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On this podcast, Brandon Grable, Jason Davis, & Jeremiah Russell host candid conversations about the pains and pleasures of small business ownership.

On this podcast, Brandon Grable, Jason Davis, & Jeremiah Russell host candid conversations about the pains and pleasures of small business ownership.


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On this podcast, Brandon Grable, Jason Davis, & Jeremiah Russell host candid conversations about the pains and pleasures of small business ownership.




Lessons Learned with Jason Davis

When Jason Davis started the Davis Firm, PLLC, his goal was to bring a small-business mindset to small business legal representation. In this episode, Jason discusses the struggles of creating an employee structure and culture that catered to that goal and where he is going next. Follow his journey on instagram:, and @davisfirm and online at This is episode is not intended to be attorney advertising, to the extent it is deemed to be so, the Responsible...


EP 044 - Catering to Culture

The Culture, a cigar experience. This episode Jason and Jeremiah sit down with David Jolly, owner and proprietor of The Culture, to talk about family, friends, connections, community, and catering to The Culture. David brings years of experience to the table as a business owner, business leader, product rep, and all around aficionado of cigars and spirits. His passion for creating a culture of service and building community through his personal and professional relationships should be an...


EP 043 - Fidel & Co.: From Sharpening Pencils to Pulling Shots

Fidel Samour, owner of Fidel & Co Coffee Roasters, discusses his transition from corporate America to owning his own coffee shop. While the industries and obligations may have changed, the purpose and mission remains the same: PEOPLE.


EP 042 - The Rogue Entrepreneur

Ep 042 - The Rogue Entrepreneur: Rogue Architecture PLLC Rogue Construction LLC Rogue Community Development The Rogue Companies all focus on a different aspect of the design and construction industries to provide a full range of service to their clients. Architecture and Construction are self-explanatory. Rogue Community Development, as the parent company, focuses on the development of affordable and market rate housing within Central Arkansas. In this episode we focus on the "why" and...


Who is an Entrepreneur?

Jeremiah rejoins the podcast as we discuss the definition of an entrepreneur.


Creating Culture in your Community with Dr. Chris Jones

In this episode, Brandon and Jason get the opportunity to visit with Dr. Chris Jones about the importance of creating the culture in your community. Dr. Jones has a long list of accolades and is a key center of influence within the central Arkansas community. He shares some insight and experience with us around what it means to be an influence in the culture around us. His perspective is one that really holds weight in this area. Please take a chance to listen all the way through.


What Drives You

In this episode, Jason and Brandon discuss where your drive comes from as an entrepreneur. What keeps you going when times get tough and how to fight through the hard times.


The Threat of Automation

As business owners, we all know that the internet has changed the game. Sometimes that change makes it easier for us to reach our customers, sometimes we get lost in the noise, and sometimes internet-based companies can offer what appears to be the same service at a lower rate and in a shorter time-frame. How do we compete against the internet? Jason and Brandon tackle this issue in Episode 10. HINT: YOU DON'T That internet based companies offer run-of-the-mill services faster and cheaper...


The Business Hats We Wear: How to Scale Efficiently

In this episode, Jeremiah leads the discussion of the many different hats an entrepreneur wears as they are in the process of starting and growing a business. Everything from Chief Mail Opener to Chief Executive Officer. We also discuss how to take off the right hats to make room for scale and growth of the business. Oftentimes as business owners, we find ourselves getting in our own way when we refuse to delegate or let go of a particular process. We discuss how we can't make more time, so...


Network Building: A Lifelong Pursuit

In this interview with custom tailor Paul Rainwater, we discuss how building a personal network is a lifelong pursuit. Jason & Jeremiah lead the discussion with Paul as he recounts his nearly 50 years of working in the clothing industry. He tells the story of how he has become a successful networker over his years in business and how relationships are the center of everything. Be sure to check out his store in Little Rock and his website here.


Parenting & Entrepreneurship

Show Notes: "How has being an entrepreneur affected your parenting?" ---availability, flexibility, self-determination, instilling a generational sense of personal worth and work ethic--- "I never want to grow up and work a white collar job." - Brandon Grable ---Ironic considering you now work a white collar job.--- "How does the perception of money affect parenting?" ---Duality of money - charity versus frugality--- Links: Hustle Sold Separately


Review & Revise: Renewed Vision for 2021

In this episode, Jeremiah leads the discussion with Jason and Brandon about how to approach business planning for the new year and how we can take some of the negatives from 2020 and turn them into positives for 2021.


Building the A-Team

In this episode, Jason, Jeremiah, & Brandon discuss what it takes to find the right people to help build the business you've envisioned. Listen in as we discuss how to build your A-Team.


Defining your Niche

In this episode, Brandon, Jason, & Jeremiah discuss the importance of defining your niche within your business so that you can position yourself and your business to have greater value to a select group of people.


Managing Client Expectations

In this episode, Jeremiah leads the discussion about how to adapt and manage client expectations in a COVID-19 world.


Meet The New Hosts: The Why Behind the Who

In this episode, Jason, Jeremiah, & Brandon interview each other and talk about each of their business specialties. They also spend time talking about why they do what they do and how to find balance within the ever-changing life of an entrepreneur.


Brainstorm: A New Chapter

In this episode, Brandon, Brad, Jason Davis, & Jeremiah Russell discuss the transition and rebranding of Coffee & Company. The podcast will now be called Brainstorm: An Entrepreneur's Podcast and will take a slightly different direction from before. Instead of focusing on interviewing success stories of small business owners, it will become more of a round table type discussion where the most important topics of small business ownership are explored.


Social Synergy with Jason Davis

In this episode, Brad and Brandon share a few shots of long-pour espresso with Jason Davis of the Davis Law Firm. ( Jason shares what it was like for him to decide later in life to go back to law school, change careers, and start his firm from the ground up right out of law school. We also discuss some of the entrepreneurial benefits of working for yourself and how you can design your work life and your social life to work together to grow your business.


Planting Trees & Growing Business with Tony Knight

In this episode, Brad and Brandon get to hear the story behind Little Rock Landscape with Tony Knight. ( Little Rock Landscape is a multi-generational commercial landscaping business that has grown from a couple of guys with a truck to doing landscaping work for one of the largest companies in the United States. Be sure to check it out! Also, on this episode, we taste coffee sent to us from one of our listeners in Texas.


The Future of Education with Tyler Tarver

In this episode, Brad and Brandon chat with Tyler Tarver (@tylertarver) who is a serial entrepreneur as well as a public education consultant. Tyler shares with us how the landscape of the education system has been changing over the last several years. This is really interesting because this episode was recorded before the COVID-19 shutdown and before we knew what was going to happen to public schools for the 2020-2021 school year. Be sure to listen as Tyler sheds some light on what the...