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The New Normal: Care with Convenience

Microhospitals, urgent care facilities, and telehealth consultations are providing unique challenges to CPAs working in the health care industry. David Gregory, a principal and health care consulting practice leader with Baker Tilly in New York, has extensive experience working with these entities, and provides a brief overview of how CPAs can respond to these trends. Gregory will speak at greater length on this topic at PICPA’s 2018 Health Care Conference, June 13-14.


Digital vs. Analog: Examining Two Generations’ Differing Styles of Work

Are the work philosophies of two different generations really that different? Gen Xer Jim Caruso, chief financial officer with Simplura Health Group in Valley Stream, N.Y., and millennial Lauren Lear tackled that question in their feature in the upcoming summer 2018 Pennsylvania CPA Journal. Here, they go into even more detail, discussing the best ways to capture information, communicate with colleagues, run brainstorming sessions, and more.


A CPA’s Take on Pending Supreme Court Ruling on Wayfair

Matt Melinson, CPA, a partner of state and local tax services with Grant Thornton in Philadelphia, heard oral arguments live at the Supreme Court during South Dakota v. Wayfair – a case that could decide the fate of sales-tax-free online shopping. Melinson shares his insight of what took place on that day in April 2018, how he thinks the high court will rule, and what Pennsylvania businesses can do now to prepare. The decision will be discussed in detail at PICPA’s 2018 Conference on...


Accounting Automation: More Opportunity than Threat for CPAs

With so much reporting in the media about the rise of robo-accounting, it is no surprise that CPAs can be concerned about possible effects on their careers. But, as professors Paul Brazina and Joe Ugras of La Salle University say in the upcoming summer 2018 Pennsylvania CPA Journal, accounting automation could be a great opportunity for CPAs. They will be able to enhance their standing within their organizations and focus on the parts of their jobs that they value the most.


Sustainability Offers Opportunities for CPA Firms and Clients

Sustainability is a major concern, not only in the world at large, but also in the accounting profession. For CPAs, it has opened ample opportunities. In his second appearance on CPA Conversations, Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CPA, assistant professor at Lehman College in Bronx, N.Y., joins us to discuss the qualities that make CPAs especially helpful to this movement. He also provides starting points for CPAs interested in a role in this burgeoning field and ways by which the movement can aid...


International Taxation 101 in 2018

PICPA members have mentioned to me that international tax can be interesting, challenging, and exciting. They want to learn more about it. Patrick J. McCormick, a principal with Drucker & Scaccetti in Philadelphia, explains the main tax considerations for foreign businesses operating in the United States and vice versa.


No More Half Measures: Be Bold When It Comes to Board Risk Leadership

As Walter White found out on Breaking Bad, half measures can be bad for business. That’s why Michael F. Cade, CPA, CGMA, a strategy consultant and executive coach for MFCCoach LLC in Morrisville, Pa., encourages board members of both for-profits and not-for-profits to execute a clear, authoritative vision when it comes to identifying and leveraging risk. In this episode, Cade discusses with CPA Conversations the needlessly negative connotation of risk, the leadership qualities of a CFO,...


Tax Reform: Business Impacts Beyond Tax Rates

The effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on corporate tax rates has been heavily covered. But what impact will it have on some of the more nuanced parts of business life, such as employee benefits and asset purchases? In a preview of his article in the upcoming Federal Tax Reform Guide presented by the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Aaron Risden, chief administrative officer for Vision Benefits of America in Pittsburgh, addresses these aspects and more.


Practitioners: Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Federal Tax Reform

Implementation of the new laws and regulations brought about by federal tax reform will be a major undertaking for the largest of firms. Imagine how much of an undertaking it is going to be for smaller firms and sole practitioners! In a preview of his article in the upcoming Federal Tax Reform Guide presented by the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Carl Peterson, CPA, CGMA, vice president of small firm interests at the AICPA, details the challenges practitioners will face, discusses ways small...


The CFO’s Role in Mastering Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise performance management: what is it, why is it so important for organizations, and what role can CFOs play in leveraging it for the benefit of their organizations. To get the answers to these questions, we spoke to Gary Cokins, founder and CEO of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC in Cary, N.C.


Auditors Need to Be Up to Speed on Local Politics

The auditing profession has gotten used to the need to adjust due to rapidly changing regulations and standards. One factor, though, that may not immediately jump to mind as an issue to monitor is the impact of local politics. In a preview of her presentation at the May 31 PICPA Pennsylvania School District Conference, Pamela Baker, a partner with Barbacane Thornton & Company LLP in Wilmington, Del., joins us to explore why auditors must keep local politics in mind when performing their...


The State of the Not-for-Profit Industry in 2018

Can nonprofits survive in the 21st Century? Laura Otten, PhD, executive director of the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business, discusses her thoughts of the nonprofit sector and what skills industry leaders – both CPAs and non-CPAs – will need in the future to survive and thrive. Otten will speak at greater length to CPAs on this topic at PICPA’s 2018 Not-for-Profit Conference on May 14-15.


Anatomy of an IRS Audit for Nonprofits

Typically, it’s not welcome news to find out the nonprofit you work with – or for – has been contacted by the IRS Exempt Organizations Division for a review of its returns. Steve Glueck, CPA, a partner with BBD LLP in Philadelphia, briefly explains what CPAs should do after receiving this notification and the possible outcome of an audit or compliance check. Glueck will speak in greater length on this topic at PICPA’s 2018 Not-for-Profit Conference, May 14-15.


New A&A Standards for Employee Benefit Plan Auditors

CPAs auditing employee benefit plans are dealing with a lot of standards, including SAS No. 132 and FASB ASU No. 2017-06. Additionally, the new tax law will affect CPAs working with these plans. JulieAnn Verrekia, CPA, and David Torrillo, CPA, of Torrillo & Associates LLC, provide an update on what auditors can expect. They will speak at greater length on this topic at PICPA’s The Changing Landscape of Employee Benefit Plans Conference on May 1, 2018.


Analyzing Tax Reform Changes to the Pass-Through Income Deduction

Among the provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are changes to the pass-through income deduction. And they are perhaps the most confusing. Barry Groebel, CPA, tax partner with Herbein + Company in Reading, explains the nuances and exceptions that further complicate pass-through income deductions for businesses.


Protecting Elderly Clients from Fraud and Abuse

Talking to an elderly client about their own incapacitation is one of the most difficult conversations a CPA or financial adviser can have. It could also be one of the most important, especially if you are looking to help the client avoid scams that could rob them of their funds. For details on this delicate conversation and why it is so vital, CPA Conversations spoke to Cyndy Hubler, practice lead, compliance education and training, for 1st Global in Dallas, Texas.


Find the Right Client Fit with a Quality Contact Program

James Mason, managing director of Mindshop, says the CPA firm that sits around waiting for prospective clients to give them a call off the street is going to struggle in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s where quality contact programs come in. These programs can help you get in touch with potential clients who are the right fit for your firm.


Pennsylvania Revenue Midyear Projections for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year

According to its midyear report, the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) projects higher revenues for Pennsylvania in 2017-2018 than it had initially predicted in fall 2017. Matt Knittel, director of the IFO, explains why this is the case, where he thinks the state will stand at the end of this fiscal year, and how the new federal tax law could affect Pennsylvania’s economy in the years ahead.


Accounting Internships Are a Win for Both Students and Schools

Everyone knows that a prized internship is a benefit to future CPAs, but it is also a win for the college that set such a program up on campus. In a wide-ranging discussion on her spring 2018 Pennsylvania CPA Journal feature with Dee Palaschak, Marge O’Reilly-Allen, associate professor and chair of the accounting department for Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J., talks about what students hope to get out of an internship, why firms like to set up internships during busy season, and...


E-filing Now Mandatory for Municipal Authority and Authority Nonprofit Reports

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) now requires municipal authorities and authority nonprofits to file their annual reports online. Karen O’Neill, local government policy specialist with the DCED, provides more details on the entities this impacts and e-file instructions. Pam Baker, CPA, managing partner with Barbacane Thornton & Company, provides further perspective on this big change, and highlights the benefits and challenges for CPAs who work with...


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