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70 Hour Weeks In Corporate To Growing A Consulting Business With Connie Steele: Podcast #126

Growing a consulting business means having the ability and knowledge to propel business operations and help the company get to the next level. As a consultant, you have to develop a level of trust to your clients that you will bring value and impact In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews podcast host and executive consultant Connie Steele. Connie talks about how she used her background in math and statistics to transition into marketing and consulting business and shares what it...


Tell Better Stories And Win More Consulting Sales With John Livesay: Podcast #125

When we want to sell something, we have to consider not just selling the product, but to also make ourselves or our company sellable. We have to make an impact to our potential customers if we want to fully sell our whole package, especially if we are to market ourselves as consultants. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky talks with The Pitch Whisperer John Livesay about his winning sales strategy - telling better stories. Don’t miss this episode to learn more about selling yourself...


From 7-Figure Solo Consultant To 30 Employees With Jason Forrest: Podcast #124

Running a business or organization is always better when we have the right mentors, coaches, and trainers to improve our processes, sales, and workforce quality. That is why it’s crucial to remember and acknowledge the value a coach brings to a business. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews author and the Chief Culture Officer of Forrest Performance Group, Jason Forrest about his career journey in consultancy and how his consultancy is improving company cultures, redefining...


Accelerate Your Sales With Sales Enablement Consultant Anita Nielsen: Podcast #123

When we buy products, we normally assess the things we buy for their value and if it aligns with our necessities. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews author and sales enablement consultant Anita Nielsen about her career in sales consultancy for big and small businesses. Improving sales in your business is very important to any business owner. Anita shares her experiences on how she is catering to customers' needs and improves sales in the process. Love the show? Subscribe,...


Scaling A Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Firm With Jennifer Brown: Podcast #122

The journey to scaling your business can be quite complex, but with the right guidance, you will eventually get to the top. Today, Michael Zipursky chats with Jennifer Brown of Jennifer Brown Consulting about running her multi-million-dollar consultancy and working with clients like Adobe, Samsung, and Coca-Cola, to name a few. She shares how she shifted from delivering her expertise to building and scaling her own business. Learn from Jennifer as she explains her best practices in building...


Selling Consulting To Fund New Software With David Jenyns: Podcast #121

If you into being a consultant and advisor, you need to know how to provide services to your clients. Our guest for today is business owner and consultant David Jenyns. David started his SEO business fourteen years ago providing done-for-you services to clients in the areas of video production, SEO services, and systems and processes. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky talks with David about his shift from a services business to a product-based business and why selling consultation work...


BONUS: Michael Interviewed By Sam Schutte On Successful Consulting

What does it take to attain consulting success? A lot of factors go into it, but at the end of the day, it's really about what you offer to your clients. Michael Zipursky joins Sam Schutte on the Unstoppable Talk podcast for the episode, "What I Learned About Successful Consulting After 4 Years With The Master - Michael Zipursky." Michael pulls on his years of consulting experience in order to break down the elements at the very core of consulting, and make it easy to understand. If you're...


How To Consistently Set Appointments With Business Consultant Joe Pici: Podcast #120

Appointment setting still remains a complex step in client acquisition. In this episode, Michael Zipursky interviews Joe Pici of Pici & Pici, a sales trainer and speaker who has helped organizations book more appointments and close more deals. From a football coach to a business consultant, he shows us his and his wife Dawn’s road to becoming one of the most sought-after business consultants. Join Joe as he enlightens us on cold calling, outreaching through LinkedIn, material development for...


How To Retain Your Top Talent And Build A High-Performing Consulting Team With Dr. Troy Hall

Everyone is a leader. Whether it's implicit or explicit, you have a leadership responsibility in life. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews talent retention expert Dr. Troy Hall about his expertise on attracting and retaining top talent and global leadership. Don’t miss today’s show as Dr. Hall takes a deep dive into talent retention, building a high-performing consulting team, and creating an environment to become the best places to work. He also shares some fundamental...


Generating Inbound Consulting Leads With Sam Schutte: Podcast #119

Finding leads can be time consuming and oftentimes costly. With the help of a software and the right people, you can actually do away with your worries about generating quality inbound consulting leads. Today, Michael Zipursky interviews Sam Schutte, the CEO and Chief Software Architect at Unstoppable Software, Inc about how he started his company and is leading billion-dollar companies to the right path through his consultancy business. Sam also shares how he leverages his experience in...


Making Strategic Hires For Your Consulting Firm With Kim Silvers: Podcast #118

Hiring key people for your business determines the height of its success. In this episode, Michael Zipursky interviews HR management, policy, and training expert Kim Silvers on the essence of hiring the right employees. The big boss of SilversHR, Kim narrates how she started her HR consultancy firm as well as speaking engagements. Through the help of a trusted marketer, she has delivered all the right topics to influence many business owners to focus more on earning and leave the hiring to...


How To Be In Demand As A Consultant With Jono Bacon: Podcast #117

In a growing consulting space, it can be very difficult to make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd. Founder of Jono Bacon Consulting and Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant, Jono Bacon shares wisdom from his vast experience on how you can become in-demand as a consultant. He spills some great advice on how you can present and establish yourself in the industry—from putting out content to building relationships. Letting us in on his new book, People Powered, Jono...


Flip The Script For Consultants With Oren Klaff: Podcast #116

In this episode, Oren Klaff, the author of the books Pitch Anything and Flip the Script, talks about the art of deal-making. Oren is known as the go-to guy to get deals done when someone needs $10 million or $25 million for their startup business idea. Today, he narrates how he got into deal-making and the importance of presenting your idea in a way that people think it is theirs. He also dives into the ideal script for consultants and the three W’s that people can start to use to overcome...


Selling Your Consulting Business And Starting Over With Lori Kleiman: Podcast #115

For anybody thinking of selling their business down the road, they want to see check deposits, copies of checks, copies of invoices, and make sure that everything matches up. HR expert Lori Kleiman joins host Michael Zipursky in this episode to talk about selling your consulting business and starting over. Lori walks us through her transition from running HR in a family company to becoming an HR consultant and starting her own HR business. Sharing her valuable insights on selling a business,...


How To Get Referrals For Your Consulting Business With Katie McConnell Olson: Podcast #114

Getting human leverage can be a time-consuming process. In this podcast episode, host Michael Zipursky talks with the Founder and CEO of Hire Education Consulting Group, Katie McConnell Olson, about how to get referrals for your business and the true meaning of talent optimization. Sharing her journey from being a tax auditor, a VP of assurance, doing financial audits, then recruiting, Katie walks us through how she started off and got to where she is now with consulting and starting her own...


Onboarding Consulting Clients And Projects The Right Way With Kristen Gallagher: Podcast #113

Onboarding your clients is the first step in their journey with your product or service. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky talks with Kristen Gallagher about onboarding consulting clients and projects the right way. Having worked with companies like SurveyMonkey, AWS Elemental, Puppet, and many other technology companies and helping them with technical onboarding, Kristen gives the true definition of technical onboarding. She gets into how she got started in the industry, finding...


Messaging That Actually Works For Consultants With Jill Konrath: Podcast #112

If you want to succeed as a consultant, you have to decide to do something that you don’t exactly think is perfect. In this episode, the author of four bestselling sales books and speaker Jill Konrath talks about achieving success in business despite having products that aren’t exactly the best nor the cheapest. Sharing the story behind the scenes of her successful practice, she ties it with a messaging that actually works. Narrating her amazing experiences at Xerox, she also shares the...


Balancing Client Delivery And Marketing And Sales With Nigel Green: Podcast #111

The more that you can think of new creative ways to do business, the less likely you are to be exposed to volatility. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews Nigel Green, a sales strategy advisor for B2B companies and the CEO of StoryBrand, about how he got into the world of sales and strategy. Nigel started out as a sales rep out of college and worked his way into becoming an executive sales strategist, sales team architect, and sales leadership coach. Today, he talks about...


How To Land And Keep Long-Term Consulting Clients With Cynthia Barnes: Podcast #110

Consulting is a significant and growing business in this day and age. Founder and CEO of Barnes Sales Institute, Cynthia Barnes shares her experience in sales and how her consulting firm specializes in the principal issues and enhances the success of women in sales. Helping you land and keep your consulting clients, she discusses the formulas in marketing and knowing your target markets. Join Cynthia in this episode to learn more about how to efficiently keep your consulting clients and also...


Automation Tips For Consultants with Steve Glaveski: Podcast #109

These days, technology has offered so many opportunities for businesses to grow at a much cheaper way. In the midst of this is outsourcing and automation. Steve Glaveski, the CEO of Collective Campus, outlines some tips on how you can employ these new strategies for growth effectively. Working with big organizations like Microsoft and IBM, Steve shares the most effective marketing strategy and approach that will get you high caliber clients. As he lays out his sales process along with the...