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Welcome to the Consulting Success Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, coach to Elite consultants, and CEO of Consulting Success Michael Zipursky. On this podcast you'll find interviews with high-performing successful consultants where we cover proven principles, strategies and mindsets to attract clients, increase your income, scale your consulting business and live a life of true freedom and meaningful success.

Welcome to the Consulting Success Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, coach to Elite consultants, and CEO of Consulting Success Michael Zipursky. On this podcast you'll find interviews with high-performing successful consultants where we cover proven principles, strategies and mindsets to attract clients, increase your income, scale your consulting business and live a life of true freedom and meaningful success.


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Welcome to the Consulting Success Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, coach to Elite consultants, and CEO of Consulting Success Michael Zipursky. On this podcast you'll find interviews with high-performing successful consultants where we cover proven principles, strategies and mindsets to attract clients, increase your income, scale your consulting business and live a life of true freedom and meaningful success.




What Music Can Teach You About Consulting with Gerald J. Leonard: Podcast #183

Sometimes, one's love for music will give you more than entertainment. For Gerald J. Leonard of Principles of Execution, this put him on a path toward success in the realm of consulting. Sitting down with Michael Zipursky, he shares how he integrates the musical talents he honed from childhood into his career in consulting, helping scale businesses through programs that actually work. Gerald explains how this experience taught him the importance of getting proper mentorship to continuously...


BONUS: Should You Charge to Give Presentations? (Consulting Perspective)

With almost everything being done virtually, Zoom presentations are becoming commonplace. This is certainly an excellent chance for businesses to get out there and make their brands visible and recognizable. But one question is still up for debate: should you charge for such speaking stints? Michael Zipursky tries to answer this by looking at presentation opportunities from a marketing perspective, exploring how you can leverage this to benefit your business the most, not only in terms of...


Profitable Growth Strategies for Consultants with Thomas Michael Hogg: Podcast #182

The greatest challenge of all companies is to figure out and properly implement profitable growth strategies to boost sales and enter the profit zone. Today’s guest is Thomas Michael Hogg, the author of Profitable Growth Strategy: 7 proven best practices from German companies. In this episode, Thomas discusses with Michael Zipursky the key factors that make Germany a leading market leader in the world, how to implement them in your own consulting company, and why it’s essential to have a...


BONUS: Ideal Client Clarity - Which Consulting Clients Do You Want?

Finding your ideal client is an essential skill of running a highly-successful consulting business. You have to identify your greatest passion and identify which type of client will benefit from it the most. Once you find the right kind of client, you’ll become more confident in your marketing and start developing content that speaks directly to them. This clarity comes from knowing who you want and don’t want to attract. In this bonus episode, Michael Zipursky gives quick tips on how you...


Generating $2M In Consulting Revenue In 18 Months With Shiv Narayanan: Podcast #181

Saying no to revenue is the hardest thing to do, but sometimes you have to do it in order to build a more sustainable business. This is one of the things that Shiv Narayanan learned on his way to generating $2 million in consulting revenue for his B2B SaaS startup. The founder and CEO of How To SaaS, Shiv developed high-performance marketing systems that drive revenue growth. These systems helped him lead his company in a staggering growth from zero gains to seven figures in a span of 18...


BONUS: 3 Signs It’s Time To Build Your Consulting Team

If you are always struggling to fit all of your work within your limited time, then it’s a clear indication that you need your own consulting team at once. But many people are afraid to do that because of fear of additional work and responsibility. Michael Zipursky explains how to solve this single challenge of building a consulting team through a smooth delegation process. He discusses why appreciating other people's talent and skill is the first step in making your work responsibilities a...


Leaving a Multi-Billion Dollar Company to Start a Consulting Business with Amanda Hill: Podcast #180

Are you thinking of venturing into the unknown to pursue building your own business? Today's guest is Amanda Hill, CEO of Female Forward. Amanda left her position in P&G to pursue her calling in consulting. Amanda was driven by her servant leadership mentality, passion for learning new industries, and her personal desire to have more time for herself and her children to take the leap of faith outside of her comfort zone. What are the important things you need to know when starting your...


BONUS: The Consulting Discovery Offer (Easiest Consulting Sale)

What usually happens when you talk to a new client about a potential project is that they’ll buy time to get to know you more to minimize what they perceive as "risk" before moving forward. Did you know you can eliminate this “risk” by giving them a discovery offer? In this episode, Michael Zipursky explains what a discovery offer is. You can prove your trustworthiness and dedication to the potential project by delivering value right off the bat with your discovery offer. Do you want to know...


Step-By-Step Business Development For Consultants With Tom McMakin: Podcast #179

If you're a consulting firm and you want to know the hows of business development and expansion, then this episode is for you. Michael Zipursky’s guest today is Tom McMakin, the CEO and Partner of Profitable Ideas Exchange. There are generally two ways to grow your business: getting new clients and deepening your relationship with existing clients. Guess what? Most companies agree that 80% of their revenue comes from existing clients. How then do you deepen and expand your relationship with...


BONUS: Value Drivers: How To Decide Where To Focus Your Energy

An efficient business is a profitable business. On today’s podcast, Michael Zipursky gives a much better understanding of how to create greater efficiency in your business, drawing out from his experience in leveraging systems to grow multiple consulting businesses. Don’t know where to focus your energy? Tune in. What Michael’s about to share is going to be really helpful. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Consulting Success Community...


Creating Licensing and Partner Networks for Consulting Businesses with Dr. Sherri Malouf: Podcast #178

Relationships lie at the heart of partner networks and business organizations. Michael Zipursky’s guest today is Dr. Sherri Malouf, who recently got her Ph.D. in Human Development focused on studying the relationship between leaders and followers. In this episode, Dr. Sherri explains a tool she developed to help you determine critical unconscious building blocks in your relationships within your organization. Called “Implicit Social Elements,” these building blocks include fairness, status,...


BONUS: The Importance Of Sharing Your Values

It is very important to share your values in order to attract the people that you want to work with the most. But in order to share your values, you need to be clear about what it is that you really value. In this bonus episode, Michael Zipursky explains how consultants can get clarity about their values, share them consistently, and work that message in their marketing content. Listen in as Michael models how this is done by sharing their values at Consulting Success. Love the show?...


Benefit From Conflict And Build Effective Teams With Liane Davey: Podcast #177

Do you want to know how to build effective teams and benefit from conflict? Liane Davey, known as the "Teamwork Doctor," has worked with 26 Fortune Global 500 companies. She joins Michael Zipursky to share how you can be a valuable asset to your team. Don't be afraid to tell your clients or colleagues what they don't want to hear, especially when you know they're doing it wrong, so you can help them make it work! But that's only half of it! The other half? Be fun to work with! Care for the...


BONUS: 7 Steps To Leverage Your Content

In the vast ocean that is the internet, making yourself seen is not that easy, not only because of the tight competition but also of the ever-changing and evolving algorithms. So what are the most practical and effective ways to leverage your content despite these complications? Michael Zipursky presents seven steps on how to make your content creation process actually reach your audience and make a real impact on their behavior and mindset. He shares the secrets on navigating social media,...


How To Price High-Value Consulting Services With A. Nicole Campbell: Podcast #176

Many consultants shy away from pricing their services at a certain amount, thinking they don’t deserve it. A. Nicole Campbell, the CEO of Build Up Advisory Group, tells you otherwise. In this episode, she joins Michael Zipursky to share with us her journey into starting her own consulting firm and explains how you can price your consulting services according to the value you provide to your clients. She then takes us through the learnings she has picked up along the way and the processes...


BONUS: Remote Consulting - Should You Lower Your Consulting Fees?

Given what's happening globally, offering remote services has become the new approach for many industries. There's an opportunity here for every consultant, advisor, and any other professional offering their services. However, one noticeable trend is that many of these professionals are starting to discount their fees, including consultants. Michael Zipursky answers an important question on today's podcast: should you lower your consulting fee when you’re doing all your work through a video...


Positioning Your Consulting Firm For Success With Charles Demontigny: Podcast #175

As a consulting firm, how can you differentiate yourself and stand out from the noise to attract your ideal clients? Charles Demontigny, the founder of Fluxion, has some great nuggets of wisdom for you in this episode. Sitting down with Michael Zipursky, he shares his career journey with us—from leaving a company that got acquired to starting his own—and what he did to position himself for success, especially at the beginning of building his business. Charles takes us through the importance...


BONUS: Should You Take The Job Offer? (When To Leave Consulting)

Many people leave their corporate jobs to go out on their own and start a consulting business. But what if it’s the other way around and you find yourself with a very lucrative job offer, should you take that offer and leave consulting? On today’s podcast Michael Zipursky tackles this question. Continue building your income without being pulled down. Learn when you should leave consulting or stay for good in this episode. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How...


How To Win & Deliver High-Value Consulting Contracts With Karen Jenkins: Podcast #174

Consulting contract comprises the consultant's and client's commitment to be fulfilled, such as the deliverables and fees. Michael Zipursky brings a leader in consulting services, Karen Jenkins, the President and CEO of KRJ Consulting, to talk about how she entered the consulting world and how to win and deliver high-value consulting contracts. Karen shares how she carries her marketing skill set to the consulting business and the mindset she acquired from the lessons in her journey, leading...


Maximize Your Exit Value: How To Buy, Sell, Or Scale Consulting Businesses With Domenic Rinaldi: Podcast #173

For many business owners, their business is the culmination of their life's work and a primary source of wealth. Therefore, you will want to maximize the value through a combination of planning and timing when thinking about how to sell it later on. On today's show, Domenic Rinaldi is with Michael Zipursky to discuss how to build a solid exit plan and start for a sale before the company wishes to transition out. Domenic, the managing partner of Sun Acquisitions, shares his journey on how he...