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036: Market Your Business By Podcasting w/ Ron Brooks

Share Your Expertise & Build a Following Through Podcasting In this episode, my guest Mr. Ron Brooks shares his experience building a career in the banking industry before starting his own Leadership Consulting firm. He also explains how podcasting can help you market your business. Become known as an expert in your field while sharing knowledge with a community who appreciates it. Join us and be sure to follow and subscribe to Ron's show, The Minding Your Business...


035: Invent, Patent, and Protect Intellectual Property w/ Eva Jane Bunkley

Patent or Trademark Rights Alone Can't Protect Intellectual Property In today's episode my guest, two-time Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist Eva Jane Bunkley, walks us through her process for inventing, marketing, and even defending new products in the market. Her revolutionary makeup application sponge, The Makeup Bullet, is changing the way professional and amateur makeup artists conduct business. It has also garnered much unwanted attention from foreign manufacturers who have begun...


034: Build a Focused, Productive, and Profitable Lifestyle w/ Lyman Montgomery

Show Notes Forthcoming Connect With Lyman Text the word FOCUS to 440-703-6287 or visit: Connect With Me Email: Download the Buy Black Podcast App: Join the Buy Black Podcast Community Facebook Group:


033: Use SEO to Rank on Google's First Page w/ Darrin Marion

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Your Website Is the Best Investment You Can Make In this episode, Darrin Marion, CEO of Ratel SEO, teaches us the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. Darrin and I connected through a mutual friend as I was preparing to launch Over a two day weekend, he helped me organize and optimize my content and he can do the same for you. Have a pencil and notepad ready. This episode is full of gold nuggets. Background More on Darrin’s...


032: Don't Quit Your Day Job w/ Dr. Julian Thomas

Leverage Your Paycheck to Start Your Business In this episode Dr. Julian Thomas reminds us that being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to quit your day job. He spells out the steps he has taken to build a successful leadership consulting practice while leading Airmen as a United States Air Force Major. Along the way we also cover important topics including: Emotional IntelligenceStructuring Your BusinessInvest Whether you are just starting your business or already a seasoned...


031: Stop Giving Everything Away

In this very candid episode, I talk about myself and how I can help your company using my training and leadership consulting expertise. It's not a pretty, well-wrapped marketing pitch. This one was hard to record and may be equally as hard to listen to...but I needed to get the words out.


030: How to Market Yourself and Open Doors w/ Oliver M. Fitzpatrick

Be Genuine. Build Relationships. Market Yourself. Do you have a great product or service, but have a hard time selling it. Most likely, there is a problem with your marketing strategy. In this episode, Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick shares some tips on how to Market Yourself and Open Doors to get your brand in the hands of the right people. NDeed Regime Handmade Custom Bowties wholesale businessCompetitive Advantage You Are Your Brand, Be a Genuine Person Regardless of who you are...


029: Leverage & Mechanical Advantage in Community Economics

Understanding Mechanical Advantage is Critical to Building Strong Community Economics Cool kids, come have a seat at the nerds table! In this episode, we dig into the comprehensive definitions of Resources, Levers, Leverage, and Mechanical Advantage so we can apply the concepts to build stronger Community Economics. Strap on your suspenders, hike up your pants, and find your old set of taped together glasses. It's time to nerd out! Key Definitions Resource Lever Leverage Mechanical...


028: Get Started in Real Estate Buying and Selling Raw Land

Start Your Real Estate Business with Raw Land Flipping In this episode Jarrod Woodley shares his stories of trials and tribulation in the Real Estate business. We learn about the difficulties associated with traditional Real Estate Investing, the stress of being a landlord, and how we can avoid it all by investing in Raw Land. Don't miss this eye opening interview! Tools & Links Referenced In The Show Answering Service & Virtual Receptionists - Mobile Notary Public...


027: What Should I Do With My Tax Refund?

A Side Hustle Business Is the Investment for New Money Considerations When Investing Comparing Common Investment Options My Recommended Strategy for Building Wealth For more details about this episode Connect With Me Email: Call or Text: +15017030363 Download the Buy Black Podcast App and Call or Email me directly from the Contact Menu!


026: Build Strong Customer Relationships through Market Research

Market Research: What Do Customers Really Want? In this episode, Johnathan Thomas explains how conducting thorough Market Research can help you grow your business. As young entrepreneurs, we often sensationalize the process of Building a Business from Scratch. On Day 1 you Start Your Business. Three years later you're a multi-millionaire, but what happens in between? If you’re doing things right, the answer to that question should be a lot of testing, observing, questioning, and...


025: How to Build a Profitable Professional Network with DJay Reace

"Cocky Humble": Networking the DJay Reace Way In this episode, I connect with DJay Reace to talk about his Mobile DJ business and learn how he builds symbiotic professional relationships that keep his business growing and get the money chasing him, rather than the other way around. Join us! Connect with DJay Reace All Socials: @djayreace Website:


024: Buy Black Podcast Blueprint for 2018

What You Can Expect From Me Business Registration LinksBlack Business Directories Voice What I need From You iPhone/iPadAndroid Business RegistrationBuy Black Resources Join Buy Black Podcast Community Facebook GroupFollow Me on Instagram Business Directory Where I Expect to Be December 31 2018


023: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - I've Been to the Mountain Top

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Today, I want us to take some time to reflect on what Dr. King really stood for. The American education system and the media only focus on the I Have a Dream speech given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but that message was not the entirety of Dr. King's message. The speech we will hear today and which is transcribed below was actually the last that Martin Luther King Jr. delivered in his life. It was given in Memphis, supporting the sanitation workers'...


022: How to Start a Drop Shipping Business with Rashida Hawthorne

Lay the Foundation for Your Empire with a Drop Shipping Business Do you want to start your own business, but don’t feel ready to take such a big risk. Finding a product, buying inventory, advertising…the process can be overwhelming. My guest Started a Drop Shipping Business to lower her risk and get her first business off the ground. Join us, as Rashida explains how she used the profits from her Hover Board Drop Shipping Business to launch Glambulb, the perfect lightbulb for makeup...


021: How to Make the New Tax Law Work For You

Make the New Tax Law Work For You In this episode, I break down most of the new provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Note: Check out BuyBlack Podcast Episode 004-C, to review the advantages & disadvantages of different legal & tax business structures today The catch to all of this is that most of the personal tax cuts and provisions expire in 2025 while the corporate cuts are permanent. This tax...


020: Understanding and Applying Prosperity Economics with Curtis May

In this episode, Curtis May interviews me for his podcast, The Practical Wealth Show. Curtis and I connected for the first time a few weeks ago, and after spending almost three hours talking shop we knew two things. 1. We should have hit record as soon as we connected and 2. We've got to get our respective messages to each others' audiences. We hit a lot of great points in this show from the ability to generate your own power to investing in business ownership over the stock market....


000: The Purpose Mission, and Vision of Buy Black Podcast

Host (Gerald Jones): 501-765-3998 Twitter/FB/IG @buyblackpodcast In this episode, I explain how the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile one year ago ignited a fire in me that fueled the journey to create this show. We discuss the concept of PowerNomics, and how building an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership of the Black Community by the Black Community can affect long term social and economic change in the United States and around the globe. Next, we...


019: Faith Is Fuel - Deep Discussion with Jamel LeBranch, Founder of

Check out Connect with Jamel to learn about his products and how you can help him with the FIF Gives Back Program at: or 402-320-0557 FB or IG: @FIFShades Listen as Jamel talks about overcoming the losses of his two sisters and taking lessons from their lives to found the Faith Is Fuel movement. Connect with me and the BuyBlack Podcast Community at: or 501-765-3998 FB, IG, or Twitter: @buyblackpodcast


018: How to Build Your Private Label Brand Selling on Amazon

If you've ever considered creating and marketing your own brand of products, this episode is for you. Today, we discuss the three main business models that companies use to sell on Amazon (retail arbitrage, private labeling, and wholesale), and walk through the steps to create and build your own product brand online. We also talk about vertical integration vs. horizontal integration and the importance of each in building value in your brand and your business. We close by pulling it all...


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