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250: The Four Keys to Building a Really Successful Business - What's Working Wednesday

Every day that you keep going is another day that somebody else quits. This is so true in podcasting and in business. I share with you my lessons learned from getting to 250 episodes to inspire you to keep going. If you have the proof of concept, passion, patience and provide a great service, you will win. It will probably just take longer than you would like. And that's okay. That means there's more opportunity. Because most people quit before they make it there!


249: Why Trying to Sell on Social Media is Killing Your Business

I see way too many businesses who only post on social media when they have something to sell. "HEY! Buy my stuff. I'm the best!" is not a sales tactic. So the next time you go to try and sell something on Facebook because everyone tells you how much money they make off of Facebook, ask yourself this question: "Why do YOU go on to social media?" The answer is definitely not to buy anything. It's simply for education and entertainment. So the next time you go to post as your business...


248: Why Our "Slow" Months are The Most Important Months - Freedom Friday

In almost all small business industries, January & February are some of the slowest months. Now, you can do a few things when business is slow. You can sit back and not do too much with the excuse "well, nobody else is doing anything, I'm going to follow suit." OR You can double down and use this precious time to work ON your business. Start focusing on building a foundation, putting the systems/processes in place so you're ready to GROW with much less stress. I share with you what...


247: Why It's So Important to Start with WHY - What's Working Wednesday

If you don't know WHY you're doing something then what's the point in doing it? You can take this with you no matter what you're doing in business (and in life). Whether it's strategic planning, hiring, sales or leadership, the WHY is so important. Once you know your WHY then it's a lot easier to put an actual plan in place to get to where you want to go. In today's episode I share with you two examples of how we are using this in our landscaping business.


246: How to Turn Your Passion Into More Income & Freedom with Monica Shah

Overview Monica Shah teaches entrepreneurs how to turn the work they love into a profitable, sustainable business. She walks women through a step-by-step process of building, growing and expanding their businesses to six figures and beyond. Before starting her own company, Monica received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and worked as a brand manager for L’Oreal Paris. She now runs a seven figure coaching company and shows women entrepreneurs how to create a profitable,...


245: Why You Need to Stop Doing What Everyone Else is Doing - Freedom Friday

It's time to stop doing what everyone else is doing. It's time to start putting the "social" back into social media while putting your customer's best interest first. Focus on providing value, establishing your authority as the expert while building your know, like and trust factor. Don't be scared to give away all of your business "secrets". If they are looking to hire you, they don't want to DIY anyway. Take the time to build the content strategy with a repeatable, automatic system.


244: How You Can Actually Start Achieving Your Big Goals - What's Working Wednesday

We all have our big goals for the year! That big financial number that we've always wanted to hit. Yet, we don't actually set aside time in our business to work on those goals on a regular basis. We think and hope that it will just happen if we keep at it another year. And, by the end of January we are 100% back into our old habits of reacting. So, how can we make the switch. First, we have to start protecting our time and creating space to work on our goals. Otherwise, 1000 other...


243: The #1 Reason Why You're Not Achieving Your Revenue Goals

93% of small business owners never make it to $1mm. That means that less than 2 million business owners in the entire US get to $1mm annually in revenue. With well over 300 million people in the US, that's not that many people! This number makes me sad...for one main reason. There are so many small business with an excellent service or product that is more than good enough to do well over $1mm. Unfortunately, there is usually one big road block. The owner!


242: Every Day That You Keep Going is Another Day Someone Else Quits - Freedom Friday

242 episodes later, we are to the last Friday in 2018. My #1 less from making it 242 episodes is this: Every day that you keep going is another day that someone else quits. If you love what you do and believe in it, keep going! You might be one day away from the big break through.


241: A Great Book to Help You Eliminate the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome - What's Working Wednesday

If you suffer from the bright shiny object syndrome like I do, then this podcast (and book) is for you. The ONE Thing by Gary Keller helps business owners determine what the ONE thing they need to do is...and then put it on the schedule to make sure it gets done. There are so many opportunities out there and so many things we "should" be doing so how do we know when to say YES and NO. I share with you how this book is changing the way I think and focus while growing my business for 2019.


240: Helping Business Owners Get More $#!t Done with Todd Palmer

Todd Palmer is the collaborative business advisor and CEO of Extraordinary Advisors (EA). Simply put, EA helps business leaders Get S#!t Done. As the CEO of a 6-time INC 5000 company, Todd knows that business success begins and ends with people. People make all of the business decisions regarding strategy, execution, cash and staff. Todd isn’t happy until his clients trust themselves as leaders, AND their decisions. He won’t rest until teams trust the leaders AND each other. He knows...


239: Why You Must Throw Your Ego Out to Succeed - Freedom Friday

NEWSFLASH: Way too many business owneres have way too big of an ego. "Nobody can do it as good as I can!" "Nobody knows what they are talking about. I'm the expert!" Yet, when they run into problems, they still think they can do it all. SECOND NEWSFLASH: There's no trophy for doing it all by yourself. In fact, no successful business has ever been built by one person. It takes a team...and a leader. In today's episode, I share with you how I am empowering others to grow our business.


238: The #1 Reason Why You Can't Find Good Help - What's Working Wednesday

One of the top complaints I hear from business owners is "I just can't find good help." What this really is, is just an excuse to not step out of their comfort zone. They want to grow but they rather make an excuse because of their fear of the unknown. Yet, they never really spend time on recruiting anyway. In reality, recruiting should be treated like marketing...we need to proactively attract people to do business with us.


237: How to Build, Maintain & Protect Your Business Dynasty with Molly Grubb

Molly Grubb is a dynasty builder. After seeing her family’s business torn away from her parents, watching them lose their identity and then walking away with almost nothing, Molly decided she wasn’t going to let that happen to other entrepreneurs and family business owners. Now Molly helps build, protect and maintain a family business owner’s dynasty. She is one of only 200 Certified Business Exit Consultants, and less than 7% of advisors that utilize all of the fundamentals of wealth...


236: Why You MUST Know Your Numbers in Order to Survive - Freedom Friday

Most business owners never track any numbers because they want to avoid the possibility of them being not so good. As long as there's money in the bank, we're in business! But that's no sustainable way to run a business. You can't manage what you can't measure and your numbers are so important. In today's episode I share with you some not so great numbers for our dog walking business.


235: Why You're Leaving Money on the Table without a CRM System - What's Working Wednesday

You know what business owners are terrible at? Following up! We'll take the initial call, provide the initial estimate, answer the initial question and then get busy and totally forget about following up. THIS is why you NEED a CRM System...even a basic free one will suffice. Without a CRM system in place, you are leaving 10's of thousands of dollars on the table...AND you're not making a great name for your business either. In this episode, I share with you some great free and paid CRM...


234: How to Move From Where You Are to the Life You Want with John Hinkle

After a successful career as a global corporate leader responsible for building some of the world’s most notable brands, John Hinkle began his own SHIFT journey. It began when his career was unexpectedly upended through a corporate merger. The event became a pivotal time of questioning and reflection, which led to the discovery of five core principles he developed to master his own life and career change. It was during that same time that John began sharing these principles with many other...


233: Why Facebook Ads (and Business) are Just Like Riding a Bike - Freedom Friday

You've probably said this AND heard this before: Facebook ads don't work. Facebook ads are a scam. Facebook just wants our money. My customers aren't on Facebook. None of those are true - they are simply excuses. The key to success in FB ads (and business) is to have an actual strategy and patience to know it probably won't work right away. Just like riding a bike. A bike doesn't work if you don't know how to ride one...but that doesn't mean they don't work!


232: Why You Need to Do More Than Just Give a Christmas Bonus to Your Employees - What's Working Wednesday

There's so much more to thanking your employees for the year than just a little Christmas bonus in their paycheck. Yes, money is nice...but it doesn't mean much to your team. It's easy to write a check. But when you do things like a holiday party to show your appreciation and gratitude it goes a long way. Especially when you invite everyone's families as well. Take the time and make the investment to show your employees how much you care and how much they are appreciated.


231: Helping You Work Less and Earn More with Phil Newton

Phil Newton takes that overworked, underpaid person and helps them to move to a stage of being unHustled. Phil works with clients to free up their time, focus their offer, find their most fabulous clients and facilitate a world-class experience for their clients. In essence, he helps people earn more while working less. As the owner of an investment company, Phil knows what it means to work himself to death, and why it’s so important to find a way to work smarter and enjoy life more. He’s...