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Welcome to the Child Business Growth Podcast. My name is Nick Williams, I want to help you with your business. This channel features strategies and tips on how to improve your business marketing. Find out more about my company, Childcare Business Growth ⬇️


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Welcome to the Child Business Growth Podcast. My name is Nick Williams, I want to help you with your business. This channel features strategies and tips on how to improve your business marketing. Find out more about my company, Childcare Business Growth ⬇️




S3 EP 01 - Ben McAdams 'Maximise Your End of Year Profits' | CBG Podcast 2024

S3 EP 01 - Ben McAdams 'End Of Year Profit' | Childcare Business Growth Podcast 2024 In this live session, Nick from Childcare business growth talks to Ben McAdam, a profit coach and mentor for small business owners. Ben shares his insights on how to take an objective look at your business performance, rather than just getting caught up in the day-to-day tasks. He explains why focusing on the right numbers can help you achieve long-term benefits for your business, even if it means facing some short-term discomfort. Watch this session to learn how to shift your mindset and strategy from reactive to proactive, and how to use data to make better decisions for your business growth. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE @ChildcareBusinessGrowth


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Cris Rodriguez - 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make - Top Tips Edition: Episode 7

Join Nick Williams and Cris Rodriguez to discuss The Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make! With 29 years of Martial Arts Experience and 22 years of Teaching Experience, Professor Cris Rodriguez is a 1st Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, 3rd Degree TKD Black Belt, and Co-Owns Gracie PAC MMA, a BJJ & MMA School in Tampa, Florida, with her wife Stephanie. She has been obsessed with Internet Marketing for the past 10 years and is the Founder of Grow Pro Agency, a Digital Marketing Agency for Martial Arts Academies with over 310 clients. As a Partner in Marketing with Schools, their core focus is to help school owners gain the freedom they want in their business. She is also the Digital Marketing Consultant for the Martial Arts Industry Association and runs her own Mastermind Program called “The A Team”. Listen in to hear her: Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make! 1) Wait to long to hire help 2) Don't reinvest their profits back into marketing 3) Don't hire a mentor LIKE & SUBSCRIBE @ChildcareBusinessGrowth


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Jessica Johnsen - Right Time to Scale - Top Tips Edition: Episode 6

Join Nick Williams and Jessica Johnsen as they discuss when the Right Time is to Scale! Jessica has an extensive background in the Early Education industry. She started in college as a teacher and eventually took over the Colorado State University Lab Preschool. Jessica then consulted in the industry for over 5 years before moving to Washington DC and joining Georgetown Hill Early Schools. Jessica joined Yellow Brick Road (YBR) in 2019 when the company was facing some financial and cultural trouble. Jessica and her leadership team turned the culture of YBR around while navigating a global pandemic. They have since expanded into Nebraska and Iowa. Jessica was nationally selected as a Top 20 Dynamic CEO’s of 2021, publication released in July featuring Jessica on the cover page. Jessica also held the cover story as a Beyond! Top 10 Powerhouse Businesswomen to Watch, December of 2021. Most recently, Jessica was named the 2022 CEO Of the Year – Education Sector for Business International. Jessica is the author of The Ultimate Child Care Staffing Guide and has certified training in Culture Works, Conscious Discipline, Touchpoints, and Conscious Classrooms.🌟 LIKE & SUBSCRIBE


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Beth Cannon - Systems will Save Your Sanity - Top Tips Edition: Episode 5

Join Nick Williams and Beth Cannon as they discuss how Systems Save Your Sanity! Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator, and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams. With a heart to serve early educators through business and leadership strategy and team-building, Beth serves as a keynote speaker, conference presenter, digital course creator, coach, and consultant. She’s also the creator of The Leader’s Lounge – an online platform for early education professional development. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE @ChildcareBusinessGrowth


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Samantha Phillips - Top Tips Edition: Episode 4

Join Nick Williams and Samantha Phillips to discuss the importance of Being Selective About Your Insurance Agent.. Samantha Phillips is a Texas native and preferred vendor with a sparkly reputation as our industry’s leading expert about childcare insurance. She has helped child development centers, franchisees, private preschools, in-home, and after school programs all over the United States implement and maintain first class protection plans through her comprehensive coverage analysis and insurance partners with specialty programs for childcare businesses. Sam has made it her mission to share the knowledge she spent years acquiring to help owners like you become educated consumers. Her niche focus has rendered her a valuable educational resource. She’s been interviewed on podcasts, guest featured on webinars, authored newsletter articles, taught lunch n learn sessions, partnered with state associations, and more, while fulfilling that mission of educating the ECE community. Sam is now the Insurance Program Manager at Comploy, a professional employer organization that streamlines back office needs not only in insurance, but also payroll, benefits, HR, and so much more. She continues rescuing owners from bad policies and sharing her expertise from a company that has a lot more to offer than just great child care insurance coverage. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE @ChildcareBusinessGrowth


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Sindye Alexander - Top Tips Edition: Episode 2

Join Nick Williams and Sindye Alexander to discuss Building a Positive Workplace Culture in Your Child Care Center and Guiding Your Team Through Conflict.. Sindye has over 25 years of experience in the child care field. She owned and directed both home and commercial child care centers. While working with several business coaches, Sindye experienced tremendous growth and success, and found it necessary to move to a larger building. She, with the help of her amazing team, was able to grow her small child care center of 32 children to 120 children, just three months after relocating. Experiencing such massive results during her time working with a business coach caused Sindye to fall in love with marketing. She sold her center in 2016 and began doing marketing work full-time. She currently provides digital and content marketing services for private clients with businesses related to the child care industry. Sindye has a particular passion for inspiring child care leaders to create a positive workplace culture which will impact the industry by reducing staff turnover rates and by contributing to increased program quality. Her book: Relationship Roadmap: Real-World Strategies for Building a Positive, Collaborative Culture in Your Preschool is dedicated to providing owners and directors actionable tips and tactics for doing just that. Sindye’s education and experience are in early childhood education, staff management, digital marketing, graphic design, and content creation. Sindye resides in northern Michigan with her husband, Chad. They have four grown children and three grandchildren. Sindye values time with her family and enjoys traveling - especially cruising! She loves helping other child care business owners and directors grow and succeed. To inquire about having Sindye speak at your upcoming workshop, conference, or other event: email: (You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.) LIKE & SUBSCRIBE @Childcare Business Growth


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Summer Picha from The Conscious Classroom Model - Top Tips Edition: Episode 2

Summer Picha joins Nick Williams from Childcare Business Growth to discuss the new Childcare Top Tips Book and more.. Summer is a Minneapolis/ Twin Cities based early child development and leadership expert who helps ECE programs become the best in class choice for their clients. Summer is a trainer, speaker, and best selling author as well as the founder of The Conscious Classroom Certification Model: the leading framework that helps owners and administrators train & retain great staff, recruit children and families, reduce risk and stay compliant without complication, and protect school revenue. Check out the full episode and for more information, get your copy of Childcare Top Tips here: Website: Email: LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


Childcare Business Growth Podcast - Lynn Wenger from 1Place Childcare - Top Tips Edition: Episode 1

Lynn Wenger joins Nick Williams from Childcare Business Growth to discuss the new Childcare Top Tips Book and more.. 1Place Childcare exists to support Compliance and Best Practice Software and Services for Single Site Centers of Excellence as well as for Multisite Masters. We are the only provider of such services in the industry. In this podcast Lynn and Nick will be covering: - Hallmarks of Excellence and Mastery around Compliance and Best Practice- what are the common denominators - What is the "OO" syndrome. If you're an owner, how do avoid it! - Systems of Accountability and measurement - mitigating risk and maximizing repeatable best practices = quality reputation and peace of mind Check out the full episode and for more information, get your copy of Childcare Top Tips here: Website: Email: LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


Episode 15: Courteney Donaldson from Christie & Co Shares The Best Tips To Growing Your Childcare Business And Acquiring More Settings.

The incredible Courteney Donaldson from Christie & co will be joining Nick Williams for an interview exclusively for our Childcare Community!! As Managing Director of Childcare & Education, Courteney has a vast range of expertise in the childcare and education sectors. She has specialised in the childcare sector since 1999, providing valuation, transactional and consultative advice to operators, banks, and investors. In one capacity or another, she has been involved in virtually every major UK day nursery transaction since 2006. Get Courtney's Top 5 Tips on Acquiring on the CBG Podcast TODAY!


Episode 14: How Lilian Gal Filled Her Child Care Business in 10 Months and Generated $2million in Revenue

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth podcast, I speak to Lilian Gal - owner of Little Einstein Educational Centre in Canada - about her successful childcare business. We talk about how Lilian managed to fill her child care business within 10 months, and generate $2million dollars in recurring revenue in the middle of a pandemic. After joining Childcare Business Growth, Lilian has implemented our tools and strategies and is now thriving.


Episode 13: Challenging Staffing, Exhaustion and Guilt Due to Closure with Summer Picha

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I'll be talking with Summer Picha; Early Childhood Education Consultant & CEO at The Conscious Classroom Certification Model, and Consultant/Parent Coach at Grit & Grace Lifestyle. We'll be talking about the top 3 challenges most childcare business owners are facing around staffing, exhaustion, and that feeling of guilt due to forced closures and matters out of their control. Find out more about The Conscious Classroom Model ⬇️ Find out more about Grit & Grace Lifestyle ⬇️


Episode 12: The Importance of Online Learning with The Online School

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I speak to Ali and Angela from 'The Online School'. The Online School was born as a response to the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Their goal is to make education accessible for everyone around the world. Find out more about The Online School ⬇️


Episode 11: Building Children's Confidence & Connecting With Your Community with Steven Bryant

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I speak to author, graphic designer and owner of Little Milo's Books; Steven Bryant. Steven's books are aimed to create positive, reflective stories that include themes such as friendship, self identity, acceptance and more. I'll be talking with Steven about his children's story books that build children's confidence and help you connect with your community. Find out more about Steven's book series, 'Santana's World' ⬇️


Episode 10: Using Circle Time to Promote Your Business with Jocelyn Manzanarez

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I talk to Jocelyn Manzanarez; founder and director of Musically Minded. We discuss: 1. How can using music movement and circle time help to promote / market your business 2. Top tips for getting your team to embrace and improve their circle time. 3. Top tips on activities they could do as mini videos for families watching at home.... Find out more about Musically Minded ⬇️


Episode 9: Rebuilding Your Credit in a Post-Pandemic World with Asia Rivers

Hey guys! In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I speak to Asia Rivers. Asia is a business credit expert and partners with CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs to establish, utilize, and protect their business credit.


Episode 8: How to Grow Your Business to Multiple Locations, Whilst Maintaining a Great Company Culture with Sophie Kerr

Hey guys! In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I speak to nursery owner, Sophie Kerr, about how you can grow your business to multiple locations, whilst maintaining a great company culture.


Episode 7: How to Get Your Business Featured on Local TV with Marianne Schwab

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth podcast, I speak to former TV talkshow producer, Marianne Schwab, about how you can get your business featured on local television. Marianne Schwab is the “go to” person to get you TV interviews to promote your brand, product or service. She uses her road-tested media hooks and story angle formulas and helps her clients craft an irresistible message that guarantee media success when she pitches you as a guest on TV Talk Shows.


Episode 6: Five Steps to Plan Your Week and Avoid Overwhelm with Sophie Jewry

In this episode of the Childcare Business Growth Podcast, I talk to the amazing Sophie Jewry about the FIVE STEPS you need to take in order to plan your week and avoid being overwhelmes. Since 2003, Sophie Jewry, AKA 'The Queen of Brand', has helped thousands of business owners to create an awesome brand, be more productive and achieve a better work-life balance. Sophie, an award-winning entrepreneur, has launched and run 3 successful businesses, all while being a full-time mum. She was blessed with a daughter at just 19 so knows exactly how hard getting the work/life juggling act right can be. An advocate of continuous personal development, Sophie applies leading-edge techniques to help others make a healthy income from a business they love while enjoying a better quality of life.


Episode 5: 10 Virtual Events You Can Run, Even In a Pandemic with Daphene Booker-Harris

In this episode of the podcast, I speak to Daphene Booker-Harris; known as the event Queen for childcare and preschool icon. We talk about her back story, her success in childcare and the 10 virtual events that you are able to run, even in the middle of a pandemic.


Episode 4: Why Marketing Is Now More Important Than Ever with Chris Baker

In this episode, we talk to Cardiff-based nursery owner, Chris Baker. He talks about how he moved into childcare, his success and why marketing your business is so important right now.