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The essential podcast for sales professionals and sales leaders. Learn from other sales pros and some of the best sales coaches in the world as they share their wisdom to help you coach the sale. Whether you coach your sales teams, or want to in the future, this is the show for you.

The essential podcast for sales professionals and sales leaders. Learn from other sales pros and some of the best sales coaches in the world as they share their wisdom to help you coach the sale. Whether you coach your sales teams, or want to in the future, this is the show for you.


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The essential podcast for sales professionals and sales leaders. Learn from other sales pros and some of the best sales coaches in the world as they share their wisdom to help you coach the sale. Whether you coach your sales teams, or want to in the future, this is the show for you.




EP24 - The Habits of High Performance Sales Leaders with Dan Lappin

What do top performing sales professionals and sales leaders do that others miss? My guest in this episode, Dan Lappin, of Lappin180 shares valuable insights in to the approach and mindsets of these people. We discuss the traps that average sales people fall into, and the opportunities that exist with a shift in mindset. In the episode we cover: [+] The traps Dan sees run-of-the-mill or average sales professionals making, and how to correct them. [+] Why BS sales hacks often harm rather than...


EP23 - Life As An In-House Sales Coach with Rob Cucurull

Many times on the show we've spoken to external sales coaches and trainers but this episode is a little different, Rob Cucurull joins us to discuss life as an internal sales coach at SAP Concur. It's great to be able to interview Rob, he shares his experiences of what it's like to be a full time coach within an organization, helping staff develop, supporting them, and helping them become better salespeople. In the episode we cover: [+] What the sales function at SAP Concur looks like [+] We...


EP22 - Empathy, Milkshakes and Shotguns with Josh Braun

Is there any place for empathy in Sales? How can we improve our sales process by understanding the buying process? This shift in focus is at the core of my conversation with Josh Braun, someone who, if you work in sales and spend any time on LinkedIn you will have heard of. Josh and I breakdown what it means to truly understand how buyers buy, and what this can do to your sales skills. We dive into understanding why prospects buy, and why they don't buy, and revisit a topic we've touched on...


EP21 - Coaching A Modern Sales Organisation with Peter von Burchard

If you've ever watched an online video somewhere other than on YouTube, you've probably seen the Wistia video player, the super simple distraction free player that's great to look at and easy to use. My guest today is Peter von Burchard, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Wistia. On the face of it Wistia might look like a traditional software as a service, where customers sign up without much contact from a sales team. But in reality Wistia has a sizeable sales team that is heavily into...


EP20 - Why authenticity sells with Dale Dupree

How authentic are you in your sales conversations? Do you feel the need to have a polished persona of business professionalism that doesn't reflect who you are in any way? Dale Dupree's on a mission to put a stop to that, and in doing so ignite your sales performance. Dale is Founder of The Sales Rebellion, a sales coaching and training company with a mission to help sales people radically educate prospects and banish mediocre practices. He's prolific on LinkedIn, sharing tips, highs and...


EP19 - Your sales methodology is irrelevant with Kevin Dorsey

"Your sales methodology is irrelevant" that's the view of Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, a rapidly growing platform that helps doctors increase the visibility of their practices with digital marketing. Kevin has put out some thought provoking content on LinkedIn, inspired by his frustrations having been on the receiving end of terrible sales demos and we discuss that and more in this episode. He doesn't hold back on calling out poor practice, sharing experiences leading and...


EP18 - How To Have Better Discovery Conversations with Andy Paul

Discovery is one of the most critical components in the sales process. But when it comes to engaging new prospects, so many sales professionals wade into uncharted waters without proper preparation, or fail to do adequate research on their prospective buyers. Today we fix that with Andy Paul CEO and Founder of Zero-Time Selling. Andy is one of the foremost authorities on sales training and sales coaching with well over four decades of proven success closing deals and making sales. He and I...


EP17 - The Path to SDR Success with Morgan J Ingram

In today's episode, we're talking all things SDR with the one and only Morgan J. Ingram, host of The SDR Chronicles, a popular YouTube channel where Morgan documents his SDR sales journey. Whether you're currently an SDR, you coach SDRs, or you manage a team of SDRs, this episode is going to be of value. I sat down with Morgan at the SaaS Growth 2019 event organised by Sales Confidence in London earlier this month, and we cover a range of topics including his story to date, going from a new...


EP16 - The Power of Sales Process with George Brontén

There are few subjects that generate as much enthusiasm and excitement amongst sales professionals as sales process. Well, maybe not... But that's about to change. In this episode I'm thrilled to have George Brontén CEO of Membrain on the show, and he's here to transform the way you think about sales process. Gone are the days of clunky over engineered processes that nobody follows. Now, with the advent of technology like Membrain, companies are starting to realize just how much of an impact...


EP15 - Sales Onboarding Done Right with John Lund and Matt Shultz

Effective sales onboarding is critical when you’re ready to grow your sales team and set up new hires for success whilst avoiding disrupting the successful team you already have in place. What processes do you need in place to find the best recruits - and onboard them as efficiently as possible? For answers to these questions and more I'm joined by John Lund and Matt Schultz of MyB2Bcoach who share their step by step process for rapid onboarding that you can start to put into practice today....


EP14 - Business Development Done Right with Caryn Kopp

On this episode of Coach the Sale, we speak to Caryn Kopp, author of the incredibly successful book, “Biz Dev Done Right: Demystifying the Sales Process and Achieving the Results You Want”. Caryn provides fantastic advice on managing sales teams, as well as sharing tangible courses of action to help you clear your path to success. In this episode we cover: [+] Identifying blindspots in the sales process [+] Taking your pitch to the next level [+] Hiring the right staff, and the important...


EP13 - Implementing Strategic Sales Growth with Amir Reiter

We all want our teams to succeed and our businesses to grow, but timing is of paramount importance. It's not always easy knowing when to put a plan into action, or where to allocate resources. On this episode of Coach the Sale, we examine the signs of not only appropriate timing, but also look at determining where and how to move towards strategic growth. My guest is Amir Reiter, the CEO and founder of CloudTask, a managed service provider that helps software companies with B2B sales and...


EP12 - Sales & Marketing Unite! With Darryl Praill

Why is it that separate Sales and Marketing divisions from the same company, with the same goals, and the same direction, can spend so much of their valuable energy competing against one another? On this episode of Coach the Sale, we discuss valuable strategies and techniques that can assist once mortal enemies of the business world, and help them to successfully collaborate so that all may benefit. My guest is Darryl Praill, the Chief Marketing Officer at VanillaSoft. Darryl has been widely...


EP11 - Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset with Pete Evans

Self-improvement is one of most easily accessible pillars of success for every sales professional who is serious about managing their career growth. On this episode of Coach The Sale, we delve into ways to incorporate the culture of sales coaching into not only your office, but to your mindset as well. My guest is Pete Evans, Managing Director at Ventas. Pete has been responsible for coaching sales professionals from startups to major global players, and is an authority on teaching people...


EP10 - Overcoming The Need For Approval In Sales With Chris Mott

Need for approval in sales can be so detrimental - getting in the way of asking tough questions, limiting where a sales conversation goes, and undermining the progress of a sale. Understanding this, and other aspects of 'Sales DNA', is the focus of the episode. I'm speaking with Chris Mott President of Corporate Training at Kurlan & Associates - sharing what the analysis of over 2 million assessments and evaluations of sales professionals has revealed about the nature and structure of skills...


EP09 - Recruiting A Great Fit Sales Team with Wes Schaeffer

How do you attract and recruit great fit candidates for sales roles? Today I'm speaking with Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Sales Trainer Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer. We dive deep into how to attract, recruit and support the best sales talent for your organisation. In this episode we cover: [+] How Wes' time in the Airforce shaped his transition into working in Sales [+] The importance of practice and mastering the basics to become more adaptable when selling [+] The impact both a...


EP08 - How Listening To Sales Calls Drives Massive Growth with Sam Patel & Nicola Storar

Listening to sales conversations is the vital first step in helping sales teams grow. In this episode I'm speaking with Sam Patel (Inside Sales Director) and Nicola Storer (Inside Sales Manager - Customer Loyalty & Acquisitions) from Neopost a global company offering digital communications, shipping and mail solutions. They share how listening to, and analysing, sales conversations helped them to exceed targets with a reduced headcount. In this episode we cover: [+] Why listening to calls is...


EP07 - Coaching A 10yr Old To Cold Call with Joe Beales

Can you coach a 10yr old kid to cold call? The answer's yes and in Episode #7 of Coach The Sale I talk to Joe Beales - star of a video that, at the time of writing, has been viewed over 100,000 times on LinkedIn. Joe is the son of our CEO Kevin and last week he stopped by the office during one of his school holidays to spend the day at Refract, to discover what cold calling was about, and to get some one to one coaching from Refract Business Development Manager, Mark Ackers. In the episode...


EP06 - From Inbound Marketer to Outbound Sales Coach with Carole Mahoney

Carole Mahoney founded a marketing agency, but soon realized that overly relying on inbound opportunities wasn't going to be enough, and that in order to succeed she needed to embrace outbound sales and outbound calling. Carole shares her journey from inbound marketer to one of the best outbound sales coaches, a fantastic journey that reveals important lessons that remain extremely relevant to all sales professionals. In this episode you'll learn: + Carole's journey from inbound marketer to...


EP05 - Overcoming The Fear of Cold Calling with Rich Smith

If you have a fear of cold calling, or you manage people who do, then this is the episode for you. Refract's Co-Founder and Head of Sales Rich Smith and I discuss one of the main factors holding sales people back from being truly successful - cold call reluctance, and how to get over it. In this episode: + How does a fear of cold calling manifest itself, both within us and in the staff that we manage + What are some of the factors that increase and decrease that fear of cold calling + Rich...