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Are you a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur? With Heather Dominick

Welcome to the Catalyst Conversations podcast, I’m your host Jennifer Maggiore. For some of us, being in business is like eating glass every day, but that’s what it’s like being in business, right? Have you ever felt like maybe you just aren’t cut out to cope with the emotional demands of being an entrepreneur? Or if you can be successful AND spiritual? Or maybe you’ve been told that you’re “too sensitive” to hack it in business. Well get ready, because you’re probably actually “highly...


An Unconventional Lifestyle: Time Management and the Busy Entrepreneur

Maureen Jann is a veteran B2B marketer whose career in Digital Media has grown up with the Internet. She is currently the Founder and Managing Director of SuperDeluxe Marketing, a marketing, content, and thought leadership strategy agency on the outskirts of Seattle. In this episode we talk about how: + she manages time for herself and her family while operating three businesses + how those businesses are what she calls her “insurance policy” + an unconventional lifestyle have made she...


Mindful Organization, Marie Kondo-mania, and Productivity with Ellia Harris

Ellia Harris is a Mindful Organization and Productivity Coach. Through her company Mindful Organizing, she works with professionals who are stressed by their messy homes, managing caretaking, and balancing work and family. Working either virtually or onsite, she helps them figure out what to change so they feel confident juggling their busy lives. As an international speaker, her expert topics are mindful goal-setting, creative problem-solving, clutter-busting, and productivity. Ellia...


The Heybor App: Innovating the Way We Connect With Community

Kiola George is a NYC based producer and tech entrepreneur. She has over ten years of media experience with Walt Disney Co. and Screenvision Media. Her latest venture, Heybor™️ is a mobile app that allows users to rate and review residential properties across the US. In addition to her business and career achievements, Kiola is also a mother to 5-year old Zoe. In this episode we talk about how + in spite of her success, she still sometimes suffers from imposter syndrome + she juggles...


Caring for a Community and The Challenges and Gifts in Our Traumas

Lanette Veres is truly one of my greatest inspirations. She was a top-performing banking relationship manager before she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998 after months of headaches and fatigue. Despite going on to have 5 brain surgeries she founded the Gray Matters Foundation, which serves to bring a smile and hope to patients diagnosed with brain tumors around the world. We talk about: + the important of knowing you aren’t alone and the gifts that can come from trauma + the...


From Burnt Out to Bad*ass: Self-Care and Healing Our Relationships With Our Bodies

Katherine Metzalaar is a registered dietician and nutrition therapist, and founder of Brave Space Nutrition and the Body Image Badass Group. She works with clients, many of them burnt out women entrepreneurs who sacrifice themselves and their health for their businesses. She helps them to understand that they are complex beings with unique relationships with food and their bodies – there is no “one size fits all” prescriptive answer to a healthier body. We talk about: + ditching the...


This is Not a One Night Stand: Game Changing Sales Strategies

Tish Times is a sales and networking expert, speaker, trainer, author and the founder of Tish Times Networking and Sales. She helps business owners and sales professionals generate more revenue with her process for staying top of mind and closing sales with ease. Tish’s books include Networking is Not a One-Night Stand and 10 Super Simple Networking Steps for Career Success. Most recently Tish has developed the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy, a business school that teaches a...


Broke + Homeless to CEO + International Motivational Speaker – With Karen Barno

In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with my friend and client, Karen Barno, a retreat leader and international motivational speaker. Karen is the CEO of a highly successful organization, is a mentor for women who get to mid-life and wonder “is that all there is?,” and is a certified Shaman and Reiki Master. She shares with us her story of going from broke and homeless to a recognized business leader. We also talk about: + how she overcame abuse as a child, and being...


The Value in Mentoring, Menial Jobs, and Proving Your Merits

Amanda Welch was always interested in art growing up. By the time she attended the University of Alabama, design was a natural choice, leading her to earn an interior design degree. Today, she works in Seattle, helping high-end clients to create the beautiful, comfortable homes they’ve always wanted. In this episode we talk about: + how the jobs she liked the least over her career taught her the most + the challenges of communicating the value of her work -- and my tip for doing just...


Overcoming Numberphobia: Taking Control of Business Finances and Finding the Right Funding For You

Stephanie Sims is a “recovering” investment banker, speaker, author and the founder of Finance-Ability. She gives founders the knowledge, tools and self-awareness they need to find the right money for them, and has helped her clients raise over $30M to grow their businesses. We talk about: + overcoming our fear of the numbers (and why we don’t want to know what’s happening in our businesses financially to begin with), the types of funding available and how to know which is the best for...


Operations 101: Red Flags, The Value of Standardized Systems and Forecasting For Smooth Sailing

In this episode, I speak with Jessica Culligan, operations expert and Operations Director for She is a prolific maker and business logistics guru who is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs bring their vision into reality We talk about: + what operations is and why it’s important to document your systems + the red flags that your operations aren’t effective + the value of standardized processes (even if you’re a solopreneur) + forecasting and the numbers you...


Entrepreneurship vs. Everything: Self-employment as an Opportunity to Process Self-doubt and Challenges With Relationships, Money and Worthiness

Dr. Alysondra Duke is a Seattle-based Psychologist, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and Founder of Seattle Lady Bosses. In this episode we talk about: + what entrepreneurship entails for women from a spiritual perspective and how self-employment holds a greater opportunity for processing our self-doubt and challenges with relationships, money and worthiness. + what she’s learned from working with women entrepreneurs + how she helps her clients overcome fear and self-doubt – both of which...


The Parent Work: How Parents Impact Our Success and Relationships

Kavita J Patel is a renowned relationship coach who has studied ancient eastern philosophy for 20 years, and combines those practices with her studies and experiences in family systems and human behavior to create her own transformational process, called The Parent Work™. She shares that our relationships with lovers, spouses, kids, money, and our bodies, are all affected by things that happened between us and our parents or those that raised us in our childhood. We talk about + How...


The Power of Persistence – Successful Media Pitching, Publishing a Book and Changing the World

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary women through the course of recording this podcast, and Ashlee Piper is no exception. Ashlee is a political strategist turned eco-lifestyle journalist, and the author of the recently released sustainable living book, Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet (Hachette, 2018). She shares her passion for easy sustainable living, how she transitioned from politics to becoming a successful television personality and author – the...


The Non-Profit Nerd: Start Up + Scale, Strategy, and Self-Care for Success with Jarrett Ransom

Jarrett is the self-professed Nonprofit Nerd. She and her company, The Rayvan Group, have been working exclusively with nonprofits across the US since 2009 and have helped them raise millions of dollars since. Jarrett holds an MBA in business and a Certificate of Grant Writing from The Grantsmanship Center Institute, and her accolades include being named an AZ Central Who's Next Nominee, and a Greater Phoenix Athena Nominee, and she received the Global Women's Summit Leadership Award just...


Want More Business? Think About Your Website More Strategically - with Christina Petrie

In today’s episode, I speak with web designer and strategist Christina Petrie. She has a unique perspectiveand a diverse background in software development, teaching, project management, photography and aMasters Business Administration. She stumbled into her career when she was searching for a job and friends and family kept asking her to fix their terrible websites. She quickly realized the potential to help them understand what they were missing and to help them start fresh with a...


When Business Relationships Go Bad With Heather Simpson - Episode 23

In today’s episode, I talk with Heather Simpson, who mentors women in Leadership roles, and is a thought leader and entrepreneur driven to help women find success in both business and life. Through her own experiences and life trials, she is devoted to supporting women through her company, She Leads Me. Heather is a friend, and a member of the Catalyst Founders Group for women entrepreneurs. After a recent private sessions, we agreed to this intensely personal conversation about our...


Get Out of Your Own Way: Authority, Commitment, and Imposter Syndrome With Blair Glaser - Episode 22

In this episode, I talk with Blair Glaser, an executive consultant and leadershipmentor. She is also a licensed psychotherapist and has been transforming individuals,teams, entrepreneurs and couples with her unique mentoring process for more than 20 years. Blair has consulted with executives and teams at corporations such as Estee Lauder, JPMorgan Chase, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and a host of nonprofit organizations. We talk about: + delegation and decision-making, why it’s...


Building Community + Monetizing with Facebook Groups With Allison Hardy - Episode 21

Allison Hardy is a Business Strategist for Mompreneurs and helps women grow their businesses while they are raising their families, so that they can live life by design. She specializes in monetizing with Facebook Groups, building communities around her clients' brands, automation and email marketing. Allison is the creator of the Life by Design Podcast, is a Huffington Post Contributor, has been featured in YFS Magazine, and was named one of Washington, D.C.'s most influential...


Start Ups, Motherhood + Entrepreneurship: The Good, The Bad, The What The F*ck Moments with Trisha M. Pelletier - Episode 20

Tisha M. Pelletier took the entrepreneurial leap in 2004, has run four different businesses, planned hundreds of events and facilitated over 300 masterminds. She is the president of Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC and she empowers entrepreneurs to make their business successful through mentoring, her online course the Startup Entrepreneur Academy, and the Social Connect Business Happy Hour. Her newest book What Are the Odds – A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life and...