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#44: How To Negotiate A Raise

Many people shy away from asking for more money because of the fear of rejection. What if your boss says no? What if it strains your relationship with your employer? If you want to learn how to confidently and successfully ask for a raise, this show is for you. Learn Lorraine’s practical strategies and dialogue for your next negotiation.


#43: How Gratitude Will Accelerate Your Career

Gratitude is the most powerful state of mind for manifesting change in your life. Today’s episode explores the many ways that gratitude can transform your career even if you aren’t happy in your current job, or don’t have a job. No matter what your situation is Lorraine will teach you how to move forward and upward by seeing your situation from a deeper and more profound perspective.


#42: Dealing With A Toxic Job

Between long commutes, bad bosses and low pay, there are many different ways that our jobs can cause us stress. Some go beyond the normal stress though and become truly toxic. In today’s show, Lorraine teaches listeners how to know if there job is toxic and what do about it in order to protect yourself and manage your stress.


#41: Position Yourself for a Promotion

What is the secret to getting ahead at work? Why do some people get promoted over others? Learn what managers are looking for and how to make yourself more desirable for a promotion at your company. Today’s episode will empower you how to take control of your career advancement!


#40: How To Leave Your Job and Start A Thriving Business with Special Guest Doyle Ward

What if the 9 to 5 daily grind doesn't work for you? Do you dream of working for yourself and having the ultimate freedom? Join Lorraine and her guest, Doyle Ward (Host of Blissful Quests) as they share their own entrepreneurial journeys and strategies for how to build a thriving business! Learn more about Doyle Ward at


#39: Why We Undervalue Ourselves

We’re often told that we shouldn’t brag about ourselves or promote our accomplishments. As a result, we limit our potential and undermine our own value. This causes us to stall in our careers and not take risks. Today’s episode will give you strategies to remain authentic and grounded, yet claim your value and be your own advocate resulting in raises, promotions and career success!


#38: Strategies For The 50+ Job Seeker

Mid and late career job seekers have unique challenges. Lorraine specializes in coaching clients at these stages and showing them how to be confident and competitive. In this episode, learn strategies, tips and success stories that will help older job seekers find meaningful employment, faster. If you are aged 50 or older and looking for work, this is a must-listen episode!


#37: Make More Money, Part 2

In part two of this series, Lorraine digs deeper into the topic of money and teaches listeners specific strategies for how manifest more money fast! Whether you want to negotiate a raise, get a promotion, or start a side business, you can achieve financial success and break free from the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle.


#36: Make More Money, Part 1

Everyone loves the idea of making more money, but so few of us actually know how to do it! We feel like we are limited by what our employers will pay us and we fall short of what we are actually worth. Financial success has less to do with what you do for a living and more to do with what you believe about money. Learn how Lorraine radically changed her own beliefs about money and brought about dramatic change.


#35: New Year, New Career (What You Need To Know For 2019)

The beginning of a new year is a popular time to change job search. Hiring increases and more people hit the job market than any other time of year. The job search landscape is changing though, and its becoming increasingly digital and social. If you plan to change jobs or career paths this year, listen to this episode to discover what you need to know for the 2019 job search!


#34: How To Turn Interviews Into Offers

Landing interviews is only one part of a successful job search. If you’re going to land the job, you have to ace the interview. But what does that mean? What makes employers choose one person over another? Today’s episode reveals the top characteristics that employers want in a candidate and practical tips for how you increase your chances of winning the job.


#33: Surviving A Layoff

The holidays are the time of year when many companies downsize and lay off workers. Having been through five layoffs in seven years, Lorraine knows all about how to bounce back and find work quickly. Learn from her experiences and discover how to navigate the emotional aftermath of a layoff while looking forward to the future and getting back on your feet.


#20: How To Make A Career Transformation with Yogesh Naik (Rebroadcast)

Looking to break out of his long-term unemployment, Yogesh Naik, signed up for Lorraine's signature program, Career Transformation. Hear his success story and learn how he overcome his fear of taking of action and landed a fantastic new job offer in just 60 days, and with a pay increase!


#32: Dealing With Difficult People At Work

Everyone knows someone in their life who is difficult to get along with, especially at work. Bosses, customers, and co-workers are often sources of frustration and resentment. Learn practical strategies for how to understand and communicate with difficult people in your workplace.


#31: The "Late Career" Job Search with Bill Maher

Bill Maher is Senior Client Relationship Manager with 35 years of experience in the financial industry. As client of Lorraine's, Bill shares what he learned in the coaching process and how he successfully networked his way into numerous interviews. Bill also shares his insights on how to be successful as a "late career" job seeker.


#30: Why Employers Love Emotional Intelligence

Landing a great new job is about much more than knowledge and education. When it comes to career development, Lorraine is a firm believer that emotional intelligence is actually more important than intellectual intelligence. Discover the most sought after “soft skills” that employers are actively screening for and how you can position yourself as a desirable candidate.


#29: How to Stay Motivated In Your Job

Many people struggle with feeling satisfied in their jobs. They’ve accepted boredom as normal and adopted the philosophy that “work is just work.” As a result, they’ve stopped setting big goals and feeling inspired. Lorraine’s mission is to change that philosophy and show people how to take responsibility for their own motivation and career advancement. Hear her perspective on how to stay motivated, engaged and inspired—even in your current job.


#28: Returning to the Workforce with Confidence

Getting back in the workforce after an absence can be intimidating. Many people don’t know what steps to take to transition back into the workforce and remain competitive and viable in the job market. Today’s episode will outline practical steps you can take to get back into the game with ease and confidence


#27: Lessons From My Career

In this personal episode, Lorraine shares the highs and lows of her career so far. She’ll share stories, insights and inspiration while revealing her biggest success and biggest lessons and the most important actions you should take right now for career advancement.


#26: Breakthrough To Your Future (And Find Your Ideal Career!)

How do you know what your ideal career is? And how do you take steps to get there? It’s not easy to find the courage to pursue something you’ve never done before. Lorraine will guide you through the "big picture' spiritual aspects of changing careers and setting big goals. She'll teach her personal technique for manifesting a new career so that you too can breakthrough to your future.