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Exploring how the experiences of our guest can shape the future of the listener.

Exploring how the experiences of our guest can shape the future of the listener.
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Exploring how the experiences of our guest can shape the future of the listener.




Lifelong Learning with Tanya Turner – Episode 016

Tanya Turner came by the studio to share her wisdom (and dance skills) with the team! As the HR Director of SALTO Systems, she is passionate about putting the "human" back into Human Resources. Billy and Tanya discussed being a lifelong learner, practicing self-care, and more!

Overcoming with Passion with Candy Valentino – Episode 015

Candy Valentino joins Billy to discuss her amazing story. Her history of overcoming and working hard with passion is a great listen for anyone looking for motivation to keep going!

Building a Brand with Team Billy B – Episode 014

Team Billy B sits around the table for this unique episode all about building a brand. Join Billy, Katie, Julia, Abbie and Michael as they discuss the big pictures and details of what it takes to start (and continue) building a brand.

Embracing Leadership with Mack Kitchel – Episode 013

Mack Kitchel joins the Created for Experience podcast to discuss his company Campfire Social and the way he balances professional relationships with leadership. Mack is a father, husband, and entrepreneur who loves to see others succeed and to help them achieve their goals.

Growing Through Disappointment with Macy McNeely – Episode 012

Macy McNeely joined the Created for Experience podcast this week with some great insight into overcoming failure. Macy has a heart for others and has grown into an incredible leader through some defining experiences in her life. Check out more about Macy at Make sure to rate and subscribe to the show!

Goals and Generosity with Darrah Brustein – Episode 011

Darrah Brustein calls in for one of our most authentic inspiring episodes! Darrah is an entrepreneur in the truest sense, and she opened up with Billy about how she got started, what keeps her grounded, and how things don’t always go as planned. She understands how your generosity and goals work together and helps people learn that too. Check out more about Darrah at Make sure to rate and subscribe to the show!

Building Resilience (Part 2!) with Eryn Eddy – Episode 010

Eryn Eddy from So Worth Loving is back for a second episode on Created for Experience! We recommend going back and listening to part one if you haven’t before listening to this one. Billy and Eryn dove into the history of So Worth Loving and her heart behind what the brand means. We are grateful for Eryn sharing the highs and lows of her life on this episode and for stepping in the Experience Factory! Apologies to Eryn – she does have more than 5k views on her “Rise Up” music video!...


Building Resilience with Eryn Eddy – Episode 009 (Part 1)

So Worth Loving founder Eryn Eddy joins the Created for Experience podcast (with a small studio audience) for a fun and honest conversation with Billy. Eryn shares memories from her past that made her the wonderful leader she is today. Her resilience, kindness, and humor shine during the first part of this two-part episode series. Stay tuned for Part 2! Check out So Worth Loving here: Visit Eryn’s website: Tag Billy on Instagram: @BillyBoughey YouTube:...


Intentional Brand Building with Steven Carse – Episode 008

Steven Carse, founder of King of Pops, stopped by the studio for today’s mini episode. King of Pops is a delicious popsicle brand based in Atlanta, and Steven provides advice for leaders in all industries. Steven talked brand signals, intention and what leaders can learn from a sailing strategy. Check out Steven’s King of Pops blog: Tag Billy on Instagram: @BillyBoughey YouTube: Make sure...


Embracing the Journey with William Warren – Episode 007

William Warren, the founder of The Sketch Effect, steps into the recording studio to talk about the journey many of us take to see our dreams become reality. He discusses the intersection of art, ideas, and people as an artist and entrepreneur. Billy and William don’t shy away from the ups and downs of realizing and accomplishing the things you want to do in life. Listen in to this amazing professional communicator share pieces of his life and advice for anyone that feels called to greatness!


Chasing Your Dreams with Trey Roth – Episode 006

Billy and Trey Roth, the founder of Yaystack, discuss working to accomplish your dreams. Trey calls this process “reverse engineering your dream.” He has a lot of passion and offers wisdom to the listeners. You won’t want to skip Trey’s stories of overcoming obstacles (including braces!) on this episode.


Billy goes to Lewis Howes’ Greatness Mastermind – Episode 005

Billy recently got to sit with a small group of leaders from around the world about how to build their business. He unpacks his time with what he experienced at The Greatness Mastermind with Lewis Howes. There are some insights from what he experienced you won't want to miss! What leadership group or program has been the most impactful for you? Email us at! Stay updated with Billy, ask and answer questions and more on Instagram and Twitter at @BillyBoughey....


Unlocking Potential with Nate Yeske – Episode 004

Nate Yeske visited Billy on the podcast to talk about seeing the best in people and pulling them up into their best selves. Nate is a speaker, strategist, and business and life coach who seeks to empower others to unlock their potential. He has the gift of seeing gold in other people before they see it in themselves. Nate shares his story with Billy and how his life has transformed for the better. This is definitely one you will want to listen to!


Standing Out with Jesse Cole – Episode 003

Billy talks with Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team. You may know Jesse Cole from his book, Find Your Yellow Tux: How to be Successful by Standing Out. Jesse is also know for transforming a baseball team struggling to fill stadium seats to selling out games through building remarkable experiences for fans and guests.


When Creativity Collides into Experiences with Andrew Averso – Episode 002

This week, Billy talks with Andrew Averso about how the creative journey brings experiences to life. Andrew works with organizations from established brands to start-ups as the creative director of Oust, an Atlanta-based creative agency. They discuss leading clients through the creative journey, learning while traveling the world, a little bit of Andrew’s daily routine and some of his favorite experiences.


Created for Experience – Episode 001

Welcome to the first episode of the Created for Experience podcast with Billy Boughey. This show explores how the experiences of our guest can shape the future of the listener. Billy has some fun as he talks about what to expect from the podcast.