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The CashFlowGuys Podcast teaches busy people how to use what they have, to get what they need in order to accomplish what they want. Using tips and techniques from industry leaders in Real Estate Investing and Financial Services, the CashFlowGuys are on a mission to educate the public on all things involving real estate and financial services. Your host, Tyler Sheff interviews experts from around the globe to help people improve their financial intelligence.


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The CashFlowGuys Podcast teaches busy people how to use what they have, to get what they need in order to accomplish what they want. Using tips and techniques from industry leaders in Real Estate Investing and Financial Services, the CashFlowGuys are on a mission to educate the public on all things involving real estate and financial services. Your host, Tyler Sheff interviews experts from around the globe to help people improve their financial intelligence.






390- Tips On Navigating City Hall

In this episode, Mike and Tyler share what they have learned by working with the staff of numerous local governments.


389 - Dealing With Missed Opportunity

Have you ever missed an opportunity for a great deal? Well if you are anything like us you definitely this episode, Mike and Tyler discuss the steps on how to recover from a missed opportunity.


388 - From Mistake to Opportunity: Overcoming Overpaying

In this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, co-hosts Tyler Sheff and Mike Marino tackle the crucial topic of overpaying for properties and its detrimental effects on cash flow. They delve into common mistakes such as overestimating property value, accepting misleading projections, and underestimating expenses. Tyler and Mike provide listeners with practical solutions, including utilizing income and expense verification tools, questioning appraisals, and obtaining accurate cost estimates. They also explore alternative options if you've already overpaid, such as repurposing properties or expanding square footage. Join Tyler Sheff and Mike Marino as they share invaluable strategies for safeguarding investments and maximizing cash flow in the real estate market.


387 - Zoning - The Game Changer

The Crucial Role of Zoning Regulations for Real Estate Investors Understanding the intricacies of zoning regulations is paramount for real estate investors looking to maximize their opportunities and minimize risks. Zoning regulations, put in place by local governments, dictate how land can be used within specific areas. These regulations establish different zones, such as residential, commercial, or industrial, each with its own set of permitted uses, building codes, and restrictions. As a real estate investor, having a comprehensive understanding of zoning regulations is essential for making informed decisions, identifying profitable investment opportunities, and navigating potential challenges. Zoning regulations act as a blueprint for urban planning, ensuring the harmonious coexistence of various land uses and protecting property values. By familiarizing themselves with local zoning codes and restrictions, real estate investors can assess the feasibility and potential of a property for their intended purpose. For instance, if you plan to develop a commercial property in a residential zone, you might face zoning hurdles and restrictions. However, by being knowledgeable about zoning regulations, you can proactively identify suitable properties that align with your investment goals and avoid costly surprises. Furthermore, understanding zoning regulations helps real estate investors anticipate future market trends and development opportunities. Zoning changes, such as rezoning residential areas for mixed-use developments or creating designated zones for certain industries, can significantly impact property values and investment potential. Staying informed about zoning updates and proposed changes in the local area allows investors to adapt their strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additionally, being aware of potential zoning challenges and restrictions enables investors to develop comprehensive mitigation plans and seek necessary approvals, ensuring smooth transactions and successful projects. Lastly, a solid grasp of zoning regulations is indispensable for real estate investors. By understanding zoning codes, investors can make informed decisions, identify suitable properties, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities that align with their investment objectives. Keeping a pulse on zoning changes and updates empowers investors to stay ahead of the game, unlock hidden potential, and thrive in the dynamic real estate market.


386 - The Fine Art of Control

In this episode, Tyler Sheff shares his experience with utilizing the Airbnb platform to generate extra income from a rental property. He had a tenant who was having trouble paying rent, so he offered to renovate the apartment in exchange for exclusive control of the property for eight months of the year. Tyler and his team spent $3,000 to renovate the apartment, and then he rented it out on Airbnb for the remaining eight months, generating significantly more income than he had previously. Tyler eventually ended his arrangement with the tenant, but he continued to lease out the property on Airbnb and it became his top-performing apartment. Later in the conversation, pilot Mike Marino discusses how he has been able to generate income by leasing a four-bedroom house to fellow pilots who need a place to sleep between flights. He chose to lease instead of buy because he wanted to maintain control of the property without taking on all the financial responsibilities of ownership. Tyler emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to real estate investing, but it's important to consider all options before making a decision.


385 - The Offer Game: Your Burning Questions Answered!

In this episode, Tyler answers a serious of listener questions in regard to the previous episode about making offers.


384 - Overcoming Fear of Making Offers

In this episode, Tyler discusses tips to overcome the fear of making offers of any kind, not just in real estate.


383 - Socially Responsible Investing

In this episode, Tyler and Mike discuss the benefits of socially responsible investing.


382 - Dealing With Time Wasters

In this episode, Mike and Tyler dig into a recent event regarding a "wholesaling Realtor" who was trying to sell a property he did not have listed.


381 How To Grow Your 401K The Easy Way

In this episode, Mike unleashes massive value with an under-the-radar trick to grow your 401K using TAX FREE money!


380 - Artificial Intelligence Hacks for Real Estate Investors with Richard Roop

In this episode, Mike and Tyler interview Richard Roop, the world's foremost expert on using artificial intelligence to supercharge your real estate investing business in 2023. During the episode, Richard revealed several under-the-radar methods of mining the best information possible from AI. By visiting you can join his upcoming FREE mastermind where you will learn how to use AI tools in such a way that reduces your workload while streamlining your lead generation. Need to raise money for your deals? Looking for deals in your local market and don't know where to look or who to talk to? Not anymore! These tools will give you the answers you have been wanting and need to take your business to the next level. Here at Cash Flow Guys we have been implementing AI tools to grow our database such that we can serve more people who want to invest in senior living homes. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where Mike and I learn from Richard and immediately implement what we learn as we participate in Richard's "Aim High" Mastermind!


379 - How To Get A Free Camper Van with Mike Marino

In this episode, fellow Cash Flow Guy Mike Marino tells us how he got a free camper van AND a free BMW. This is an episode you certainly don't want to miss!


378 - What To Do When The IRS Comes For You - With Claudia Moncarz

Claudia Moncarz (a Tax Lawyer) is our guest this week on the Cash Flow Guys podcast to discuss her service, Tax Alarm, which provides credit alert and real estate deed monitoring. With the recent events of the IRS getting involved and the influx of PPP loans, Claudia believes that people should take preventative care to protect themselves from any potential legal issues. This can be done by signing up for Tax Alarm's services, which is almost free and provides invaluable protection. She encourages everyone to take a step and go to her website in order to protect their financial future. Thank you Claudia for taking the time to talk about this important service. We wish our listeners the best of luck!


376 - Tax Free Real Estate Investing with Mat Sorensen

In this episode, Tyler sits down with none other than Mat Sorensen. Mat Sorensen is the best-selling author of, "The Self Directed IRA Handbook: An Authoritative Guide For Self Directed Retirement Plan Investors and Their Advisors" (40,000+ copies sold). It is the go-to book for investors and professionals in the self-directed IRA industry. As CEO of Directed IRA, Mat led the trust company to One Billion in Assets Under Administration in 3 Years. His knowledge as an attorney is sought-after for real estate, private funds, notes, rules, and regulations. Mat is also a VIP contributor to “Entrepreneur” and has been cited, referenced, or quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The Guardian on self-directed topics. Mat is a Senior Partner at KKOS Lawyers and attempts to maintain his youth by skiing and racing road and mountain bikes. Mat can be reached through the following links:


376 - Take Control of Your Deals

In this episode Tyler talks about the importance of taking control of your deals and not allowing yourself to be pushed around by vendors, wholesalers or Realtors.


375 - Parking Spot Cash Flow

In this episode, Tyler and Mike discuss interesting ways to generate strong cashflow returns with minimal investment.


374 - Small Town Problem Solving

In this episode, Mike and Tyler discuss the results of a city council meeting that Mike attended in his local home market. You'll never believe WHO called Mike after the meeting!


373 - About Non Disclosure and Buyer Broker Agreements

When considering purchasing real estate, it is important to understand buyer-broker agreements—contracts between someone who's buying property and the broker helping them. These contracts typically spell out how much compensation will be paid as well as what type of representation they can expect from their broker. It's essential that all terms are laid out clearly in order for both sides to know exactly what happens if either party fails to comply or defaults on payments; any ambiguity should never be left up for interpretation! If you feel unsure about signing a buyer-broker agreement, make sure you read through the document thoroughly then consider having an attorney review it prior so you have full peace of mind. Failing (or refusing) sign such an agreement may result in your brokerage no longer working with you during your transaction process. Listen in for several tips on what to do if presented one of these agreements or an NDA


372 - Coliving Cashflow with Johnny Wolff of Homeroom Coliving

In this episode Tyler Sheff and Mike Marino interview the CEO of the coliving management company which is a revolutionary coliving platform Coliving provides an affordable and convenient living option for millennials on the move. The platform offers private rooms, communal spaces, and all the necessary amenities to make life easier. With, users can save time and money while exploring different cities, meeting new people and creating unique experiences. This platform has numerous benefits when it comes to coliving such as: increased safety, flexible rental terms, ability to live in a variety of locations, access to essential amenities like high-speed internet, shared spaces for socializing or work, cost savings due to shared utilities and more. is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free living experience without having to worry about long-term commitments or hidden costs. Dive in and take a listen!


371 - FYI on DIY

In this episode, Mike Marino and Tyler Sheff explore the potential downsides to trying to do everything yourself rather than creating a team of people. They discuss how having a team allows you to have different points of view on a project and can help with collaboration and problem solving. They also point out that having a team can allow individual members to specialize in certain areas, allowing for faster problem resolution and better outcomes. Furthermore, they discuss how building a team can give you access to more resources, making it easier to get the job done. Lastly, Mike and Tyler emphasize the importance of communication when forming teams, as it is essential for successful collaborations.