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Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.

Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.


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Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.




Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette is the Forest Gump of the security world. He has been military, law enforcement, SWAT, a professional trainer, and a protector. As of late, he is a mind coach where he shares what he has learned on his journey through adversity and attacking life while continuing to learn and challenge himself in ways that led him into Ripley’s Believe it or Not.


Clint Emerson

Deadly. Measured. Passionate. This week retired US Navy Seal, Operative, Trainer, and Author Clint Emerson discusses how a young man who wanted to be a ninja would grow up to be labeled "one of the deadliest men alive." Clint talks about creating the 100 Deadly Skills volumes, how he went from operations to operative, why situational awareness should be like a seatbelt, and what drives him in his mission to help enable people's mindsets and skills everywhere. Strap in and have your pencils...


Patrick Kane

This week we talked to Patrick Kane of Atlas Air about planning, intelligence and operations. What we got was a master class in logistics and travel planning by a senior security director who specializes in travel by design when his assets and VIPs are all over the globe at any given time. Further, Patrick gives his view on standards and best practices in the industry and how he sees that part of the industry developing in the future.


April 2021 Shop Talk

This week Chuck and Chris discuss upcoming guests, suicide drones, training, and top skills needed for analysts that also apply to practitioners, We also discuss the recent ODNI Intelligence update, and more. Join the conversation and consider checking out the YouTube version, as well.


Caleb Gilbert

This week we talk to covert protection pioneer and dedicated protection practitioner Caleb Gilbert. Caleb has significant experience in family office and corporate executive protection. From humble beginnings as a hotel security officer, Caleb planned his path to working at the highest levels of family and corporate protection and executed accordingly. He supported his work by bolstering his education in security. Caleb is a sterling example of what can be accomplished in the profession and...


Danny Cluskey And CiCP

This week in a great interview, Chuck talks with fellow ginger Danny Cluskey, a former member of the Army Ranger Wing, Ireland's Special Forces, with extensive experience in the world of close protection security in Ireland and internationally. He's managed projects and led Close Protection tasks for corporate, military and political VIP's. Join us as we walk through his philosophy on training and operations. His lessons apply across the board.


CiCP Shop Talk March 2021

This week we talk about industry ongoings, Clubhouse and free masterclass discussions, robots and the impact of tech on the industry, training and its place, the 40-year anniversary of the attack on Ronald Reagan and the lessons learned there and much, much more. As well we give a sneak peak at upcoming episodes and guests. Join in and let us know what you think -


From the US Military to Actor to Threat Management: Spencer Coursen and The Safety Trap‬

This week we talk to “actor”, threat management specialist, security consultant and now author Spencer Coursen, of Coursen Security Group. He has significant experience in security – from the US Army to working as a Federal Agent, transitioning to the celebrity space and consulting. He shares all of this experience in his book, “The Safety Trap”. The book isn’t about him. Its full of relevant ideas and applications that security professionals and family members alike can enjoy and benefit...


Dean Stott

Dean Stott by Conversations In Close Protection


Mark James

Mark James by Conversations In Close Protection


Houdah Al Hakim

This week we talk with Houdah Al-Hakim the CEO of Quick Click Security. Shortly after being qualified as an attorney (solicitor) Houdah found and fell in love with the security industry and business. More than just security company, Quick Click Security's focus is to better connect security practitioners and providers and help them communicate which is needed in the industry. Join us in looking at a new approach in the space.


Shop Talk Feb 2021

It's SHOP TALK time, and this month, we (once again) discuss a myriad of things from everyday preparedness, environmental threats, managing cyber risks, dangers facing on-line influencers and luminaries. The team also touches on understanding the threats we don't see, protective intelligence, education, and hiring into the protective industry.


Chris "Doc" Rogers

Chris "Doc" Rogers by Conversations In Close Protection


Craig SouthNarc Douglas

Craig SouthNarc Douglas by Conversations In Close Protection


Bill Mathews - BlackWater WorldWide

This week we talk to the former Executive Vice President of Blackwater USA and current Director at Blackwater Worldwide, Bill Mathews. We discuss Blackwater’s rise, mission, track record and get a behind the scenes glimpse at what was going on during its trials and tribulations. Further, we get to hear what the company is doing now. Join us as we get to learn about one of the most powerful security companies in protection history from one of its executives.


CiCP Shop Talk Jan 28 2021

This week Chuck and Chris review happenings in the industry. We talk about protection after power transitions, cyber threats affecting the industry, Sun Tzu, the EP Technology Officer, and EP Modernization at the Sixth Annual Executive Security and CP Technology Forum among other things. Join in!


Kate Bright Umbra Intl Group

Kate Bright Umbra Intl Group by Conversations In Close Protection


Security Specialist Will Geddes

We talk to Human Threat Management Specialist Will Geddes, the Managing Director of International Corporate Protection. His story is unique. He has found himself all over the world, from the US to the world's most dangerous places protecting, consulting, training and advising on security issues with no law enforcement or military background. he surrounded himself with the right people, executed his role, learned and continued his way up the ladder in an impressive career. Listen in!


Eclipse Holster CEO Jessica Hazelaar

We kick off the year discussing business and growing in the tactical space with holsters. Yes, it is a bit different for us, but we thought with the growth of the close protection industry and folks in it doing things a bit differently - showing personality in their roles, Eclipse holsters was a great fit. Listen in as Jessica Hazelaar the founder of Eclipse Holsters talks about her start, keys to success and gives a business 101 class with great passion. ~


DEC 31st Shop Talk

This week Chuck and Chris talk about the past year and what to do to prepare for the future, whether planning for the year or a career. We discuss identifying direction, goal setting and how to ensure we are on the right path. We also go over Chuck’s many R’s to ensure our focus is purposeful and we are able to meet our objectives. Lastly, we talk about gratitude. It’s a shorter talk, just us, but with some gold nuggets. Happy New Year from CiCP.