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The Business Straight Up Podcast is straight forward business help for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Website strategy, SEO, marketing and branding - I want to help you build a business and life of your dreams with success on your terms!

The Business Straight Up Podcast is straight forward business help for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Website strategy, SEO, marketing and branding - I want to help you build a business and life of your dreams with success on your terms!


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The Business Straight Up Podcast is straight forward business help for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Website strategy, SEO, marketing and branding - I want to help you build a business and life of your dreams with success on your terms!






3 Ways to Find Your Ideal Clients & Step Into Sales with Luci Dumas {Ep 041}

In today's episode, I am excited to chat with the awesome Luci Dumas - long time photographer and coach who has been through recessions and beaten the odds with her 38 years in business. We are going to chat about two things that MUST be present for a successful creative business - marketing, and sales. Luci details three ways to find your ideal clients who not only want your services, but are willing to pay for it, and we also talk about stepping fully into a position of leadership so that...


3 Steps to Self Care for Entrepreneurs {Ep 041}

In today's episode, we are going to chat about taking care of YOURSELF as an entrepreneur and business owner right now. I have seen my fellow CEO's and moms freaking out because of decisions that have to be made for the upcoming school year, and the guidelines that we are looking at, and MAN it is not an easy season for the CEO's who work from home and are suddenly in the midst of finding themselves having to DO IT ALL. Right now, we have to be super focused on everyone else's needs because...


Self Love and Entrepreneurship with Shafonne Myers {Ep 040}

Raise your hand if you've ever had some SERIOUS doubt about your ability to actually make this whole business idea WORK? I know I have! Welcome back to another episode of Business Straight Up with Brooke Summer - and this one is going to be something that kind of merges my two businesses together. Today's episode is ALL about self love and entrepreneurship - because I promise you that if you continue to ignore self love and confidence in your life and business, you won't be able to achieve...


Boundaries, Safety & Trusting Yourself in Growing Your Business {Ep 039}

Hello there, amazing business owners and fellow entrepreneurs! This episode is going to be a little DIFFERENT from what you're used to. It was originally recorded earlier today (July 9, 2020) after a whirlwind 48 hours where a very large boudoir photography group and forum imploded amidst allegations of sexual misconduct, among other things. It's a little raw, and includes some tears and swear words, so if there are littles around, put in those earbuds! Unless your kids are used to swear...


Top Small Business Website Mistakes: Part 1 {Ep 038}

Well hello there, amazing business owners! Today we are going to chat about the most common website mistakes that I see when I review small business websites. I have done a LOT of website critiques, even before I did them in video format, I have done them locally for about 10 years now. There are a few mistakes that I see over and over and over again, and when I sat down to write out this episode, I actually came up with OVER 20 that I see consistently. I wanted to keep this short and sweet...


Small Business Website Copy Tips with Kimberley Anderson {Ep 037}

Welcome back, ready for some website help? The words that you put onto your website are CRAZY important when it comes to how your website will perform in turning visitors into inquiries, and then into paid clients! This episode features an amazing copywriter who specializes in writing copy for creative businesses - and can I just tell you how IMPORTANT your messaging is, and how much this information matters? It is so underrated and is something that needs to be discussed more! Kimberley...


How to Organize Website Updates to Boost Productivity {Ep 036}

It is a beautiful thing to be consistently learning new things, and growing in your life and your business! But when you are learning and reading and listening to amazing resources and fellow business owners, how do you keep track of the things that you want to take in and implement in your own business? Especially website changes! When it comes to the things that you learn and want to use on your own website, how can you keep track of them and get them done, even if you don't have the...


How to Grow a Photography Business FAST with Kelli Marie {Ep 035}

In today's episode, we are going to talk about growing quickly and deciding what you can do to help your photography business grow fast even if you’re not booking as many clients as you want to be right now. We’re also going to dive into model calls, revenue, amazing client experience, pre-session payment plans - in short, everything you need for a killer photography business, and how to grow a photography business FAST, with the ever awesome Kelli Marie! While today's episode will speak...


5 Business Lessons from Frozen 2 {Ep 34} | Creative & Photography Business Help

Today's episode is going to sound like kind of an odd one - but I PROMISE I will bring it back to your business for some photography business help, so give me a few minutes of your time! Today we are going to talk about 5 Business Lessons from the Disney Movie Frozen 2. Weird? Maybe. But I swear at least 3 of these lessons will apply to you. Whether you're struggling with alignment and making sure that you are in the right place to best serve your clients, surrounding yourself with amazing...


Real Talk: Small Business in COVID-19 Pandemic Times {Ep 033}

We are in the middle of a global pandemic that is seriously affecting small businesses - and we are hearing a TON of crazy information at this time. So here is some REAL talk, with what days look like, and some HOPE for all business owners right now.


Why You MUST Sell Your Services & Get Past Impostor Syndrome with Ash Ambirge {Ep 032}

Shownotes at How many times have you ever questioned, "Who am I to be doing that? Charging that? Sharing that?" I'm over here raising my hand because I have SO been there. Impostor syndrome is REAL, and it is something that can keep us trapped in a world of sameness, instead of stepping into our power and awesomeness. I am SO excited for today's episode with Ash Ambirge, of The Middle Finger Project. We are going to talk about impostor syndrome, guilt, money,...


WPPI Schedule And Why - 3 Reasons To Attend WPPI {Ep 031}

Hey there awesome business owners, today's episode is going to be a little different. We are going to go into my TOP 3 reasons for attending WPPI, and then I have a few other educators that wanted to share too! Spoiler alert: the reasons to attend may be entirely different than what you're thinking, especially #1. Are you coming to WPPI with us? I want to know!


WPPI Tips for Photographers - My Top 10! {Ep 30}

WPPI can be crazy overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. And if it is NOT your first time - it's still absolutely relevant and important to talk with your colleagues, and meet new ones! In this episode, we are going to go into my Top 10 WPPI Tips for Photographers. You can view the full shownotes here:


Websites for Photographers: Websites that Convert {Ep 029}

Today's episode is going to be a little different - we are going to dive into a small piece of the free training that I did earlier this week, called Websites that Convert. Basically - stop apologizing for a half a** website, and start being intentional about your web strategy and design! This is a quickie, a mini episode with a piece of that training, but if you'd like to watch the FULL training, check it out at


3 Ways to Create an Amazing Client Experience with Kimberly Sundt {Ep 028}

In today's episode, we're going to talk about hospitality and creating that amazing client experience, from the FIRST time your client interacts with you (likely online!) until the very end. You might be thinking "but Brooke I need photographer marketing help, I don't work in a hotel and hospitality isn't my jam..." and yes, I feel you. But today's episode will rock your world because hospitality NEEDS to be a part of your overall client experience. What sets you apart. What makes you...


Are You Ignoring This Tool For Your Website? {Ep 027} Best Photography Websites

Well hello there, amazing business owners, ready to set yourself up for success with your website? In today's episode of Business Straight Up - the small business podcast for photographers and creative business owners, we are going to go into detail on WHY you need a website blueprint, and HOW to create one. This is one of the most overlooked website tools that can make your life a little easier when it comes to setting up a new website, making changes, or having to switch some things around...


026 - 5 Things You Can Do to Attract Dream Clients with La Ritchhart

Today's episode from the Business Straight Up Podcast with Brooke Summer is all about MARKETING. And no, marketing does NOT necessarily mean sticking a pretty photo on social media! There are so many things to consider, from changing your mindset, to updating your website, and putting into place systems and strategies that will really SPEAK to the clients you want to work with. Marketing can cover SO many things, and today we are going to jump in and talk about 5 things you can start doing...


025 - How To Start Taking Action, Even When You're Not Ready with Jamie Palmer

Welcome to another episode of Business Straight Up - today we're going to talk about how you start taking action! How many courses, workshops, and books have you read about your business? How much of that information have you actually implemented? How do move forward to actually change your business and improve it? There’s so much information out there but how do we move from consumption overwhelm to implementation and action. That's exactly what we will go through in today's episode!


024 - You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be.

In this episode of Business Straight Up, the podcast for photographers and creatives, we are going to have a VERY quick talk - yep this one is short - about accepting challenges in the season of life that you're in. We also talk about comparison and giving yourself grace when things pop up that might be keeping you from doing exactly what you want to do in this moment.


023 - Email Marketing & Automation with Jenn Smith | Marketing for Photographers

In this episode of Business Straight Up, the podcast for photographers and creatives, I talk with Jenn Smith about marketing for photographers and creatives, and email automation. Plus marketing, pricing, and why you should NOT shy away from the conversations that are sometimes hard to have about profit and money!