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EP 57, Dr. Eric Zielinski (Dr. Z)

Business Playmakers is excited to bring you Dr. Eric Zielinski, also known as Dr. Z. As the CEO of, LLC, Dr. Z is absolutely dedicated to natural living and Biblical health education. Also an Author of a best selling book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, Dr. Z started his journey as what he calls, “a sick kid.” His passion to help others comes from the experiences he had growing up dealing with multiple chronic diseases. After making the decision to change his situation and...


EP 56, Lance Essihos

Business Playmakers is excited to present Affiliate Marketer and Mentor, Lance Essihos. Lance began his professional career in the Hospitality Industry, was able to travel to many places, and lived in Australia. His expertise was in managing bars, which led to what Lance called a “destructive lifestyle”. Drinking too much as well as losing two people who were really close to him in the span of a year and a half, his brother and his father, caused Lance to revaluate the way he was living....


EP 55, Setema Gali

Business Playmakers is honored to have our newest guest Setema Gali. After playing football for Brigham Young University, Setema was picked up by the New England Patriots as an un-drafted free agent. During his professional career, Setema reached a moment that every professional football player dreams of, to play in the Super Bowl. Setema didn’t just play in the Super Bowl, that year, The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Soon after and at the height of his professional career, Setema...


EP 54, Laura Ruth Edge

Business Playmakers podcast presents one of many special episodes where we go back to the beginning, when the sound quality wasn't as good, and remix. Proudly we would like to welcome Lara Ruth Edge to the Business Playmakers podcast! As an update since the last release of this episode, Laura Ruth Edge has been selected to participate in Leadership Owensboro class of 2019. Congratulations Laura Ruth! This week Kyle Gorman interviews the owner of L. Ruth Interior Designs, Laura Ruth Edge....


EP 53, Kim Fiske

Business Playmakers is excited to bring you an energetic episode as Kyle speaks with Kim Fiske. Kim is an Author, Seven Figure Earner, Keynote Speaker, and Thought Leader. For more than a decade, Kim has had a successful career as a Health and Weight-loss Coach, and a Leadership Coach, where she has helped others to get over their fears of what she calls, “the Monster Under the Bed.” This method of coaching is what led Kim to write her first book, The Monster Under the Bed, The Lie That...


EP 52, Tim Alison

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Tim Alison who is the Author of the book Screw The Naysayers, They Suck Anyways! In this episode, Kyle and Tim have a conversation that breaks the norm of the typical question and answer format of the Business Playmakers podcast. Tim is very knowledgable and experienced in many areas with a history that is one of a guy who seemed to have it all. Tim tells the story of being in his late 20’s, a six figure income, two kids, wife, and a career...


EP 51, Tommy Baker

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you the perspective and expertise to your perfect life through this week’s guest, Tommy Baker. Tommy has been an entrepreneur for a decade that started with success in brick and mortar fitness facilities. Finding that success meant discovering what his clients really wanted, and not being afraid to reach outside his industry for influence. Tommy gives his insight to many different topics such as retirement which he calls a “myth”. When asked...


EP 50, Nathan Morris

Business Playmakers podcast presents one of many special episodes where we go back to the beginning, when the sound quality wasn't as good, and remix. Proudly we would like to welcome Nathan Morris to the Business Playmakers podcast! Today’s Business Playmaker is Nathan Morris. After graduating high school, Nathan moved to High Point North Carolina to begin a very successful music career. Nathan earned the 2010 Indy Charts Artist of the Year Award, and in that same year his life...


EP 49, Terry Brownson

Business Playmakers podcast presents one of many special episodes where we go back to the beginning, when the sound quality wasn't as good, and remix. Proudly we would like to welcome Terry Brownson to the Business Playmakers podcast! Terry has an extensive background, spanning over multiple decades, and has been everything from a Director, Executive Director, Vice President, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and prior to retirement, served as the CEO for Wendell Foster’s...


EP 48, Kyle Gorman PSA

Welcome to Business Playmakers podcast where Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach Kyle Gorman has conversations with other successful business leaders about their journey. This week Kyle takes time out to deliver a special message regarding the month of change. August is typically the month where end of summer vacations are taken, new careers are started, and new school year journeys begin. Kyle encourages listeners to take this time to also put focus on re-evaluating and establishing goals....


EP 47, Alex Melvin

Business Playmakers revisits our most popular episode, and we are proud to reintroduce our guest Alex Melvin Business Playmakers is excited to bring you the CEO of Rural King, Alex Melvin. Rural King is known as “America’s farm and home department store”, and operates by the motto that like their customers, they live, love , and embrace a rural lifestyle. Rural King is a family business, started by Alex’s Great Uncle, and led by his father for many years before Alex became CEO. Being raised...


EP 46, Malcolm Bryant

This week we revisit one of our most popular episodes, Malcolm Bryant of the Malcolm Bryant Cooperation. Malcom and his wife Sally have owned Malcolm Bryant Corporation since 1980 and they continue to grow and have become a pillar in their community. Malcom has won multiple awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Business of the Year, Optimist Club Citizen of the Year, and the Mayors Award of Excellence for his extensive volunteer work and business commitments. Throughout the podcast you...


EP 45, Kirk Deis

Business Playmakers is excited to bring you a very special guest, CEO of Opportunities for Treehouse51, Kirk Deis. Treehouse 51 is a boutique ad agency based out of Newport Beach, California, and specializes in a broad array of marketing services such as Web Design, Content Creation, and Video Production. Kirk’s journey is one that is filled with education and learning based on the many careers he has had over the last decade. Kirk graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University,...


EP 44, Daniel Wainright

Business Playmakers is excited to present Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and Sales and Strategy Leader, Daniel Wainright. Daniel has a B.A. in Communications from Georgetown College, an MBA from Bellarmine University, and is currently a Director for Groupe Claritas in Lyon Area, France. During his recent mission trip to Europe, Kyle was able to connect with Daniel and interview him for the Business Playmakers podcast. After graduating from college, Daniel and his wife wanted to travel more, so...


EP 43, Adam Neel

Business Playmakers is honored to present Adam Neel, the Administrative Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Adam and his wife moved to Orlando Florida where he began studying under someone he now considers a mentor, Dr. Charles McKinsey, and was on a path to fulfill his dream of attending the University of Oxford in England. Adam was accepted to attend and because of a family situation, decided not to...


EP 42, Aaron Kizer

Business Playmakers podcast is revisiting a previous episode that was very popular amongst our listeners. In case you missed it the first time, Business Playmakers is proud to present Aaron Kizer. Business Playmakers is honored to present Aaron Kizer. Aaron is a renowned artist, known for his unique style of painting in which he paints portraits up side down in a matter of minutes. Paintings are done live as an audience watches a masterpiece come together before their very eyes, and met...


EP 41, Lee Caraher

Business Playmakers is proud to present Lee Caraher, President and CEO of Double Forte. After graduating from Carleton College, Lee decided to start a career in Public Relations. She moved to Boston and after some great advice from a friend and mentor, she was able to start working for Weber Shandwick. After working there for a few years Lee made a decision, because of a medical condition, to move to an area of the country where there was more sun. This led Lee to move to Los Angeles, and...


EP 40, Kyle Gorman

Welcome to the Business Playmakers podcast, this is Dedrick and I have hi jacked this episode to bring you a special announcement. We often get requests for Kyle to do a solo episode based around his management training and leadership principals that are heard during his live speaking and coaching engagements. So being that I am the man behind the scenes, I thought I would put together something special for our Business Playmakers audience. Kyle likes for the podcast episodes to focus...


EP 39, Tod Holland

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Tod Holland, founder of Lumenwood Group, where he is a Consultant and Chief Economist. Tod started his career from very humble beginnings as a Realestate Agent, and as he began his career it was without leads or connections, and only a “want to succeed.” After a year or two working as an agent, Tod finally started seeing some returns from the time he invested in his career, and decided to open his own business. That business became the first...


EP 38, Adam Patterson

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you a special guest, Adam Patterson. To call him a self made entrepreneur will immediately have you corrected as you’ll hear in this episode, because Adam doesn’t believe anyone is self made. Adam came from almost nothing in the area of guidance until the moment he discovered his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Adam’s mother worked three jobs as a single parent to provide for he and his sister, and even though it was important to put put food on...