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Best Way to Built it. Constructrr is focused on high performance teams within the construction environment. The show focuses on increasing the production, retention, and the wellness in the buildings we create and work in. This show is about helping property owners reduce risk and create more certainty in their construction projects through increased transparency.

Best Way to Built it. Constructrr is focused on high performance teams within the construction environment. The show focuses on increasing the production, retention, and the wellness in the buildings we create and work in. This show is about helping property owners reduce risk and create more certainty in their construction projects through increased transparency.
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Best Way to Built it. Constructrr is focused on high performance teams within the construction environment. The show focuses on increasing the production, retention, and the wellness in the buildings we create and work in. This show is about helping property owners reduce risk and create more certainty in their construction projects through increased transparency.




Microgrid: Creating Resiliency for Cities and Establishing a New Energy Marketplace

Maggie Clout, Business Development Manager at Siemens. She is the lead business developer for 17 project wins of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) NYPrize Community Microgrid Program. We discuss a pilot project where Siemens worked with a company, LO3, to transact, buy and sell solar energy between neighbors on a blockchain. From a real estate standpoint using a Microgrid platform can allow for transparency in how much energy you've used, sold, bought, and...


The Intersection of Blockchain and Lean

Thomas Cox is a lean leadership coach and practitioner who found himself really interested in blockchain. He has focused his efforts on the governance aspect of blockchain because of the influence it has on relationships, resources, and collaboration. He was a former governor candidate, and he has a unique view on leadership lean and blockchain. He brings experience in these three areas and he sees the intersection these components working together so that an organizational culture can be...


How to Create Risk Transparency with BIM, IPD and Blockchain

James Salmon, President of Collaborative Construction, LLC and Executive Director of the American Subcontractor Association of Ohio. James Salmon was part of our panel at our Blockchain in Construction event here in Chicago. In Kimon Onuma’s episode here, we talk about Creating Agility and Efficiency and Open Architecture as a Platform, Kimon mentioned James. We connected after that interview and I invited him to speak at my Blockchain in Construction event. James is a lawyer by trade, and...


Workplace Innovator Crossover

Mike Petrusky, Director of Events and Growth Marketing at iOFFICE is the host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast - Enhancing Your Employee Experience. This is actually a crossover episode with Mike, he has released my interview on the Workplace Innovator podcast, here. You will enjoy what Mike has to say from the Facility Manager and Workplace perspective as he has served in a variety of leadership roles in the Workplace and Facility Managers world. His marketing expertise, combined with...


Understanding the Building Information Modeling Paradigm Shift

Michael DeLacey, Principal and Co-founder at Microdesk assists Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/ Operators (AECO) companies in overcoming the challenges of integrating technology into the planning, design, construction and operations and maintenance process specializing in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Microdesk to offers knowledge, perspective, expertise to help solve complex project problems and implement enterprise process...


How Illinois Is Supporting the Blockchain Initiative

Lexy Prodromos and Jennifer O'Rouarke were my guests on today's show where they share with me how Illinois is supporting the Blockchain Initiative. We discuss how the Chicago Blockchain Center came about and how Lexy proposed for Illinois to embark on an initiative. Sign up for the Distributed Markets Event, here. Follow what Illinois is doing and find out more about Lexy and Jennifer here: Illinois Blockchain Initiative Chicago Blockchain Center Lexy's Twitter CBC's Twitter Email Lexy:...


Scalable Blockchain Database for Decentralized Construction Apps

Brian is the Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of FlureeDB, a new decentralized app platform that will transform how business applications are built. FlureeDB is the first true blockchain database. Fluree.bd supports a multiple of blockchain consensus according to chosen transaction characteristics. Its query allows joins across multiple databases, so multiple consensus Databases can be queried as a single database system. We discuss how using FlureeDB can help to streamline litigations, thus...


Increase Success for Capital Projects with Advance Work Packaging

Olfa Hamdi, founder and Executive Director of the Advanced Work Packaging Institute, and CEO at Concord Project Technologies. She “argues that owners and EPC contractors need to pay more attention to the PEP, and transform it into a live document that functions as the single source of truth on a project, from beginning to end. A live Project Execution Plan is a key to managing complexity and to more efficient, cost-effective construction on major capital projects. Mentioned Links: Advance...


Developing a Viable Implementation Plan for Real Estate

Kevin Shtofman is a digital technology evangelist at Deloitte Consulting. He promotes Blockchain, Robotics, Cognitive Automation, and Machine Learning in Real Estate. Kevin talks about how in real estate transactions, where transferring funds from party to party could take days or weeks, can take minutes on a blockchain. He also discusses many of the pilot projects Deloitte is involved with including putting leases on smart contracts and data hub document sharing. He covers the 4 issues in...


National Association of Realtors is contributing to the blockchain revolution

Dave Conroy research & development Lab Engineer at National Association of Realtors. He frequently educates about how Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, Prototyping, Software Design, Management, and Networking can integrate with Real Estate. He believes that Real Estate / Finance & Supply Chain are the most viable markets for a blockchain and If you are part of any association, pay attention to how the NAR is leading the way by eating their own dog food testing out how to...


Using Blockchain to Transform the Real Estate Industry

Ragnar Lifthrasir, Founder of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association and Founder and CEO of velox.RE talks with us about the blockchain pilot velox.RE. This pilot was done in Cook County to achieve the first USA based conveyance of a property and a public recording of the associated deed using the bitcoin blockchain. Lastly, we discuss how he founded the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) and get his opinion on ICOs. Ragnar Contact velox.RE Twitter...


Decentralized Inventory Knowledge Platform for the Built Environment

Dan Robles is one of the founders of the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium. He talks about the engineering profession from a traditional segmented hierarchy structure to a network structure like common database called the engineering Body of Knowledge. He talks about capturing the knowledge that exists between the ears, instead of reducing it to a resume. He shares with us how blockchain can enable a decentralized knowledge inventory for engineers. He explains why blockchain is...


Blockchain Based Economic Development For Corporate Real Estate Assets

Scott Nelson, CEO of Sweetbridge is endeavoring to provide liquidity to the supply chains of the world and to unlock the value of $700T of assets, assets that are typically illiquid. Sweetbridge is a blockchain based protocol stack that enables highly efficient supply chains and commerce without intermediaries. We will unpack this as we go through the interview. Learn More about Sweetbridge Sweetbridge Rocket Chat Telegram Blog Youtube


Gamification and Blockchain: The Future of Work

Yu-Kai Chou, Gamification Author & International Keynote Speaker is the creator of the Octalysis Framework. Yu-Kai has a fascinating perspective on what influences and motivates certain actions as he is an expert in making games more productive, and making life more gamified. He has been a leader in the field of behavior design and influences. He says when it comes to design to specifically pay attention human-centered design, focussed on motivations to be more engaging and more fun and...


Building Trusting Relationships through Positive Leadership

Jon Gordon, the author of quite a few best sellers - including The Energy Bus You, Win in the Locker Room First, The No Complaining Rule, and the most recent book that was released last year, The Power of Positive Leadership - speaks with us about positive leadership. Jon, not only is a great author and a sought-after keynote speaker but he has consulted with college and professional sports teams and large companies - some of which include the LA Dodgers, Atlanta Falcons, Campbell Soup,...


AEC Hackathon – Removing Organizational Bias to Solve the Monday Problem

Damon Hernandez, founder and Executive Director of the AEC Hackathon speaks about tearing down the walls disguised as generational, gender, and ethnic biases, and coming together to elevate the industry by addressing frustrations, utilizing shared platforms, and developing software hacks. This can all be done by combining industry professionals, software developers, and government agencies over a weekend to create software solutions that can solve the Monday problem. Find out more about...


Smart Cities Taking Advantage of the $1.6 trillion Opportunity

Michael Lake, President & CEO of Leading Cities and I cover some of the major challenges we face in cities. Smart Cities is a rapidly growing as a market as shown in these reports: "Smart Cities Market Will Grow $3.5 Trillion Worldwide" and 21st Century Cities: Global Smart Cities Primer. We discuss the solutions to the problems in the form of ecosystems including sociological, economical and environmental ecosystems. We cover how introducing blockchain use can help the smart city...


Principles of Deploying City as a Platform

Today, we are speaking with Carl Piva, Managing Director at TMForum.org for the Smart Cities Initiative. and he’s developed the City as a Platform Manifesto. We discuss the ten common principles for driving smart city success. He says that with these business model principles, cities can become regional or global knowledge hubs and innovation centers. We also talk about how the built environment drives a better open data economy, and how to start impacting cities by doing a simple...


Intelligent Buildings: The Future of a Less Stressful & More Collaborative Urban Society

Kevin Flanagan, a partner at PLP Architecture speaks with us about the Oakwood Timber Tower feasibility study he did that demonstrates the viability of building a timber tower high rise constructed with cross-laminated timber (CLT) in downtown London. We cover some of the drivers of design innovation, including sustainability, millennial recruitment and retention, and service focus. Where to find out more: Timber Exhibition Kevin Flanagan's Email AIA in the UK Royal Architecture Institute...


Lessons Learned from the Most Sustainable Building in the World

Ron Bakker, founding Partner at PLP Architecture was involved with designing the world’s most sustainable office building known as the Edge and it is located in Amsterdam. We discuss the different elements of the building life cycle, from design to occupancy and operation including 30,000 sensors collecting data on a moment by moment basis. We go on a journey of reviewing the lessons learned from the design and how the occupants are affected in their work lives. We discuss how their work...


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