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Derek Kauffman "turns the table" in the interview

Get hired in medical sales! Derek Kauffman 765-914-6638 Gregory Novarro "Ace the Sales Interview"


Mark Bartz "The New Way" Part Two

Mark shares the importance of credentials, trust agents and timing! He gives us a plan to get hired in medical and pharmaceutical sales. What is your next step in the process?


Mark Bartz "The New Way to Find a Medical Sales Job"

Mark gives us the secret on how to get hired in medical or pharmaceutical sales. Do you have a "trust agent" where you are interviewing? The new thing is employee referral programs! Learn how to tap into this new way of landing a job! Mark's company, Medical Sales Mentor's, shows people exactly how to do this. Follow along today's show and start doing these things to get hired!


Joshua Maxwell "embracing a new culture"

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to be in medical sales then you will appreciate the comparison to speaking a new language. Joshua shares his move to Paris, France and breaking into sales. He explains how he had to embrace the new culture. Medical and pharmaceutical sales will be the same experience. From learning a medical specialty to calling on doctors, you will be in a new world. You can find Joshua at Join us each week as we walk through how to get...


What is the biggest mistake on a phone interview? Best selling author, Greg Novarro, explains!

Learn how to become the #1 candidate, when interviewing for a medical or pharmaceutical sales position. In his book "Ace the Sales Interview", Greg Novarro shares how to land a high paying sales position. He has helped hundreds of people, so listen as he tells us what it takes to get hired!


Breaking into Medical Sales with No Sales Experience!

Tyler Cruse goes from a job in physical therapy into medical sales with no sales experience! Many of us would love a high paying medical or pharmaceutical sales job but we are not sure how overcome the "no experience" obstacle. Learn how Tyler did it and think about your situation and what you need to do to get hired? His big challenge was to be more persuasive in the interview so see what we did so he was able to nail the interview. Hopefully his story will give you the encouragement...


Does your story start with passion?

Rich's passion and confidence lead him to a great pharmaceutical sales job! It took backing up for a year to learn the sales jargon. What makes your heart sing? Rich says it was the planning and preparation to close out his interview that got him excited and energized! Is there passion and inspiration in your career story?


She is "Living the dream at L.L. Bean", what do you do?

Arlee Post was patient and after one year in entry level jobs she was able land her dream job. There were the hard times and some tears but she worked hard. She also worked smart and found a mentor who took her under her wing. Now she has a great position in the fashion industry and some relationships to help her move up in her career. Her patience and hard work paid off and that is something we can all learn from! Many of us have goals or maybe a dream job but do we have the work ethic...


Millennial millionaire? No problem! But what is true success?

Speaking at Ball State University, I shared five steps to financial success. Being a millionaire should not be a problem if you start applying these five things after graduating from college. Just focus on two of the five, career and personal finance, and you can be a huge financial success! Since your salary is your biggest wealth building tool, it is time to land that career job! Go to any on line calculator and use the average starting salary for college grads and you see that it is...


What if you had a "Golden Resume"?

Brian Robben tells how he went from college grad to entrepreneur! Check out his blog: He is a best selling author and he has three books about career and finance available on Amazon. I ask him, "what would you do right now if you needed to find a job?" His answer was was not what I expected, but it works! He had a surprising answer when I asked him about his college loans? The guy is smart and has helped a bunch of people find great jobs! Wow, he has a great story...


Your career depends on relationships and DISC is relationships!

Today's guest, Wendii Lord, has years of experience in recruiting and she says relationships are crucial to your career success and DISC will help you. Plus she is British and has a cool accent. The successful people now how to work through other people to get things done. So whether your interviewing for a new job or trying get promoted the DISC personality assessment is a great tool to learn how to work more effectively with others. Are you more task oriented or more people focused? Are...


Can Millennials and future grads, still win with the high cost of college? Financial Planner, Brad Baldridge, responds!

Brad Baldridge is a Certified Financial Planner and he specializes in helping families plan for college. So no matter where you are on your journey from college debt to career cash, Brad has something for everyone! On his website, Taming The High Cost of College, he has all sorts of helpful tools for finding scholarships and other financial services. He helps many families that are in that late stage planning where college is just around the corner and the tuition bills are due now! He...