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Marketing for Huge Success: Do What Works, Stop Doing What Doesn't

We are excited to share our interview with Marketing thought leader, Neil Patel. While preparing for this, we were excited to get his big ideas, amazing insights that we hadn't considered, and earth shattering instruction. I mean, he is achieving the kind of success through content marketing that we are all reaching for. Neil's success comes from the very things we already know: 1. Don't overthink it. 2. Try stuff. 3. If it doesn't work, stop. 4. If it works, do it more. Regarding...


Dominating in Real Estate: Small Changes Can Make All the Difference

Gaining traction in the highly competitive industry of Real Estate sales can be challenging - and invigorating (if you do it right). Today, Tiffany interviews Bijan Saadati, a leading real estate broker in the Hollywood Hills, and he shares how he got so far in a short amount of time. Bijan expands on tactics you've probably heard before, but his approach and results will get you going. Things like, 1. Referrals are king. 2. Your network, social media, friends. 3. Market yourself! He...


What's Your Reputation Worth? Reputation Management Tips from an Industry Leader

Whether online or offline, discover ways to respond to what people are saying about you, and develop strategies to manage your reputation. The top 3 things that are often overlooked: 1. Know your core brand and provide value 2. Engage, educate, and socialize with your audience 3. Responding to situations that come up appropriately Reputation repair and reputation management is important to everyone in any industry. What's the difference between managing your offline reputation versus...


Working for a Cause: Intentional Marketing to Promote What You Believe In

What a blast to get to talk to movers and shakers in the LA and worldwide, diverse, media marketing world. Jonathan and Tarun work with some huge brands, but what is most important to them is promoting brands they believe - brands with purpose. Regardless of your industry and location, you're going to get a lot out of what they share in this episode. Tarun Raj Tarun's design and technology experience blends with an eye for market trends to make him a valuable industry expert. Using...


The Grind Makes Your Dreams Come Alive: Stories from a Power Couple

It was fun to sit down with the owners of one of our favorite team gathering places: City Vineyard. They have a very hot, new location in Billings, Montana, are quickly expanding now to Bozeman, and poised for further expansion. Get a glimpse into their journey as they share some very helpful information - not only about their growth with City Vineyard, but insights and things they learned from their background. Abigail Reno was born and raised in Billings, MT and graduated from the...


Pay Per Click: How to Optimize (and How to Get Started) PPC Marketing

Try to get maximum attention online without paying for it. It's tough to do - and getting more difficult every day. I am very excited to share a conversation I had with international speaker, Kirk Williams, of ZATO about pay per click marketing - both on Google and Social Media. Kirk is the owner of ZATO, his Search & Social Marketing agency, and has been working in Paid Search since 2010. In 2017, he was named the #4 Most Influential PPCer by PPC Hero and has written articles for many...


The Anatomy of a Compelling Ad

Any graphic designer and ad person will tell you the main traps that entrepreneurs fall into when building an ad 1. Too much info / no focus 2. Features mistakenly highlighted instead of benefits Tiffany and Jeff discuss these and other pitfalls - and how to throw those out and replace them with HIGHLY effective ad campaigns! Hint: these strategies apply to both print and online ads.


What is your story? And why it is so important to the Business Growth

What does "telling your story" even mean? What if you're in an industry in which there just doesn't seem to be a story to tell? Today, Tiffany talks to Rye Taylor about how you, as an entrepreneur and business owner, can figure out what your story is and how to tell it. Rye also reveals how to use techniques to really engage your audience and persuade them to engage with your business.


Blazing a Trail: "X" Marks the Spot with a Vision Board

As an entrepreneur and leader, you have to push through, keep persevering, and working hard - even when you don't feel like it. Creating a vision board is a huge gift for a multitude of reasons - including the fact that you are fashioning a physical representation of what you see for yourself in the future. Identifying what you see is part of the process, and helps you clarify your goals. Having those images where you can see them increases / optimizes the value of having a vision...


Can You Keep it Straight? How Authenticity and Transparency Grows a Solid Business

The words "authenticity" and "transparency" have been used a lot in business development and marketing in recent years. It's important to know that 1. They are crucial aspects to a solid, growing business 2. Without them, you'll splash around and struggle in ways you may not have even considered Today, Tiffany talks to Emily Petroff about how being authentic as a way of being will not only take stress from your life, but will contribute to the growth of your business.


Are You a Rocket or a Row Boat? Get Moving! Get Inspired.

You will love this episode. Tucker is a high-energy, growth driven entrepreneur who has worked his way to a successful, multi-location sandwich shop. Today you'll get inspired to take action, develop systems, and move past anything that seems to be getting in your way! Please comment and rate this podcast.


$0 Marketing Budget = $0 Growth. How to Determine Your Marketing Budget

Have you struggled with being "able to afford" a marketing tactic that you believe will help increase revenue? Do you have a marketing budget? For many entrepreneurs that we talk to we hear - "yes, I struggle with affording marketing," and, "no, I don't have a budget. Thriving businesses know that marketing is an cost of making more profit - not an expense. Today, Tiffany and Jeff discuss how businesses can not only afford to market, but how to determine a budget for any sized business.


Using Video as a Marketing Asset (Long Term and Short Term)

Video is an important part of marketing. You can spend nothing - or you can spend THOUSANDS. Previously, we talked about using video in social media. But what about those longer videos that tell a story (or that we use as a commercial)? Today we talk to Aaron about developing these videos and different ways to use them and optimize the opportunities.


Back to Basics: How to Write a Blog Post, from Setting Up an Editorial Calendar to Publishing

We get asked often, "how do write a blog post?" Well, if you are willing to block out some time on a regular basis YOU can create an amazing blog. Here are the steps to do it.


Kill it on Social Media with Video: Tips and Tricks from a Seasoned Pro

Social media is a force when it comes to content - especially in social media. Many entrepreneurs wonder what to record, how to do it, how to plan it, and everyone wants to know HOW FANCY do they need to be? Today, Tiffany interviews Kyle Benton, owner of and videographer at Benton Media.


If Content is King, then Here is How to Make it Rain

Many business owners and marketers have trouble creating, optimizing, and using content - you may even be confused about what that means. Tiffany and Jessica break it down and share how to create and use content both on and offline, developing a social media strategy, talking to your audience, and more. Recorded 10-26-2017


Tiffany And Taler: General Digital Marketing

Tiffany and Taler discuss questions that they get from business owners and marketing pros around the country and share the answers with you.