your market. Just take it from Gavin Maloof, whose family has built successful businesses based on good people, hard work and constant reinvention. From the penthouse suite of the Palms Place Hotel and Spa, Maloof, owner of the...


Selling Convenience and Building Continuity

In this week's edible from the Palms Place penthouse in Las Vegas, Chris and BigMike provide a lesson in continuity to an audience member regarding her organic dog food start-up. It's another reminder that often what you think you're selling isn't what you're really selling.


Halting Police Violence And Building Bridges With Captain Sasha Larkin

“We reformed our agency as it comes to officer involved shootings and use of force scenarios, and have really paved the way for the nation since then on how to integrate into the community, how to build relationships in the community, how to handle officer involved shootings and how to train for when those moments happen. ” — Capt. Sasha Larkin In business and in life, failing to own up to your mistakes will end up costing you in the long run; owning your mistakes helps you overcome them....


What You Think You’re Selling Is Not What You’re Selling

Recorded live at the Palms Place penthouse in Las Vegas, Chris and BigMike help a struggling entrepreneur with questions about growing his business, reminding him that he’s not selling a commodity; he’s selling a feeling.


Stop Trading Time for Money

You're guilty of it. We all are. Mismanaging your time is like depleting a precious resource. On this week's edible, Chris and BigMike talk about how you can take back control and put your time and money to work for you.


Stop Procrastinating And Get Shit Done

“Sometimes, you just have to dive in, believe in yourself, and don’t think about why you’re gonna fail or how you’re gonna fail. Just get started.” – BigMike Think about the last time you put off doing something you needed to do. Now, think about the reason why you procrastinated. Was it fear of an unknown outcome? Paralysis by analysis? Or simply a lack of enthusiasm and passion for the project in front of you? On Episode 63 of Business Outlaws, Chris “Bulldog” Collins and BigMike are...


Reset Your Expectations

On this week's edible, BigMike and Chris talk about their secret to hacking your happiness, and it's not what you might expect.


Why Never Failing Means Never Succeeding

“There are only two ways to learn how to do things: You either read about it, or you just do it and you fail miserably. But when you fuck up as much as we have, you’ll have the tools for every situation moving forward.” — Chris “Bulldog” Collins Every entrepreneur dreams of success. No one has ever launched a business thinking, “I can’t wait to fuck this up!” But the truth is, the road to success is paved with failure — and, as BigMike says, if you haven’t fucked up at some point in your...