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026: Claire Coder of Aunt Flow

Claire Coder was a competitor in 2015 GSCA Competition, and also the founder of Aunt Flow. In today’s episode, she shares the stories of her business ventures, and she started her business and grew it to where it is today. On a mission to change the world one cycle at a time, Claire talks about the importance of investing in your business and nurturing your entrepreneurial inclinations from a young age. Key Takeaways: [:45] Claire started her first company — There’s A Badge for That...


025: Keeping It In the Family

Jim has a unique entrepreneurial experience moving from one family business to another. After growing up in one family business, he left and started on a new venture that would eventually turn into a first generation family business. In this episode, Jim talks about his work with Advance Sign Group, working with his immediate family, and how EO helped to shape some of his business decisions as he was getting his new company on track. Key Takeaways: [1:15] Jim shares his lifeline:...


024: Senior Living Reimagined

Lisa M. Cini has spent many years developing her business and curating important technology for senior living. Her background in interior design led to the development of Mosaic Design Studio and Best Living Tech. In this episode, she talks about her lifeline and the impact EO has on not only her own life, but her family’s as well. She shares some stories about some rough patches in her life, and how she overcame them and continued to grow her business. Key Takeaways: [1:24] Looking...


023: Michael Erath, Smart Directions

On today’s episode, Michael Erath joins Kevin to talk about his story. Michael shares the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial ventures in the family business, and how he took ownership of his time and business to find entrepreneurial freedom. He now works actively as an EOS implementer, and is releasing his book Rise, on August 29th. Key Takeaways: [:47] Michael grew up as second generation in a family manufacturing business, where they manufactured hardwood veneers. His dad was on...


021: Good Nature Organic Lawn Care

We’re back with a brand new episode! On today’s episode, Matt Cellura joins Kevin to talk about his entrepreneurial ventures with Good Nature Organic Lawn Care. Matt shares his story of how he got started in the business, as well as what their future plans for the company are. He talks about some of the challenges of expanding a small business, as well as the unique components of their company that set them apart from others. Key Takeaways: [:32] Matt shares his lifeline. He grew up in...


020: Jeff Flamm

Today’s guest joins Kevin from Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeff experienced great entrepreneurial success in the business world. Jeff talks about creating (and selling in one case) two companies: Health Benefits America in eyeQ. In this episode, Jeff focuses on the attitudes and preparations he took to ensure that he was successful in his ventures. Key Takeaways: [:45] Jeff shares his lifeline. He switched his major several times during college, but graduated with a business degree and...


018: Dave Will

Today’s guest is actually member of the Boston Chapter of EO, and is also the host of the official EO global podcast. In today’s episode, Dave talks about how he got started with his business, and growing the culture of his employees. Culture has been a very important aspect of his entrepreneurial ventures, and today he shares how this focus has helped to develop his current business, Prop Fuel. Key Takeaways: [3:11] Dave shares his lifeline. He was born into a great family and had a...


017: Kay-Twelve: Creative Learning Environments

On today’s episode, our host becomes the guest! It is Kevin’s turn to share his lifeline. Kevin talks about how he got started with his current business, Kay-Twelve. Not only does he share his business journey, but he shares some personal stories from his life, and talks about the business’s future as well as his family’s. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Key Takeaways: [:38] Kevin shares his lifeline: He grew up in Chicago with three brothers, and had a fairly idyllic...


016: Alberto Scirocco

Today’s guest is a newer member of EO. Alberto Scirocco joins Kevin to talk about moving here from Italy, and how his freelance design turned into a business. Since starting the company, he discusses the change in the demand and the field, and how they as a company have had to change and evolve to keep producing the best product. Tune in today to hear about some of their specific projects at Left Channel, and what Alberto hopes for the city of Columbus, when it comes to creative...


015: Jason Carpenter

Kevin Stoller is joined by Jason Carpenter of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to discuss Jason’s Lifeline (1:09), after high school (4:54), starting his business (9:00), revitalization of the company (15:16), Karen becoming involved (20:24), turning the business around with new software (25:00), residential and apartment complexes (29:48), lightbulb moments (31:00), joining EO (31:50), what's your “why” (34:35), mentorship (35:11), working with his wife...


014: Timeless Skin Solutions

In today’s episode, Dr. Carol Clinton shares her inspiring story of persistence and perseverance as she worked to open her own business. She talks about her personal struggles with cancer, and how she worked through that time with the support of her family and friends to grow her skin care and body sculpting business. Nearly twelve years after the start of her business, they have expanded to multiple facilities, and are looking to grow additional aspects. Key Takeaways: [:48] Carol...


012: Steve Cox

On today’s episode, Steve Cox joins Kevin to talk about his business venture: i9 Sports. Steve talks about his experience moving from a corporate job to the entrepreneurial world, and some of the struggles and triumphs of starting the business. As the business is growing, Steve talks about the evolution and what sorts of things they are hoping to achieve in the next few years. As a new member to EO, he talks about his experience so far, and what he’s hoping to get out of being involved in...


011: Danielle Walton

Danielle Walton, Co-Founder and Lead Strategist of Adept Marketing, joins Kevin on this episode of the Columbus Entrepreneurs’ Podcast. In this episode, she shares the road to starting her business, some of the philosophies their company is built on, and where they see themselves in a few years’ time. Key Takeaways: [:32] Danielle shares a bit of her background: She grew up in Canton, OH, and went to Miami University for college. Upon graduating in 2001, she took a full time position...


010: Angela Petro

In this episode, founder and CEO of Two Caterers, joins Kevin to talk about her current ventures. After a successful start-up, she is now working to expand her company to a multi-unit venture. She shares her story of how she got started, some of the current struggles she’s facing with an established business and a start-up, and how EO has benefitted her along the way. Key Takeaways: [0:30] Angela begins the episode by sharing her history and her lifeline. Growing up in Akron, education...


009: Sandy Fekete

In today’s episode, Sandy joins Kevin to talk about her story and her work to make companies more functional by determining their personalities. She talks about her personal and business ventures, as well as her current company, and the events that led to its creation. Key Takeaways: [:45] Sandy shares her lifeline: Growing up in the West, Sandy left to find new opportunity at an internship in Columbus. She worked writing resumes for a search firm under the condition that once it was...


008: Kristen Harris

In this episode, Kevin meets with Kristen Harris, co-founder of Portfolio Creative. They talk about how the business got started, working with a compatible business partner, as well as where they hope to grow in the future. Kristen talks about some key aspects of EO that have contributed to the evolution of their business, as well as some ways members of EO can get involved in more of what the organization has to offer. Key Takeaways: [0:38] Kristin shares her lifeline: her parents...


007: Jeff Burt and Mark Pottschmidt

Kevin has two guests join the show today. Jeff and Mark are in the same forum group at EO, and they come on the show to talk about their different entrepreneurial ventures. Both Mark and Jeff have their own companies, and they share the twists and turns of how they got started, what their goals moving forward are, as well the ways in which EO has influenced and inspired them. Tune in for a fun show! Key Takeaways: [:52] Jeff shares his lifeline — after going to school and studying...


006: David Butcher, FlyBy Entrepreneurship

Today’s guest, a Columbus Student Entrepreneur Award winner, is involved in the student entrepreneur program of EO. Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at Ohio State, David Butcher is also running a business called FlyBy BBQ. In this episode, David talks about the start of his current business, what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, the various business plan competitions he’s been involved in, and he shares some advice for young people who want to become entrepreneurs. Key...


005: Michelle Merkel

Michelle Merkel’s entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured from a very young age. She would sell her crafts at schools, and eventually, stores. Her father taught her to chart stocks and invest in the market. By the time Michelle’s childhood finances reached $10K, she funded her own backpacking trip through Europe. She now pays it forward by instilling her children with a mindset for success, and supports them in their business ventures. Michelle joined EO to gain valuable insights from other...


004: Bill Troy’s Entrepreneurial Adventures

Today’s guest is Bill Troy, who will be the incoming EO Education Chair, and the President Elect for 2018-2019 year. In this episode, Kevin and Bill talk about Bill’s start in entrepreneurship, starting his own business and writing a book, and how EO has helped him navigate some of the twists and turns he has experienced in his career. Key Takeaways: [1:04] Bill shares his “lifeline” — after meeting his wife in college, he left college and went to broadcasting school, and after...