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Counsel to Counsel is a bi-weekly podcast that explores career and marketing issues facing attorneys

Counsel to Counsel is a bi-weekly podcast that explores career and marketing issues facing attorneys
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Counsel to Counsel is a bi-weekly podcast that explores career and marketing issues facing attorneys






Episode 14-From Biglaw to Government to In-house

Launching your legal career at a large law firm has many advantages. Aside from the obvious compensation benefits, large firms provide young associates with access to sophisticated work, more formalized training and a chance to serve large and complex clients. But the path to partnership at a large firm remains long and challenging. In fact partnership is not the goal for many associates who start their careers at an AmLaw100/200 law firm. While there are many career paths after leaving a...


Episode 13-Intergenerational Communication in the Law Firm

Intergenerational conflict has been and will always be an issue in the workplace. But as legal careers grow longer (many attorneys are working well into their 60’s and even into their 70’s), these issues become more pronounced. Simply put, law firms are now home to multiple generations of attorneys. Similarly, with the explosion of digital communication in the last 2 decades, there are larger differences in how younger and older lawyers prefer to communicate. In this episode, Kathleen...


Episode 12-The Lateral Partner

Thirty years ago, lateral partner movement was far less common in the legal profession. But today, it is not unusual to read about partners moving several times during their careers. There are many factors which are fueling this trend. First and foremost, law is a much more competitive business than it once was. Firms looking to establish offices in new markets will often look to existing local talent to staff a new branch office. In addition, pressure on bill rates have made it difficult...


Episode 11-The Social Media Maven

In the last thirty years, the importance of marketing has grown significantly in the practice of law. For most lawyers in private practice, an ability to generate work is now a prerequisite for becoming a partner. At the same time, the tools for building your reputation and cultivating business relationships have grown. Selling legal services still requires you to develop a practice niche and building a network of clients who know, like and trust you. But social media has changed the way...


Episode 10-Business Planning for Lawyers

At different stages in your legal career, the goals change. As a new lawyer in private practice, you are learning about the practices and procedures in your law firm and the clients you are servicing. Most importantly, you are learning how to represent clients in your practice area. Your focus is on billable work and on providing excellent client service. If you are on a positive career trajectory, as you get more senior you are getting more client contact and starting to supervise...


Episode 9-The Environmental Entrepreneur

In this episode, I speak with Charlie Lord, an attorney who has spent his entire career trying to solve environmental problems. Since graduating law school, Charlie has worked in the non-profit sector and more recently, in the the for profit space. While he is trained as a lawyer, Charlie has spent most of his career tackling environmental problems by creating organizations and companies that are working to address issues like environmental justice, greenhouse gases and a host of other...


Episode 8-The Outsourced Counsel

Many lawyers are interested in transitioning to an in-house legal role. Right or wrong, the perception is that working in-house means more control over your hours. It also means you are not responsible for generating your own work. At the same time, in-house lawyers get to be part of the “team” and sit at the table with clients before critical business decisions are made. In contrast, being in private practice gives you the chance to be more entrepreneurial and build your own business,...


Episode 7-Success Strategies for Women in Law

In this episode, I speak with Lauren Stiller Rikleen. Lauren is a nationally recognized expert on developing a thriving, diverse and multi-generational workforce. For as long as I’ve been a member of the bar, lawyers have been talking about the role of women in the practice of law. Today, we are hearing a lot of discussion about sexual harassment through the #metoo movement. Prominent men in all walks of professional life, including the law, have been forced out of positions of power. At...


Episode 6-Going Solo With Matt Yospin

Launching your own law practice can be both exhilarating and terrifying. For lawyers who are accustomed to the structure of a law firm and a steady paycheck, hanging a shingle means saying goodbye to security. Leaving a large firm means that there is no one between you and the client. You need to figure out how to advise your clients without the help of partners who are just down the hall. You also need to develop your own infrastructure. At the same time, leaving a law firm also means...


Episode 5-Nailing the Job Interview

In this episode of Counsel to Counsel, I speak with my colleague Amy Levine about strategies for success in job interviews. In the 30 years since I graduated from law school, the rules about interviewing have remained largely the same; but with the explosion of social media and the web in general, there are some things that have changed. One big thing that has changed is that lawyers change jobs a lot more frequently. So keeping your interviewing skills sharp is important. One of the...


Episode 4-Advancing Your Law Firm Career

In this episode of Counsel to Counsel, I am pleased to welcome Carlynn Sweeney, a leading career consultant to the legal profession. Carlynn is Managing Director of Preferred Transition Resources where she and her team provide career management services, executive coaching, diversity & inclusion consulting and management training. Carlynn has some great insights about the practice of law and career advancement in and out of a law firm. She has practiced at 2 major law firms, worked in...


Episode 3-Using Affinity to Build Your Business Network

In this episode of Counsel to Counsel, Peter Resnick, Vice President of Charles River Associates, talks about ways that you can build your business network. He discusses using affinity to deepen your relationships with clients, referral sources and other professionals. At the end of these notes, I have linked to several additional resources that may be helpful to you (if you want to learn more about building your network.) Being a good lawyer and working hard are key ingredients to having...


Episode 2-In-House With Walt Pollard

Many lawyers in private practice think about the day when they will leave the billable hour behind and take a position in the law department of a corporation. Corporate law jobs offer attorneys the opportunity to get more deeply involved in a client's business. But what is it really like to go in-house? How does your role as a lawyer change when you have one client? And are the hours really better? Stephen Seckler speaks almost daily to associates who dream about leaving private...


Episode 1-Welcome to Counsel to Counsel

Stephen Seckler has been planning the launch of CounseltoCounsel for months. In this inaugural edition, he talks about the possibility of finding career satisfaction at any stage in your career. He previews some of the upcoming episodes.