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Join us for everything clarity! The truth is once you have confident and courageous clarity you will find success in life and business! Here we help you get clear on what you do; not how you make money. Once you know what you do, you can make money doing you!

Join us for everything clarity! The truth is once you have confident and courageous clarity you will find success in life and business! Here we help you get clear on what you do; not how you make money. Once you know what you do, you can make money doing you!


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Join us for everything clarity! The truth is once you have confident and courageous clarity you will find success in life and business! Here we help you get clear on what you do; not how you make money. Once you know what you do, you can make money doing you!








Have People Crave You Like Chick-fil-A On A Sunday with Samantha Mabe

This week's guest is Samantha Mabe, a Creative Director and Designer of Lemon and the Sea, empowers service-based business owners to feel confident sharing their expertise and promoting their work through custom designed websites. She loves creating websites with beauty and brains that are designed to convert and give you the power to make edits yourself. She currently lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and one talkative toddler. I'm so excited to chat with Samantha! You all are truly in...


I’m Called for More, But…

This week's guest Arika Davenport, author, speaker, and founder of She Pursues Purpose, leads women of faith into discovering & walking in their purpose. As a Purpose Coach, Arika helps women of faith to identify and monetize their God given gifts, so that they can build profitable businesses that’s connected to their calling. Arika has helped women across the globe to find meaning in their lives through entrepreneurship. She Pursues Purpose offers a variety of resources that brings...


KISS Money Mindset with Stacey Hampton

This week's guest is Stacey Hampton, a licensed personal finance coach. As a coach she provides knowledge, strategic plan, and is available as an accountability partner to her clients. She uniquely combines her background in mental health, social work, and her financial expertise to address the money concerns of her clients. Stacy’s mission is to provide the financial literacy and access to products and services that will help every person build a strong financial house. I'm so excited to...


Know your Roots to Grow your Purpose with Chulu Chansa

This week's guest is Chulu Chansa! Chulu is a writer of modern African culture & lifestyle, the host of the Africana Woman podcast, a transformational speaker and mentor. She currently resides in Zambia, is the proud mother of a teenage boy and is at peace. For many years Chulu experienced success in her career, however fell short in her personal life. Eventually she managed to transform her lifestyle and lives by the principle, K.N.O.W. your Roots, Grow your Purpose where KNOW stands for...


The Effects of Unresolved Trauma on Clarity with Ramesha Nicole

This week's guest is Ramesha Nicole! Ramesha is The Internal Debt Collector. The heart of her purpose is to help Christian millennial women experience freedom from unhealed mama trauma that continues to AFFECT and INFECT every area of their lives including their finances. The goal is to help them experience true freedom in order to live a life that's purposefully and financially free. I'm so super excited for her to share some gems! You all are truly in for a treat. Ramesha is the COO &...


I Am Enough Just As I am with Evelyn LeVasseur

This week's guest is Evelyn Levasseur! Evelyn is a transformation speaker, nutrition coach, certified group and personal trainer, and has a specialization in behavior change. She also has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education. I'm so super excited to have her and you guys are truly in for a treat. Evelyn is the owner of Evelyn LeVasseur Fitness, a company that focuses on helping busy, overwhelmed moms reach their body goals without dieting or deprivation. After almost 19 years of...


Max Capacity with Nicole Rhone

This week's guest is Nicole Rhone, The Capacity Coach. Nicole’s the host of the Flow and Flourish Podcast, and a Transformational Speaker who helps high-performing women increase their capacity for sustainable success, by creating balance between their personal and professional lives. This wife and mother of two has steadily and successfully climbed the corporate ladder by supporting thousands of employees globally, so she knows what it’s like to wear many hats and juggle competing...


Giving God a Real Yes with Courage Molina

This week's guest is Courage Molina, a Faith Coach and everyone’s favorite Bible Teacher! It’s no surprise that her life’s work is to help ambitious, purpose-driven women to build extraordinary faith so that they have the confidence to go after the life they really want. She believes the foundation of becoming your most bold, confident, and courageous self is in the daily habit of studying and applying the word of God to your life! As the Lead Minister for the Dose of Courage Community,...


Community is Essential: Creating Healthy Femships

This week's guest is Natalie Dean, the Founder and Executive Director of Whine and Cheese. Natalie Dean is a communications professional and entrepreneur. For more than 15 years, she has built a successful public relations and communications career with extensive expertise working with domestic and global entities. In February 2011, Natalie founded Whine & Cheese, Inc. to provide refuge and resources for professional women seeking community. For the last 10 years Whine and Cheese has been...


Believe Like A Boss with Brittany Sherell

This week's guest is Miss Big Business herself - Brittany Sherell! I'm so super excited to have her and you guys are really truly in for a treat. Brittany is a competent, fun, and engaging corporate speaker, and consultant. She has spoken internationally to hundreds of organizational leaders and students and coached dozens of women leaders to achieve breakthroughs in their professional and personal life. Brittany is the founder of Elam & Co, a global training and personal development...


A Wellness Journey of Healing and Living Authentically with Danielle Washington

Let's be CLEAR... Health is wealth! Are you ready to join the Revolution of Wellness, of Healing and Living Authentically? My guest today is the amazing Danielle Washington. As a certified Reiki Master and Meditation Facilitator, Danielle mixes her training with her intuitive gifts to guide women through their healing journey to discover their own life. She's the host of the Hella Well with Danielle Podcast and founder of The Rogue Experiences, curating intimate wellness travel experiences...


Who Gone Check You Boo... Who?!?

Do you have feelings of confusion, all over the place, overwhelm, anxiety, wanting to be further along in the journey, thinking that you should know more, placing pressure on yourself to do it as others expect of you and or the stress to show up as X,Y, and Z. Let me tell you a little secret, do you! Who gone check you boo... Who? Join Jateya in today’s episode and find out the main thing she shares with her clients and why! In today’s episode, we cover: Relevant links: "Who gone...


It‘s Ok

Did anyone ever tell you that you are too *fill in the blank*? Well, good! Because you should be, and you should know that it’s okay. It’s okay to be you: it’s okay to be too extra, it’s okay to be multi-passionate, it’s okay to be multifaceted, it’s okay to wear bright colors. It’s okay to be you, because life is too short. Join Jateya in today’s episode and find out why you should never dim your light and how to level up every single day. All my life I have been "too" something. Too...


Let Me Re-introduce Myself

In 2020, I made the pivot from The Natural Networker to Jateya Jones Consulting. Therefore, I figured I should re-introduce myself. I made the switch, because I realized the clearer my clients were, the better they were at networking. So after 4 years of bringing you Mocha Mondays, I decided to shift and expand the content I provide from just networking to so much more!