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212: Why You Need to Always Be Recruiting (AND how to do it) - Freedom Friday

Almost every business owner says at some point "I just can't find good help". And my response is: 1) How much time are you actually spending on proactively recruiting? AND 2) What systems do you have in place to bring you qualified candidates every day? And then there's silence...AND excuses. I discuss why you always need to be recruiting AND how I'm doing that with my local businesses.


211: The EASIEST Way to Save Thousands Through Productivity - What's Working Wednesday

The average person gets 121 emails per day...32 text messages and who knows how many cell phone notifications. Not to mention over 2 hours per day on social media. That's a lot of distractions and interruptions that are costing you tens of THOUSANDS of dollars in lost productivity. So, how do we rise up and take on these distractions like a boss? Listen up and learn about time blocking :)


210: How to Develop Leaders & Build High-Performing Teams with Rob Shallenberger

Rob is one of the worlds leading authorities on leadership and execution. Hes trained and coached hundreds of companies around the world, to include many Fortune 500 organizations. After spending two years of service in Bolivia, he attended Utah State University where he graduated in 2000. He went on to earn an MBA from Colorado State University. He served as an F-16 Fighter Pilot in the Air Force for 11 years. He was also an Advance Agent for Air Force One and traveled the world working...


209: Why You MUST Have Team Meetings - Freedom Friday

Team meetings are so important! But, I know what you're thinking...the same place my mind goes with flashbacks to my corporate days. Weekly meetings with no goals or objectives where nothing got accomplished. BUT, team meetings in my businesses (and now YOURS :) are different! We have collaborative team meetings with specific objectives and a ton of productivity. How do we do that? Listen up! It's all part of making your company the best company to work for!


208: Why a Real Email Address is Critical to Your Legitimacy - What's Working Wednesday

The first repeat tool that I share...because I feel very strongly about it! If you own a business and you still have an email address that ends in Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or AOL, it's time to step up your game to real email address. Get yourself an email address that is associated with your domain. G Suite makes it as easy as possible to do it...for only $5 per month.


207: The Salesman Who Doesn't Sell (but makes money while he sleeps) with Brian Greenberg

Brian J. Greenberg, aka The Salesman Who Doesn't Sell, has founded businesses in e-commerce, marketing, and financial services. He has generated over 50 million in revenue from his businesses and collected over 10,000 reviews and testimonials from customers. Brian is the founder and president of True Blue Life Insurance, whose mission is to be transparent, honest and helpful to their customers without ever bugging or pushing them. Brian also runs e-commerce websites at Touchfree Concepts...


206: Why You Can Never Assume Anything - Freedom Friday

You know what they say about people that assume :) So many business owners get frustrated when their employees do something "wrong". And they automatically blame the employee. BUT, is it really the employee's fault? In this episode, I share with you why it's not their fault and what you can do to FIX it!


205: Why You Need An Accountability Partner In Order to Survive - What's Working Wednesday

We all know the power of accountability, yet very rarely do we follow through and take action on having an accountability partner. I share with you a powerful story of two groups of people who need to change their habits or else they'll die...and how the accountability group made all the difference. Your business is no different. Without a boss, you have nobody that you have to be accountable to. And without accountability, you're on a dangerous path to mediocrity. By tossing the ego and...


204: The Secrets to a Tax Free Life...and Other Tax Advice with Craig Cody

Craig Cody is a Certified Tax Coach, Certified Public Accountant, Business Owner and Former New York City Police Officer with 17 years experience on the Force. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant for the past 15 years, he is also a Certified Tax Coach. As a Certified Tax Coach, Craig belongs to a select group of tax practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies to become, as well...


203: Sometimes You Just Have to Ask - Freedom Friday

So many times as a business owner we deal with the unknown: I wonder why they chose the competition I wonder why they didn’t show up I wonder why they never replied I wonder why they left that kind of review I wonder why they did choose us? Put the guess work away and JUST ASK!


202: How to Make it as Easy as Possible for New Customers to Work With You - What's Working Wednesday

As consumers, we've all been there before. We find a business that we want to do business with and we are stuck screaming at the computer "OK, HOW DO I START WORKING WITH YOU?!?" We are voluntariliy willing to give you money in exchange or your service and you're making it too damn hard. The solution? Keep it simple! Put yourself in your customer's shoes and make sure it's as clear and non-confusing as possible to start doing business with you...and there aren't 47 steps to get started.


201: How to Transform Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age with Chris Aarons

Chris Aarons has helped build dozens of companies and products using a unique mix of digital, sales and marketing strategies. Throughout his career, he has helped leading organizations become digital in both their practice and delivery while delivering results far beyond the sum of their parts. Always an innovator, he is credited with launching one of the first social media departments at AMD in 2006. Chris has won numerous awards for his digital programs while working for clients such as...


200: The Six BIGGEST Lessons I've Learned Over 200 Episodes AND a BIG Thank You - Freedom Friday

WOW! 200 Episodes! When I started the podcast, it never even crossed my mind that I'd make it to 200 episodes...but here I am! In this episode I say THANKS and share with you the 6 BIGGEST lessons that I've learned that you can take and implement in your business...and life. Cheers to 200 more!


199: How to Stop Ignoring Your Current Customers...and Why It's So Important - What's Working Wednesday

As a consumer, it seems like most businesses don't really care about you once they've got your money. And, unfortunately, most business owners that I work with are the same way at first. They are always on the hunt for new customers instead of continuing to nurture their current customers. The ROI on time spent is MUCH higher when that time is spent on current customers instead of trying to find new ones. In today's episode I share with you an EASY way to continue that relationship with...


198: Bridging the Gap Between Dreams & Reality with Terry Ogburn

Terry Ogburn is the renowned owner and Lead Business Coach of Ogburns Business Solutions. His proprietary coaching system and personal devotion to the development of others has contributed to the success of hundreds of small to large business ventures. Terry began his business career in 1979 when he invested his last $118.42 to start an air conditioning service business. At that time, he had no car or truck, but he did have the knowledge and ability to build relationships. By 1983, he was a...


197: Why You MUST Have a CRM System - Freedom Friday

How long would your business thrive without you? What happens if you get hit by a bus? If your business wouldn't last long, then this episode is for you. A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) System is integral in order to build a business that can survive & thrive without the owner. Why? Because it's not relying on all of the owner's knowledge of every customer that's in their brain. It's actually documented in a system that other people can access regardless of where the owner is.


196: The EASIEST Way to Start Adding Captions to All of Your Videos - What's Working Wednesday

At some point in our business ownership career, there comes the need to have something transcribed. Or, if we are creating video content (hint you should be), there is the need for captions/subtitles. And, all of the time, this is not something that we should be spending our time on. Especially when will do it for you for $1 per minute of audio/video.


195: Helping Entrepreneurs Work ON Their Business with Josh Fonger

Josh Fonger is a business performance architect and the co-founder of Work The System. He is an international business consultant, coach, and speaker. He's had the unique experience of personally helping hundreds of businesses grow simply, using the WTS Method. His specialty is taking stressed out entrepreneurs from working "in" their business to working "on" their business using systems, so that profit and freedom become a consistent mechanical reality. Josh and I dig in to one of my...


194: How Asking This ONE Question Will Change Your Business - Freedom Friday

Asking this ONE question to your team will start to change everything. It's our job as business owners to make sure our employees are fulfilling and achieving all of their goals. When we do, it eliminates the boss/employee hierarchy and puts everyone on a level playing field. Our team sees the empathy we are putting out there and that we recognize and appreciate their hard work. Toss your ego out the window and ask this question consistently.


193: How You Can Niche Down For More Clarity & Profit - What's Working Wednesday

When we first start our business, we say YES to everything! Sure, we can do it cheaper. Sure, we can figure out how to do that. And before we know it, we're a jack of all trades, master of none. When you try to serve everyone, you serve no one. The solution? Niching down. Niching down will provide you massive clarity while allowing you to work less & make more while working with your ideal customer. So how do you niche down? Three ways...check out the show :)