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#19: How To Make The Salary That You’re Worth

Are you tired of being underpaid? Do you feel uncomfortable asking your boss for a raise? You don’t have to accept a job for less than the salary that you deserve. Lorraine has successfully negotiated salary increases in her own career and coached others to do the same. Discover how to know what your job is worth and feel confident in negotiating the salary that you want.


#18: Are You Headed for a Career Burnout?

We spend a large portion of our lives at work often seeing our coworkers more than our own families. Working long hours, coupled with feelings of unfulfillment, is a recipe for career burnout. When we experience chronic stress from our jobs, it takes a toll on our health and personal lives. Learn a more proactive approach to make sure that your job stress doesn’t become your life stress. Hear Lorraine’s strategies for how to manage your work stress and achieve balance in your life.


#17: Stop Networking and Start Connecting

For many, networking has become synonymous with just handing out business cards and hoping someone will give you a job. This is a very powerless way to approach a job search. In today’s episode, Lorraine puts the power back in your hands and reveals what it means to make true connections and how it can make all the difference in your career.


#16: Changing Careers, Part 3: The “How”

Lorraine wraps up her three-part series by walking listeners through the “how” of changing careers. This is where you make a game plan and execute a strategy to land your new dream job. Lorraine shares with listeners her own three-step process called Research, Connect and Apply that gets clients amazing results.


#15: Changing Careers, Part 2: The “What”

Lorraine continues her three-part series on how to change careers at any age! Step two in the career transition process is the “what.” This is where you gain deep clarity on what your new career will be and how it will serve you. Listen to Lorraine’s blend of spiritual and practical guidance on how to identify the right career path that will lead you to joy and empowerment.


#14: Changing Careers, Part 1: The “Why”

Changing careers can be an overwhelming process. Many people worry that they will have to “start over” and settle for less. As a career coach, Lorraine helps clients overcome this challenge and navigate the career transition process. In the first of this three-part series, Lorraine talks about the crucial first step of defining your “why” and your motivation for changing careers.


#13: Turn Your Pain Into Your Power

Too often we allow career setbacks to damage our confidence and hold us back from reaching our potential. In truth, challenges can actually propel us into deeper levels of personal growth. In today’s episode, Lorraine teaches listeners how they can turn their greatest career crisis into their greatest opportunity. Hear inspiring stories from Lorraine and her clients about challenges that they’ve overcome and how they turned their pain into their power!


#12: Landing Your Dream Job with Martha Paben

After teaching in the public school system for 16 years, Martha Paben knew it was time for a change in her career. In 2017, Martha signed up for Lorraine’s Career Transformation program and began a hopeful search for a new life outside of the school system. In less than four months, Martha experienced a breakthrough and relocated her family across the country after being offered her dream job. Listen to Lorraine’s interview with Martha and hear the story of her incredible career...


#11: Who You Are Vs. What You Do

It’s been said that there are three types of work in the world: a job, a career and a calling. How do you know which one is right for you? The lines between who we are and what we do for a living often get blurred. Today’s episode will explore each of these concepts and Lorraine will teach listeners how gaining clarity around this issue will greatly increase your levels of fulfillment in your job and your life.


#10: Your Relationship With Money

Are you struggling to increase your income and reach your financial goals? In order to build true wealth, you must have a wealth mindset. Unfortunately, we often grow up believing that money is scarce and life is about just “getting by.” You’ve probably never been taught how to intentionally attract money and have a constructive relationship with it. In this episode, Lorraine will identify the top three ways that people hold themselves back financially and offers stories and actionable...


#9: Moving On After Being Fired

Finding a new job after being let go can be an intimidating experience. Many people feel frustration and anger toward their previous employer, as well as uncertainty about their future prospects. In this episode, Lorraine will coach listeners on how to navigate the emotional aftermath of being fired and move forward with confidence and integrity. She also shares her own personal story of being let go and how she transformed this crisis into an opportunity for growth.


#8: Defining Your Personal Brand with Michelle Robin

To be competitive in today’s job market, you need to stand out from the crowd. Career Coach and Personal Branding Expert Michelle Robin teaches clients how to define and proactively manage their personal brand making them an irresistable candidate. Hear Lorraine’s engaging interview with Michelle and discover how to craft a professional brand on paper and online to land an amazing new job.


#7: Giving Yourself Permission

Too often we are afraid to go for what we want because we don’t feel free. We look to other people and to society for permission to follow our dreams. In today’s episode, Lorraine debunks the myth that you need anyone’s permission to achieve your goals. She shares personal experiences and client stories that will empower you to make bold moves in your career.


#6: Feeling Worthy of Your Own Success

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about themselves and their career achievements. We have a hard time “selling” ourselves to employers because it feels disingenuous. There is a notion that we are bragging or exaggerating if we talk about our accomplishments or successes too much. Today’s episode will challenge that way of thinking. Lorraine will share why it’s critical for you to own your success, claim your value and be your own advocate. Learn how to articulate your strengths in an...


#5: Changing Careers Midlife with Christine O'Neill

From public school teacher to project manager and business owner, Christine O'Neill knows what it means to make a significant career transition. Christine went through Lorraine's Career Transformation program in 2017 and has an inspiring story to tell. Listen to Lorraine's interview with Christine in today's episode and learn what it takes to change careers midlife. Get ready to be inspired!


#4: Setting An Intention For Your Job Search

When you set an intention, you set a direction. And every job search needs a direction. Until you have a clear picture of what you want, your job search hasn’t started. In this episode, you’ll discover how to start your job search of with a powerful dose of positive energy and thoughtful intention that will dramatically improve your results. Lorraine will share the strategy that she used for success in her own days as a job seeker. If you are looking for work or contemplating a career...


#3: How To Be More Engaged At Work

Do you feel bored and disengaged at your job? Being underchallenged at work is a common problem for many people. Today's episode explores the causes and consequences of chronic disengagement at work. Lorraine shares stories from her own experiences and outlines three step for you to take to get more satisfaction out of your current job.


#2: How Fear Shows Up In Our Careers

So often we don’t take risks or go for what we want because we are afraid. We’re conditioned to believe that if something feels uncomfortable, we should avoid it. Many people lack the self-confidence to set big goals, ask for a bigger salary or otherwise “put themselves out there.” Fear plays an integral role in our lives and it’s a deeply misunderstood emotion. In today’s episode, we talk about the common ways that fear shows up in our professional lives, how to work with it and actually...


#1: Join the UpRising

Our jobs consume a large part of our time, energy and focus. It’s been said that we spend more time at work than we do with our own families. When we feel lost or stuck in our jobs, it affects every area of our lives. Or, if you are struggling to find work, it can leave you feeling isolated and uncertain about the future. As a Professional Career Coach, Lorraine Rise knows how to guide clients to find careers that are aligned with their talents and bring them more fulfillment. She helps...