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Career Rejuvenation Advice Podcast Episode: #5 Leadership Wellness Basics

Leadership Wellness Basics In this podcast I will be sharing Leadership Wellness basics. We typically praise the person who is the last to leave the office and who works during weekends and holidays. Often, however, that person is the first to fall in the war of workplace attrition. Leadership demands long hours and great effort, but taking care of ourselves is just as essential as hard work. Go-getters often feel that every minute of every day must be filled with work, but that is just not...


Career Rejuvenation Advice Podcast Episode: #4 Career Exploration 101

Career Exploration 101 In this podcast I will be sharing 3 things you can do now to lead to a career path that is a good fit for you. Whether you’re embarking on your first career out of school or looking to make a career change, the first step is to think carefully about what really drives you. You might find it hard to get past thinking about “what pays the most” or “what is most secure,” especially in today’s economy. But the truth is most employees rank job satisfaction above salary in...


Career Rejuvenation Advice Podcast: Episode #3 Out of the Box Networking

Out Of The Box Networking Networking should be one of the cornerstones of your job search, but sometimes job seekers get bogged down with churning out online applications. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, networking may sound like shopping one’s resume around to various professionals and asking them for a job. In reality, networking is often a process of several one-on-one conversations with a wide range of people, both within and outside your industry, about your professional...


Career Rejuvenation Advice Podcast: Episode #2: Job Search: Networking Tips

Job Search: Networking Tips Strategy Networking is about collecting information and getting the names of new people to talk to, not asking someone for a job. By talking to enough people and collecting enough information, you will hear of career opportunities and how to pursue them. Mutually Beneficial Focused Networking works when you form mutually-beneficial relationships; you and your contact need to have something to offer each other, either now or in future. You have to feel comfortable...


Career Rejuvenation Advice Podcast: Episode: #1 Job Search: Mindset Tips

Job Search: Mindset Tips Prepare for rejection and thank them Silence is common Don’t go down the WHY tunnel Relax Reward yourself Prepare for rejection and thank them Unless you’re the luckiest job seeker in the world and find a perfect match first time, rejection is going to happen and often many times. You must treat each experience as a learning exercise. One contact I know sent a great email thanking the interviewers for the opportunity and learning experience after he was rejected for...


Are you choosing YOU in your career or does it seem like that won’t happen until pigs fly?

Listen to the audio of this blog here or read below: After being miserable for so long in my career, I finally started taking steps that led to a better situation. I began to choose me. Here are 2 examples from when I was in the Corporate part of my career: I was in a cube environment and really wanted more privacy. I noticed that some people had screens. There weren’t any kind of guidelines around who...