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What’s it really like to be an ESG analyst: an insider’s guide

ESG is everywhere. That’s a fact. The launch of Citywire Selector’s inaugural ESG Yearbook provoked healthy debate among the investment community about what is and what should be happening. One person to join the fray was the guest on this month’s podcast, Architas ESG analyst Tom Woodfield, who both commented on and questioned elements of the publication. So, here Tom and Chris Sloley, editor of Citywire Selector, discuss what clarity is needed around ESG, why the fight for hearts and minds...


FundQuest’s Clare: strategies for seeing through ‘storyteller’ PMs

Fund selectors are often warned about ‘storyteller’ portfolio managers, but what can they actually do to avoid being swept away? Citywire Selector's editor Chris Sloley speaks to Neil Clare, fund selector focused on US equities at FundQuest Advisor, about the importance of reading ‘soft signals’, the strength of face-to-face meetings and why the data deluge isn’t necessarily a good thing.


LGT’s Hergert: ‘Why a manager who has been consistently successful is dangerous’

Citywire Selector's international reporter Jessica Beard speaks to Volker Hergert, portfolio manager for multi asset at LGT Group about how to distinguish fund manager talent from luck and why a manager that has been successful all the time is dangerous. He also talks about why he's cynical when it comes to investment according to regional lines.


‘We’re on the verge of a revolution’: Lux selectors’ industry outlooks

The regulation burden is getting heavier, so how can fund buyers still carve out time to find a competitive edge? In a panel session at Citywire Luxembourg 2018, AZ Fund Management’s Marco Vironda and Fuchs Group’s Ivan Nicolas tell Chris Sloley how they are staying ahead of the game, why ESG is a European obsession, what AI really means for their roles and how the human touch will never go out of fashion.


Deputy CIO: How fee pressures are changing our selection process

Citywire Selector's international reporter Jessica Beard speaks to Alex Brandreth, the deputy CIO and head of third party fund selection at Brown Shipley about the ongoing debate surrounding asset management fees. With a rush among fund houses to slash fees, Brandreth tells us how he is handling the increased pressure to provide value for money.


Why your three-year performance figures focus is flawed

In the latest episode of the Citywire Selector podcast, our guest David Coombs, who is head of multi asset investments at Rathbones, tells us why he believes the focus on three year performance is flawed. He also reveals how the core skill of a selector is uncovering new names early and this can mean breaking traditional track record thinking.


Fidelity's Nick Peters talks tactics and uncovering hidden talent

Fidelity's Nick Peters tells Citywire Selector’s Jessica Beard where his fund selection focus currently lies. Speaking about his renewed interest in alternatives and thematic investing, he discloses his fund pairing successes and mistakes.


Stick or twist? When to ditch an underperforming manager

Citywire Selector’s international reporter Jessica Beard speaks to the head of multi-management at Schroders, Marcus Brookes. The fund selection chief gives his top tips for knowing when to call time on an underperforming manager and when it’s worth sticking with them through the tough times.


How to avoid behavioural selection bias

Citywire Selector’s international reporter Jessica Beard speaks to behavioural finance expert and fund selector Joe Wiggins from Aberdeen Standard. Wiggins gives his top tips for avoiding the natural biases all selectors are vulnerable to and explains why it is crucial to admit that emotion is driving your investment decision making.


What selectors dislike about Ucits

Just because a hedge fund strategy has emerged in a Ucits structure doesn't make it immediately safe. Chris Sloley, Citywire Selector’s editor, this month finds out the main drawbacks to looking at alternative ideas. He catches up with Ian Crispo, head of liquid funds research at Deutsche Bank, to discuss the gap between what investors want and investors need, as well as his latest innovative investments.


What I wish I knew before MiFID II: Barclay’s chief offers regulation review

MiFID II is proving a tough nut to crack for many fund buyers, but what lessons and opportunities have its first three months created? This month Chris Sloley spoke to Barclay’s head of fund and manager selection, Ian Aylward, to find out what has worked, what hasn’t and what he wish he knew before the regulation kicked in. We also get an update on his latest asset allocation and alternative thinking.


Innovation insights: under the skin of new strategies

Is total return a trap and is disruptive a driver of returns or a dynamic marketing tool? This month Citywire Selector’s editor Chris Sloley get to grips with innovation and what fund selectors really think. He sits down with John Mallon of Italian group Classis Capital to hear how fixed income is being rethought and why strategy is more important than size.


Fresh thinking at Citywire Fixed Income Retreat 2018

Citywire Selector’s editor Chris Sloley is on the floor at Citywire Fixed Income Retreat 2018. He sits down with Investec W&I’s head of fixed interest, Darren Ruane, to hear how cash levels are creeping up in portfolios and shares a coffee with Citi’s EMEA strategist, Jeffrey Sacks, to discuss and debate Fed expectations for the year ahead.