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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder? Podcast is a weekly podcast where we have honest conversations about faith, business, life, and everything in between. Hosted by speaker and author, Molly Stillman, her mission is to make you laugh, cry, and laugh till you cry. She wants to create a community of people who are unafraid to be themselves and have honest conversations about the things that matter most. Her vision is to create a safe space for people to explore their faith and share their stories and gifts with the world.


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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder? Podcast is a weekly podcast where we have honest conversations about faith, business, life, and everything in between. Hosted by speaker and author, Molly Stillman, her mission is to make you laugh, cry, and laugh till you cry. She wants to create a community of people who are unafraid to be themselves and have honest conversations about the things that matter most. Her vision is to create a safe space for people to explore their faith and share their stories and gifts with the world.




How to Live Free & Fully Alive with Karrie Garcia

My guest this week is Karrie Garcia. As a pastor, life coach, author and CEO, Karrie inspires change in others by boldly sharing her journey to freedom. With more than 10,000 hours of experience under her belt, Karrie has been speaking formally since the age of 19. Her audiences range from church small groups to crowds of thousands. Karrie’s authentic, raw, and fearless approach to addressing challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, topics makes those who hear from her feel known, loved, and accepted. She started the nonprofit Freedom Movement in 2014 with the understanding that every single one of us is broken and has wounds, many of which are not often addressed within traditional church environments. Karrie’s new book, Free & Fully Alive: Reclaiming the Story of Who You Were Created to Be, is available now. 10:22 – Karrie 101 21:36 – Struggling through addiction 34:26 – What has helped her heal? 44:56 – Broken and in need 52:20 – Honesty FEATURED QUOTES I wanted to know God deeply, and yet I didn’t know how to encounter or faceoff or even really embrace the stories of harm and heartache that were in my home. I’ve been sober 21 years. However, I still struggle with addiction. I got off drugs because I was going to die. I take very complex things and simplify them. We must see the story before we see the sin. You’re on drugs? OK, what’s the story?


How to Pray through Scripture for Your Marriage & Life with Jodie Berndt

My guest this week is the incredible Jodie Berndt. She is a wife, mother, speaker and author of the best-selling Praying the Scriptures book series, which teaches to use God's word to enhance your prayer life. Her newest book, Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage, is available now. She and her husband Robbie have four children, and they live in Virginia Beach. Jodie has such a deep well of wisdom, and I loved this conversation all around marriage. 2:56 – Jodie 101 7:11 – How her series was born 12:20 – Work vs. personal life 15:34 – Clogging the prayer lines? 23:12 – Getting to know God 25:08 – Prayer and marriage 40:18 – Praying together 53:20 – Favorite thing to do with her husband FEATURED QUOTES I kind of fell backwards into writing, but it’s been a fun journey. People will often introduce me as a prayer expert or prayer warrior. I’m just like, “Whoa, whoa! I don’t consider myself an expert or a warrior. I consider myself who’s really aware of her own need for God for his help.” I think, “God, help me obey you, even when it’s really hard.” The best stuff comes out of the wrestle. When you pray about the little things, it lets you live with a greater sense of gratitude. Prayer isn’t so much about getting things from God as it is about getting God and getting to know Him better.


Get to Know Me! Answering Random Questions No One Asked...

Welcome to Episode 350! I can’t believe we’re here. I’m coming up on 7 years in podcasting, which is incredible, and I’ve had the chance to talk with so many amazing people. Every 10 episodes I do a solo show. And it’s really just me! No team. No people sitting nearby. Just me sitting by myself at my desk in my office/recording studio. I wanted to do something fun for this episode, so we’re doing a “Get to know me” show. 2:02 – Get to know me 5:11 – Am I named after anyone? 5:33 – Do I have kids? 6:03 – Last time I cried? 7:01 – Do I use sarcasm? 7:34 – What I first notice about people? 8:43 – Scary movie or happy endings? 9:09 – Favorite smells? 11:14 – Hobbies 12:54 – What did I want to be when I grew up? 13:56 – How tall am I? 14:48 – Favorite and worst subjects in high school? 16:07 – Favorite childhood memory 18:24 – Extrovert or introvert? 20:02 – Am I a good cook? 21:02 – Where would I love to live? 22:43 – First movie I saw 23:02 – One word that describes me 23:56 – Something that amazes me FEATURED QUOTES I love doing this podcast. I get to sit down with so many cool people. I cry all the time. I’m a sympathy crier. Do I use sarcasm? Not as much as my husband. I have developed what I call “granny habits” over the last couple of years. I really like to can and cook and do food preserving.


Let it Be Wild: How to Cultivate the Heart of the Dreamer / Doer with Dr. Jenny Nuccio of Imani Collective

My guest this week is Jenny Nuccio, a mom, wife, coach, mentor, and founder and CEO of Imani Collective. What first started as a non-profit training program has developed into a social enterprise and holistic women’s empowerment program in Mombasa, Kenya. Jenny started going to Kenya when she was 18 and started Imani Collective at 21. She didn't have mentors along the way and humbly entered every door asking countless questions. Her journey felt extremely lonely and she realized so many others were in her shoes. Jenny wants women to not only come alive in who they are but also realize that they are fully capable of chasing their dreams. Jenny is a good friend of mine and was on the show in April 2021. Listen to her previous episode. 3:15 – Jenny 201 Her new book, Let it Be Wild: Stepping into the Unknown and Finding a Home, comes out May 29. 9:12 – Creative process 13:16 – Radical listening 21:10 – Let it Be Wild 30:40 – Challenges and the future 41:30 – Quieting the inner voice 47:05 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES My expertise is the social enterprise world. I’m always fighting against that narrative of quick relief. How are we doing empowerment and development that is actually aiding communities for the long term? What are you doing to radially listen and create change? When you’re young, you have audacious bravery. HTTP://


Bible 101 with Dr. Peter Link & Dr. Ed Gravely

My guests this week are Dr. Ed Gravely and Dr. Pete Link Jr. Ed serves as Professor of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University and occupies the Ott Chair of Theology there. He has been teaching koine Greek and New Testament at the university and graduate level since 2002, and the focus of his research and writing is in the field of Textual Criticism. Ed serves as an elder at his church in the Charleston area. He is married and has two children. Pete serves as an Associate Professor of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University. He teaches biblical Hebrew, Old Testament, and hermeneutics with a focus on the Torah. Dr. Link earned his PhD from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2012, and he currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Southeast Region of the Evangelical Theological Society. In addition to his academic work, Pete also serves as a Groups Pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Summerville, S.C. God has blessed him and his wife, Becky, with five wonderful children. 3:30 – Pete 101 5:30 – Ed 101 7:10 – Bible 101 Pete and Ed wrote the book, “Bible 101,” to be a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to the ins and outs of the Old and New Testaments. 16:00 – New and Old Testaments 27:41 – What order to teach the Old Testament? 36:36 – How should I live in this world? 42:54 – Asking God questions 44:20 – What to say to nonbelievers? 57:26 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES We sent the book to friends, asking, “Does this make sense to you?” – Pete This book sort of fell out of the sky into our laps. – Pete We certainly believe that Biblical illiteracy is especially bad right now. – Pete I can remember how intimidating the concept of the scriptures were. – Pete The amount of Old Testament that is assumed by the New Testament writers is substantial. – Ed I often tell my students that in many ways Paul is sort of the spark notes for the Old Testament. – Ed


How to Build Relational Resilience When You Want to Quit with Heather Thompson Day | EP 347

My guest today is Dr. Heather Thompson Day, an interdenominational speaker, an ECPA bestseller and contributor for Christianity Today and Newsweek. She is also the host of Viral Jesus, a new podcast with Christianity Today, which charts in the top 200 of all Christian podcasts in the U.S. Heather is an Associate Professor of Communication at Andrews University. She is passionate about supporting women, and runs an online community called I’m That Wife, which has more than 270,000 followers. Heather’s writing has been featured on outlets like the Today Show, and the National Communication Association. She has been interviewed by BBC Radio Live and The Wall Street Journal. She believes her calling is to stand in the gaps of our churches for young people. She is the author of 8 books; including I'll See You Tomorrow, and It’s Not Your Turn. She resides in Michigan, with her husband, Seth Day, and their three children, London, Hudson, and Sawyer Day. 3:41 – Heather 101 10:31 – Relational resilience 16:51 – Toxic relationships 29:20 – The strength of weak ties 35:17 – The definition of friendship 50:25 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I always say, when I’m trying to describe myself, that I am forever a teacher and forever a student. Self-reliance is a myth. You were created to exist in relationship to other people. In my world, words mean things. Stop looking for the best friend or the soul mate and just start saying, “How do I prioritize the relationships that I do have, wherever those are and whatever those look like?” About Heather Thompson Day: Dr. Heather Thompson Day is an interdenominational speaker, an ECPA bestseller, and has been a contributor for Christianity Today and Newsweek. She is also the host of Viral Jesus, a new podcast with Christianity Today which charts in the top 200 of all Christian podcasts in the U.S. Heather is an Associate Professor of Communication at Andrews University. She is passionate about supporting women, and runs an online community called I’m That Wife which has over 270k followers. Heather’s writing has been featured on outlets like the Today Show, and the National Communication Association. She has been interviewed by BBC Radio Live and The Wall Street Journal. She believes her calling is to stand in the gaps of our churches for young people. She is the author of 8 books; including I'll See You Tomorrow, and It’s Not Your Turn. She resides in Michigan, with her husband, Seth Day, and their three children, London, Hudson, and Sawyer Day. About "I'll See You Tomorrow" In a culture where people easily and hastily cancel relationships rather than cultivate them, discover what the Bible has to say about how we need to keep showing up for one another—even when we feel like walking away. We are surrounded by choices. If we want to watch a movie, we have multiple platforms we can choose from. If we grow tired of a friend or conversation, we leave them on read. It's never been easier to tune out and make a switch when something doesn't go perfectly or when we are offended. It's easy to cancel something from our lives when it comes to technology, television shows, or choices of food and drinks. But what about canceling friends or family members when we are disappointed or offended by them? In I'll See You Tomorrow, communication professor Dr. Heather Thompson Day and Seth Day tackle difficulties that people face in relationships and help them navigate through relational disappointment, conflict, and fear. The dangers of a relational cancel culture are a timely one.


Choosing Joy in the Midst of Hardship with Mignon Francois | EP. 346

My guest today is the incredible Mignon François, a speaker, entrepreneur and community leader who has inspired thousands. Mignon is the Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection. A multi-million dollar bakery brand she created from scratch. Since planting its roots in 2008, Mignon’s business savvy has earned her the titles of “Woman of Legend and Merit” by Tennessee State University, “Emerging Business Leader of the Year” and Black Enterprise Magazine “Family Business of the Year Award.” In her new book, Made from Scratch: Finding Success Without a Recipe, Mignon shares her story of climbing out of a life of continuous upsets, struggle, and lack to building a legacy that would bless her and future generations. 8:07 – Mignon 101 15:01 – Healing and hope 23:58 – Prosperity 32:28 – God’s idea 34:25 – Highs and lows 50:25 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I turned $5 into $60 that night and $60 into $600 by the end of the week. I’ve been flipping that money for 17 years. I have been sitting in a home that doesn’t have regular electricity, and I have been sitting in a house where the water doesn’t turn on. I was never afraid to fail. I was afraid to be successful. It took for us to be at rock bottom for us to realize that there was nowhere else to go but up.


Living Fearlessly in Your True, God-Given Identity with Jamie Winship

Buckle up, friends. You’re in for a treat today. My guest is Jamie Winship, who has spent decades bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas. Jamie is the co-founder of Identity Exchange and Identity Method, a training and consulting company, committed to significantly enhancing the resiliency level of people by teaching them the transformative power of living fearlessly in their true identity. After a distinguished career in law enforcement in the metro Washington, D.C. area, Jamie had a unique opportunity to bring his identity-centric approach of transformation to the field of education. 3:37 – Jamie 101 24:19 – The mind of Christ 43:11 – What are you afraid of? 56:11 – Christian parents 1:04:21 – An angel standing guard FEATURED QUOTES The truth sets people free. It doesn’t accuse them. One of the great incentives of being in the Kingdom of knowing Christ is that you have the mind of Christ and you’re filled with the spirit of the living God. Evil doesn’t require imagination. Evil just imitates. Most people who are praying are praying from a false identity. We’re taught to introduce ourselves in ways that cause division. Once you get your identity from God and God alone, you’re unstoppable.


On the Great "Me-Set" Movement with Terri Broussard Williams | Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder? Podcast EP. 344

My guest this week is the incredible Terri Broussard Williams, an executive, author, keynote speaker, lobbyist, philanthropist, and social impact strategist. She’s the best-selling author of “Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker in You.” She is also an award-winning professional speaker on social impact strategy, diversity and inclusion, women's leadership, and public policy. 2:08 – Terri 101 3:15 – TV news 5:02 – Working for others 12:30 – A life of community service 16:22 – Working too much 26:06 – Angels in heaven 30:42 – A rebirth 33:47 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I know the work I do is not for me. It’s for the people that I’ll never meet and never know. I’m a storyteller and an activator and a doer. I don’t know what’s ahead, but I know that I’m ready. And I’m ready to serve. I need reset moments along the way so I don’t get burned out or frazzled.


The Role that Mental Health Plays into Substance Abuse & Recovery with Former NFL Guard, Mike Gibson

My guest this week is Mike Gibson. He played in the NFL for six years for the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. His third year, he suffered an injury and became addicted to prescription painkillers. Mike eventually retired from the NFL and became a sheriff’s deputy while still abusing prescription drugs. He was asked to resign after a year due to his unhealthy habits and became addicted to stronger substances. Mike finally made a breakthrough and has now been sober for more than five years. 4:50 – Mike 101 9:39 – Mental health struggles 13:51 – From the NFL to community coordinator 21:13 – Drugs a symptom 29:15 – Burning bridges 38:34 – Still married 49:14 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES Sports were a way for me to get out of myself. The beautiful thing about sports is nobody cares about your background. Nobody cares about financially where you live. If you’re good and you can ball, you can ball. Men don’t often talk about body dysmorphia. Men struggle with it, too. Alcohol and drugs are just a symptom. Many people are struggling with mental health. I was known as a garbage can addict. It doesn’t matter what you got. I want it and I want all of it. ABOUT MIKE GIBSON: Mike a scholarship to Cal-Berkeley for football and played for 2 years before he got drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008. He played a total of 6 years in the NFL (Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals). (NFL GUARD) In his 3rd year he suffered an injury and shortly after got addicted to prescription painkillers. He started at 5 mg of Vicodin and by the time he finished his career was taking a minimum of 300 mg of OxyContin daily. After he retired he became a sheriff's deputy, completing his credentials as class president, abusing OxyContin and adderall the entire duration. He was a deputy for under a year before getting asked to resign for his unhealthy habits. This setback turned him to becoming addicted to stronger substances such as heroin and meth. After going in and out of rehab 6 times, in his last session Mike made a breakthrough and has been sober for 5 years. He has worked in treatment centers as an addiction counselor for the entire 5 years he has been sober.


How to Identify and Fully Occupy Your God-Given Space with Heather MacFadyen

[spp-player url=] My guest this week is Heather MacFayden, the host of the popular podcast, “Don’t Mom Alone,” with more than 18 million downloads from across the globe. She finds great joy in connecting moms to mentors and experts through her podcast and speaking across the country. Her new book, “Right Where You Belong: How to Identify & Fully Occupy Your God-Given Space,” comes out in April. 4:43 – Heather 101 6:45 – New book & free audio 13:29 – Grace and space 17:55 – Dialogue with God 20:40 – Challenges 27:00 – Sit with God 31:04 – Fully occupy your space 47:00 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I reflected on some places in my journey that felt like I was missing out or that I had messed up or I had failed. When I could pull back and see what God was doing, I could give myself grace then. What if I could give myself grace in the present moment, in the failures and places that don’t look like all of my friends? God has given you this space. Dialogue with God about your life. Bring your decisions to Him. Heather MacFadyen is the host of the popular parenting podcast Don't Mom Alone, with more than 18 million downloads from around the globe, as well as the author of the book Don't Mom Alone. She finds great joy in connecting other women to mentors and experts through her podcast and in speaking at live events with women across the country. She and her husband and their four sons live in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at


Why Our Family Does a Low-Dough March (and why you should try it too!)

1:39 – What is low dough March? 2:31 – Where did this idea come from? Abraham’s Wallet 5:12 – Why do a low spend month? 9:09 – Intentional grocery spending 14:24 – It’s a training tool 20:17 – Exercising your “no” muscle 21:57 – Teaching your kids about stewardship 23:05 – Planning for our money FEATURED QUOTES Low dough March is a month where we as a family spend as little money as possible. We really cut down on anything extraneous. You don’t have to be married. You don’t have to have kids. Literally anybody can do a low dough month. The number one benefit, in my opinion, is it’s a recalibration tool to help us evaluate our spending habits. When you sit and you really look at where you’re spending money, it helps you hit a big reset on it. By placing boundaries around certain places in our lives, we are training ourselves.


The 10 Things We've Learned in Two Years of Homesteading with Guest: My 9-Year Old Daughter, Lilly!

I have a very exciting guest this week. My daughter Lilly joins us to talk about a highly requested topic – the 10 things we have learned in two years of homesteading. We’re not experts and certainly don’t have it all figured out, but we dove into this life head first and have been so excited about it. 2:29 – The Lilly 101 4:05 – Lesson 1: Sometimes things won’t go your way 7:39 – Lesson 2: It’s expensive 9:19 – Lesson 3: Death happens 17:21 – Lesson 4: It’s so much fun, but much harder than we thought 18:30 – Lesson 5: The work never stops 20:43 – Lesson 6: Babies are really, really fun 23:01 – Lesson 7: Fencing is the thing I never knew I wanted so badly 24:30 – Lesson 8: Goats are animals you love to hate 27:06 – Lesson 9: We have learned a lot about God 30:09 – Lesson 10: It’s rewarding, and we can’t imagine doing anything else FEATURED QUOTES If you have ever been just straight up curious, if you’ve ever wanted to move to a farm or you thought about the homestead life or this whole concept is foreign to you, hopefully this episode is for you. – Molly I like 90s music. I get it from my mom. – Lilly You go into a project expecting it to go one way, and it just doesn’t. – Molly Every year we always get meat birds and chickens, and they always end up dying. – Lilly If you have an idea for something for the farm, it’s probably not going to go the way that you think it is. – Molly Moving to the farm, living the homestead life is not for the faint of heart, and it is also not cheap. It is a sacrifice. – Molly When people ask me, ‘How many pets do you have? … 108!’ They’re like, ‘Where did you get all those pets? … I don’t know. The Home Depot.’ – Lilly The farm has a lot of death, but it also has a lot of birth and a lot of babies. – Molly


How Writing a Letter Changed a Life with Amy W. Daughters and Dana Rivera | EP. 339

My guests this week are Amy Daughters and Dana Rivera. Amy is a native Houstonian and a graduate of The Texas Tech University who has been a freelance writer for more than a decade—mostly covering college football and sometimes talking about her feelings. Amy’s debut novel, You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened (She Writes Press, 2019), was selected as the Silver Winner for Humor in the 2019 Foreword INDIES and the Overall Winner for Humor/Comedy in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Awards. Dana has been teaching 31 years and has 5 children and 6 grandchildren. She enjoys the beach, running, reading, LSU and spending time with her family. She is writing her first book, “This Is Not What I Expected.” You might be wondering, how are these people related? Years ago, Amy wanted to reach out to her old friend Dana and learned that Dana’s son had terminal cancer. Their friendship was rekindled after decades, just because of a handwritten letter. 4:47 – Dana 101 6:55 – Amy 101 10:41 – Dear Dana Amy wrote a book, “Dear Dana: That time I went crazy and wrote all 580 of my Facebook friends a handwritten letter.” 14:08 – Letters from a friend 29:23 – Lost art of letter writing 32:32 – What can others learn? 51:01 – Feeling a nudge 55:35 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I mostly write about college football, and I sometimes write about my feelings. – Amy I believe that every letter that left my outgoing mail is a credit back to my connection to Dana and to Parker. – Amy Amy created a safe space for me to say this sucks, what in the world is going on? The outpouring of sharing came because she created a safe space. - Dana


Let Hope Abound with Greg Jones, President of Belmont University

My guest this week is Greg Jones, president of Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. A celebrated speaker, author, educator and business leader, Greg believes in supporting communities through hope-inspired leadership and instilling a sense of purpose and entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation. Greg speaks all throughout the Middle Tennessee area and beyond on a variety of related topics and is excited about his work across campus and throughout the Nashville community. Under Greg’s leadership, Belmont is furthering its efforts to become the leading Christ-centered University in the world, radically championing the pursuit of life abundant for all people. 5:01 – Greg 101 12:35 – Let hope abound 16:30 – A theme of innovation 23:36 – Mental health 39:39 – Spreading stories 43:18 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I come from a family of preachers. When people asked me why I went into the ministry, I said, “It’s the family business. I didn't know I had a choice.” Character, purpose and an entrepreneurial mindset – those are all passions of mine. I coined the term that I call “traditioned innovation” to say that the best of innovation draws on the best of the past. We need to be nurturing imagination and recovering that bigger sense of who we are.


EP. 337 | Finding Your True North with Carmin Black, Founder of Half United

My guest this week Carmin Black, Co-Founder and CEO of Half United. Founded in 2009 in Wilmington, N.C., Half United is a globally-minded human-first lifestyle brand committed to partnering with customers to fight hunger and empower lives with each purchase made. Each collection reflects Carmin's love of fashion, philanthropy, and travel, seen every season in the product design, as well as the videos of the people and places where each purchase helps. Half United is sold in more than 300 stores globally and embraces a philosophy of humans-first by fighting hunger and poverty, specifically for children and families, with every purchase made. 3:54 – Carmin 101 17:55 – Fighting hunger 22:42 – Chicken in a ditch 36:07 – Peaks and valleys 41:50 – When to grow your business 46:15 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES My mom, and many of the women in my family, were extremely fashionable and worked in the fashion industry. I’m like, “Holy cow! We’ve got fashion. We’ve got philanthropy.” I didn’t live in a home that personally battled hunger. We were the family that was giving to hungry people. Food is one of the few things in life that is a level playing field. We all know what it means to be hungry, and we all need to eat. When we think we are the masters of our fate and the dictators of our destiny and we don’t recognize a higher power, it’s not a good place to be.


EP 336: Hope & Life After Tragedy: What life what like after 9/11/01 with Inez Ribustello

My guest this week is Inez Ribustello, a mother, wife, author, entrepreneur and beer and wine lover. Inez got her start in the world of food and wine after moving to New York City from her home state of North Carolina. Her wine career took a huge leap forward when she became an Assistant Cellar Master at Windows on the World in One World Trade Center. In a very short time, she was promoted to Beverage Director. After losing her job and her work family in the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Inez moved back to her hometown with her fiancé Stephen. Together they opened their own restaurant, wine bar and retail store called On the Square. Inez' next big venture was Tarboro Brewing Company, a microbrewery that began operating in 2016. Almost a year later, she and her husband opened a satellite taproom in a neighboring town. Stephen and Inez have two children. In September of 2021, Inez self-published her memoir Life After Windows, a book she wrote chronicling her journey from North Carolina to Manhattan. 5:31 – Inez 101 10:59 – Moving to New York City 15:10 – Windows on the World 18:54 – Sept. 11, 2001 25:06 – The aftermath 44:06 – Writing her memoir 56:20 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I realized I liked to drink more than I liked to cook. No one ever told me you could make a career in wine. The whole season after 9/11 was just such a lonely, brutal time. The hardest thing for me was the intense rage and overwhelming anger that I had not experienced as a person because that’s not who I am. That lasted a really long time. I was so mad at God, just furious [after Sept. 11]. I wasn’t a victim [of Sept. 11], but I lost people and I lost a place.


Mind Your Mindset: Success Starts with Your Thinking with Michael Hyatt | EP. #335

My guest this week is Michael Hyatt, the founder and chairman of Full Focus and the author of several bestselling books, including Platform, Living Forward, Your Best Year Ever, Free to Focus, The Vision Driven Leader, and his newest book (with daughter Megan Hyatt Miller) Win at Work & Succeed at Life. (Listen to my interview with Megan on last week’s show!) Michael has scaled multiple companies over the years, including a $250M publishing company with 700+ employees and his own goal-achievement company that has grown over 60% year over year for the past 4 years. Under his leadership, Full Focus has been featured in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America for three years in a row and in 2020 the company was named to Inc.’s Best Work Places list. 4:27 – Michael 101 8:18 – Goal setting 21:10 – Finding your imagination 34:34 – Michael’s heart attack 41:12 – More brains are better than one 50:20 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES People that have accomplished more than us, a lot of times the only difference is they’re just telling themselves a different story. They preserve the ability to imagine a bigger, better future. You have to be conscious of your story. Because the story that you’re telling yourself in your head becomes a controlling narrative that limits the scope of what you think is possible. There are facts, and there is the meaning we assign to the experience. God created us to live in communities. We’re not meant to be lone rangers. One of the things that I think is so detrimental to our creativity right now in our society is that social media is facilitating more silos.


Our Mindset & Rewriting the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Megan Hyatt Miller | EP. #334

My guest this week is Megan Hyatt Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer at Full Focus, previously known as Michael Hyatt & Company. She is Michael’s oldest daughter. Megan is also the co-host of the popular business podcast, Lead to Win. As the architect of her company’s standout culture, she is committed to helping her team win at work and succeed at life, while also delivering phenomenal results to their customers. Under her leadership, Michael Hyatt & Company was named as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2020, which ranks the top companies in America for their employee engagement. When she’s not taking the company to new heights, Megan is fully present at home with her husband Joel and five kids in Franklin, Tenn. 4:29 – Mind Your Mindset Megan and her father wrote a book, Mind Your Mindset: The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking 4:46 – Megan 201 14:48 – Neural pathways 17:58 – Megan’s personal fear 28:04 – Interrogating your narrator 40:25 – Wow moment 50:46 – Fun questions FEATURED QUOTES Our brains really like comfortable things and predictable things. One of our brain’s primary jobs is to predict for us. The problem is it’s not that precise. I used to be near a panic attack, paralyzed with fear about public speaking. The sound of my own voice felt dangerous to me. We have to dislodge the facts from what we’re saying about the facts. God made our brains plastic. Our brains are not set in stone.


EP. #333 On Motherhood & Adoption with Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

My guest this week is Teresa Swanstrom Anderson, an author, speaker, podcast host, Bible teacher and entrepreneur. She is obsessed with the concept of living lighter, while helping overwhelmed women learn how to slow down with Scripture as well as with life. Teresa lives with her husband and six children and has written more than four Bible studies. Today we’re talking all about parenting, and it went in a direction I wasn’t expecting. 2:45 – Teresa 101 12:34 – The Bible is not boring 16:40 – Kids or no kids? 22:24 – Adoption dreams 35:32 – Adoption difficulties 1:00:14 – Get to know you FEATURED QUOTES I felt like the Lord was saying to me, “What life are you after? The life of busyness and hustle and bustle or a slower paced, more intentional life?” I didn’t know what the Lord was calling me to, but I knew pretty quickly what he was not calling me to. People say the Old Testament is so boring, but I’m like, “Have you actually read it? It’s so full of drama.”