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The Content Amplification Podcast is focused on you and giving you tangible and real life advice for your business content marketing. If you're doing a podcast, webinars, videos or blogging or live events then this podcast should be on your subscription list.

The Content Amplification Podcast is focused on you and giving you tangible and real life advice for your business content marketing. If you're doing a podcast, webinars, videos or blogging or live events then this podcast should be on your subscription list.


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The Content Amplification Podcast is focused on you and giving you tangible and real life advice for your business content marketing. If you're doing a podcast, webinars, videos or blogging or live events then this podcast should be on your subscription list.




Episode 029 - A Conversation with Haylee Kalani

Once Haylee found out becoming an astronaut involves a LOT of math... that's when she decided to move her love of curiosity & creativity in a different direction and found some missing links along the way... She found that too many mission-driven entrepreneurs feel frantic, unfocused, stuck, and find it hard to push through new hurdles in their life/business. They often aren't performing at their highest potential and struggle to reach & connect with their ideal community. That's where her...


Episode 028 - Getting High Paying Clients with Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is the founder of one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agency Havanzer, with clients from around the world. A company he took from a "one-man squad" to 50 person company. refers to him as the "#1 marketing magician", and his clients ( & industry leaders) refer to him as the ‘marketing genius’. He is considered the #1 authority when it comes to engineering wildly profitable campaigns, strategies, and systems that attract affluent clients...


Episode 027 - Intuition - A Conversation with Sunil Godse

In business you make a lot of decisions, some of them turn out well and some do not. What is it about that Gut Feeling you may have had when you made a decision that didn't turn out positively. This is your intuition. Sunil Godse is an expert in this topic and is here on the show to help us understand how to trust the signals that will allow us to make the right decisions. Here is a link to his website:


Episode 026 - Copy That!, a conversation with Carmine Mastropierro

On this episode, I'm joined with Carmine Mastropierro, a professional copywriter from Toronto Ontario. Carmine has written for Neil Patel, GQ, Forbes, and many more. We speak about what makes great copy, what you should look for when hiring a copywriter and also some tips along the way. Carmine can be found at


Episode 025 - A Conversation with Tina Margaris

Former Elite athlete with a high “play” factor - yup - I will play any sport.... Reinvented three times.... from practicing and teaching Podiatric medicine to high school PE teacher/coach to Health and Wellness Entrepreneur. Tina has taken her passion for being active and her willingness to not slow down and flip it into a business idea.


Episode 024 - A Conversation with Dustin Polyinnovator

He is an OmniContent creator, and the host of the Polymath PolyCast. Where he interviews multidisciplinary people.


Episode 023 - A Conversation with Brenden Kumarasamy

Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master the art of public speaking and communication. He coaches purpose driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world.


Episode 022 - A Conversation with Gabe Peterson

Gabe is a real estate investor and two time podcast host at The Real Estate Investing Club and Pursuing Greatness podcasts. Located in Seattle he shares with us today lessons learned in marketing to get to where his is right now. Free Offer: Grab an eBook and free Real Estate Investing Bundle at


Episode 021 - Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Who ever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks has never met my client. This episode I'm going to share a story with you about a 60+ year old client of mine who took on the challenge of marketing herself with online video. Over the last several months I've seen huge transformation in quality and confidence just by following the small incremental steps I speak about in this show.


Episode 020 - It's Time To Do Something For You

When we get busy in our lives and our business we tend to let the things that make the biggest impact to our development slip. We don't focus on learning new things every month to expand our minds, to gain new skills or to grow our business. This is something I started to do and have decided to go back to focusing on. What are you doing to better yourself?


Episode 019 - NO! The Most Powerful Word Your Business Needs

When I learned how to say NO to the things I didn't feel excited about in business or the demands I was receiving from potential clients, I was then able to gain the FREEDOM I wanted out of being an entrepreneur.


Episode 018 - The Comfort With Online

There are many things that are coming out of the Covid Crisis this year, one of them is the comfort and convenience that people are feeling with online ordering. This is a huge opportunity for you to look at your business differently and reinvent how you operate online.


Episode 017 - The Multiple Digital Doors To Your Business

While your homepage is essential and great, it's not always the first impression people have of your website. What about all the other doors they can come through. In this episode we explore those and how you should take a look at the first impression you're making.


Episode 015 - The Change To How We Meet

The Covid Crisis is causing alot of professionals to rethink how they meet with their clients. In this episode I want to talk about how that is and what you can do about it.


Episode 016 - Have Faith In The Metrics

One of the shortcomings of running facebook ads without fully understanding the metrics is that you can't make informed decisions if you don't know what you're looking at, or don't know where to find that information.


Episode 014 - Think about how consumers use your website

Society has been conditioned to consume content by scrolling (not clicking) and there are so many website out there that are not making that connection. You're missing out,


Episode 013 - How To Build Trust In Your Conversion Funnel

Stop driving cold traffic right to your offer and expecting conversions, it's not going to happen. In this episode, I share a strategy to get better and more reliable offer conversion just by adding a few front layers to your content.


Episode 012 - Be Consistent

If you're always trying to up your game and provide the most you can for clients, outdoing the previous client experience that's great. However, it needs to be consistent. Consistently trumps anything one off exceptional.


Episode 011 - How Addition Can Help Your Marketing

The human brain has a part that becomes activated when it sees something externally that it considers a part of survival or reproduction. Positioning your products this way can cause your prospects to become more alert to you and help you make more sales.


Episode 010 - What Microphone To Use

There are a lot of different microphones you could use when starting out, but not all of them are good for your application. In this episode, I'll give you a run down on what to think about when getting started.