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The CEO Coaching International podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs and CEOs grow their business, develop their people, and elevate their own performance. We’ll share what the best of the best are doing as it relates to entrepreneurial success, best practices, leadership, sales, marketing, personal development, and solving the challenges that business leaders face. You’ll hear from CEO Coaching International’s coaches, leading entrepreneurs, and other experts in a wide range of fields who have value to add to your work. If you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, or other business leader, this podcast is for you.


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The CEO Coaching International podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs and CEOs grow their business, develop their people, and elevate their own performance. We’ll share what the best of the best are doing as it relates to entrepreneurial success, best practices, leadership, sales, marketing, personal development, and solving the challenges that business leaders face. You’ll hear from CEO Coaching International’s coaches, leading entrepreneurs, and other experts in a wide range of fields who have value to add to your work. If you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, or other business leader, this podcast is for you.




How CEOs Find the Courage to Make Tough Decisions

Guest: Brendan Neef, Founder and CEO of Victory Transportation Systems. Victory has been selected for the Inc 5,000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America three times. And Victory has been recognized twice by the Houston Business Journal as one of the best places to work. Overview: Your company can only grow as fast as you and your team are growing. If you hit a roadblock that you just can't clear, the third-party perspective of a mentor or CEO coach could be essential to...


Identifying the Best Time and Strategy for a BIG Business Sale

Guest: Jennifer Wilson, founder and CEO of ARMSRx, a pharmacy benefit consultancy and a Strategic Partner of CEO Coaching International. Overview: In many cases, the most challenging step in a successful business sale is the first: deciding that now is the right time to sell. Once you've identified favorable market conditions or an optimal partner, the CEO has to clarify her objectives and build out the support team she needs to prepare herself and her company for its next BIG chapter. On...


How Coaching Leads to Making BIG Happen

Guest: Mark Moses, CEO and Founder of CEO Coaching International. Quick Background: Whether you’re trying to grow a business or lower your handicap, even the most driven and talented people eventually hit a wall. That’s where folks who are too proud or too blind to their own limitations often sputter and stall. But working with a coach can help you break through those walls, shore up your weaknesses, and identify the actionable, measurable steps that will lead to sustained personal and...


How to Narrow Your Focus to Your Single Biggest Opportunity

Guest: Daniel Shemtob, a chef, restauranteur, and entrepreneur who has started multiple successful companies, including Snibbs work shoes. Overview: There's an old saying about entrepreneurs: They've never met an idea they didn't like. But an openness to what's exciting and new can also get between you and BIG. On today's show, serial entrepreneur Daniel Shemtob discusses the thought process that led him to pare down from five businesses to one so that he could focus on his most promising...


This CEO Coach Followed Her Passions to a BIG Adventure

Guest: Kelly Wade, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Kelly has amassed nearly 30 years of sales, marketing, and management experience focused on growing and leading people, cultivating unique cultures, and developing strategic long-term growth plans for a variety of industries. Quick Background: Leading a business to BIG can sometimes feel like an all-consuming mission. But the best CEOs never forget that there is life outside of the c-suite. And they draw on lessons from their...


Turning Your Company's Culture into a BIG Competitive Advantage

Guest: Marty Parker, the founder and CEO of Waterstone Human Capital. Waterstone is a high-performance culture and human capital search leadership advisory firm for entrepreneurial-minded, high-growth organizations across North America. Marty is also an active member of YPO and the author of two books on corporate culture. He's also a client of CEO Coaching International. Waterstone Human Capital is a Strategic Partner of CEO Coaching International. Overview: A strong culture doesn't just...


Mindbody's Former President and CEO on Going From Losing $350K Per Month to Running the $2B Juggernaut

About ten years ago, Josh McCarter was running a struggling SaaS business in New York. His company was generating about $700,000 in annual revenue, but burning through $350,000 a month. He didn’t have enough cash on hand to cover next month’s payroll. His customer base had flatlined. And just when it seemed like relief was on the way, a terrorist attack disrupted a critical investment. Not even his YPO forum mates thought Josh was going to make it. In this conversation, recorded live at the...


Preview the 2022 Make BIG Happen Summit

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we're thrilled to be hosting the 2022 Make BIG Happen Summit from October 20-22 at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida. On today’s show Heidi Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of CEO Coaching International, previews our signature event, which will be BIGGER than ever with over 500+ CEOs gathering in one place for multiple days of stimulating networking and learning. Previously, the Summit was only open to CEO Coaching International clients;...


5 Keys to Scaling a SaaS Business

Guest: Patrick Eldon, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Patrick is an experienced chief executive and entrepreneur, serving as CEO of orderTalk Inc. from its launch as a SaaS company to its acquisition by Uber in 2018. Under Patrick’s leadership, the company grew from a fledgling startup to a leading provider of digital ordering solutions for the restaurant industry, processing more than $1 billion in annual transactions. Quick Background: A well-run SaaS business can generate steady...


4 Keys to Preparing Your Business for Sale to Private Equity

Guest: Aakash Shah, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Prior to joining us, Aakash was the CEO of his family's chemical company, which he grew from $3 million to $100 million in sales. Aakash is also an active YPO member. Quick Background: Any business that wants to get BIG needs cash. And while taking on private equity investment can help the CEO accelerate a growth trajectory, streamline ownership positions, and prepare for an exit, don't underestimate the amount of work that goes...


5 Keys to Leading Your Business to 10X Growth

Quick Background: Anybody can be a critic, especially when times are tough and a business is struggling to find its footing in an uncertain economy. But, to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, not everyone has what it takes to stand in the arena and lead a company to BIG. On today's show Angela Korompilas explains how she led her hotel operating supplies and equipment provider to 10X growth and $1 billion in revenue.


How to Deal with Life and Work When Hit With a Personal Loss

Guest: Frank de Jong, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Frank spent 33 years leading customer-centric growth and profit planning strategies for hundreds of business units and companies all over the world. He spent 20 years as an expatriate in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, learning regional business practices, unique market opportunities, and local culture with Emerson Automation Solutions. Quick Background: Learning to unplug from your company and separate life from business is an...


Building a Brand to Drive Client Engagement and Increased Revenues

Guest: Steve Patterson, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Steve spent more than 35 years as a successful executive and entrepreneur in a variety of areas, including professional sports, college athletics, finance and construction, media, branding, and crisis communications. Quick Background: An effective brand fills customers with positive vibes and projects crystal clarity about what a company does and what it stands for. Whether a company is starting up, scaling rapidly, or...


How to Scale at Speed

Guest: Meghan Watkins, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Meghan has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and supply chain management in the wine and spirits industry. Quick Background: There are no shortcuts to getting BIG faster. CEOs who scale ahead of schedule follow the same tried-and-true best practices that support any effective annual plan. But the best CEOs also know which buttons to push to keep motivation high and how to leverage talent and systems to achieve just...


5 Simple Truths of Inspiring Leadership

Guest: John Fadool, a coach at CEO Coaching International. In his 35-year career as a senior executive, John worked with three best-in-class companies: Darden Restaurants, Novartis Consumer Health, and Procter & Gamble. He has a proven track record of growing revenue and profit in businesses ranging from $10M to $2B in revenue. Quick Background: Great leadership balances confidence in your company's current reality with a hopeful vision for the future that inspires the best from your...


How to Build a Battle-Ready Balance Sheet

Guest: Randy Dewey, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Prior to becoming a coach, Randy assisted Blackstone in numerous turnarounds, worked in a private family office and in other public markets, raised several hundred million in debt and equity financing, and participated in 15 M&A transactions. Quick Background: Our proven Making BIG Happen System combines BIG vision with an actionable plan. You can't have one without the other and expect to grow. And the foundation of effective...


5 Keys to Averaging 20% Growth for 20 Consecutive Years

Guest: Shep Moyle, a coach at CEO Coaching International. Before coaching, Shep was the owner, chairman, and CEO of Shindigz party supplies and the International Chairman of YPO. Quick Background: The true measure of a CEO's strategy isn't if his or her plan leads to BIG growth in a year or two. It's if the CEO's combination of vision, processes, people, and discipline can snowball into sustained growth year after year after year. On today's show, Shep Moyle explains how he led his company...


The Five Pillars of Effective Leadership

Guest: Sean Magennis, the President of CEO Coaching International. Sean was the Global President and COO of YPO for more than seven years. He is a seasoned international business executive specializing in scaling professional services firms and has over 30 years of extensive growth, acquisition, turnaround, and international experience. Overview: As CEO, it's a given that you have tremendous influence over your employees. But many CEOs never reflect on how they're using that influence. True...


One Woman's Purpose-Led Journey to Becoming a CEO

Guest: Jennifer Gressman, the CEO of Site Impact, a company that specializes in multichannel direct marketing services. Their clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to locally owned and operated small businesses. Overview: No CEO is ever just handed the top job at a BIG business. Founders put all of their time, effort, and resources on the line. Successful hired guns spend years earning their reputations as fixers. And ambitious leaders who pursue a path to promotion have to set clear...


Why All CEOs Need an Asset Protection Plan

Guest: Hillel L. Presser, Esq., Managing Partner of The Presser Law Firm, P.A. Overview: CEOs who lead a company to BIG aren't just growing a business. Your success is also creating a better life for yourself and your family. Without proper asset protection planning, a single slip up or frivolous lawsuit could jeopardize everything you've earned, everything you've built, and everything you're hoping to preserve as part of your legacy. On today's show, attorney Hillel Presser explains what...