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Podcast #7: Terry Moerler

A Simple System That Can Add $100,000 a Year or More To The Bottom Line Of Any Business. Imagine, if you have a son or daughter, that they just got their drivers license. We both know that this is a turning point in the life of every 16-year-old. Now, imagine your son or daughter gets a card in the mail from your real estate consultant, and the card is congratulating them on their accomplishment and inside the card is a gas card with $25 dollars credit. How would you feel? Well this is...


Podcast #5: My Classic 5 Step Coaching Process Unpacked

Step #1: Discover my clients’ current level of willingness to accept responsibility for everything that is occurring in their lives. Step #2: Discover where my client is now based on their reality and where do they want to go from here? Step #3: Discover my clients “Hot Words”. Those words that carry the most meta information. Step #4: With my clients “Hot Words,” I wrap all my hypnotic suggestions and positive advice. Step #5: Explore, with my client, a bigger vision for themselves.


Podcast #3: Asking Powerful Questions

Asking Powerful Questions? Here are the 25 questions. They are not in perfect sequence, but, as you listen to the Laser Coaching session, listen for the questions and notice how I layer Kim’s answers to help her arrive at her own solution. 1. What makes you want to take on this opportunity? 2. What is the challenge or what is the opportunity in front of you now? 3. What does it mean when you say you really love doing something? 4. If you were teaching someone only to do what they loved to...


The Coach Who Is Coaching the Coach Conversational Breakthrough #2

The Coach Who Is Coaching The Coach Meet my head coach, Larry Laveman. I've been privately working with Larry Laveman for over 20 years. He's guided me through several life transitions; he shepherded me through my difficult divorce, he guided me through the process of buying out my partner, he helped me change my business model, encouraged me to explore deeper work, he’s even given me dating advice. Larry dives deep into what it takes to change a way of life. He shares what it means to...


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