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[Ep185] Ghost Ant

Hi there, Shenanites! Hop aboard the tisane train, and join us this week as we discuss foodstuff categorization, tiers of community, and ghost mancy. Also, LOOT BOX WATCH returns! But hey, at least there isn’t a ghost roaming around your house and loudly judging you. Questions answered (abbreviated): - rosareven: Have you ever had days when you wake up and just don't feel like doing anything? How do you get through that feeling and pick up motivation again? - RetroBananaManNL: How did you...


[Ep184] Food Confetti

HELLOOO, Shenanites! In this tasty episode, we discuss avocado bugs, which came first: the chicken or the pancake, and organic pre-punched bananas. If you haven’t tried our new patented burrito cleanse, you’re missing out! Plus, get ready to sharpen your nose after we finally reveal our 2019 tagline! Correction: 20-Refine-teen was first suggested by bamhm182. Sorry bout that! Questions answered (abbreviated): - deadearthman: Have you ever been in a public place and heard your Butterscotch...


[Ep183] Cursemas Eve

Hey there, Shenanites! Welcome to the last Coffee with Butterscotch episode of 20gr18! This week, we talk about holiday creep, hand films, and version control. We’ll see you in 20 fine teen! 20 crime teen? Hm. Better workshop it some more. Questions answered (abbreviated): - bamhm182: We are now in the last month of 20gr18. How have you guys stopped f***in' around? Do you feel like you accomplished more this year than prior years? - RetroBananaManNL: Where do you get your industry news...


[Ep182] Difficulty Thermostat

Hiya, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about checkpoint strategy, exposure bucks, and internally narrating your value systems. Heck, we don’t know -- there’s no actual information here. But there is some wild speculation! Questions answered (abbreviated): - PeanutEanut: What is the stance on parallel universes in your Bscotch universe? Are there alternate versions of Fluxx? Are your games in the same multiverse as us? To stay up to date with all of our buttery goodness subscribe to the...


[Ep181] Plongitude Intersection

Hi, Shenanites! This week we talk about epic moves (heh), the continuing saga of Fallout’s fallout, and why a back burner is just an incinerator. The most unexpected thing that happened this week was that people’s expectations were met. The one time at least. Also, books! Read them! Or not. Depending on what you want to do. Questions answered (abbreviated): - lekiy: With Scuffle Buddies not your active project, do you occasionally dip into it in order to keep it active in your head meats?...


[Ep180] Loosely Jointed

Howdy, Shenanites! If you put your ears near this, you’ll hear about winter season survival thermoses, mechanic driven design, and regressive taxes. Sometimes it turns out that you’ve decided to fail. So maybe just… stop? Questions answered (abbreviated): - Woland77: I remember seeing in the settings for one of your older games that you implemented controls for the Sony Xperia Play, a gaming phone that never caught on. So far, no gaming phones have really caught on. Why do you think that is?...


[Ep179] Triangle Quest

Hey there, Shenanites! This week, we’re all recovering from the breaks that broke us a little, but there’s always room to do some horn tooting. Grab a mug of something cozy, and join us as we discuss baobab trees, churning, and the slippery slope of convenience. Questions answered (abbreviated): - (Not technically answered, but shoutout!) RetroBananaManNL: Several prime numbered episodes have been passed without notice, so let's call out the next one like the old times. - cdcMully: In the...


[Ep178] Plankdoll Physics

Hello again, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about the wily link lynx, fruits pooping nuts, and strategic tackling. Plus, another sidebar about lootboxes and real money auction houses. Isn’t the main problem with siloed knowledge figuring out what to do about treadmills? Questions answered (abbreviated): - RetroBananaManNL: Is there a reason why you launched the Crashlands co-op update the day you launched it? - jangofeet: Can you talk about the process for getting approved to publish a...


[Ep177] Orbital Rendezvous

Hello, Shenanites! In this episode, we discuss navigating by eyeball, living in chaos, and tight back processes. It’s time to stop being apologetic about your design decisions. Convenience is the enemy of adventure! Questions answered (abbreviated): - Theonean: Are you guys going to partake in meatpieceween? - RetroBananaManNL: How is work going with the brain globes? Is it working or did it not work out? - imcade: Do you have rivals or arch nemeses? To stay up to date with all of our...


[Ep176] Corn Operated Society

Hi again, Shenanites! Welcome to another episode of tangents with some game devs! This week, we talk about ghost hugs, PR nightmares, and arbitrary rules. We also got you covered with a small flood of video questions. In other news, Crashlands is coming out for the Switch tomorrow (Nov 8th)! Boot up the game and grab a couch buddy, and you can explore Woanope together! That’s some joy con math everyone can get behind. Questions answered (abbreviated): - Angrymuffin: What will happen with...


[Ep175] Long-term Spook Factor

Hey hey, Shenanites! This week, we discuss maximizing your lifetime spook on the spookchain, how strangers aren’t friends, and forging new neural connections. Here’s the thing though -- whatever it is that you do, do something else for a while. Questions answered (abbreviated): - RetroBananaManNL: Is anyone of you going to join nanowrimo this year? - Anonymous: FrenchToastMafia here. Do you find any other industries to provide helpful analogies to solve game dev specific problems? To stay up...


[Ep174] Live from Shenanicon 2018!

Hi there, Shenanities! We recorded this episode LIVE at Shenanicon 2018, so in addition to our buttery voices, you get to hear the scotchy whispers of some of your fellow Shenanites! We’ll talk about vampire flavors, nihilism pants, and why you sometimes just need a fat beat orchestra piece. If you take only one thing away from this episode, it should be this: if you come across a genie, just run in the other direction. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the first ever Shenanicon!...


[Ep173] Full Stack Butt

Hello, Shenanites! We spent this past weekend doing Globalhack, and now we are zombies. In this episode, we talk about our awesome experience hacking the globe, next level language, and how perfection is meaningless. Also, we’ve extended ticket sales for Shenanicon 2018! Come meet us in St. Louis for BBQ and Levelhead! More info at Questions answered (abbreviated): - 99crusader: I'm fairly new to coding and after working late I went to Discord to update my progress...


[Ep172] Sarah Compsognathus

Hi again, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about cultural gravity wells, the dangers of floss, and sleep deprivation. Can a bitter taste elevate your animal nature? Can you ever move past paywall injustice? We have no idea. Just do something and see if it works. What are we, narwhals? Still haven’t gotten your Shenanicon 2018 tickets? This is the last week to buy them! And October 20th is right around the corner -- More info at Questions answered (abbreviated): -...


[Ep171] Skeleton Nativity

Hey there, Shenanites! In this episode, we discuss the spooky season, the cost of the “any benefit” approach, and how much we never want to receive a fax. Routines are fragile, and when they break, you can get pretty hungover on unstructured time. Instead of throwing a wrench in the works, try some personal pepper roulette to spice up your life. Another way to spice up your life -- come to St. Louis on October 20th for the first-ever Butterscotch Shenanicon! More info at...


[Ep170] Jackhammer to Nowhere

Heyo, Shenanites! This week, we talk about how microwaves impact relativity, how ghost pepper skins taste like fear, and how random usernames bring about thematic cohesion. Grab your NPR fundraising tote and your trash panda notebook - we’re about to do some old school machine teaching. Your calendar space for October 20th seems curiously blank. Maybe you should fill with with BUTTERSCOTCH SHENANICON 2018! More info at Questions answered (abbreviated): - Krown: You...


[Ep169] DNA Chaos

Hello, Shenanites! This week, we discuss battery babies, long grapes, and how people have people brains. Plus, an update on Seth’s splaset! And answers to the oft-asked questions: which is better, a cucumber hat or a cucumber treadmill, and will either solve the problem of being a walking fire? Haven’t figured out what you’re doing on October 20th yet? Come to the first ever Shenanicon! More info and a link to buy tickets at Questions answered (abbreviated): -...


[Ep168] Bamboozle Prevention Device

Hi again, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about deepening our work, why you shouldn’t judge a gymbro by the muscle tank, and genericide. Plus, our sojourn to Nintendo HQ and why you can’t slap cat paws all over something. How can you tell the difference between Steve’s Blacksmith Shop and Jim’s Discount Blacksmithy? It depends. In additional news, we’re hosting our first ever Butterscotch Shenanicon on October 20th in St. Louis! Come visit us and celebrate Meatpieceween, and be among...


[Ep167] Randomly Generated Title

Hey there, Shenanites! This week, it’s a special listener question episode where we talk about optimistic nihilism, data guessing, and the cost of cheaters. This episode was recorded by our past selves to help our future selves out while we’re at PAX! Although when you listen to this, we’ll be our present selves again. Or will we? What even is time? Questions answered (abbreviated): - Woland77: A LOT of people use use video games to escape life and "delete time." How do you feel about the...


[Ep166] Sneaky Double Bird

Ahoy hoy, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about the secret behind a good dark roast, why you shouldn’t look blobby henna in the eye, and gamey flavors. Plus, we have exciting news about Levelhead! Maybe you should SWITCH it up and check out the trailer (! And finally, we’re going to be in Seattle for PAX! Keep an eye on Twitter and Discord if you want to meet up. We’ll leave you with this final question: when does tomorrow become yesterday? Please answer in an...