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We're an energy efficiency startup reaching out to similar companies in the Chicagoland area to talk shop with them!

We're an energy efficiency startup reaching out to similar companies in the Chicagoland area to talk shop with them!


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We're an energy efficiency startup reaching out to similar companies in the Chicagoland area to talk shop with them!






S3E1 Chicago Green Theatre Alliance - 10:23:19, 1.04 PM

Maggie from the Chicago Green Theatre Alliance and Beth from Verde Energy Efficiency Experts talk sustainability challenges in the theatre world and how that translates to everyone professionally and personally.


S2E4 Northwestern University and Kat Benitez

A conversation with Kat Benitez, the sustainability director at Northwestern University. Kat talks about the past successes of Northwestern, as well as initiatives for the next few years.


S2E3 Loyola Center for Social Enterprise Seth Green Podcast

Seth Green from Loyola's Center for Social Enterprise talks about sustainability and how these practices shape successful businesses in our modern economy.


S2E2 City Colleges of Chicago and John Brophy

A discussion around sustainability in the City Colleges in Chicago, and the initiatives that they take to be sustainable.


S2 Intro to Season 2

Introduction to a new season, why we have pivoted in our interview topics, and what to expect.


S1E15 Wilmette Fire Chief Ben Wozney Podcast

Jamie Johnson interviews Ben Wozney, Fire Chief of Wilmette Illinois, on his path to leadership and how sustainability plays into the fire service.


S1E14 Bauer Luce Podcast

Jamie and Natalie Bauer Luce discuss her new business, what motivated her to take it from idea to an actual business, as well as whether she will make the big leap to additional employees.


S:1 Episode 13 Oakton Community College with Debra Kutska

Debra and Jamie sit down to discuss the progress and investment that Oakton Community College has put forward for sustainability in recent years. Debra comes from the Brookfield Zoo community, where she was inspired about conservation by her colleagues and the community.


S:1 Episode 12 Ross Outten with Friendship Center

Ross and Jamie sit down in Friendship Center’s new location on Lawrence Avenue in Chicago, where they will be extending their services to include a hot meal service for those in need. Friendship Center has been around for 30 years, but Ross as Development director is acting like an intrapreneur to expand the service offerings and really transform the organization. Ross was previously the Executive Director at the Greater Ranvenswood Chamber, and also recently sold Cafe Dolce Casa (the 5th...


S:1 Episode 11 CEDA with Harold Rice

Jamie and Harold sit down in CEDAs office in the top of the 567 W Lake St building in Chicago. With a backdrop of a ton of natural sunlight and possibly the best office lighting in Chicago, Harold discusses his management and turn around experience at CEDA. At the time that Harold took over the organization, it was clear that One of the largest private, non-profit Community Action Agencies in the country was struggling. Harold took on the challenge, and has since turned CEDA to a forward...


S:1 Episode 10 Mightybytes with Tim Frick

Today we're chatting with Tim Frick of Mightybytes, a digital marketing and web design firm in Chicago.


S: 1 Episode 9 Shiraleah with Robert Hoffmann

Join us in a conversation with Robert Hoffmann, president and owner of Shiraleah, an importer of lifestyle and home decor handicrafts.


S:1 Episode 7 Agilux with Kevin Cody

Kevin Cody started Agilux in 2013 after seeing the opportunity to change the way people look at lighting. Agilux means "Moveable light) and was born through visions, innovation, and persistence.


S:1 Episode 8 Connect Food Podcast with Matthew Botos

Join us for a talk with Matthew Botos, CEO of Connect Food, a startup software company revolutionizing food safety practices.


S:1 Episode 6 Tacklebox Brand Partners with David Kelbaugh

Join us in a chat with David Kelbaugh of Tacklebox, as we learn about the reasons he left big agency life to set his own path.


S:1 Episode 5 Chicago Green Insulation with Tom Decker

Today we're talking to Tom Decker of Chicago Green Insulation, a Chicago based company specializing in spray foam insulation.


S:1 Episode 4 Rentalutions with Ryan Coon

This week we talk to Ryan Coon about his company, Rentalutions which is a software for landlords.


S:1 Episode 3 Matthews Fan with Chuck Matthews

A discussion with Chuck Matthews, founder of the Matthews Fan Company in Libertyville. His history of starting and growing the business, as well as why he chooses to invest in energy efficiency upgrades for better security for his facility.


S:1 Episode 2 Project Vision with Karen Chui

A brief discussion with the founder of Project: VISION’s founder, Karen Chui, whose mission is to help youth of Chicago’s Chinatown, Bridgeport, and surrounding communities achieve their full potentials by providing them with tools for educational, personal, and civic development.


S:1 Episode 1 Dearborn Wire and Cable with Buddy Greene

An interview with Buddy Greene from Deerborne Cable and Wire, one of the first customers that Verde worked with in 2014 on energy efficiency. Buddy started the business in the 1960s and ran it for almost 40 years, until an eventual sale in 2003. Buddy often quotes, "You never work a day in your life if you love what you do, and I loved what I did".