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Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherall zero-in on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized business owners when the reality is, no two days are the same!


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Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherall zero-in on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized business owners when the reality is, no two days are the same!




113: Jewelry with a Purpose

Elizabeth Adams has been a lifelong creative. The daughter of two artists, Elizabeth was encouraged to be actively creating at an early age. In 2009, after losing her young daughter to a brain tumor, Elizabeth turned back to art as an outlet while moving through grief. This outlet transformed into Ex Voto Vintage Jewelry. With 3 storefronts and a thriving online presence, Elizabeth’s creativity and passion for giving back has become a successful business!


112: TeaTime With Me Time!

Kara Reich has a passion for making women feel supported, glowy, and strong. For her that starts with skincare, she is the founder and CEO of Me Time Botanicals, an all-natural skincare line made right here in Charleston! Her products are game changers, and her new spa is worth the visit. Listen in to hear her inspiring story of entrepreneurship and how she is uplifting women along the way.


111: Embrace the Bold, Print on Print!

Isabel Ladd began her Interior Design career on a playdate. Her love for put-together spaces full of personality began in her own home and quickly grew into a successful design firm! With clients across the country and multiple incredible brand partnerships, Isabel has created a name for herself print by print. We loved catching up with her and discussing her story, upcoming collaborations, and what she loves in a project!


110: Rolling Cigars and Planting Trees

Chris Hudson conquered multiple overseas tours paving the path to his dreams. Now, as a thriving entrepreneur, he masterfully crafts custom cigars while nurturing his beloved farm, aptly named 4 Tours Farm—a testament to the number of tours it took to pay off the land. Currently finishing up his service Chris discussed with us what it will take to take his farm to the next level. Chris is a wealth of knowledge and we loved having him in the office!


109: Meeting a Need and Making a Difference

Dawn Darby was faced with the challenge of finding and providing opportunities for her young son with cerebral palsy and could only find those innovative services hours away from Columbia. She thought the midlands could do better. In March of 2008, The Therapy Place was born! We chatted with Dawn about her journey, The Therapy Place's meaning and mission, and the 2023 Therapalooza!


108: A Big Personality with Bigger Business Ambitions

Adam Lien walked into our office on a Friday afternoon and by the time we left we all had a new best friend. A veteran, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and fellow podcaster, Adam talked us through his business adventures and so much more. Find out how the CEO and Founder of The Lift Box is expanding his fitness empire one new project at a time.


107: Fanatical Fundraising with Event.Gives, an Online Platform that Simplifies the Process & Elevates the Experience

Non-profits deserve a break when it comes to event fundraising. Event.Gives takes the headache and hassle away, streamlining everything from website development, ticketing and check-in to auctions, donations, and thank yous. Learn more about this unique software from event pro Kandice Luisi.


106: Sewing Up Her Dream Job

Sarah Kolis learned to sew at a young age and always knew she wanted to work with wedding gowns. Today, the couture artist creates custom bridal and eveningwear designs that deliver exceptional experiences for her clients. Find out how Sarah manages her growing business and finds time to stay creative.


105: Lean Into Learning to Adapt to Constant Change

An interest in helping others ultimately led Jason Colenda, Certified Financial Planner® professional, to the highly regulated wealth management business. By consistently learning and staying on top of trends, he's been able to differentiate K Street Financial from other firms. Listen to learn more from Jason.


104: Just a Guy with an Idea

When Jake Ward had the idea to build a platform to support software developers, it didn't take long to turn his lightbulb moment into a thriving business. Today, Data Protocol helps developers and developer-first companies with solutions for management, communication, training, organizational alignment, and more.


103: Block & Tackle Your Calendar

Out of the office for a few weeks due to family issues, Allora Co-Founder Kat Leitner returned to work to find more than 1,800 emails staring her in the face. Tune into this episode as Kat explains her time management tips & tricks and how sorting and prioritizing are the only way to survive.


102: Why Growing Your Business Starts with Becoming a Better Business Manager

To meet the needs of her clients and team members, Fertility & Family Law expert Stephanie Brinkley took steps to grow her practice intelligently and thoughtfully. Learn how she partners with other professionals, including her husband, to build and maintain a thriving practice.


101: Growing & Selling a Tech Company: An Inside Look

Pachyderm CEO Joe Doliner shares his story of building a successful AI software company, growing a sincere workplace culture despite remote work expectations, and recently selling to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Get ready to learn!


100: 100 Episodes. 100 Times the Fun.

We're celebrating our 100th episode with two very special guests who received the highest number of downloads in the history of our podcast. Mimi Striplin and Ryan Morris are as wise as they are popular. Let's find out what they've been up to as we barrel toward the next chapter of Business Solutionaries.


99: Back Porch Inspiration

Launching a business together was a long-time goal of the Varner sisters. A little more than a year ago, they turned their obsession with wicker and love of interior design into Varnish Collection. Find out how family tradition fuels the creativity, marketing & business growth behind their timeless furniture and accessory brand.


98: Don't Get Lost in the Sauce

Hired to hire, Dom offers advice to job seekers and companies seeking top talent. He's a fan of white glove onboarding and keeping your business "sauce" authentic. Listen to learn more.


97: One Perfect Gift

Casual friends, Peggy & Willa, turned their shared passion for extraordinary gifting into a bespoke concierge service catering to individuals, wedding planners, and businesses. Learn how you can outsource your gifting needs to this innovative duo.


96: Be a Sponge Wherever You Go

After college, Mary Frances Maker went to trade school in NYC to pursue her passion of custom jewelry design. This solopreneur has made a point to always learn from others, and her business is flourishing as a result. Learn how Mary Frances is positioning her company for growth.


95: Doing Small Business the Big Business Way

Will Harton relies on his M&A background to drill down on business processes and inefficiencies to create a competitive advantage for his luxury golf cart company. Hear his tips for expanding productivity.


94: Meet Five-Year-Old Author & Allergy Awareness Advocate Emma Vigrass

When Emma Vigrass's severe food allergies made her anxious about starting kindergarten, she turned her fears and differences into a book that's helping other children facing allergy and disease management. Her story will make you laugh and inspire you.