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The CEB Talent Angle is produced by CEB and includes guests from the world of talent and performance.

The CEB Talent Angle is produced by CEB and includes guests from the world of talent and performance.
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The CEB Talent Angle is produced by CEB and includes guests from the world of talent and performance.






SPOTLIGHT: Leading Teams and Moving Like a Startup with Fmr Navy Seal, Chris Fussell

What if Eisenhower wasn't the genius we though he was? How does naked leadership lead to better decision making? Chris Fussell, former Navy SEAL Officer and Partner at McChrystal Group, talks to us about the "leader myth" and "naked leadership. He discusses how we often aggrandize leaders of a successful project or mission and how he worked in the military with senior leaders to expose themselves to uncertainty on a daily basis.


The Hidden Power of Late Bloomers with Forbes' Rich Karlgaard

In a culture obsessed with SAT scores and early success, Rich Karlgaard, Silicon Valley-based publisher and entrepreneur at Forbes media, reveals a groundbreaking exploration of late bloomers and their unique strengths that companies often overlook.


SPOTLIGHT: Deep Work, Focused Success in a Distracted World with Cal Newport

*This Spotlight is a 20 minute excerpt from our full interview in 2017. How can we screen out the chaos to make work more satisfying, productive, and meaningful? Cal Newport, author of Deep Work, joins us to share the tools and rules for deep, meaningful work.


Becoming a World-Class Talent Leader with Roberto di Bernadini

Want to become a world-class HR leader? Listen to Roberto di Bernardini, Head of Global Human Resources and board member of CHRO Global Leadership Board, present the global standards of an HR leader, backed by the world’s leading experts CHROs and most distinguished CHROs.


SPOTLIGHT: Open Source Leadership with DeLisa Alexander, Chief People Officer of Red Hat

*This 20 Minute Spotlight was edited from our one-hour interview in 2017. Culture is increasingly becoming a pivotal part of organizational strategy. Join us as we talk to Red Hat Executive VP and Chief People Officer DeLisa Alexander about how Red Hat works with both leaders and employees to include characteristics of transparency, inclusivity, agility, and so much more into their culture through open source decision making.


The Hidden Traits of Sport's Great Leaders with Sam Walker

The greatest teams in sports history had one thing in common: a captain with an unconventional set of skills and tendencies. Sam Walker, author of The Captain Class, has unearthed a new mold of leadership that doesn’t always mean the best or the most bombastic individuals. Listen to this episode to discover the seven core qualities of the Captain Class - from extreme emotional control to tactical aggression and the courage to stand apart.


Designing the Innovative Organization, Innovation Series Pt. 1

Structure often stifles innovation, yet organizations need both to thrive. How can business leaders foster radical innovation while maintaining operational excellence? Listen to this premier entry in our three-part series on innovation to discover how to design an organization that scales as fast as we scale technology.


Nurturing Game-Changing “Loonshots” with Safi Bahcall

Is your idea “loony”? Or is it a “loonshot”? Listen to this episode to hear Safi Bahcall, physicist, biotech engineer, and author of the book “Loonshots”, help you determine whether your crazy idea is a game-changer and prevent you from killing it off before it has a chance to bloom.


SPOTLIGHT: Why We Do What We Do with Dan Ariely

*This 20 Minute Spotlight was edited from our one-hour interview in 2017. We repeatedly and predictably make wrong decisions throughout, and in many aspects of, our lives. Dan Ariely wants to make the concepts of behavioral economics more accessible by describing them in non-academic terms so that more people will learn about this type of research and get excited about using some of the insights to enrich their own lives.


The Secrets to a Great People Strategy with Daniel Marsili

Progressive organizations lead with their people strategies to shape business outcomes. Daniel Marsili, Co-chair for the CHRO Global Leadership Board and Chief Human Resources Officer at Colgate-Palmolive Company’s, provides practical guidance for HR leaders to more effectively create, execute and align a people strategy that drives performance.


SPOTLIGHT: Why Good People Win With Anthony Tjan

*This 20 Minute Spotlight was edited from our one-hour interview in 2017. Is it good business to be good people? Venture capitalist Anthony Tjan, author of Good People, talks to us about the strategic advantage of hiring good people - those that are committed to continuously cultivating the values that help them and other become the fullest versions of who they are. Real value creation, Tony argues, comes form real enduring cultures that focus on people, rather than relying solely on metrics...


The Making of a Manager with Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook

Good managers are made, not born. Julie Zhuo, author of The Making of a Manager and Facebook’s VP of Product Design, reveals practical advice on how managers can help their teams achieve greater outcomes. Whether you’re new to the role or struggling with culture, listen to this episode of the Talent Angle to learn what to do when everyone looks to you for guidance.


Creating a “Return on Disability” with Rich Donovan

CEO and founder of The Return on Disability Group and author of Unleashing Different, Rich Donovan is a globally recognized subject matter expert on the convergence of disability and corporate profitability. Rich provides corporate and government clients with insights and tools to frame disability as a global emerging market. His proprietary and proven process translates disability success factors into specific actions that create sustainable value. He is an expert on guiding companies and...


VIDEO: The Myths of Leadership with Stan McChrystal

Is great leadership a myth? General Stan McChrystal, co-author of Leaders: Myth and Reality, joins the Talent Angle to debunk the many myths that surround the concept of leadership. Drawing from the examples set by history’s most renowned leaders, Stan believes the lessons we commonly draw from their lives are seldom the correct ones. Listen to this episode to learn more about how true leadership can be a catalyst for achieving higher-level outcomes. *This is a bonus video podcast


Designing the Workforce of the Future with Abbe Luersman (The Future of HR, Part II)

Disruptive technologies have upended existing business operating models, are threatening jobs at unprecedented pace and scale, and are bringing whole industries into question. All of this change is creating a new social contract between employers and employees. Listen to Abbe Luersman, the CHRO for Ahold Delhaize and a member of Gartner’s CHRO Global Leadership Board, discuss how organizations can prepare for new labor market realities.


AI and Workforce Futuring as a Competitive Advantage

Rapid business model disruption, AI, expiring skills, new to world skills, changing customer preferences and transparent job markets have broken the talent model companies have operated under for decades. Using millions of data points from TalentNeuron, Gartner VP and Workforce Futuring Evangelist Scott Engler shares how these changes have upended the way companies plan and recruit and how forward thinking companies use external labor market analytics to predict and adapt to create a...


The Age of Agile with Steve Denning

It’s not easy to deliver more value from less work. Steve Denning, author of the “The Age of Agile”, argues that even global giants such as Barclays don’t have to be born agile in order to act entrepreneurially. Listen to this episode of the Talent Angle to understand how organizations can harness the power of their teams, customers, and networks to ultimately deliver value on a larger scale than ever before.


Empowering the Workforce with Aaron Dignan

What if everything you’ve been taught about management is wrong? Aaron Dignan, author of Brave New Work, believes that our organizations are broken not by our people or their leaders, but by operating systems such as hierarchy and compliance. Listen to this episode of the Talent Angle to learn how to reinvent the way work gets done at your organization through a groundswell of autonomy, trust, and transparency. Harness the human complexity of your workforce to usher in the Future of Work.


SPOTLIGHT: Create a Powerful Personal Brand: Dorie Clark

*This 20 Minute Spotlight was edited from our one-hour interview in 2017. Many people have ideas, but only a few stand out and make their mark. What differentiates those that are successful from those that fail? Dorie Clark, branding expert and author of both Reinventing You and Stand Out, takes us through the steps to reinvent, rebrand, and stand out in a world of increasing competition. LIsten as we learn how to exercise our reinvention muscles and go from cultivating a network to building...


The Age of Disruption with Ceree Eberly (The Future of HR, Part I)

How do we develop talent to prepare for an uncertain future? How can HR evolve to influence organizational strategy? These are the kinds of critical questions that Gartner’s CHRO Global Leadership Board--a network of HR executives from some of the world’s leading companies--has set out to answer. Tune in to hear Ceree Eberly, Chair of the CHRO Leadership Board and former Chief People Officer at Coca-Cola, discuss the future of HR and the CHRO Global Leadership Board’s work in the first of a...