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Episode 250: The Finale, with Reina + Christina - the Creative Empire podcast

Hey, Creative Empire listeners, this is our biggest show yet for reasons that we are about to reveal. Reina and Christina are together today and we have some pretty big news for you. Christina and Reina have gotten together over the past two and a half years to record these episodes month in and month out. This is episode 250. They have recorded 250 episodes and have decided that they are going to be stopping the Creative Empire. This is the very last finale episode of CEP as it is right...


Episode 249: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Scaling Your Business - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are talking about scaling your business, specifically how do you know what to scale to, what are some red flags that show you maybe you shouldn’t be scaling right now, and what kinds of things you can scale into. If you have no idea how to make more money, or how to serve more people most importantly, this is the episode for you. Main Takeaways: What some indicators for scaling are [0:01:46] Why you need to be clear in your offerings [0:04:00] How big of an...


Episode 248: Growing a Subscription Box Business, with Julie Ball - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by founder and chief sparkler of Sparkle Hustle Grow, Julie Ball. Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. Julie leads thousands of women through personal development and business training in a way that’s fun and supportive. Julie is an author, speaker, community builder and subscription box coach. She’s been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Thrive Global, PopSugar, Mashable, BuzzFeed and...

Episode 247: Dual Coast Living + Photography, with Kristen Brown - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are chatting with Kristen Brown of Samba to the Sea and The Sunset Shop. Kristin is a gal who was gone from humble roots as a photographer in the United States creating a dual coast living from Savannah, Georgia and Costa Rica. In addition, you have to go check out Kristen on Instagram and get all the down-low and all the cute pictures of Gidget on Instagram, because this is a chihuahua you do not want to miss out on. Main Takeaways: How Kristen decided to move to Costa...


Episode 246: Educational Nugget - The Legal Side of Your Biz + How to Protect It, with Christina - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are bringing you another jam session! Christina is talking all about legal. She is talking about what happens if somebody steals your ideas, what to do when you’re thinking about “should I be trademarking something or not?,” and how to potentially close your business. These are all things that at some point, you’re going to be thinking about or confronted by in your business. Knowing that you have legal options and hopefully somebody you can trust in order to help...


Episode 245: All About Punkpost, with Alexis "Lex" Monson - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Alexis “Lex” Monson. Lex is the Co-founder and CEO of Punkpost, a service powered by a community of artists who handwrite and send cards for you. Punkpost is the dashboard for creating and managing happy moments. Lex’s goal is to help people make good on their good intentions and give people an accessible way to connect with one another in a deeper, more meaningful way. Before Lex founded Punkpost, she was the managing community editor at Brit + Co....


Episode 244: Second Shooting in Photography, with Natarsha Wright - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Natarsha Wright, who is a published, and featured, wedding photographer and personal branding photographer. Natarsha is committed to building her business through second shooting, which is really cool. The trio are talking about second shooting. If you have ever been curious about how you get into that or supplementing your business income by doing second shooting. Natarsha is going to be talking a little bit about tips and tricks for how to get...


Episode 243: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, 5 Tips for Growing a Successful Business - the Creative Empire podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Creative Empire Podcast. Reina and Christina are jamming all about five habits of growing a successful business. It’s actually 10, because each of them have five. Reina’s perspective is the mom perspective and Christina's perspective is all about the success habits of traveling and maintaining a really successful business. Listen below to hear all ten! Main Takeaways: Why less is definitely more [0:03:28] How to pack light + wash your clothes on the...


Episode 242: Growing A Product Shop, with Kylie Clayborne + Liz Rich - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are chatting with Liz Rich and Kylie Clayborne of Wee Rascals. Their mission of Wee Rascals, is really cool! When you go to their website, they talk all about empowering kids with hip and historical tees and they have really built a movement out of their product. At the beginning of the episode, we here how the ladies got started working together and what the mission behind the business they have build is. The duo share how scary it was to niche into their market...


Episode 241: Podcasting + Networking, with Molly Beck - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are back today and are talking to Molly Beck. Molly is the founder of the podcast creation site, and the author of Reach Out. It’s a career advice guidebook published by McGraw-Hill. This book helps you in networking in a really non-sleazy way. Even entrepreneurs can really utilize these tactics that she’s got outlined for us. At the beginning of the episode we hear all about how Molly’s book, Reach Out, has changed her career and why she wrote it. She shares...


Episode 240: Creating A Course People Want, with Dr. Lindsay Padilla - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Dr. Lindsay Padilla. Dr. Lindsay Padilla is the founder of Course Power, a company that helps trailblazing entrepreneurs create student-centered courses, content and communities that get their clients A+ results. Her team specializes in supporting digital entrepreneurs with the early stages of course, or program creation, with a focus on optimizing content and elevating the experience using student feedback. She's also the host of the Academics Mean...


Episode 239: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Instagram - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are back for a jam session to intentionally talk about Instagram. If you use Instagram for your business, or you are not but want to, listen up! At the beginning of the episode, both Reina and Christina share about their relationship with Instagram. We hear why trying out types of content on the platform can be helpful and we hear which posts get better engagement. Lastly, we hear why Christina has went back to Instagram and their thoughts on the 10K mark. Main...


Episode 238: Why You Need An Opt-In, with Vanessa Ryan - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are back today talking to Vanessa Ryan. Vanessa is an opt-in strategist with an absolute love for all things digital product and lodging and making it all seem not so scary, which is such a superpower. Most importantly, she helps women entrepreneurs turn strangers into fast friends, future clients and customers using opt-ins. If you have no idea what an opt-in is, we’re going to be diving into that. At the beginning of the episode, we learn about how Vanessa has gotten to...


Episode 237: Running a Debt Free Business, with Molly Stillman - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Molly Stillman is the founder and creator of Still Being Molly, a life and style blog started in 2007 and the host of the Business With Purpose podcast with over 600,000 readers. has become a trusted community for women, especially moms who love everything from style and beauty to parenting and real food, to serving in their communities and making the world a better place. At the beginning of the episode, we hear all about Molly’s...


Episode 236: Empire Mentoring Session: Setting Boundaries, with Anne Casey - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Anne Casey in an empire mentoring session. Anne is a thirty something, ex-firefighter and paramedic turned wedding photographer and a mom living right outside Baltimore. She is currently running two businesses, so they are going to be talking about what’s happening in her businesses and will be creating some solutions with her. Main Takeaways: “” Show Notes: VoxerKelly Newsome GeorgesHer Creative Empire EpisodeRescueTimeMomentToggl“” Bio: I'm a...


Episode 235: Mindfulness Painting, with Hannah Lowe Corman - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Hannah Lowe Corman, who is a Mindfulness Painter in New York City. She has been painting and drawing since childhood, studying after school and during summers at the Maryland Institute of College of Art. At the beginning of the episode, we hear about how Hannah has found herself painting. She shares what her work and business looks like and how mindfulness has become a part of it. Hannah shares about mindfulness and the how and why to starting one. At...


Episode 234: Why Pinterest Should Be A Priority In Your Business, with Cara Chace - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Chrisina are joined today by Cara Chace, who is a Pinterest Marketing and Squarespace design expert. Cara is sharing all about Pinterest and how it can be used in your business. At the beginning of the episode, Cara shares how she got started in the creative industry and how she has niched her business down into Pinterest. We learn about why we should be using Pinterest as business owners and learn what a promoted pin is. Towards the end of the episode we hear how to start...


Episode 233: Mentoring Session: Baby-proofing Your Business, with Rachel Brumley - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are talking with Rachel Brumley, of Brumley and Bloom, and we are going to be doing a mentoring session, talking about baby-proofing your business. At the beginning of the episode we hear from Rachel who shares with us how nervous she is for pregnancy in her business. The trio discuss how baby-proofing your business will not only help you now, but also in the future. We hear from Reina and Christina about automating different processes and how to do that, plus...


Episode 232: Why You Should Be Pitching Podcasts, with Brigitte Lyons - the Creative Empire podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined by Brigitte Lyons, who is the Founder of the Boutique PR and Digital Marketing Agency B, where she helps emerging brands, authors and experts get known for their work. At the beginning of the episode, we hear all about how Brigitte got started with PR and the why behind nicheing down to podcasts in her business. We hear all about why PR is good as a business owner, plus the SEO implications because of it. Brigitte shares where you should start with PR...


Episode 231: Creative + Converting Quizzes, with Chanti Zak - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina are joined today by Chantelle Zakariasen, otherwise known as Chanti Zak. She is a conversion copywriter who creates quizzes that go beyond lead generation and work to strategically segment your list and give you the data you need to create knockout new products and services without having to guess. At the beginning of the episode, we hear what got Chanti interested in copywriting and creating quizzes. Not only does she share great tips for creating quizzes, she tells us...