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The Chats with Jason show is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders discover new strategies and ideas to grow their businesses, to achieve more – more impact, more freedom, and more profit. Each episode features interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs who share their insights and experiences on how to breakthrough and be more impactful. The show covers a wide range of topics, including marketing, sales, customer service, customer experience, employee experience, products, leadership, and more.


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The Chats with Jason show is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders discover new strategies and ideas to grow their businesses, to achieve more – more impact, more freedom, and more profit. Each episode features interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs who share their insights and experiences on how to breakthrough and be more impactful. The show covers a wide range of topics, including marketing, sales, customer service, customer experience, employee experience, products, leadership, and more.




Breaking the Silence: Tackling Customer Abuse and Transforming Experiences

In this compelling episode, Jason (Jason S Bradshaw) sits down with Ivo (Ivaylo Yorgov), a seasoned expert in customer experience transformation. As they dive into the conversation, Ivo shares his passion for helping businesses evolve through intentional focus on customer experiences. The dialogue unfolds with insights into Ivo's recent book, "The Abusive Customer: Breaking the Silence Around Customer Aggressive Behavior," where he explores the often-overlooked challenges of handling aggressive customers within the service industry. The discussion takes an intriguing turn towards the impacts of the pandemic on customer behavior, especially in the UK and the US, and the global rise of impolite interactions. Ivo sheds light on his unexpected journey into researching customer abuse, revealing how it became a significant issue affecting over 50% of the global population working in service contexts. Transitioning into actionable advice, Jason and Ivo explore strategies for handling abusive customers. Ivo emphasizes the importance of assertiveness, staying calm, and focusing on problem-solving rather than emotional reactions. The conversation also delves into Ivo's insights on proactive customer experience transformations, emphasizing leadership buy-in, quick wins, and continuous reinforcement. Tune in for a thought-provoking episode packed with practical tips on transforming customer experiences and navigating the challenges of customer abuse in the evolving business landscape. You can connect with Ivo on LinkedIN at You can get a copy of his book The New Customer Experience Management at You can also get a copy of his book The Abusive Customer at


Outsmart The Competition

In this episode, Jason ( Jason S Bradshaw ) chats with Mayur (Mayor Palta), a seasoned strategist in outcompeting rivals, uncovering secrets on navigating intense business landscapes. Mayur dives into the heart of his book, "Outcompete," detailing the genesis behind its inception. He shares a vivid personal account of his earlier entrepreneurial journey, surviving and learning from a fierce price war in India's telecom sector. Mayur's comprehensive experience, spanning Silicon Valley giants to startups, unveils the crux of his book—a distilled guide to embrace competition intelligently. The 'Outcompete Operating System' emerges as a core framework, emphasizing the 'know, do, be' mantra. This concise strategy demystifies not just identifying business vision but understanding 'how' to manifest it effectively. The conversation navigates through seven strategic principles critical for contemporary businesses, exploring a landscape where cooperation and competition intertwine. Mayur emphasizes creating a new market category—comprising unification and reinvention—as a tool to drive differentiation. Moreover, he touches on the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the business realm. Mayur hints at an upcoming book, 'Outcompeting in the Age of AI,' envisioning a future where AI deeply integrates with core business strategies. He emphasizes the need for understanding and leveraging AI, not to replace but to augment human strategy. The podcast ends with a compelling takeaway—encouraging curiosity about competitors to stimulate business growth and excellence. Mayur's insights echo a vital truth: competitors can be the driving force for sustainable competitive success. This episode showcases Mayur's expertise, focusing on not just surviving competition but thriving in it. His anecdotes, strategic insights, and future-focused vision offer a blueprint for businesses, emphasizing proactive learning and the art of intelligent competition. You can connect with Mayur on LinkedIn at His website is You can also follow Mayur on X at Mayur also regularly contributes on Medium at You can get a copy of Outcompete at


Confidence, Rejection, and Sales

In this engaging podcast episode, host Jason ( Jason S Bradshaw) welcomes Alison Mullins, an accomplished author, sales expert, and a connoisseur of stone surfaces. Alison's extraordinary journey, from studying textiles to becoming a prominent figure in the world of stone surfaces, is unveiled. She reflects on her unexpected career transition, emphasizing the role of outside sales. The conversation shifts to Alison's recently published book, "The Art of Selling: We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers." Inspired by a former manager's wisdom, this title underscores the need to shift from passive order-taking to proactive order-making in the world of sales. Alison and Jason dive into the prevalent fear associated with sales, particularly among business owners. They explore the underlying factors, including a lack of confidence and understanding of customer needs. Alison underscores the pivotal role of product confidence in successful selling. A key chapter in Alison's book, "Perfecting Your Pitch," is explored. The discussion highlights the importance of crafting a compelling pitch by understanding the audience, focusing on problem-solving, and delivering tailored solutions efficiently. Alison shares invaluable insights on conquering the fear of rejection in sales. She provides strategies to redirect the energy in a conversation and gracefully handle rejection, emphasizing adaptability and inquisitiveness. The episode concludes with a focus on Alison's philanthropic efforts, particularly her involvement with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). She's committed to inspiring young girls to explore rewarding career opportunities in the construction industry, especially in underserved regions. Jason commends Alison for her charitable contributions and dedication to enhancing the sales landscape. He encourages the audience to explore Alison's book and online courses, emphasizing that small steps can lead to substantial sales success. You can get a copy of Alison's Book -The Art Of Selling here You can connect with Alison on LinkedIN - You can connect with Alison on Instagram at Alison's company and courses can be found at


Valuable Lessons from the Owner of a 'Boring' Business"

Let me start by emphasizing that when I use the term 'boring' business, it's not intended as a disrespectful remark. In various discussions, there is a prevailing notion that businesses like dry cleaning may be considered 'boring,' but they can also be remarkably profitable. As you'll discover in this episode, it doesn't matter how unexciting your business may seem; you have the potential to distinguish yourself and have a significant impact. In this thought-provoking episode, Jason (Jason S Bradshaw) sits down with Paul (Paul White), the author of the best-selling book, "The Answer Discovery: How to Change the World by Helping Others and Ourselves." Paul shares his incredible journey and the powerful life lessons that inspired him to write the book. The conversation revolves around the core themes of encouragement, respect, and love. Paul emphasizes the importance of appreciating and respecting team members in the workplace, creating a culture of positivity, and inspiring employees to make a difference in their unique ways. He highlights how encouragement is a powerful tool for building self-confidence and achieving greatness. Paul's experience in running a dry cleaning business serves as a practical example of how to stand out in a crowded market by focusing on customer experience and team empowerment. He shares insights on how to make employees feel valued, foster a non-competitive environment, and create an atmosphere where everyone can succeed together. Listeners will gain valuable insights into how encouragement and appreciation can lead to a more fulfilled and joyful life, both in personal and professional contexts. This episode is a reminder that every life matters and every individual has the potential to make a positive impact on the world. Don't miss this episode full of wisdom, inspiration, and actionable advice to enhance your personal and professional life. Join the conversation and learn how to inspire positive change through encouragement and employee appreciation. You can get Paul's book - Paul's Website - Paul Facebook - Paul's LinkedIN - YouTube -


Elevating Your Culture for Success with Joey Havens

In this insightful podcast episode, Jason (Jason S Bradshaw) hosts Joey (Joey Havens), author of the newly released book "Leading with Significance: How to Create a Magnetic People-First Culture." Joey shares his passion for inspiring leaders to trust and believe in the inherent good in people, emphasizing the importance of creating a culture that serves, cares, and fosters a strong sense of belonging. The conversation delves into the current employment landscape characterized by the "Great Resignation" and the need for organizations to redefine what work means for employees, integrating personal lives and careers. Joey explains how a magnetic culture can be created in challenging times, highlighting the vital role trust and a sense of belonging play in building a distinctive culture. He underlines the significance of leaders being intentional and vulnerable, extending trust, and connecting with team members through recognition, appreciation, respect, and understanding. The discussion expands to define culture as the "soul" of an organization, reflecting what employees experience, and the importance of transparency and clarity in communication. The episode explores how to create a great culture, emphasizing the need for team members to feel a sense of belonging, and how trust, intentionality, and strong leadership can help establish this belonging. Joey introduces the concept of "benefit of good intentions" and how it can foster trust and communication in a team. You can get a copy of Leading Significance at You can learn more about Joey and his work at Connect with Joey on LinkedIN at Connect with Joey on Instagram at Connect with Joey on X at


Mastering the Art of Better Decision Making

In today's episode, Jason (Jason S Bradshaw) is joined by Jack (Jack. P Flaherty), the distinguished founder and CEO of Decision Switch. Together, they delve into the critical world of decision-making in leadership roles. Key topics include: Leadership and Decision-making:Remote Work's Influence:Preparation and Adaptability: You can listen or watch this episode to gain more insight. Get a copy of Jack's book The Decision Switch here You can connect with Jack in a number of places Website Facebook LinkedIN X


Strategy in a Digital Age

In today's episode, Jason (Jason S Bradshaw) is joined by Michael Lenox, author of the new book "Strategy in the Digital Age: Mastering Digital Transformation". Michael discusses the motivation behind his book, his perspectives on AI's role in business, and the challenges companies face in the digital age. Deep diving into the core theme of his book, Michael explores how emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT are reshaping business competition. He sheds light on AI's potential, emphasizing the need for a careful adoption strategy. The conversation navigates through the concept of business agility and the hurdles companies experience while adapting to digital transformation. Michael pinpoints common company concerns such as data sharing reluctance and job security amidst automation. Jason and Michael also delve into the impact of technology on employment, highlighting the potential for job creation while acknowledging the risk of increased income inequality. The effect of digitization across diverse sectors, from retail to manufacturing, is also discussed. In a nod to Michael's work on sustainability, they debate the role of businesses in combating climate change and fostering innovation. For those interested in keeping up-to-date with Michael's research, he recommends visiting his website, The episode concludes with a discussion on the necessity of agile business strategies, encouraging companies to view strategic actions as testable hypotheses, underscoring the value of learning and adaptation in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Stay tuned for a compelling conversation on mastering the digital age with Michael Lenox. You can get a copy of Michael's book at Follow Michael here Linkedin: Twitter:


Customer-first, employee-driven business transformation

In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Greg Kihlström, a seasoned customer experience and business professional. He shared valuable insights from his latest book, "House of the Customer," a comprehensive guide to one-to-one customer-first employee-driven business transformation. Greg discussed the importance of creating personalized customer experience and the challenges organizations often face in doing so. He highlighted the importance of agile principles and starting small, iterating, and continuously learning. Greg also stressed the critical link between customer experience and employee experience, emphasizing the impact of high employee turnover and lack of empowerment on customer experience. He proposed the use of AI as a promising tool for improving both customer and employee experience and discussed the potential of predictive analytics in anticipating and serving customer needs better. In conclusion, Greg encouraged listeners to start small, focusing on one priority that could make a meaningful impact on their customers. He emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of experimentation and learning, which would be instrumental in the long run.


Making a Difference One Step at a Time

In this episode, we have an engaging conversation with Amy McLaren, author of the inspiring book, "Passion to Purpose". We discuss how legacy can be created through simple daily actions and the significance of living a purposeful life. Amy shares insightful advice on rekindling your passion and making time for activities that bring joy and fulfillment. Additionally, we delve into the importance of self-check-ins and the power of journaling to identify steps towards your passion. For more information about Amy, her book, and her charity, Village Impact, check out our show notes. A complimentary copy of Amy's book is up for grabs for the first listener to reach out. Tune in and you could be the lucky one! Remember, making a difference begins with a decision to do so. Host - Jason S Bradshaw Guest - Amy McLaren


Encore - Revitalizing Retail

In this encore episode, Revitalising Retail - Jason S Bradshaw chats with Jim Inglis. During the show Jason and Jim explore the unique staffing strategy of Home Depot, the interplay of customer experience and brand identity and the importance of decision-making over data accumulation. Jim wraps up the episode by sharing his thoughts on how individuals in retail can grow their careers.


Introducing Chats with Jason

Jason S Bradshaw introduces his new show - Chats with Jason. The show will feature interviews with industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs who will share their experiences to help you achieve more, to stand out, to achieve your goals.