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Voice Style - The Signature Sound You Make Episode 160

Welcome to the show! Today I’m talking about vocal style. Yep, there is such a thing! What are you known for when you speak? What is your sound? What is your go to? How do you make people feel. Those are the things we’ll be talking about and it all falls under the topic of vocal style. I bet you wouldn’t have to think to hard about me to determine what my vocal style is. Have a vocal style is kind of like having a logo, it’s a sound you are known for and hopefully people are drawn to you...


Using Your Voice to Say No Episode 159

Welcome to the show! NO! One of the shortest hardest words for people to say. There are a million reasons why people struggle to say no and we’ll be talking about all of them on the show today. We’ll also be covering how you can start saying no and why it’s so important that you do. No is always important in work and life but the ability to say it might come in extra handy over the holidays. Boundaries can be tough and no falls into the boundary category. It’s essential to your own well...


Checking Your Perception to Effectively Use Your Voice Episode 158

Welcome to the show. Today I’m talking about perception and interpretation, two big noise providers in our ability to effectively communicate. We often times perceive things that aren’t true and use our voice according to our perceptions. What becomes essential is that we pay attention to what is the truth and if we aren’t sure that we ask questions and get clear before we say things and use tones that are not warranted. In all your work and play paying attention to this bit of noise is...


Tone of Voice and Why It's a Deal Breaker Episode 157

Welcome to the show! Today I’m talking about one of my favorite topics, Tone. Every time I talk about tone of voice in a video or otherwise, people love it. Are you a toner? Do you use tone instead of words to try to avoid saying what you need to say? Do you live or work with people who are toners? Tone of voice is literally a weapon that people use to try and get what they want without effectively communicating. In today’s episode I’m talking about why tone is a problem, why we do it and...


Expectations and How You Use Your Voice Episode 156

Welcome to the Show! Today we are talking about expectations and using your voice. Yes, that’s right, expectations are noise and that noise will keep you from using your voice to the best of your ability. If you have an expectation you have an emotion and we are going to hear it when you are disappointed. You also are very likely to temper what it is you have to say if expectations are involved. When you have an expectation changes are going it’s going to mess things up for you if it...


People Pleasing and Using Your Voice Episode 155

Welcome to the show! Today is a big one for those of you who are people pleasers, okay wait, that’s probably about all of you. People pleasing has a HUGE impact on how you use your voice. Today I’ll be talking about how and what to do so you can really reveal who you are when you speak in words and in your voice. If you want to learn more about my upcoming programs please head over to


Using Your Voice with Empathy Episode 154

Welcome to the show! Today I’m start my using your voice effectively when you communicate series that I always run around the holidays. This year I’m taking on different topics than in previous years. I’m going to be talking about things like people pleasing and your voice, tone and other effective communication topics. Today is a really important one, I’m talking about Having Empathy when you use your voice. I know the techniques that reveal and the topics that I discuss in this series...


Live Coaching with Niamh, Get Out of Your Head, Get IN the Flow Episode 153

Welcome to the podcast! Get ready because you are in for a treat. Today on the podcast I’m coaching someone live. I have wanted to do a live coaching segment for a time and I finally reached out to my Facebook group and asked for volunteers. Today you’ll hear from the first volunteer Niamh and she does an amazing job. In today’s episode I tell Niamh what I hear in her voice and fix some of her more glaring struggles, specifically getting her out of her head. I think you’ll like this...


Why Volume Isn't Getting You the Result You Want Episode 152

Welcome to the show! Today I’m talking about volume as a go to, being loud because you want to sound professional or garner respect or maybe you are being loud in the hopes of trying to push your sound out. In today’s episode I want to tell you why volume isn’t going to fix your problems if you are using it for any of the above mentioned. I also will share with you why you need to shift out of volume for solving problems and what to do instead. Today I’ll debunk some myths for you...


The Impact of Voice and the Shooting at Trader Joe's L.A.

Welcome to the show. Today I'm talking about something very different on the show, today I'm talking about the role of a woman's voice in the shooting at Trader Joe's L.A. Today's episode is based on the article written in the L.A. Times about the shooting and how one woman navigated an incredibly stressful situation with her voice. If you want to get your voice ready before the end of the year make sure you go to the website and check out my new programs.


Leveling Up Your Business and Life Through Voice w/ Rodrigo Caetano Episode 150

Welcome to the show! Today I'm super excited to have my dear friend, former client and colleague Rodrigo Caetano back on the show. Rodrigo and I worked together several years ago and I couldn't be more impressed with how he's used his voice to up level his business and life. On the show today Rodrigo and I are talking about voice, Finding your voice, Podcasting and business, Live speaking and workshops and more. If you want to hear more about the Voices of Success last round start...


Articulating Your Message with Clarity 149

Welcome to the show! Today I'm talking about articulating your message with clarity. This is a problem for many people. You are smart, you are an expert at what you do but when it comes to articulating or getting the message out something just does not connect. Today I'm going to give you a lot of technique from connecting to the message to the inverted funnel so you can streamline your message and get it out of your mouth with ease to make the biggest impact. Don't forget, I'm doing one...


The Vocal Mask of Arrogance Ep. 148

Welcome to the show! Today is an important episode for anyone that struggles with that guy who is always loud and boasting and well, arrogant. I know you might think of that person as intimidating and very confident but I want to create another possibility for you...perhaps it's just a mask and the person who's bark is louder than their bite might be just as scared as you are. In today's episode I'm going to talk about: Why some people chose to be louder, bolder and even arrogant when...


Getting Past the Fear of Using Your Voice Ep 147

Welcome to the show! I know for many of you there are a lot of fears when it comes to using your voice. They are all different but they are still the same...keeping you from using your voice, revealing who you really are and making the greatest impact possible with your message. Today I'm going to talk about those fears and take them down one by one with some real tangible techniques you can apply to get rid of them for good and finally be free to speak your truth beautifully. Make sure...


The Real Reasons You're Struggling with Breathing

Welcome to the show! Today I'm talking about breathing, primarily the two biggest issues that you are most likely struggling with. Why? Because everyone is. The idea to just remember to breath is not real. You are in brace mode when it comes to your breathing, you put that into your muscle memory just like all of these other bad voice habits that we're getting rid of. We actually have two problems. One, you aren't taking in air enough times, which has nothing to do with the quantity of air...


Revealing and Healing Trauma and Finding Your Sparkle

Welcome to the show! Today you are in for a treat because I have not one but two guests and we are talking all about finding your sparkle! You've heard me talk about sparking, shining your light through your voice, revealing who you really are and today we are going to explore finding that inner sparkle so you live your best life. We all have trauma. In today's episode me and my special guests are breaking down some of the misconceptions of what trauma really is. We are also looking at...


Getting Past Finding the Perfect Words, It's Wrecking Your Voice

Getting Past Finding the Perfect Words, It's Wrecking Your Voice Welcome to the show! Today I'm talking all about perfectionism and your voice. So many of the peopel I work with are perfectionist. The problem here is that every time you try to get the words just right you are stopping your voice from working. When you go up in your head to find just the right words you disconnect. When you disconnect, we disconnect from you. It's not even about the words! You know that, it's about...


How to Stop By-Passing People and Conflict, Use Your Voice

Welcome to the show! Today I'm talking about using your voice in conflict and addressing the person you have an issue with rather than by passing them and going to someone else and getting them to handle it. We all have done it, just get someone else to deal with it because the person we are avoiding, well, we might be avoiding for good reason. Today I'm going to give you the why and how of not by passing and heading straight over to the person you need to discuss an issue with. Make...


Why Getting Rid of an Uptick or Lilt Up is Essential and How to Do It

Welcome to the show. Today I'm talking about the lilt or uptick, you know like the Valley girl. But it's not just the Valley girl that has it. It's all kinds of women and men from all over the place. It has to go. Why? Because it's keeping you from getting to the next level in your career, it's revealing doubt and asking for permission. If you are the expert, why are you asking my permission. All of this is being processed in the listener's subconcious mind. They're telling you no and they...


Giving Constructive Criticism and It's Not Received Well

Welcome to the show! Today I'm talking about using your voice to give constructive criticism and the other person is not liking what you have to say in fact they might even be down right difficult! This is a question that I received on Linked In and I thought it was a good one so I decided to do an entire episode on it! It's tricky, you are speaking your truth beautifully and getting pushback, what do you do? Today I'm going to give you several things to add to the mix of speaking your...