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Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.

Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.


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Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.




GSX Standards Panel Wrap Up

As part of their GSX review, the team reviews the panel they participated in that discussed creating standards within the industry. Chuck and Chris break down the panel discussion, give historical perspectives, personal thoughts, and talk to the various groups lending their energy to the effort. It's a highly informative talk about a significant evolution within the Protectors' Industry. Please give us your thoughts at


Q And A Oct 2021

In our latest episode, we dig into the virtual mailbag for listener Q and A. The team digs into finding balance as a parent and protection agent, protective intelligence when you don't have the resources, resume issues, moving into leadership roles, and standards within the industry. It is a great conversation - driven by your questions. Thanks to all those who support and listen. Oh yeah ---- ABOUT THOSE T-SHIRTS!


CiCP GSX 2021 Hotwash

The CiCP team was together in one place for the first time in almost two years, meeting at GSX in Orlando. In our first micro episode, we review the industry, the players, and GSX itself. Back to full episodes next week!! Thank you for joining us! Please give us your feedback at


Sept Shop Talk (Audio)

This episode discusses the spate of attacks in the past two weeks, including Larry Elder and Ben Affleck. We also review updates in the Haitian presidential assassination, a new ISO standard surrounding travel, OSINT, and more. Join in and let us know what you think


Will Plummer & CiCP

Will Plummer & CiCP by Conversations In Close Protection


9.11 And CiCP

There are few events in our lives that had the impact and the significance of 9/11. As we near the eve of the 20th anniversary of the tragic events of that day that had so many consequences, we discuss our perspectives on it and how it affected the protective security industry and the world.


Where security, risk and human behavior intersect… : Miranda Copoolse

This week we talk to MC Consulting's Miranda Copoolse about behavioral analysis and identifying behaviors above the baseline. Join us as Miranda walks us through how behaviors impact us, the environment around us, those we interact with, how to identify them and manage them. As well she gives us a glimpse at identifying behaviors that can impact security and how to use that identification to change the trajectory of the threat


CiCP's Summer Reading List

This week we review some past guests' reading recommendations and throw some of our own in the mix as we continue to broaden our knowledge base. Join us as we hear from published authors Elijah Shaw, Spencer Coursen, and Fred Burton on what they're reading this summer and what seasoned risk intelligence and protection leader Ryan Long recommends as well.


Janet Lawless CiCP

This week we talk to Janet Lawless, CEO, and founder of The Center for Threat Intelligence. Janet and her team focus on helping organizations create threat intelligence teams to proactively identify threats in multiple environments to mitigate and manage them before they affect the organization. We discuss threat intelligence, signposts, and blind spots, the need for convergence, and much more in the conversation.


Pierre Saint Remy

With recent events in Haiti, we tracked down the former Director of the Haitian Secret Service, Pierre St. Remy. Pierre walks us through his time managing the Presidential Detail and gives us a glimpse inside Haiti itself. As well, he gives his opinion on what may have happened with the recent assassination though it is still very early in the process there. Join us in this very interesting conversation.


Shop Talk July (Audio)

It's Shop Talk! This time the team discusses the International Security Conference & Exposition – West and conference attendance. We also discuss the Delta variant, the Haitian President being assassinated and the shooting outside the Washington Nationals Stadium and its effects and lessons learned. Join in.


Chuck and Ontic's Protective Intelligence Podcast

Intelligence, Technology, and Risk Management continue to converge rapidly, and practitioners often find themselves at their intersection. Recently, author and host of Ontic's Protective intelligence podcast, Fred Burton, invited Chuck to come on for a fascinating discussion about convergence, technology, and uncovering intelligence requirements within dynamic organizations. The CiCP team breaks down the discussion and adds additional thoughts to the conversation. Please give us your ideas...


Q and A time!

The team takes time to go through the inbox and answer the listener emails we have collected over the past few months. We cover resource management and protective intelligence, training, and leadership responsibilities. As well as the deeper discussion, Chris gives his thoughts about profile pictures, and Chuck breaks down the adjective of the week. Join us as we take on what is top of your mind. Help us continue to develop the industry by rating and sharing CiCP! Have a question? We have...


Andrew Royall

Andrew Royall by Conversations In Close Protection


CiCP Shop Talk 6.20

June Shop talk is here, and once again, the CiCP team gathers to dig into issues affecting the industry. This month, Chuck and Chris discuss horizon risks and being prepared to personally deal with a full range of natural and human-made hazards. They also discuss what it takes to "be ready" to participate in any response efforts as a protector. Please like and share to help others find and take part in "Conversations in Close Protection."


Tom LeBrun

Tom Lebrun is a highly experienced executive protection professional, a decorated martial artist, former champion power-lifter, and honestly one of the people most like Miyamoto Musashi in approaching the role. He refined the art of the advance, conducting advances in dangerous places, studying and dealing with stalkers, to being the protector to celebrities, UHNW and executives. Join us as we listen to the master, who is a lifelong student.


Former CIA Analyst Sarah Carlson on protection, intelligence and a passion to serve.

Driven to serve her country after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a young emergency management planner went on to work in both the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Serving in multiple theaters, she managed strategic level intelligence while supporting close protection personnel on the ground. Our conversation is a primer on how intelligence drives operations, how operators inform analysts' processes, and how they work together towards mission success....


Ryan Long

This week we talk to Ryan Long, a long-time intelligence professional and current business executive who manages intelligence and protection at a large multinational corporation. We discuss why he has a JD and does not practice. What he has taken from his time in military service and applied appropriate concepts to his corporate role. Moreover, he focuses on what NOT to bring from military experience to corporate. This interview is a great study in transition, success and leadership.


CiCP Supercast

The CiCP team is joined by Spencer Coursen from Coursen's Corner and The Circuit Magazine's Jon Moss and Phelim Rowe to discuss the industry and how we hope to impact it. We had a great conversation where we shared what drives us and where we get our passions from as both podcasters and individuals. Collectively, we discuss the audiences we serve, what we're working toward and how the industry can benefit from collaboration.


Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette is the Forest Gump of the security world. He has been military, law enforcement, SWAT, a professional trainer, and a protector. As of late, he is a mind coach where he shares what he has learned on his journey through adversity and attacking life while continuing to learn and challenge himself in ways that led him into Ripley’s Believe it or Not.