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The Hijacked Brain w/ Sam Morris | People Project Ep 018

In this episode, I talk with Sam Morris about his addiction to cocaine and alcohol the deep and compounding depression it caused and the cataclysmic cascade it brought upon his life... We dive into his tennis career, asthma and food allergies, DUIs, Car accidents, falling off buildings, cancer and rebuilding his life to ultimately help others walking the same path through addiction that he walked before. Until one fateful day at 4 am he had a moment that completely changed his thoughts...


The Art of Being Humbled w/ Mike Manning | People Project 017

In this episode, I talk with Mike Manning about his life growing up in a big city with a small town feel, joining the Marine Corps, becoming a police officer, re-enlisting in the Marine Corps, becoming a firefighter and finally opening a gym that he still owns today in Florida. We dive deep into why a culture of common experience and a common bond is built in small tribes of people who sweat, suffer, and go through trials and tribulation together and what being humbled ultimately does to...


Free Your Mind w/ Angela Anderson | People Project Ep 016

In this episode, Angela and I dive deep into unlocking the potential of your mind and relieving the burden many of us feel on a day to day basis. The set of beliefs and programs buried in our subconscious that run the show and force us to feel as though we are at war with ourselves. And finally that it's really about tapping into what your current set of beliefs are and then creating enough change to have a big enough impact that you grow and become stronger!


Your Life By Design w/Dai Manuel | People Project Ep 015

In this episode, of the People Project, I bring on Dai Manuel. We talk about his life and experiences as a child being morbidly obese, What happened to him when he hit rock bottom and looked at himself in the mirror at 15 with no hope and despair. How we brought himself out of it and built a 17-year career that he ultimately left... To move his entire family to Bali and live the life he had always hoped for in the way he wanted to live it! Finally, we talk about...


Sleep, Sunlight and the Circadian Rhythm | People Project 014

In this episode, I'm joined by James Murray. We talk about living with technology and at the same time maintaining optimal health. More specifically his story of becoming sick from lack of sleep, being a night owl and not being able to figure out exactly what was wrong with him. Until he learned how to dial in his sleep and light exposure in a 24/7 world and learned 5 strategies he uses to get his health back on track. Sleep is arguably the single most important aspect of your health...


Do You Know Your Unique Selling Proposition?

In this episode, I wanted to talk about a topic that is often neglected...The unique selling proposition of your business and your programs or what problem do you help people solve? It needs to be very specific and relate directly to the problems and pain points your customers feel in order to ethically and effectively sell your services to the right people!


From Grind to Glory w/Jessica Page | People Project Ep 013

In this episode, I talk with Jessica Page about her life, finding a love for fitness, opening a gym and getting married in the same year, facing 2 bankruptcies along the way and finally pulling out of it and selling her gym. To pursue the S3 supplement success system and her new project Grind to Glory. This is an incredibly insightful and powerful look, Into the often hidden, emotionally taxing and depressing world of entrepreneurship and small business ownership...MUST LISTEN!


The Work, Life, YOU Balance | People Project Ep 012

In this episode, I work through strategies for finding your ideal work, life, and YOU balance. Often we get sucked way too deep into the work aspect and as a result, everything else suffers including the you time that we all need. Don't forget that your happiness has to come first or the rest of your life and those around you will suffer! Find your balance in work, your family and spend time on YOU!


The Pursuit of Happiness with Gus Kalathakis | People Project Ep 011

In this episode of the People Project I sit down with my friend Gus and we talk through his serious struggles with seeing initial success in his life, losing it all through gambling and injury, contemplating suicide and finding a way to get the drive and heart to make a commitment to pulling out of it all and living his dream!


Be Bold. Be Disruptive. Be Different. with Stuart Brauer | People Project 010

In this episode, of the People Project, I talk with Stuart Brauer about his adventures in the fitness industry and what he's done to go from selling fake report cards in high school to college to the Globo gym industry to park Bootcamp operator and finally to creating his own dynamic! We discuss: Find out more about Stu: www.wtfgymtalk.com www.urbanmvmnt.com


The Transmigrant w/ Kristi Duarte | People Project 009

This week I'm joined by Kristi Duarte, where we talk about religion and not in a traditional sense. Rather we had an incredibly insightful conversation on the growth of religions, ideas that have come about to increase conversions and methods that have evolved to maximize retention. Neither she nor I came from a heavy religious background or upbringing, but she was inspired by a story of a traveler who experienced similar stories from different parts of the world. Be sure to check out...


Are You Unrelatable? w/Sean Pastuch | People Project 008

In this episode, I sit down with Sean Pastuch from Active Life. We talk about mistakes he made, the journey to building what he has today and all the disasters (literally, we talk about a hurricane at one point) that happened along the way, his road to personal development and soul searching to find out who he is and what truly makes him happy and drives him to continue to pursue a great life! Find out more about Sean at Activelife.com


People Connect with People Pt 2 | People Project 007

In this episode, I sit down with Jim Crowell from OPEX Fitness again and talk about: Finding your ideal clients and what you can do to make a great experience that scales across the board for customers and staff! You can find more information about OPEX Fitness here: https://opexfit.com/


Quality of Action is Determined by Quality of Emotion w/Tyson | People Project 006

In this episode of the people project, I sit down and talk with Tyson Sharpe an Emotional Fitness Coach. We talk about how you can wire your brain to overcome fear when you feel stuck And how the quality of the action you take leads to the quality of emotion you feel. Finally that you can plan and visualize your future from the present


That Gnarly Feeling | People Project EP 005

In this episode, I sit down with Eli Kerr the Founder of Gnarly Nutrition. He's an interesting guy who started school in business and went the route of recreation therapy with a focus on wilderness and adventure therapy. And ultimately ended up founding a supplement company focused on whole health and nutrition products! We talk the theory of flow, his story and how recreation therapy ended up being a major contributing factor in the way Gnarly was formed. https://gognarly.com/


Excellence is Earned Not Given with Chris Mello | People Project EP 004

In this episode, I talk with Chris Mello about his journey from Southern California to South Dakota back to Southern California and finally back to South Dakota! Then we dive into why you need to enjoy life in the way that makes the most sense to you and always work to be the best version of you! Finally, we dive into Chris's core concepts of temperate which means discipline, Sober of Mind which means serious, Vigilante which means determined, Cautious which means careful and it all comes...


People Connect with People, Building The Gymmin Dream | People Project EP 003

In this episode, of the People Project, I sit down with Jim Crowell CEO of OPEX an organization that provides the next level of education for professional coaches and gym owners. We talk about what it takes to build a successful gym, why people tend to connect with people, what the long-term game looks like, why branding is so incredibly important, Sales and why faking the funk with your brand doesn't make any sense!


Would Your Life Story Be Worth Reading w/ Doug Holt? | People Project 002

In episode 002 of the People, Project I sit down and talk with Doug Holt about his life story, the evolution of his journey and what made him sit down and take a long hard look at where he was headed then we finish with some questions about what makes us tick, the most difficult things for us to do and why failure is a road to success!


Chasing the Island Life with Heath | People Project 001

Welcome to the #ChansLogic People Project where I interview interesting people from all over the world and from all walks of life! In this very first episode, I interview my good friend Heath and we talk about his journey to opening a few different gyms, transitioning out of those And finally opening and building out his latest facility in the dream he's always imagined! Want to be a guest? Fill out this form > https://goo.gl/forms/WH9aquw9OMCNzIt52


Clarity and Direction | #ChansLogic Ep 054 final

In business and in our lives we often move our direction to what seems like the right place or to where we can help others or even worse to what other people think or say is the right way. The key to getting past all of this is to understand that you need a specific purpose and a simple path to follow. If you stray from that path it becomes incredibly difficult to become successful! Focus on the direction that is your core competency and core belief and work to only stray away if you're...