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EP 82, Kirk Kirkpatrick

~Message from Kyle Gorman As leaders in our business I think it’s also important that we become leaders in our community. It’s important to find ways to give back and be a part of our community. Whether you are in a small market or large market, there are ways to get involved by way of organizations that need help and support, and it is important to be an advocate in the community for those organizations. On today’s episode I had a great time sitting down with a gentleman named Kirk...


EP 81, Candice Bakx-Friesen

~Intro Message from Kyle Gorman. How do we know the right people to bring into our business. As we continue to grow sometimes it can become a real challenge to determine what the next step would look like from a personal perspective. We know we need to add some people in our business, we know we need to hire someone, but we have to figure out who that might be. One of the big mistakes that we find a lot of business owners making is when they tried to hire someone just like themselves....


EP 80, Gregory Gray

Introduction message from the host of Business Playmakers podcast, Kyle Gorman. ~I am often asked whether we should be using personality assessments, such as Myers Briggs, in the hiring process and in hiring decisions. My belief is that it should not be a primary tool to be used in the hiring decision, but it is a great way to understand how to coach, manage, and communicate to someone you bring into your organization. There is an incredible value in understanding the personality of someone...


EP 79, Robby Marlow

Business Playmakers podcast is exited to bring you the Co Founder and President at Delta Life Franchising, and Radio Host at Texas Franchise Radio, Robby Marlow. Robby had his first experience as an entrepreneur as a 12 year old who convinced his dad to buy him as CD burner. Robby would download songs from Napster, and burn CD’s of multiple songs so he could take them to school and sell them. Robby’s father was an engineer, so he went to school to be an engineer, and at 24 he found himself...


EP 78, Naresh Vissa

The Business Playmakers podcast is proud to present the Founder and CEO of Krish Media and Marketing, Naresh Vissa. In the area of experience, Naresh has accomplished so much. From working in advertising and operations for two big sports franchises, the Houston Astros and the Houston Rockets, to being a Finance Analyst at JP Morgan Chase, and a Director of Radio Podcasts and Media Strategy with Stansberry and Associates. All of these key positions are what led Naresh to start Krish Media...


EP 77, Tomas Keenan, Co Founder and CEO of Top Class Installations

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Tomas Keenan, Co Founder and CEO of Top Class Installations. At a young age, Tomas fell in love with the installation, and fabrication of custom car audio. Tomas decided he knew more about the car audio business than the people he worked for, so he chose to start his own business, Exquisite Mobile Electronics Inc., which he ran for 5 years. As technology advanced, Tomas found that many vehicles were coming from the factory with better quality...


EP 76, Cameron Herold

Business Playmakers podcast is proud to present the Founder of the COO Alliance, and the Second In Command Podcast, Cameron Herold. Cameron is known everywhere as the CEO Whisperer, and has been highly renowned for his ability to lead leaders. Cameron’s story starts much earlier as his own father raised him to be an entrepreneur. By 21, Cameron had started a business and had more than 12 full time employees working for him, and had coached 120 entrepreneurs by the time he was 20 years old....


EP 75, Kyle Gorman Presenting the 4 Walls of Management Part 3 of 3

Welcome to part three of a special presentation of Business Playmakers podcast where we present The Four Walls of Management by Kyle Gorman. First thing, we want to remind you to subscribe and leave a review for the podcast. If you haven’t listened to the the last three weeks, be sure to listen to part 1 and 2 before checking out part 3 in this three part series. In part one Kyle talks about building a Foundation for your walls to stand on. Part two focused on Defining clear expectations...


EP 74, Kyle Gorman Presenting the 4 Walls of Management Part 2 of 3

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Kyle Gorman in part two of this three part series. Kyle speaks at a live event where he delivers a powerful message about the 4 Walls of Management. Last week after a short introduction, Kyle spoke about the importance of creating a Foundation. This week you will hear part two of the three part series where Kyle will speak about creating Definition with your team so they have clear guide lines to work by. Kyle follows that up by talking about...


EP 73, Kyle Gorman Presenting the 4 Walls of Management Part 1 of 3

Thank you for tuning in to this weeks Business Playmakers podcast. For the next three weeks we will be sharing a series from a live Coaching/ Speaking engagement Kyle recently delivered called the 4 Walls of Management. The first of this series is an introduction and Foundation. In this presentation Kyle explains the importance of making sure your Foundation is in place before implementing the 4 Walls. Enjoy and be sure to tune in the next two weeks for the remainder of this three part...


EP 72, David Feinman

Business Playmakers podcast is proud to present the Owner and CEO of Viral Ideas, LLC and C-Founder of Flixation, David Feinman. David started his first company in high school and another in college before starting Viral Ideas. While helping other businesses, David and his business partner noticed a need in the digital marketing space related to videos and how they are used online. David and his business partner now help businesses in multiple industries with video production, on demand...


EP 71, Ann and Mark Lackey

Business Playmakers is proud to present the founders of Hire Smart VAs, Ann and Mark Lackey. Ann and Mark were both outside sales reps for many years and part of group that shared business leads. During that time, one of the members of the group became sick and couldn’t work. They were commission sales people so if someone didn’t work, they didn’t get paid. This caused a sudden reality check with Mark and Ann, and they began to think about how they would support their family if one of them...


EP 70, Malcolm Bryant

Business Playmakers is honored to re-release an early episode of the Business Playmakers podcast featuring Malcolm Bryant, in honor of his recent induction into the Business Hall of Fame, by Junior Achievement of Western Kentucky. You will find in today’s episode that the Hall of Fame induction is very well deserved for an entrepreneur who is known for being analytical, conscious of others thoughts and feelings, as well as being a very people-centric. The knowledge he shares with the...


EP 69, Sean Zalmanoff

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you Sean Zalmanoff. Sean is an experienced mortgage professional and entrepreneur who didn’t set out to be a business owner, but instead saw how wrong others were doing it and wanted to do things different and better. Sean graduated college in 2000, worked in a restaurant, and enjoyed it because it allowed him to live the college lifestyle while making more money than most of his friends who had “real jobs”. While working at the restaurant/...


EP 68, John Hopper

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you the CEO of Hopper Construction Company, and the Founder and CEO of The Greatest On The Planet, John Hopper. When John started his career journey it was to go to college to be an architect, and after finding out from his professor that there was no money in architecture, he decided to pursue a career in construction. John worked in the construction industry during college and after college until he became a project manager with a large...


EP 67, Kyle Gorman Delivers a Special New Year's Eve Message

Kyle Gorman delivers a special New Year’s Eve message where he talks about the importance of reflecting on the previous year and what you are thankful for. In this episode Kyle thanks all of his team and those who make this podcast possible. Kyle would like to especially thank those that support and subscribe to the Business Playmakers podcast. Have a Happy and safe New Year!


EP 66, Kyle Gorman delivers a special Holiday message wishing Business Playmakers podcast listeners a Merry Christmas

Welcome to the Business Playmakers podcast. In this special Holiday episode, Kyle Gorman gives a special short message to wish all of the Business Playmakers listeners a Merry Christmas. If your traveling this holiday season please be safe, and if you have some extra time, go back and listen to your favorite past episode. We are certain you will discover valuable information you missed the first time. While you are there, please leave a review of the episode and let others know what you...


EP 65, Lee Caraher Interviewed by Kyle Gorman for the Employer Blueprint Influencers Community

Welcome to the Business Playmakers Podcast. This weeks episode features someone you might recognize from a previous episode of the Business Playmakers Podcast. Lee Caraher, also known as the Millennial Whisperer, and author of The Boomerang Principle, and Millennials and Management, was recently interviewed by Business Playmakers host Kyle Gorman for the Employer Blueprint Influencers Community. To listen to the full interview be sure to visit You can find more...


EP 64, Kyle Gorman on leading an effective team meeting.

Thank you for tuning in to the Business Playmakers podcast, today we will be setting in on the Employer Blueprint Influencers Community where Kyle Gorman will be delivering a message about leading an effective team meeting. For more information about Employer Blueprint Influencers Community, visit


EP 63, Jordan Tong

Business Playmakers podcast presents one of many special episodes where we go back to the beginning, when the sound quality wasn't as good, and remix. Proudly we would like to welcome Jordan Tong to the Business Playmakers podcast! Business Playmakers is proud to introduce Jordan Tong. After finishing his degree in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Tech University, Jordan joined his family business, Franz Building Services as a third generation owner. In 2007 Jordan was able to build the...