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010 - Healing Through Business: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Marshmallows

Oh, my guest today, oh my word! Tricia Arce! She is half of the duo with her spouse Hazel who owns The Toasted Mallow. I was introduced to Tricia a few weeks ago by a mutual friend, Joanie Simon, who I also interviewed for this podcast. Tricia is kind of like Barbara Huson, who is another good friend of mine that is on this podcast, but she’s one of these people that there are so much depth and substance. I had never met this woman, didn’t know she existed before Joanie introduced us. We...


009 - Intellectual Property, Protecting Your Creative Greatness and Breaking Free of Stereotypes

Today I got to speak with Salma Benkabbou who is The Millennial Business Lawyer. She’s the Managing Attorney and Lead Legal Strategist for The Benkabbou Law Firm in Tampa, so very close to my hometown. I love her tagline, she helps entrepreneurs protect their creative greatness. We had some great conversations about why you need a business attorney. Adn ideal timing is--I don’t know if you know this aggressive, excited entrepreneur is out there--you want a business plan, then you want to...


008 - Overcoming Your Fears, Exceeding Your Expectations and Finding a Great Photographer

I am so excited to bring you Lesley Bohm today. She is a super talented photographer that I met while I was at a conference in Los Angeles. Her pictures are just incredible. She has worked with celebrities, actors, actresses, sports figures, entrepreneurs, and she really knows how to bring that personal touch out of a photograph. In this interview, we have some great conversations about how she got started. She had some issues with her mom that caused her to leave when she was in high...


007 - Coping with High Pressure and Anxiety as Women Entrepreneurs

Today, I spoke with a licensed psychotherapist Christine Dassow who also happens to be my high school best friend—you’ve been warned, we have a good time. I was interested in talking with someone who has an insight and expertise into how to deal with a really high-pressure career, a high-pressure lifestyle, and some of the social anxiety that comes along with having to put yourself out there. Today it seems like technology just moves at a crazy pace and putting yourself out there in...


006 - Supporting Women Entrepreneurs and Making it in a Male Dominated Industry

Today, I got to speak with Amanda Tress. She is a digital marketing expert and she’s also a fitness and nutrition consultant. She’s the founder of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, which as you will hear, I have been a participant in her programs since January 1st. We talk a lot about self-care and why that’s so important and how that translates into success as female entrepreneurs. We also talk quite a lot about how she’s against Photoshop and why transparency is so important. She had a baby...


005 - Embracing Fear as Part of the Creative Process, Balancing Business and Family, and Learning to Say No.

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Joy Chudacoff, who is a brilliant women’s business coach. I had the opportunity to attend her Align Retreat in Los Angeles. Our conversation was wide ranging from how she evolved her marketing company into becoming a women’s business coach. Some of the great advice that she has to offer, for example, really embracing fear is part of the creative process—I know for me, fear and anxiety comes up and I think a lot of times with high pressure...


004 - What Makes You Different, Getting Comfortable on Camera and Surviving as an Entrepreneur During the Great Recession

Today, I spoke with Keri Murphy who is the founder of lifestyle brand Inspired Living TV. She also educates women on getting comfortable in front of the camera so that they can present their meaningful message in a really polished and empowered way. She started off as a child actor and by the time she was a teen, she was teaching acting. When she was 27, she launched her first business, the Murphy Talent Group. If you were an entrepreneur like I was in the mid-2000s, you know that the...


003 - The Problem Isn’t Your Money, It’s Getting Comfortable With Your Power

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all had times when cash was tight. But what if you could see that wealth wasn’t a number? Instead, what if one of the most money-savvy and credentialed authorities on women, wealth, and power could show you that a wealth mindset and wealth don’t come from what you earn - but rather from what you do with what you earn? After being positively blindsided by her then-husband’s out-of-control gambling addictions, Barbara Huson's life changed instantly. Unfortunately, it...


002 - Starting a Successful Podcast, Making an Impact and Leaving a Legacy

Podcasts are a hot topic right now, and rightfully so, according to Podcast Insights, 44% of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast. Podcast listeners are loyal, subscribing to an average of 6 shows, and they also skew affluent and educated. Podcasting has become a popular medium for connecting with your audience. You may be wondering about starting a successful podcast for your own business. In an engaging interview recently with 20-year broadcasting veteran, podcast expert and...


001 - Evolving with Your Business, Imposter Syndrome, Overcoming Addiction, and Being Unique in a Commercial World

Joanie Simon is more than just a leading food photographer and educator. She’s been featured on The Food Network, has a popular YouTube Channel, and recently launched a wildly successful new Instagram account, @thebiteshot, focusing on food photography education. She’s already accumulated more than 12 and a half thousand followers - a number that’s steadily growing. But beyond the success, Joanie is a gifted, quality human being and woman who loves to inspire others to do what they’re...