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At Career Conversations we want to inspire you to use your time in the most fulfilling way and encourage you to approach a career that feels valuable and purposeful




At Career Conversations we want to inspire you to use your time in the most fulfilling way and encourage you to approach a career that feels valuable and purposeful




Making education a lifestyle - a PhD student blog

I really enjoyed our new interview with @scholarculturebecause I am taking my career conversations project very seriously and I would like to present it online as well as possible. So, who better to ask then Christine Streeter from Scholarculture who grew her Instagram to more than 10,000 followers and has really good quality content? I learned a lot from her and so will you, if you are into blogging, social media and feel like you have something to say that the world might be ready to...


How to get ahead in the PhD job market

I few weeks ago I had a meeting with my supervisor because I have a plan on how to get ahead in the job market and I needed her approval. Luckily, as always, she was super helpful and immediately agreed to my plan. This also makes me feel quite confident that it is a strategy. So, in case you are curious what is my strategy to find a job after my PhD effortlessly, then I hope you enjoy the episode


Plants and Pipettes - How to push your career through science communication

I am so excited about this interview with Plants and Pipettes. For all who don’t know them, you are missing out on a quirky, friendly, fun and intelligent podcast and blog about plant science. I am the last person who thought I could get excited about plants but even I got sucked into their plant universe and now I know for instance that plants are not necessarily dead only because they look dead – which is very encouraging for me as a plant mother :D In today’s interview we talk about how...


What successful PhDs have in common

I had the pleasure to interview many high achievers with a PhD and some of them were outstandingly successful, like Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet or CEOs of biotech or nanotech companies. You know, this type of person, where you are already surprised that they answer, let alone agree to be interviewed. After a while, I noticed a thing that they all had in common and I started to think, if this might be the key to their success. Then I realised, in order to be consistent in this one...


How to spot a bad boss during a job interview

Have you ever wondered, how to spot a bad boss before you enter a job? In today’s episode I will give you 3 tips on how to spot a bad boss early so that your new job will be a breeze ;) I was recently contacted by a girl who had been bullied by her supervisor so much that she was contemplating to take her life. This has shocked me a lot and I have been thinking ever since what I can do to help people in the same situation. At the end I realised, that I cannot change a system where...


Daniele Ticli - How to push your career through networking and leadership

Hello everyone, I am super excited about today's episode with Daniele Ticli - Head of the Careers and External Affairs department at the Business School Lausanne. Daniel has had a very vivid career. He networked his way from sports journalist to head of the career department of the BSL. If you want to learn more about Daniele, check out his LinkedIn profile Also, follow us on LinkedIn,...


Soloepisode - Everything is new

Hello everyone! Long time no see! We have been working a lot behind the scenes and here is why: We will reshape the podcast and make it even nicer and more appealing to you. For this, me and the Graduate Campus have hired an amazing editor who will also restructure the website and our Instagram. So, in today's episode, I will be talking about why I do the podcast, what I do, when I'm not podcasting and what to expect in the future. If time allows, I might even upload some solo episodes...


Anne Dagier-Joncour - How to take control of your career and find a job that you are passionate about

Hello everyone, I am super excited about today's episode. In this episode I have interviewed Anne Dagier-Joncour, a career coach who brings together people who a looking for a career transition with employers. Anne has so much knowledge about how to shape your CV in order to be attractive for your dream employers. She also understands the hiring process in depth and can give us valuable tips on the skills that we can invest in and the skill that are not needed anymore in the...


Michael Ginster - Set your goals unreachably high and you will surprise yourself by what you can achieve

Hello everyone, First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my father! In today's episode I will share one of the first ever interviews that I have recorded. The purpose of the interview was actually to have a sample that could start a collaboration with the Graduate Campus of Unil. Today I am finally taking it out of my drawer so that everyone can benefit. The interview guest is, hands down, one of the best guests I have ever had because he is my father. It is amazing, how much his mindset has...


Claude Garcia - How to choose your future and communicate your aims

Hello everyone, today we have a great and inspiring guest: Claude Garcia I saw Claude at a TED conference in Zurich and was totally blown away by his talk, even though I had zero interest in his research topic in the beginning. Claude works in forest management and has projects all over the world. What blew my mind was how he communicates about the importance of forest preservation, so that he is actually able to make a difference and influence decisions and behaviours of politicians and...


Soloepisode - Sticking with your new years resolutions

Hello everyone, happy 2019. In this episode, I reflect a little about what kept me from achieving my goals and how I think I overcame that. It's again a short and sweet episode before we continue in the next show with more amazing interviews. So, stay tuned ;) #NewYearnewme #goals #newyearsresolutions


Victoria Baumgartner - Don't settle for anything other than your dreams

I am super, super excited about this episode with Victoria Baumgartner - almost feeling a little embarrassed actually because I say this about every episode - but this one is really special. Victoria is, unlike my other guest, not a scientist but an actress and has founded her own theatre company that produces plays around the life and work of William Shakespeare. If you want to check out her work, you can find it at What I loved about the interview with...


Jacques Dubochet - A Nobel Prize and values in life

I have been excited about this episode for a very long time now. In today's episode I am talking to Jacques Dubochet - Chemistry Nobel Prize winner 2017. We talk about career goals and if it is good to aim to be a great in your field. Then we take a little turn and talk about values in life and how important it is to have values in the first place. Hopefully you will enjoy the episode. I loved it! You can find it here, or, as always, on iTunes, Stitcher or your podcast player of choice....


Dr. Samuel Lagier - How to turn your hobby into your profession

In today's episode, I am talking to Dr. Samuel Lagier. Sam has done a PhD and two PostDocs in neuroscience while his passion really was improv theatre. At one point in his life he actually dared to jump into the unknown, combine his two passions and become a science communication coach. Today he is involved in TED events, the Exposure Hackathon and a improv theatre group called The Catalyst. We can learn from Sam, how to plan a career so that we are in the end able to combine our hobby and...


Finding your career passion

In this episode I will be summarising what I have learned in the recent interviews and also in my internet research on how to find your career passion. In all interviews I have observed a reoccurring theme on how to find out what it is you want to do with your life and I have summarised it in a short and sweet episode. So, enjoy ;)


Dr. Nicolas Durand - A start-up is a marathon with the pace of a sprint

I have been looking forward to today's interview for a really long time. In this episode I talk to Dr. Nicolas Durand, Founder and CEO of Abionic, about how he built his start-up. He is one of the most reflective people that I have interviewed so far and it gets really clear during the interview, that his success did not happen by accident but instead due to the fact that he has reflected on almost all the details that are important in building a start-up. We will be talking about how to...


Dr. Shawnmarie Mayrand-Chung - How to use meditation and mental resources to shape your career

I am very excited to present our third episode to you. When I started the interview I actually wanted to talk about relationship building and networking because Shawnmarie spent a major part of her career doing exactly that. She had a very vivid career as scientist, patent lawyer, consultant and CEO in several big companies until she finally decided to become a career coach. I believe that her advise is really valuable because she actually has experience in what she is talking about, not...


Dr. Jens Heidrich, Founder and CEO of Heidrich laboratories - Never risk everything

Jens is one of the last private owners of diagnostic laboratories. I was amazed in our conversations, how many business insights Jens has. His most important advice was not never risk everything, an advice that I full agree with but I hear lots of different advice on risk in the podcasting world. I hear a lot of "If you wanna conquer the island you must burn you boats" , meaning that if you wanna achieve your goals, trash all the possibilities to go back. I think this is very dangerous...


Dr. Vossen, Career Counselor - Does everyone have a talent?

Today we will be talking to Dr. Marie Dorothee Vossen. Dr. Vossen is a brilliant career councelor and has councled me as well as many of my friends and suggested great careers paths to us. In this episode we will be talking about the question, if everyone has a talent, how to find your talents and how to shape your career. You can find her website at (website is in German) Please also visit us at In case you work at Unil, you...