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Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherall zero-in on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized business owners when the reality is, no two days are the same!

Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherall zero-in on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized business owners when the reality is, no two days are the same!


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Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherall zero-in on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized business owners when the reality is, no two days are the same!




77: Why Brand is King, but so is Creativity

Tyler Mose explains how his video production company gets right to the point, follows a 5-step delivery process, and uses creativity to bring brands to life.


76: People Give to People

Fundraising for a $43.6 million museum relies on relationship building. Learn how Erin Dragotto is building hers.


75: Continuous Improvement is the Fuel Driving Boxcar Betty's

Boxcar Betty's gourmet chicken sandwich chain relies on the Kaizen concept of continuous improvement to keep the brand & fan base growing


74: Side Hustle to Retail Darling

Self-belief and a successful side hustle led Mimi Striplin to launch an online business, open a flagship brick-and-mortar, and optimize the benefits of social media to become a retail darling


73: It's Okay to Change Course

When Danielle LaVia discovered Charleston didn’t have an Equity Theater, she quickly got to work to fill the need. Learn more about her startup journey and the details of the upcoming inaugural season.


72: Transforming Brands & Leadership Styles

Rebranding companies led Jocelyn Ring to uncover why some succeed and others fail. The common denominator? People. Learn more about her dual role as a brand strategist and leadership coach.


71: Storytelling Through Art & Automation

Bryan Ransome assembles talented teams of designers and storytellers from across the globe to bring brands and products to life through the art of animation. Learn more about his story and ROI.


70: Turning a Negative into a Positive

Entrepreneur Kelly Edwards explains her pivot from being laid off from her corporate job to launching The Business Shower Events company and wildly successful podcast by the same name.


69: Creating More Female Millionaire CEOs

Sallie Holder turned a successful legal and C-suite career into a thriving coaching business dedicated to helping more women accelerate their revenue to seven figures and beyond. Learn more about The BRIMM and how her systems and tools can help you.


68: Outsourcing Your Marketing & Measuring the Results

Marketing strategist Ginger Clay surrounds herself with the best of the best writers and designers to deliver quality results for clients. Find out how she makes the puzzle work.


67: Managing the Many Moving Parts of Non-Profit Fundraising

April Vail transitioned from teacher to administrator to volunteer before becoming a professional fundraiser, putting her skills to work solving the immediate needs of a popular Charleston-based pet adoption center.


66: Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

A master multi-tasker, Jen describes how she balances a full-time job and a growing digital advertising business. She offers advice on why not to wait until everything is perfect to start a business and why asking for help is always a smart move.


65: Get Off the Couch and Do Something

Harrison Baron transitioned from a career in tech sales to running a thriving website design & SEO optimization company. Find out how he did it, and what he thinks you need to know about your personal proof of concept.


64: Tristan Wright, Evolve to Grow Founder

Tristan Wright helps small businesses scale B2B mountains to reach the tops of their games. By sharing stories of his own wins and losses, he provides guidance on effectively using business as a tool for life.


63: The Importance of the Interview Process

A successful interview starts with a process that outlines your goals, schedule, staff members involved, and a prepared list of questions. Ashleigh explains how doing the "prep work" informs candidates on what to expect while keeping your business organized and focused.


62: Guiding Non-Profits on How to Operate with a For-Profit Mindset

Ginny Waller worked as a leader in the non-profit industry for many years before deciding to help others navigate the challenges of leadership transitions, operations, and governance in order to do "bigger work." Enjoy her sound advice and solutions.


61: Employee Handbooks: The Governing Voice of Your Business

Your business needs a foundational guide for policies, expectations, and reinforcing best practices. Ashleigh shares logic and insights on the risk you run without having one and keeping it up to date.


60: Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

No one enjoys difficult workplace conversations, yet we're all having them. Whether to address an employee's weak performance or show him the door, Ashleigh shares tips for approaching the awkward situation with an open mind, a clear agenda, and an empathetic ear.


59: Time Management and CRM System (specifically CAPSULE)

Simplifying your to-do list starts with prioritizing tasks and linking them to time-sensitive projects. Kat shares the benefits of the Capsule online CRM system and how it keeps Allora organized and on time.


58: Passion & Pandemic: The Launch of a Small Business

Jewelry designer Emily Schneider set a sales goal her senior year of college. If she met it, she'd take the leap and launch a handcrafted jewelry company following graduation. Find out how the story ends.