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[Ep169] DNA Chaos

Hello, Shenanites! This week, we discuss battery babies, long grapes, and how people have people brains. Plus, an update on Seth’s splaset! And answers to the oft-asked questions: which is better, a cucumber hat or a cucumber treadmill, and will either solve the problem of being a walking fire? Haven’t figured out what you’re doing on October 20th yet? Come to the first ever Shenanicon! More info and a link to buy tickets at Questions answered (abbreviated): -...


[Ep168] Bamboozle Prevention Device

Hi again, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about deepening our work, why you shouldn’t judge a gymbro by the muscle tank, and genericide. Plus, our sojourn to Nintendo HQ and why you can’t slap cat paws all over something. How can you tell the difference between Steve’s Blacksmith Shop and Jim’s Discount Blacksmithy? It depends. In additional news, we’re hosting our first ever Butterscotch Shenanicon on October 20th in St. Louis! Come visit us and celebrate Meatpieceween, and be among...


[Ep167] Randomly Generated Title

Hey there, Shenanites! This week, it’s a special listener question episode where we talk about optimistic nihilism, data guessing, and the cost of cheaters. This episode was recorded by our past selves to help our future selves out while we’re at PAX! Although when you listen to this, we’ll be our present selves again. Or will we? What even is time? Questions answered (abbreviated): - Woland77: A LOT of people use use video games to escape life and "delete time." How do you feel about the...


[Ep166] Sneaky Double Bird

Ahoy hoy, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about the secret behind a good dark roast, why you shouldn’t look blobby henna in the eye, and gamey flavors. Plus, we have exciting news about Levelhead! Maybe you should SWITCH it up and check out the trailer (! And finally, we’re going to be in Seattle for PAX! Keep an eye on Twitter and Discord if you want to meet up. We’ll leave you with this final question: when does tomorrow become yesterday? Please answer in an...


[Ep165] Doppelgonged

Greetings, Shenanites! This week, we talk about consistency, fudging reality, and the ambiance of the universe. Did you know that good gameplay is 90% lies? And that 86% of people who make up statistics use the same percentage over and over? And that just because things are real doesn’t mean they’re true? Or maybe it’s the other way around... Answers to these rhetorical questions and more in this episode! Questions answered (abbreviated): - Anonymous: Hey guys- Love the podcast; and just to...


[Ep164] Oxygen Mosh Pit

Hello again, Shenanites! In this episode, we discuss dead person goals, language justice, and just get into our most slogan-y slogan. Bonus: there’s another Bscotchradamus prediction buried here somewhere. Grab a mug, inflate your blimp, and listen in! It’s blump not do. Questions answered (abbreviated): - divo: Do you feel an overwhelming pressure for your next game release to be nearly or as successful as the Crashlands release was? - aslkefjdf: Do you ever say, "I'm sure." Then Shi comes...


[EP163] Dog Time

Hey there, Shenanites! This week we talk about living and working in dog time, the neverending metamorphosis of our games, and the invaluable impact of using different shapes and colors in game design. In our quest to conquer parallel parking, we’re ready to put aside our hopes of flying cars for sideways cars! And we’re looking to see if anyone is up for making the most epic game of all time, Hero Spa! Anyone? Anyone? Questions answered (abbreviated): - IrishLuck: How often do you remove a...


[Ep162] Pants Valet

HEYO, Shenanites! This week we talk about doing backflips, the first rule of improv, and the mystical juicy juice of Woanope. And guess what! We figured out how to thumbroll! We also dive into how our childhoods spent around towering sociopaths shaped our sense of humor, and discuss the ever-burning question: why don’t lizards in Star Wars force pull things into their mouths? Questions answered (abbreviated): - Anonymous: Sam! You're in Forbes 30 under 30. How's it feeeeelll? - JohnPatChap:...


[Ep161] Anti-mentors

Hi again, Shenanites! In this episode, we discuss studio burn rates, existential crises, and brain perceptions. Plus, we talk about a huge, literally game-changing update to Levelhead mechanics! This week, go thank someone who instilled good habits into you against your will. Whether they were a coach parent or a force of nature, where would you be without them? Questions answered (abbreviated): - challosis: Can y'all share some of the financial details of going indie, minus actual numbers?...


[Ep160] Infinite Spider Jars

Salutations, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about the squeaky pulley crew, bus pants, and how turnip beauty standards make Sam cry. Do you feel selfsmug about your painvestments? Because sometimes you can’t portmanteau your way out of a situation. Questions answered (abbreviated): - Anonymous: As game devs how do you feel when someone says they want to play a game where you can do anything? - imcade: Have you ever had a bad experience with a game you were looking forward to not live up...


[Ep159] Emotional Heist

Buckle up your avocadoes, Shenanites! It’s about to get real. This week, we talk about our initial curse offering of hexcoins, making game sausage, and surveillance toilets. Have more ideas that you throw away. Practice more because there are no shortcuts. It’s 20GR18, go do stuff. Questions answered (abbreviated): - doombrowski: If you were able to go back in time and teach your less art capable self how to wiggle nodes, what would you recommend to yourself when getting started? -...


[Ep158] Safety Appetizer

Hello, Shenanites! This is the first episode we’re recording in our new podcast space! This week, we discuss how buses high-five, opinionated systems, and flying potatoes. If things seem out of whack, it might just be a problem of depth. Advice for cameras and life! Questions answered (abbreviated): - uppscatningsman: I think a lot of us would like to hear what the rest of your [brainstorming process for the Shenanijam] was like because [Goop Legacy] seemingly turned out nothing like the...


[Ep157] Wrenches 101

Hey there, Shenanites! This week we talk about existential worlds, our soothsaying spreadsheet, and sensory deprivation. Also, miswanting. It’s a thing. And sometimes you gotta let people flail a lot, and then boop them in the right direction. Questions answered (abbreviated): - MySecretWeapon: I'm participating in a game jam at the end of June. I've done one before but I'm bringing 2 guys who haven't. What's the best way to split the work load between the 3 of us? - zacyzacy: Hey dudes, you...


[Ep156] Projectile Freedom

Hi again, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about scooter gangs, dirt sharks, and rules versus loopholes. How do you discover things if most things on most things aren’t worth discovering? Grab a mug of granola, and find out! Questions answered (abbreviated): - PottyGamer: If one person on a Jam Team is solely responsible for the coding, how do you keep the other teammates engaged when they've finished their duties and you're knee-deep in code trying to finish and debug? - grumpygramps:...


[Ep155] Butterscotch Shenanijam 20GR18 LIVE Kick-down Event

Hey there, Shenanites! In this extra special live episode, we talk about our whys and then we ask about yours! Tune in to hear the answers your comrades-in-arms gave. Who risked life and limb (literally, someone broke their foot), and who fell prey to Murphy’s Law? Plus, the lowdown on the third volume in our epic goop trilogy! Tears were shed, lessons were learned, and games were made. Thanks to everyone who participated in our second annual Butterscotch Shenanijam! Check out the sweet,...


[Ep154] Special Butterscotch Shenanijam 20GR18 Kick-off Minisode

Welcome to the 20GR18 Butterscotch Shenanijam, Shenanites! In this special bonus jammy minisode, we go over the themes and achievements of this year's Shenanijam. Tune in to hear us spitball a brain diamond. Whether you’re doing it for fun or for glory or for world domination, just abandon your life for the weekend and go for it! Get more information at the Shenanijam website And if you’re still on the fence, remember that jamming favors people of action, so don’t...


[Ep153] Moby Dirt

Hello, Shenanites! In this episode, we talk about naked sprints, infinite beans, and drowning people in pudding. Also, a long overdue update on Levelhead! What do chemical burns and smelling like beans have in common? You’ll have to listen in to find out! If you haven’t committed yet, now (and all the time leading up to June 8th) is the time to sign up for the Shenanijam at! Grab a friend, grab some beers (root or otherwise, in moderation of course), grab a temporary...


[Ep152] Plantar's Fascism

Greetings, Shenanites! In this episode, we go over the final installment of the Bscotch principles! We also talk about the ice cream problem, the dangers of over-exuberance, and a mutual coincidence of wants. After all, we’re all just weird, kind of smooth-skinned monkeys -- that’s why you gotta go two why’s deep. ALSO, the SHENANIJAM is heading your way June 8th! Find out more info at Don’t be a rhombus, Steve! Questions answered (abbreviated): - FiveIron: How can I...


[Ep151] Spectral Junebugs

Hi again, Shenanites! Join us for the inaugural segment of Shi Thing with Shi! Then stick around as we talk about pulling the right weeds, the wild west of data privacy, and managing a colony during volcanic winter. Are spirit animals alien chest bursters or general utility companions? Who would be a sharknado, and who would be a honey badger? Who would be Steve? Grab your beverage of choice and find out! Also, THE SHENANIJAM! It’s happening June 8th! Go to for more...


[Ep150] Tangent Stones

Hey there, Shenanites! On the sesquicentennial episode of the cast, we discuss the Combover patch, emblazoned tangential stones, and how adults need more exuberance in their lives. Emphatically emphasize a flower bush! Maybe spend the rest of your day skipping! After all, humans are just tubes with legs, and if a learning curve is steep, it’s all the easier to climb. Note: At 52 min, the dictionary Sam is referencing is the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows...