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Does your story start with passion?

Rich's passion and confidence lead him to a great pharmaceutical sales job! It took backing up for a year to learn the sales jargon. What makes your heart sing? Rich says it was the planning and preparation to close out his interview that got him excited and energized! Is there passion and inspiration in your career story?


She is "Living the dream at L.L. Bean", what do you do?

Arlee Post was patient and after one year in entry level jobs she was able land her dream job. There were the hard times and some tears but she worked hard. She also worked smart and found a mentor who took her under her wing. Now she has a great position in the fashion industry and some relationships to help her move up in her career. Her patience and hard work paid off and that is something we can all learn from! Many of us have goals or maybe a dream job but do we have the work ethic...


Millennial millionaire? No problem! But what is true success?

Speaking at Ball State University, I shared five steps to financial success. Being a millionaire should not be a problem if you start applying these five things after graduating from college. Just focus on two of the five, career and personal finance, and you can be a huge financial success! Since your salary is your biggest wealth building tool, it is time to land that career job! Go to any on line calculator and use the average starting salary for college grads and you see that it is...


What if you had a "Golden Resume"?

Brian Robben tells how he went from college grad to entrepreneur! Check out his blog: He is a best selling author and he has three books about career and finance available on Amazon. I ask him, "what would you do right now if you needed to find a job?" His answer was was not what I expected, but it works! He had a surprising answer when I asked him about his college loans? The guy is smart and has helped a bunch of people find great jobs! Wow, he has a great...


Your career depends on relationships and DISC is relationships!

Today's guest, Wendii Lord, has years of experience in recruiting and she says relationships are crucial to your career success and DISC will help you. Plus she is British and has a cool accent. The successful people now how to work through other people to get things done. So whether your interviewing for a new job or trying get promoted the DISC personality assessment is a great tool to learn how to work more effectively with others. Are you more task oriented or more people...


Can Millennials and recent grads, still win with the high cost of college? Financial Planner, Brad Baldridge, responds!

Brad Baldridge is a Certified Financial Planner and he specializes in helping families plan for college. So no matter where you are on your journey from college debt to career cash, Brad has something for everyone! On his website, Taming The High Cost of College, he has all sorts of helpful tools for finding scholarships and other financial services. He helps many families that are in that late stage planning where college is just around the corner and the tuition bills are due now! He...


Conversations that led Helen to an Oncology Sales opportunity with Roche.

Helen Hedrick shares how "crucial conversations" led her to a sales career with Roche Diagnostics. In fact all of us will have those conversations so how can we be prepared? Fortunately, she had family and other mentors to help her make the important decisions. When it came time to pivot away from a medical degree and move into sales, she was grateful for those "crucial conversations". What resources do you use and who do you talk to make big career choices? When it was time for the...


The millennial success formula for career and happiness!

Darius has his challenges like the rest of us but he also has a secret ingredient! He knows after getting his degree and starting his career job that he has to actual show up and work hard every day! He realizes that his real opportunities for career and financial success lie ahead and that he is on the right track. He is an already an assistant manager at Enterprise and he is fired up about his plan to get out of debt. He uses the 'envelope system" to pay cash for all his routine...


Jacob is an architect and singer, deep down what do you want to do?

My name is Jacob Lafever, and I graduated in May of 2016 from Purdue University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, and a little over $27000 in student debt.I started my first landscape architecture position with Curtis + Rogers Design Studio, a design firm in Miami, Florida as a Jr. Landscape Architect.From working extreme hours in studios and other courses at Purdue, I knew work-life balance was very important to me, and I knew I wanted to find an employer who valued me more as a...


Kaila's story, Enterprise branch manager to AT&T corporate sales !

How did Kaila Hart get her master's degree, become a branch manager at Enterprise and then move into corporate sales by her mid twenties? She shares her secret, but I had I ask her two times and then we finally found that "Golden Thread" that leads to her success! The great news is that we all can do it! Yes it is not a matter of talent or GPA or financial status but her success is something we can all start doing today. She does credit some pivotal moments such as an internship with...


You get ten seconds to make a first impression!

Jeff Eads, Ball State University Career Coach, works with thousands of college graduates each year and shares valuable insights on interviewing. He talks about the importance of making a strong first impression. Employers report that the first impression usually sticks and hiring decisions often come back to how a candidate did in the first five minutes. We talked about the importance of a candidate matching the interviewer's energy level and personality. The key is to work on your body...


Ball State Career Coach, Jeff Eads, says "soft skills" help people remember you!

Since everyone your competing with has a degree and maybe an internship then excel in your soft skills! Jeff Eads, Career Coach at Ball State, says help people to like you and remember you by your energy, body language, listening skills and being genuine. After the interview keep your presence "top of mind" through your follow up skills.


Money expert and author, Jordan Goodman, discusses The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans

Today I interview Jordan Goodman, author of The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans. We go deep into all the pro's and con's of going into debt for college and how to be smart about it! Jordan is an expert and highly regarded author and speaker on the subject of finance. He lists a numerous of websites, books and other resources to help us win with finances. Please listen all the way through so you don't miss the story about his son's career opportunity with Airbnb.


Cam shares how his college struggles led to career swagger!

After almost flunking a college accounting class Cam decides he will have to change his ways. Determined to be in the business school at Indiana University, he has to figure out how to work harder and give his best. Oddly a theater minor gives him that competitive edge and a way to stand out from crowd! Combing his new found confidence and his desire to graduate he develops what we all want. Career Swagger!


Need a vision for your career? Sara shares how she got promoted to a sales and marketing position!

Sara Williamson shares how she majored in Event Planning and worked her way into sales! She now calls on local sports teams and other businesses promoting hotel and restaurant services. She says one key is to know your main strength and don't be afraid to use it! She suggests a few books to help discover your unique personality traits. Her success came by taking small steps to reach her goal! From what she shares any one can go to college and find a career and move up to a dream job!


Kathleen uses her networking skills to land a technology sales position!

Kathleen pays of her student loans and continues to move up in her career! She pays off $35,000 in student loan debt in less than a year and shares that the temporary sacrifices were totally worth it. She also shares how se made the jump from project management to technology sales!


My story and why I launched this podcast!

In this podcast I talk about coaching my kids through the college and career journey.


Cort shares how he landed job with Wells Fargo and paid off $35,000 of student loan debt in nine months!

Now that Cort Post has a great job in corporate banking with Wells Fargo, he shares his pearls about interviewing and paying off student debt quickly! * Constantly churn out interviews by keeping yourself fresh and motivated. * Super charge your networking efforts be proactive vs. reactive. * Stand out by learning to tell your story about why you want this job. * Pay the most you can each month on student loans and live off the rest. * Just accept you will have to make some sacrifices...


Rock your resume by trying new things in college and in your career!

Hannah is my daughter, so of course I am proud of her; but more than that, she shares some very helpful tips to pay off college debt quickly and get off to a fast start in your career! She shares her best kept secret for rocking her resume and getting noticed. Hannah also shares many others things she did to develop leadership. What employer is not going to eat that up? Changing jobs? Today Millennials will have many different jobs in their career journey and Hannah shares her path to...


Dream of being an entrepreneur? It will be much easier once you pay off your student loans and aquire marketable skills!

Purdue engineer, JC Preston, becomes entrepreneur and says the jump was much easier without student loan debt! His graduate degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana and campus work experience prepared him for the entrepreneur world! Sure the new American dream is to have your own business and be your own boss. But most successful entrepreneurs like, JC Preston, go to college and pay off their debt and have cash to start their venture. On the show he shares how he navigated...