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The CashFlowGuys Podcast teaches busy people how to use what they have, to get what they need in order to accomplish what they want. Using tips and techniques from industry leaders in Real Estate Investing and Financial Services, the CashFlowGuys are on a mission to educate the public on all things involving real estate and financial services. Your host, Tyler Sheff interviews experts from around the globe to help people improve their financial intelligence.


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The CashFlowGuys Podcast teaches busy people how to use what they have, to get what they need in order to accomplish what they want. Using tips and techniques from industry leaders in Real Estate Investing and Financial Services, the CashFlowGuys are on a mission to educate the public on all things involving real estate and financial services. Your host, Tyler Sheff interviews experts from around the globe to help people improve their financial intelligence.






406 - How To Save a FORTUNE in TAXES This Year

In this episode, Mike and Tyler sit down with Terry Judge, CEO of CORE Speciality Tax and Engineering. Core is a firm that assists real estate investors in reaping massive tax benefits that come from employing cost segregation studies. You can reach Terry and his team via email at:


405 - 10 Proven Ways To Find Owners of Abandoned Houses

In this episode, Tyler covers his 10 most practical ways to find the owners of abandoned houses.


404 - Sticker Shock = Missed Opportunity

In this episode, we break down the common missed opportunities that come from sticker shock.


403 - Five Ways To Fix Zoning Problems

In this episode, Mike and Tyler discuss the 5 ways to fix zoning problems as listed below: Understand the zoning laws in your area. The first step to working through zoning issues is to understand the zoning laws in your area. This includes knowing what types of uses are allowed in different zones, as well as the specific regulations that apply to your property. You can usually find zoning information on your local government's website. Talk to your neighbors. Zoning issues can often be resolved through informal discussions with your neighbors. If you are concerned about a proposed development, talk to your neighbors to see if they share your concerns. You may be able to work together to find a solution that everyone is happy with. Contact your local zoning board. If you cannot resolve the zoning issue with your neighbors, you may need to contact your local zoning board. The zoning board is responsible for enforcing zoning laws, and they may be able to help you resolve the issue. File a zoning appeal. If you are not satisfied with the zoning board's decision, you may be able to file a zoning appeal. A zoning appeal is a legal challenge to a zoning decision. If you file a zoning appeal, you will need to present evidence that the zoning board's decision was incorrect. Work with your elected officials. If you are unable to resolve the zoning issue through the zoning process, you may need to work with your elected officials. Your elected officials can introduce legislation to change zoning laws, or they can pressure the zoning board to make a different decision. Working through zoning issues can be a complex process, but it is important to remember that you have rights. If you are facing a zoning issue, do not hesitate to seek help from your neighbors, your local zoning board, or your elected officials.


402 - High Interest Investing

In this episode, Tyler discuss tips on how to invest even though interest rates are through the roof.


401 - Short Cuts To Get Your Next Deal

In this episode, Mike and Tyler discuss the easiest way to get your next deal going...tune in and take a listen!


400 - Meet My New Friend Claude

In this episode, Tyler discusses his new special friend...Claude Ai


399 - You Missed The Crash

In this episode, Mike and Tyler discuss a recent video put out by Joe Brown from Heresey Financial. We feel those waiting for a big crash in real estate may wind up being disappointed, listen in to learn more...


398 - Control Equals Opportunity

In this episode, Tyler and Mike discuss several opportunities they recently discovered in a small town.


397 - Breach of Contract

In this episode, Tyler breaks down the issue of the Breach of Contract and discusses how to avoid it as well as how to work throught it when it hapens.


396 - Is Positive Cashflow Still Possible?

In this video we distill down the current economic news and hype to get to the facts.


395- Inflation Hacks For Real Estate Investors

In this episode, Tyler discusses the current state of the economy as it relates to inflation and what to do about it. Many people are under. the impression that once inflation is reduced, prices will go down accordingly which is simply not true....listen in for more on this topic


394 - 20 Ways To use Chat GPT as a Real Estate Investor

In this episode I discuss 20 ways to use Chat GPT as a Real Estate Investor.


393 - How To Be Safe With DSCR Loans

In this episode, Mike and Tyler unpack how to be safe when buying with DSCR Loans.


392 - How To Make Money From The Secret Tsunami

In this episode, Mike Marino and Tyler Sheff discuss under-the-radar tips on how to make money from the upcoming secret tsunami.


391 - The Confused Investor

In today's crazy world, it's easy to get confused when it comes to investing in anything. We believe there are ways to simplify the craziness which is what we discuss in this episode of the podcast.


390- Tips On Navigating City Hall

In this episode, Mike and Tyler share what they have learned by working with the staff of numerous local governments.


389 - Dealing With Missed Opportunity

Have you ever missed an opportunity for a great deal? Well if you are anything like us you definitely this episode, Mike and Tyler discuss the steps on how to recover from a missed opportunity.


388 - From Mistake to Opportunity: Overcoming Overpaying

In this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, co-hosts Tyler Sheff and Mike Marino tackle the crucial topic of overpaying for properties and its detrimental effects on cash flow. They delve into common mistakes such as overestimating property value, accepting misleading projections, and underestimating expenses. Tyler and Mike provide listeners with practical solutions, including utilizing income and expense verification tools, questioning appraisals, and obtaining accurate cost estimates. They also explore alternative options if you've already overpaid, such as repurposing properties or expanding square footage. Join Tyler Sheff and Mike Marino as they share invaluable strategies for safeguarding investments and maximizing cash flow in the real estate market.


387 - Zoning - The Game Changer

The Crucial Role of Zoning Regulations for Real Estate Investors Understanding the intricacies of zoning regulations is paramount for real estate investors looking to maximize their opportunities and minimize risks. Zoning regulations, put in place by local governments, dictate how land can be used within specific areas. These regulations establish different zones, such as residential, commercial, or industrial, each with its own set of permitted uses, building codes, and restrictions. As a real estate investor, having a comprehensive understanding of zoning regulations is essential for making informed decisions, identifying profitable investment opportunities, and navigating potential challenges. Zoning regulations act as a blueprint for urban planning, ensuring the harmonious coexistence of various land uses and protecting property values. By familiarizing themselves with local zoning codes and restrictions, real estate investors can assess the feasibility and potential of a property for their intended purpose. For instance, if you plan to develop a commercial property in a residential zone, you might face zoning hurdles and restrictions. However, by being knowledgeable about zoning regulations, you can proactively identify suitable properties that align with your investment goals and avoid costly surprises. Furthermore, understanding zoning regulations helps real estate investors anticipate future market trends and development opportunities. Zoning changes, such as rezoning residential areas for mixed-use developments or creating designated zones for certain industries, can significantly impact property values and investment potential. Staying informed about zoning updates and proposed changes in the local area allows investors to adapt their strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additionally, being aware of potential zoning challenges and restrictions enables investors to develop comprehensive mitigation plans and seek necessary approvals, ensuring smooth transactions and successful projects. Lastly, a solid grasp of zoning regulations is indispensable for real estate investors. By understanding zoning codes, investors can make informed decisions, identify suitable properties, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities that align with their investment objectives. Keeping a pulse on zoning changes and updates empowers investors to stay ahead of the game, unlock hidden potential, and thrive in the dynamic real estate market.