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Capitalmind looks at stocks, bonds, funds and the macro to bring you their view on the Indian financial markets. We discuss all things related to investing at our focussed podcast that keeps it simple. For more, go to and to invest with us, visit

Capitalmind looks at stocks, bonds, funds and the macro to bring you their view on the Indian financial markets. We discuss all things related to investing at our focussed podcast that keeps it simple. For more, go to and to invest with us, visit


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Capitalmind looks at stocks, bonds, funds and the macro to bring you their view on the Indian financial markets. We discuss all things related to investing at our focussed podcast that keeps it simple. For more, go to and to invest with us, visit




LIC's Uncommon Profit and The HDFC Twins

Of late, we have been discussing macro trends that affect the stock markets, the economy, and as an extension, the world. We have been zooming out to capture the big picture painted by investors, regulators, and the invisible hand of Mr. Market. In this episode, Deepak & Shray break from the trend and do something different. Rather than zooming out, we zoom in. We discuss two companies that are going through fascinating developments and make for an interesting discussion. LIC is a recently...


Podcast: Investing in a world with high interest rates

As we slowly settle into the post-pandemic era, one of the hallmarks of this period has been higher inflation than we have seen in the recent past. In response to rising inflation, central banks across the world have responded with a fierce interest rate hiking excursion. As a consequence, neither of the asset classes–stocks, or bonds, have performed well recently. It raises an essential question: how should we look at allocating our savings? That’s precisely what Deepak and Shray are here...


Podcast: UPI is most valuable when free

RBI released a discussion paper that said: We’ve let you good people live all this time with “free” payment systems, so should we allow banks to start charging now? Specifically for UPI, which has reached volumes of 10 lakh crore rupees per month? And should we charge merchants? Deepak's answer is a big NO. He firmly believes that the payments ecosystem (and the economy as a whole) will gain much more than any fees on UPI transactions will. As always, Deepak has a context to his argument...


Why SEBI should implement India's EDGAR and more

Recently, as of 7th September 2022, total Demat accounts in India touched the 10 crore mark. This is a staggering increase from 4 crore Demat accounts in Mach 2020. This alone is a testimony of increased participation and inclusion of individuals in Indian markets. More and more Indians, especially youngsters, are taking to investing in equities enabled by their smartphones - digital broking, increased information access, and social media influence. The whole securities (stock) market...


Turbulent times - RBI thrives, Fed fumbles

Markets are slaves of earnings and liquidity. Liquidity has taken prominence after the coronavirus outbreak. At first, central banks across the world increased liquidity by cutting rates and helping their populace to live through the pandemic. Then the after effects of increasing liquidity hit – increased inflation. Now, the same banks are sucking out liquidity by increasing interest rates to counter inflation. The looming after effect of increasing rates is the “r” word that is too pious...


Why the crypto crash impacts you?

Crytocurrencies were all the rage in past few years on account of rising asset prices and volatility. Now, they are going through a bear market that has witnessed some popular currencies going totally bust. This pehnomemnon of an "asset class" going from hot to untouchable is not new. We've seen this again and again in different forms and proportions. The current bear market in cryptos certainly impacts the investors, start-ups, promoters, and VCs who are directly involved in the crypto...


Is it a good time to invest in gold?

In this episode, Deepak and Shray unravel different aspects related to investing in gold. Gold has been around as a store of value for a couple of millennia, probably longer, because of how little there is and how difficult it is to get out of the earth. Now get this - all the Gold mined would fit in a crate with sides of 21 meters. That’s roughly the length of three and a half standard containers. Yet, in the last decade, this scarce and loved asset class has done just enough to match...


Masala Money: Krish Ashok X Deepak Shenoy on Food and Finance

Two engineers get together to discuss two life essentials - food and money! Our food expert is Krish Ashok. Ashok is Global Head, Digital Workplace at TCS. He is a techie, a musician and an author. He talks about the science behind food, the history of food and offers a lot of food for thought for us to explore further. If you are interested, a good starting point is his famous book - Masala Lab. Our money expert is Deepak Shenoy. Deepak talks about the importance of managing your finances,...


The creator economy with Amit Varma, and lessons from Deepak's book Moneywise

Today's episode is a crossover with The Seen and the Unseen podcast, hosted by Amit Varma. Amit and Deepak discuss how their careers - as creators - have evolved with the digital age. And their journey of discovering their own authentic voices. They take a first hand look at the creator economy and how it's shaping the media today. 2:32:00 onwards, they discuss key lessons in Deepak's new book, Money Wise, along with some behind-the-book stories.


Why you need to stop buying bankrupt companies

What happens when a company goes bankrupt? Why do investors buy their stocks that are headed to zero? In this episode, we explore how the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) has changed the game. Deepak explains the many nuances of current regulations and how they've evolved. We dive into examples such as Bhushan Steel, Sintex and Ruchi Soya - which we hope will give you clarity. Listen in and decide. Would you stay the hell away from such stocks, or start hunting for...


CBDC - Can RBI make a big leap into the future with digital currencies?

There is a lot to unpack about this new digital currency RBI is talking about. Deepak and Shray built up the discussion by pondering over successive questions. Deepak takes us through how cryptocurrencies currently work. This sets up the context to the current ways of handling digital currencies and we move on to discuss the RBI-backed digital currency - Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Key Points


What you know about inflation might be wrong

As Indians, we discuss Inflation only during elections which makes it less of transient and more of seasonal! But, as investors, we discuss inflation a little more. The latest reason for it is the hammering of growth stocks across markets which is blamed squarely on inflation. In this podcast, we understand the practical concept of Inflation with examples, its impact on your investments, its impact on our daily lives, and how it impacts different people differently. We promise, thinking...


The secret to HNI IPO funding that the RBI just killed

How do High Net Worth Investors invest SO much in IPOs? Nykaa's IPO saw Rs. 1,00,000 crores invested by the well heeled Indian investors. But not much of it is their own money - they borrow it. In this episode, Deepak and Shray unravel the dynamics of an IPO application for HNIs. From the rules of allocation, the big business of IPO funding, how HNIs can borrow 100X their money, systemic risks, how grey market premium (GMP) works, the role of regulators and the road ahead. Read more...


Lessons from 2021, the year irrationality went viral

On today's show, Shray asks Deepak about how to make sense of the past two years in the markets, macroeconomics, and the seeming irrationality of it all. They also talk about how to look at the year ahead. Highlights Read more at


Why SEBI doesn’t want you getting advice from unregulated algos

With technology comes great responsibility, says SEBI, as it attempts to regulate the algorithmic trading markets that have just started to evolve in India. The concept of “API” trading, through Application Programming Interfaces is the standard in the web and app-based world, but SEBI doesn’t want you to manage your own money programmatically. Or, worse, to give it to someone else who is “unregulated” to manage your money through an algorithm either. In this episode we discuss SEBI’s...


P2P lending in India. How does it work and are the risks worth it?

How does P2P lending work in India? How safe is P2P lending? Deepak and Shray explore how the industry works, the risks involved and whether the returns are enough to justify the risks. Summary Read the full transcript.


Term Insurance: Why and when do you need it?

Episode 41 - Deepak sits down with returning guest Ruchir Kanakia, the founder of the insurance distribution company OneAssure to discuss our favorite insurance product - term insurance. Summary: Click here for the full transcript.


How Smallcase helped create a new generation of investors

Episode 40 and we’re speaking to the fintech firm that just raised 40 Million dollars last week - Smallcase! Deepak sits down with co-founders Vasanth and Anugrah to talk about creating a new way to invest in stocks, investment lessons from the pandemic and what’s up next from the Smallcase team.


Why we run a PMS and how we do it differently

What is a Portfolio Management Service? How does it really work? Do they actually benefit their clients? In this episode, Vashistha and Deepak explore PMS' through their experience of running one at Capitalmind. They explain how the operations work, the pros and cons of different fee structures, quantitative strategies and how PMS' are different from AIFs, Mutual Funds and Smallcases.


Money, after you die

How do you plan for a smooth transfer of your wealth after you die? And how do you help someone whose loved one has passed on? In this episode, Shray and Deepak explore what you must do in an unfortunate circumstance of a loved one's death, and for an easy transition in case of your own. We also invite Harshavardhan Ganesan, a practicing lawyer, to give us the legal perspective. Listen in for real life anecdotes from covid, succession certificates, legal wills, and some...